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Unboxing the rumours / leaks / release date / price of the Huawei P11 / P20 Smartphone to be released in 2018! 😄 Subscribe (IT'S FREE) 😄 : https://goo.gl/pLg6fE It would make my day if you could also follow me on: 🌈 Instagram: https://goo.gl/OUqBBa 🐦 Twitter: https://goo.gl/EFhwqL 😊 Facebook: https://goo.gl/Aluzl1 Help support the channel when shopping on Amazon: Amazon US: https://goo.gl/3yS2aP Amazon UK: https://goo.gl/gvrsGZ My Filming Gear: https://goo.gl/5HKrBp
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Text Comments (751)
marklola12 (10 hours ago)
Jesus enough with the over use of your hands lol
Teck ErZ (1 day ago)
Hopefully they don't do the headphone jack dirty like they did with the Mate 10. If it's there, I will for sure get one.
Phoenix-2063 (1 day ago)
guessing no headphone jack :/
Prio Sakib (1 day ago)
Are you indian?
apeksha KARKI (2 days ago)
yukimura zizouka (2 days ago)
Fuck israel
Johan 393 (3 days ago)
Steals your information and hands it to the chinese goverment, seriously don't buy Huawei products, they have been shown to spy on you.
Jonathas Junior (4 days ago)
i need the Mate 10 , but is so expensive
Richard Japos (4 days ago)
premsing88 (4 days ago)
i thought its p11? they jumped from 10 to 20?
Tommy De Sadi (4 days ago)
Just shows you how much Nokia 1020 was ahead of it's time. 5 years after and it's actually boom to even produce phone with 40 MPx. Damn, HMD Global need that team back.
Hue Jazz (4 days ago)
What about the long awaited P-nes??
LES (5 days ago)
Thoughts on this? https://www.theverge.com/2018/1/14/16890110/new-bill-ban-huawei-zte-phones-tech-congress-mike-conaway-cybersecurity
farrukh ali khan (5 days ago)
Not one video on this channel was useful
Citta Vijjo (5 days ago)
Revolution? How about a removable battery?
Anil Lama (5 days ago)
and google pixel 2 camera proves everything is wrong....
Scotty Zepplin (6 days ago)
314 iphone users disliked this video
Hani Nagah (6 days ago)
Mohamed Hany Nagah
Hani Nagah (6 days ago)
Mohamed Hany Nagah
RyanTBSG (6 days ago)
Guys.. Shut up, and listen to me... He have BattleBorn on PS4.. I feel bad for him
Bruce Wayne (6 days ago)
What's your psn? Mine is Jinkurichi_Stevo
Manoj Penumaka (6 days ago)
You haven't mentioned about the AI???...but it is in the thumbnail..
It's a me Mario (6 days ago)
The Walton ZX2 has a 125 megapixel camera
Harley Mason (6 days ago)
Regulate port nonprofit gallnn ultimate strategic sexual prediction leap bone
Frederick Miller (7 days ago)
I <3 my monochrome sensor on my Mate 9 - If had it + a wide angle, I'd be in heaven.....
Khaled Noor (7 days ago)
stop talking looking to your hand are you sick
Casik Gelaxy (7 days ago)
İt's Palestine not Israel...
Johnny Boy Glasgow (7 days ago)
The advantage of 3 cameras on phone is with HDR & would work with things moving like cars. Or take 3 exposure pictures at the same time & never lose the action
sagar singh (7 days ago)
Yea we do not need camera in a phone, the end goal of our life is to own a telescope witch has a phone sticked to it
Maen Marashdeh (8 days ago)
He said what Samsung offered you do know they copied that from Apple.
Pay Pal (9 days ago)
some lumia phone had 43 megapixel camera
Synoptic 12 (9 days ago)
* Not any should trust Huawei as they seek to exploit the unsuspecting. AT & T has made a most wise business decision by not allowing any ultra low level phones. In fact, we would not conduct business with any from Huawei. AT & T shall realize a better outcome in the near future regarding the aforesaid decision.
R T (9 days ago)
wth, his look is odd? Teen wardrobe now? He once was looking so clean professional.
Operator K (9 days ago)
Too bad if you use the phone you'll have the Chinese government spying on you.
brady50429 (10 days ago)
Wah way
M.K Banerjee (10 days ago)
I laughed when he said P Lite
giveup (10 days ago)
Pixel 2 have portrait mode in a single camera so the in future the set up will go back to one camera
Dead Parasite (10 days ago)
Huawei is probably the most innovative company right now. Only thing I dislike about them is their MIUI it whatever Android skin they use
marko keruyuk (10 days ago)
it might came less than we expected so far.hope huawei bring wireless charging this year
Lieutenant Starbuck (10 days ago)
Why not just go the whole hog and make the entire back cameras lol
Requim Dream (10 days ago)
About 3-4 weeks ago I bought the Huawei Mate 10 Lite 🙂🤗
shrlnzam (10 days ago)
Huawei is my crush
Shahbaz Shaikh (10 days ago)
Background running PS4 😍
Ameer Kalifullah (10 days ago)
Indian guy speaks British .. cool
Ifrim Bogdan (10 days ago)
I can’t believe I’m here from 50k sub and now we’re almost 1m
Victor Nielsen (10 days ago)
Huawei is sum overhyped misleading advertised peace of Fing garbage.
Max P. (10 days ago)
I am more interested in 'lite' version if they will make a small phone with amazing camera setup, which doesn't exist in the current market.
The Geek Project (11 days ago)
You should make your own phone brand with a true full bezel less screen
Sth29Productions (11 days ago)
Great, AI controlled everything in 2018. Just another way of saying: "Here let us bring out this new feature which requires 24/7 microphone permissions and internet/cloud connectivity or else your brand new phone won't be able to work properly or use services" Next thing you know The AI's will be integrated inside the processors and we'll have no choice to have a smartphone with an AI that's always connected... We should have a choice. They are ready to do anything just to monitor and keep us connected, looks like I'll have to modify my smartphones from now on.
Mark Go Puth II (11 days ago)
That's not to that Huawei have 3camera. That's expensive even its 40mp its 3 camera. Its more expensive than Samsung Galaxy S8+
Yordan Sergeev (11 days ago)
Hands mate !!! THE HANDS >>>> stop them !!! :D
Rayology Techwiz (11 days ago)
Nearly 1 million 👍👍👍👍
Cyril Matthew (11 days ago)
When dual cameras became a trend, created by HUAWEI itself, many smartphones with a single camera simply outperformed it. Even now see how pixel 2 still leads with a single camera. Is this just a gimmick??
Sismodium (11 days ago)
What the hell is it with the camera cutting zoom in, zoom out, zoom in, zoom out. Its like the bloody hoki koki!
Jacob Teets (11 days ago)
you said our video 6:21 what does that mean
NIAR (11 days ago)
Yeap i still have a P8 😐
TalesOfGod (11 days ago)
I am sure that people are forgetting that a larger mega pixel number does not necessarily mean a better camera so don't be surprised if it turns out badly.
Rahul Viraaj (11 days ago)
Very good camera
Johnny Ramen (11 days ago)
Nokia didnt need 3 cameras to do 48megapixels on their phone.
Mehul jain (11 days ago)
Add is very long
aaron gwapo (11 days ago)
Good day sir! can you give me some of you unused phones? i came from the Philippines and i love your videos..
thinkadoodle network (11 days ago)
Where is your cool intro
Zishan Khan (11 days ago)
Israel ? . Don't you mean Palestine?
The Clash Guru (11 days ago)
Wow that's nice Better than my note 8
john basco (11 days ago)
Huawei trash brand
Fingaz (11 days ago)
I hope it comes with OIS. This was a major flaw with Huawei's P series cameras.
Hamza khan (12 days ago)
Ayee Destiny gang.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jormuli (12 days ago)
I hope Samsung will never adapt the notch. I just cant stand that when watching in full screen.
Jaden Corner (12 days ago)
I’m still gonna stick with my p9
Martin V (12 days ago)
why is this guy always counting something with his fingers?
abdulla hammad (12 days ago)
High expectations than you get a shit same as the mate 10
I would guess augmented reality, or the ability to have both a telescopic lens, and a monochrome lens.
Monchito Pro TV (12 days ago)
I hope 3 cameras one rgb another monochrome and another for wide angle like the LG
Rowan Barker (12 days ago)
Earth code wise pablvn inside human smell execute cabin apologize okay.
Liam Christie (12 days ago)
Love the new colour grade on your videos.
Waskapmutni (12 days ago)
While what's coming is interesting, what I find the most interesting is the era of the graphene batteries. I am hoping they are close enough to be implemented in phones that my current phone can last until they are.
Piyush Lovanshi (12 days ago)
With LASER on Moto g4 plus, it should be easy to achieve bokeh portraits
Vidit Jain (12 days ago)
Request: (pls) a extreme graphics games on Android .no matter available on play store or not ..or what the requirements are I have a OnePlus 5 and a note 8 ...
Proto Mods (12 days ago)
have you heard about the Sugar S9 the smart phone with a 64mp camera
Rose Jad (12 days ago)
I have huawei mate 10 pro and is fantastic
Akash Das (12 days ago)
Battleborn on PS4 in the background. Yeah and I also agree Huawei have been producing great phones lately.
Marc Kamo (12 days ago)
Now this is ridiculous, why not squeezing 10 cameras inside?? This is not innovation, this is pure stupidity!
Alan .N.Koshy (12 days ago)
Cool Background score! Could you include links to these?
Tabacc Lastname (12 days ago)
How u animate your videos ?
ImPikachu Gaming (12 days ago)
Maybe this is the better version of the L 16. Nice info Arun 👍 Lots of love from Philippines 🇵🇭
Chandrakanth Dhanunjai (12 days ago)
I really like the way you narrate the video bro.Hope u reach 1M subscribers soon.
Animesh Ghosh (12 days ago)
Worlds best Brand and best youtuber
The Decent Guy (12 days ago)
So Ryan's prediction is gonna be true... pretty soon
AJ De Guzman (12 days ago)
Can i Request? about Lenovo's $100 Golden Warrior S8 phone, If its a good to buy it in 2018? Please...
Redowan Nafi (12 days ago)
The term AI is thrown around by companies like bullshit. Kirin 970 has an NPU( Neural Processing Unit). It's nothing but a processor optimized for matrix multiplication. AI power comes from the process of training, testing and validation. Training on a phone is still impossible since it requires high processing power. So the NPU helps in the teating and validation department. It is good at some basic image recognition and stuffs. Huawei is definitely overhyping this and people are actually falling for that. I think the first leap in the application of neural network and machine learning will come from google since they have a huge amount of data to train their machines. Google photo uses true AI to classify images according to category. That technology is truely mature and spookily accurate. Huwaei's implementation is purely gimmick so far.
Aydin C. (12 days ago)
in my opinion it can be still a Leica dual cam + 3xZoom Camera 🤔
SidneySimon Chinnery (12 days ago)
4:11 You forgot the fact that you still need a colour camera with the normal field of view. Meaning one colour camera, one monochrome and either a telephoto or a wide angle.
António José (12 days ago)
It was an awesome video as always, but I felt the audio was a bit uncalibrated 🤔
Sajmir Latifi (12 days ago)
Am I the only one who think that this camera that he is using now(I don’t know the name of camera )is not quite in point.Looks to me washed out.
Vikas Kumar (12 days ago)
Samsung galaxy zero ✌️😍
Emilis (12 days ago)
Don't you think dis is too much ?
LetGo YOLO (12 days ago)
The name of the song plsss
Naruset Lomaban (12 days ago)
Yeah I’m not buying p10 on Jan I’m waiting 4 p11 aka p20
Schrank (12 days ago)
What About 3d photos/vids?
ItzStriker (12 days ago)
I would buy this phone if the fingerprint was on the back and if it was cheap but they are probs gonna be $1000

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