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Watch thieves steal car by hacking keyless tech

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Police in West Midlands, UK have released footage of criminals stealing a car by relaying a signal from the key inside the home, to the car in the driveway.
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BIg Draco (23 hours ago)
If you want your car back we can work something outDrop your info and I want 16k cash
DYLAN IVA (11 days ago)
I have one device, and I know who make this device. please contact me in Telegram, my username: dylaniva or mobile: +79675908481 (add number in your contacts before and search in telegram app) I can make proof photo or video. thanx
Sheena K (16 days ago)
Faraday Cage/box. That's the money maker now!
V777or (1 month ago)
repeater (hacking auto) (mulitibend) for 17 year all brands of cars including Audi / BMW / Mercedes / Land Rover / Toyota / Lexus / Volva / Jaguar / Porsche and all other auto brands for 17 years of release, for purchase of the device please contact my store telegram my telegram number 89842783962 add a number to your address book and find me in a telegram V777or https://youtu.be/EHCsBzXD0hM https://youtu.be/-ekoX-jooo0
iknoweverything (28 days ago)
feds are trying hard these days
Quetzalcoatll (1 month ago)
LoL and mine first thing when I was about to buy mine 1st 2000$ car was to install hidden GPS tracker. So.... how much is this car worth again?
Aghj Aiguig (1 month ago)
Nothing new at all. We saw that long time ago. They are using special briefcase + signal amplifier also i saw funny comments here "should easy to detect and track, where they moved, and keep the car" , "Buy GPS tracker" i guess they never heard about signal jammer.
Maciej P (1 month ago)
Aghj Aiguig gonna signal jam the car for forever? Finding the signal jam is a hussle, takes time plus they usually stop after finding one and you could have 2 installed
LukisNysa (1 month ago)
Dude have so much expensive car and he don't keep it in garage... thiefs are smarter than him :/
Twój Stary (1 month ago)
pedalski samochód, pedalskie zabezpieczenia... Naziści już nie potrafią robić porządnych aut
Dolphin Accessories (1 month ago)
Now you can save your car from being Theft, Buy GPS tracker at unbelievable price only from https://www.dolphinaccessories.com/browse/gps-tracking
I'm not surprise if the self-driving can be hack dead meat the victim.
Another Champion (1 month ago)
Relay box? Bwah ha ha!!!
muks muks (1 month ago)
Eastern European tactic. This been done in for examp. Russia,for a long time.
Jack Hudler (1 month ago)
Now you know why they make shielded boxes for keyless fobs.
Ethericrose (1 month ago)
Technology isn't everything, clearly. Back to the manual steering lock.
Jonte Ded (1 month ago)
The car is probably somewhere in east Europe by now
mani sutha (1 month ago)
Hunt them and bring them in front of justice ⚖.
Harambeism (1 month ago)
Dominik Lukawski (1 month ago)
I'm doing this
MrGallagher1998 (1 month ago)
Ace Well you're an utter cunt :)
Mark Vargas (1 month ago)
These guys are fucking smart.
J G (16 days ago)
No. It's a 30 dollar device. That's about it
Anthrax080 (1 month ago)
Well, they just need to google it, not very heavy on brainwork
fohstick a (1 month ago)
can't complain about a good hustle
J Burton (1 month ago)
Mark Vargas yet they need to steal
Raditya Oe (1 month ago)
its should easy to detect and track, where they moved, and keep the car.
Oliver Hawes (1 month ago)
My life is in danger like if u agree
DoctorDaro (1 month ago)
Oliver Hawes (1 month ago)

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