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Strategy: How to Write Good Answer? Mangrove Forest - Writing Wednesdays Examrace (Dr. Manishika)

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Dr. Manishika Jain in this video explains how to write a good answer for UPSC Mains. Here is example 1 - Mangrove Forest. For answer writing practice visit - https://www.doorsteptutor.com/Exams/IAS/Mains/ Examrace is number 1 education portal for competitive and scholastic exam like UPSC, NET, SSC, Bank PO, IBPS, NEET, AIIMS, JEE and more. We provide free study material, exam & sample papers, information on deadlines, exam format etc. Our vision is to provide preparation resources to each and every student even in distant corders of the globe. Dr. Manishika Jain served as visiting professor at Gujarat University. Earlier she was serving in the Planning Department, City of Hillsboro, Hillsboro, Oregon, USA with focus on application of GIS for Downtown Development and Renewal. She completed her fellowship in Community-focused Urban Development from Colorado State University, Colorado, USA. At Examrace, in addition to her technical focus, Dr. Jain is also a big proponent of using the newer technologies to achieve the goal of "education for everyone". She topped MA in Geography from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and completed her doctorate on the analysis of Urban Sprawl and Development of Udaipur (Rajasthan, India). Her doctorate thesis is referred globally by several students and researchers working on urban development (her papers have more than 40 citations). Her book "GIS and Remote Sensing Techniques" has been reviewed in GIS India & Vector1Media; and citied in several academic works including thesis at University of Manchester and Urban Development Authority at Sri Lanka.
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Text Comments (34)
Sunil Padhan (4 days ago)
Good representation
Oyster Prawn (5 days ago)
You're awesome. Thanks.
Ramach Andran (9 days ago)
Thank you very much mam.... Examrace always provides whatever I am looking for...
Debasish Pruseth (10 days ago)
Madam plz continue this daily....of all gs papers....not only geography but all gs papers....plz
Vivek Kumar (10 days ago)
Mam, pls don't stop it It is very helpful
ankit parashar (10 days ago)
Mam jaise aap kurukshetra and yojana magazine ko padhti h thik usi trah down to earth. ...Some other magazine like geography and you magazine ka bhi zist padhadeti to sayed hamlogo ka time ki bajat hojati. ...........thanku u mam
Aakash Bauddha (10 days ago)
Please continue ma'am... The way you teach is wonderful.
Rajan kumar (10 days ago)
Plz continue this series. It was awesome. Thanks
swapnil pote (10 days ago)
Please continue this series thrice in a week , and please cover important chapters in the geography and you magazine. For geography optional and Gs papers
varsha (10 days ago)
Mam its fr UPSC format too
Patel Yogesh (10 days ago)
Plz continue this series
Asiya Khatoon (10 days ago)
Rohan rana jungsahi (10 days ago)
Mam can you please upload cbse geography lesson in hindi plzz
Examrace (5 days ago)
For hindi lectures subscribe @ https://www.youtube.com/c/ExamraceHindi
Vasanth Kumar (10 days ago)
Thanks for the good guidence madam
keerthi bs (10 days ago)
please continue it mam ..very usefull
The Quranic Wisdom (10 days ago)
Please do it on alternate days..or atleast 3 days/ week on burning topics...it would be very beneficial for us. Please consider it ... thank you so much for your priceless efforts
ankit parashar (10 days ago)
Nice video mam. .......geography optinal kelye current se related topic pe bhi practice video lijye. .....because upsc asked so unconventional topic last 2 to 3years
Examrace (10 days ago)
You can mail the write ups on current issues at contactus@examrace.com; we can consider those topics & suggest improvement
Rohan rana jungsahi (10 days ago)
Mam way you helping is like giving water for thirsty person thank you sm mam
Sweety Garg (10 days ago)
Thank you ma'am
Jansi Babu (10 days ago)
ya please make these type of videos madam if possible make videos on India concerns about one road one belt policy and monetary policy committee
Examrace (10 days ago)
You can mail the write ups on current issues at contactus@examrace.com; we can consider those topics & suggest improvement
Rohit Kumar (10 days ago)
Why not we should write the characteristics in numbered points?
annu yadav (10 days ago)
Ma'am you clear the topic very conceptually. Thank you ma'am
Zahid Hussain (10 days ago)
Rakesh Panda (10 days ago)
and i have a qstn that it is from geography optional paper or gs paper
Examrace (10 days ago)
This was from the past papers of GS
Rakesh Panda (10 days ago)
madam plz keep posting like these video & take intiatives for history lecture as well
utsav anand (10 days ago)
Please Continue it Mam... Also include Question from Paper 1(Geo Optional) as it some times become difficult to frame a nice answer... One last request Mam if time permits to you please PUT ONE MOCK Question daily from Paper 1 n Paper 2 on alternate days. Thanks a lot...
karnita singh (10 days ago)
utsav anand .....nice initiate
sumit kukshal (10 days ago)
Mr Akhil (10 days ago)
Nice lacture mam

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