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Gravity Screen - On / Off

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Download from Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.plexnor.gravityscreenofffree This android app turns automatically your screen OFF when you put it into your pocket or onto a table and turn the screen ON when you take it out or up. No need to touch any button and you are ready to go.

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Text Comments (35)
kabus _ (1 year ago)
en sevdiyim uygulama
Mithinkumar Mithinkumar (6 months ago)
nice bro
abaneyone (2 years ago)
For me this is the best app of this kind that I've used, it really is! The battery consumption is very light. I'm amazed that this is free! I've tried all the others, this one really is the best, very happy with it!
Erick Hezron (2 years ago)
Thank Bro....
karen stokes (3 years ago)
I'm going too try this app out I hope it does what it says
DAVID SILVA (3 years ago)
has geito to uninstall Chei VERY BAD
Mohd Firdaus (3 years ago)
now i can do business easily with this apps =) without need to press button so many times.
Cecelia Lucero (3 years ago)
As As As as naas @
Pedro Henrique (4 years ago)
This was created to just not having to press the side button? C'mon it's just one simply button.
MIDI音楽男 (2 years ago)
+ran faraj your stupid you forgot for broken power buttons too fag
Mohd Firdaus (3 years ago)
i didnt attack you..
ran faraj (3 years ago)
+Mohd Firdaus just cause I have a point you cant prove wrong. Doesn't mean you have to to attack me with idiotic language.
Mohd Firdaus (3 years ago)
youre an idiot pedro.
ran faraj (3 years ago)
yeah. it's not about 'people can't be bothered to press the power button" it's that your power button sometimes will break.My tablet power button broke and i have to search for apps that help overcome this problem.... and that's why this app might be a great solver to people's phones that might have a broken power button.
Boa, Vou instalar
boxertest (4 years ago)
Great app and the instrumental is really really REALLY GOOD :-)
David Alvarez (4 years ago)
hola, tengo un nexus 5 y funcionaba muy bien pero de repente ya no y cuando abre mi galeria de fotos le cuesta hacer el giro cuando pongo el movil en otro posicion esto por que puede ser?
KRM815 (4 years ago)
Ev Yan (4 years ago)
Is it gonna work again after replace battery?
Johnny Thai (4 years ago)
This is especially great when you have an amazing case but the buttons don't have cut outs, so it'd be harder to push the wake button. Thanks for this app. Been using it for a long time
Abish Raj (4 years ago)
Best app ever. Appreciate the hard work.
Kurina Azham (4 years ago)
like it.
KJ Jain (4 years ago)
this is what i was looking for thanks so much.
Rui Jin (4 years ago)
This is why I LOVE Android, the awesome creativity from developers!
Jose Clemente Vera (4 years ago)
Hola oye como puedo eliminar la aplicacion ?
Cédric Lau (4 years ago)
You miss the headphone.
MrSpaghetti (4 years ago)
Sarcasm, good sir!
Dom (4 years ago)
lol what? the screen goes off once the phone is placed on a stable surface like a table, desk, chair, floor, bed etc (not in your shaky hands) its pretty boss. I'm using the free version
MrSpaghetti (4 years ago)
Great, all I need now is to put down a pair of pants on my desk and that pesky button pressing is over!
Diego suarez marisacal (4 years ago)
Diego suarez marisacal (4 years ago)
In spanis
Patryk Fussek (4 years ago)
this song is so annoying
Duy P (4 years ago)
very useful.
Ali Nazar (5 years ago)
i1979b (5 years ago)
very much helpful - thank you :)

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