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TouchPad, a customizable mini keyboard and compatible with Arduino

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We often talk about the most striking products that reach collective financing platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Recently, TouchPad has attracted our attention, a mini keyboard that is customizable and compatible with Arduino. Specifically, the goal of TouchPad is to help us put aside the mouse more often. For this, the creators of TouchPad have designed a mini keyboard that we can customize with the keys and keyboard combinations that we use the most. It is something of the most interesting in many sectors, such as the processing and editing of text or graphic design. TouchPad has 36 different keys that we can program easily. In addition, all those familiar with Arduino can take advantage of the device's potential to draw the keys on a transparent plastic sheet as we customize them. In addition, it will also be possible to print a template with the keys that we have programmed. We are sure that the device will draw attention especially of those who use the computer as a work tool.

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