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Huawei P20 Pro Review: 1 Month Later

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Huawei P20 Pro Full Review after 30 days, covering cameras, display, notch, speed, battery life and more. ►►► SUBSCRIBE for more: https://www.youtube.com/user/SuperSafTV?sub_confirmation=1 The Huawei P20 Pro features a 6.1" OLED Display with a FHD+ 18.7:9 ratio, Leica Triple Camera with 20MP Mono, 40MP RGB, and 8MP Telephoto, 24MP Selfie Camera, Kirin 970 with 6GB RAM, 4000 mAh battery with SuperCharge, Fingerprint Scanner, Facial recognition and 960fps super slow motion. ► RELATED VIDEOS: Huawei P20 Pro UNBOXING - https://youtu.be/298Q4XavBwk Huawei P20 Pro vs iPhone X Camera Test Comparison - https://youtu.be/JAVl0wUNNmI Huawei P20 Pro vs iPhone X SPEED Test - https://youtu.be/hhJMzQ48zvk Huawei P20 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Camera Test Comparison - https://youtu.be/DborQY7z4kI Huawei P20 Pro vs Samsung S9 Plus SPEED Test - https://youtu.be/EX8Z_Q3eIew Help support the channel when shopping on Amazon: US: http://amzn.to/1PGgasB UK: http://amzn.to/1XK6ZLU Follow SuperSaf on: Twitter - http://twitter.com/SuperSaf Instagram - http://instagram.com/SuperSaf Snapchat - https://www.snapchat.com/add/SuperSafTV Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/SuperSaf GooglePlus - http://www.google.com/+SuperSaf YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/SuperSaf Web: http://www.SuperSaf.com/

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Text Comments (491)
SuperSaf TV (24 days ago)
Hope you enjoyed the long video SuperSaf Style 😎 What are your thoughts on the Huawei P20 Pro?
Inderveer Singh (19 days ago)
I really like your videos but i recommend this phone because is perfect 👌 better than iPhone x 😂😂😂 low lights and day even better then i have Google pixel 2 xl and have huawei p20 pro killer phone right now on market cameras are 😍😍😍. I see some people on YouTube don't know how to use p20 pro camera settings. Some YouTubers taking with 7 Maga pixels pictures and comparing with Google pixel camera...
Prajwal T.S (20 days ago)
Good phone with triple camera and nice colour
Mohd Balushi (20 days ago)
SuperSaf TV I think the top notch is really not that bad. But I think Huawei needs to remove the bottom front fingerprint sensor. It should be on the back. And use the complete bottom for screen. And also brother. Try the Huawei enova3 it's good budget phone, with headphone jack. And notch. :)
Zain Moti (21 days ago)
The twilight colour is available in Carphone Warehouse as of 26 April 2018. So UK market is not missing out 👌👍
Tech Intrigued (21 days ago)
SuperSaf TV I make tech videos like this, please go and check it out
Natasha Goodwin (22 hours ago)
The Twilight colour it's available now in the UK on vodofone but I have to wait a month for it as out off stock unfortunately but i juat have to wait
Marianna Sfakianaki (1 day ago)
I can't decide which phone to buy. P20 pro or S9 plus? Please help!
Thayden Naidoo (1 day ago)
I have the s4
Thayden Naidoo (1 day ago)
I really want something I have a really old phone
Thayden Naidoo (1 day ago)
Hey pls can you give me anything
Dade Williams (1 day ago)
don't you use google photos? not sure how you fill up phone with photos lol
JPS_Originals (1 day ago)
big up the Space Centre in Leicester lol
Monu Singh Chauhan (1 day ago)
Great phone
Sandip Chotaliya (1 day ago)
Nice budget phonr
Gabriele Low (1 day ago)
May I know how's the battery life performance ?
Still bigging up Samsung displays. You just love being a Samsung fanboy. The S9 display and the iPhone x display are terrible. Pink and red tinges round the edges and a slightly yellowish hue on the iPhone 10. The notch is also horrible and the biggest downfall of any phone. Overall the P20 pro screen IS as bright as the iPhone and S9 it's even more legible as it has a developer setting to adjust contrast in bright sunshine.
Parvej Khan (2 days ago)
Still it is the best 👍👍❤ colour changing awesome😍😍
Anglo Saxon (2 days ago)
Twilight is avaliable in UK I just got one lol
ohlnwwlknat (4 days ago)
I heard reviews of it, i think it lacks something on the camera. but i think it can be fixed by software update. tho i cant say sure and its my opinion tho. my phones are only local one haha
Dave Ninjaneuro (4 days ago)
fuck this phone; oneplus 6 comes out soon
F' Santos (5 days ago)
@SuperSaf TV This one vs iPhone 8 Plus? Specially selfies.. I bought the P20 Pro for my wife to replace S8 ans she is complaining :)
Farhan Mujeeb (7 days ago)
Great built plus design
Farhan Mujeeb (7 days ago)
Thumbnail king
Kerolos Abdrabbo (7 days ago)
This phone makes me excited for the mate 20.
strawberry shortbread (7 days ago)
I'm in the UK and have this phone 👌 in twilight
Hey SuperSaf, I would love it if you could giveaway this phone to me, my old cellphone has malfunctioned, I have subscribed to your channel as well as liked, I have been following this channel for quite some time man, you be the best indeed!
bushwhack12 (9 days ago)
"notch much we can do" about the notch.
Mohan Magar (9 days ago)
Dream phone😍😍
Malshan Fernando (10 days ago)
P20 Pro is not for you. Not for me. It's for Huawei. Glass back but no wireless charging. 4K but no OIS. Addition to the Notch - the dream of consumers (what Huawei thinks) there's a chin for home button. No idea how this will adapt to new Google P. 40MP in paper but 10MP in action. AI to override nature. Durability is so poor due to glass back. Why they do this? Why they can't give a thermal imagine camera instead of a monochrome one. Where's the future? What's the big deal with the notch? The next feature should be the Thermal camera. I think that makes portability the portability.
Conrad Rajkumar (10 days ago)
Can't they do what google did???
Mobile_Inspector (11 days ago)
I personally think the p20 had a great camera and is fast in opening general application. The downsides which all I see is the terrible stabilization and the lack of loading games. However overall I think it is an amazing smartphone for its price
Sanjib Purkait (11 days ago)
3 rear camera really. Can we really need it.
jatin nayak (11 days ago)
Big fan of you love from india
JZ VR (12 days ago)
Best phone out right now getting the twilight colour.
Seelam Phaninder (12 days ago)
sam zak (12 days ago)
Thanks that was a helpful review
Fan Chen (12 days ago)
I was laughing when you were saying to disable the beauty mode if Huawei wants to be successful in the US. Huawei is banned from the US market and you are testing a phone that is meant to be sold in China.....
meliouh yles (12 days ago)
It's a great device, but it's more a Huawei fan club device. In my opinion there are a lot of cons like the wireless charging, the head phone jack, the notch, the 4 second night mode picture delay...
Grumpy Cat (13 days ago)
The chin is there so the phone looks more symmetrical if you disable the notch.
Aatan Ragnar (13 days ago)
My favourite phone brother
honzajde (13 days ago)
Next time try to skip introductory facts or change title
Ern Ern (14 days ago)
Very good point, no stabilization for 4K videos
I think out of all the reviews I watched of the P20 Pro, yours was the most honest and detailed that most tech YouTubers didn't even bother to mention, like those camera settings that comes standard out of the box. This is why using a phone for an extensive period of time more than just a few days to a few weeks is necessary to give a better review. Keep it up, Saf :)
Vibin k muralidharan (14 days ago)
Brother iphone 7+ or p20 pro...wich one is gud ?? Plz help me
Yaki Kadafi (15 days ago)
Twilight is now available in UK
M TECH TAMIZHA (16 days ago)
Creative is very beautiful for super saf
paul tucker soul (16 days ago)
Yeah because what colour the case is was what I really wanted to hear you bang on about for two minutes
Craig Sparks (17 days ago)
I have the P20 Pro, my other option was the S9+, I have vowed never to own a Samsung device ever. I did it once... never again, my girlfriend wants to throw her S8+ against the wall on a daily basis. I'll live with the minor shortcomings of the P20 pro any day.
Craig Sparks (17 days ago)
to get rid of beauty mode, change from portrait mode to camera
JugglesXP (17 days ago)
The retail pack comes with both a screen protector installed, and a clear case, same as the P10 Pro,,,,,
Exry Raxac (17 days ago)
another full review detail video..thanks bro!
Steven Tirado (17 days ago)
It seems like people who may have done this didn't learn from the old design problems. I hope this companies coule utilize their designers very well and don't approve this kind of junk designs.
Martin marty (18 days ago)
simone posteraro (18 days ago)
Hey do any of you have the same problem I have with notifications time for WhatsApp? Essentially if I receive a message now and one an hour later from different senders, when I receive the second message, in the drop down menu, it would tell me that both messages arrived "now" even if they aren't.
Kenny 92 (19 days ago)
I cannot stand beauty mode on phones
Daddymoesby _ (19 days ago)
To be fair the cover is included in the bundle 😉 but else great video and review
@sulersaf what is your system update? I got c436 107 witch has many problems and bags..
Billy Peng (19 days ago)
IF you have a chance to go to China and talk to 10 girls there, than you will know the logic of BEAUTY MODE around the modern Chinese smart phone.
Scott M (19 days ago)
I don't like the beauty mode always on...but then when it comes off like on iphone x i cry because i look so ugly...lol..FML!
Alivelesss (20 days ago)
You got it wrong, it's kinda stupid but front facing camera does have more 720p up full HD 1080p,but you need to turn off beauty mode... I know its kinda stupid, but I still think you should have realised that if you're gonna make a video reviewing it @SuperSaf TV I have taken screenshot if you want proof
Hrithik Mittal (20 days ago)
Your spectacles are awsome
Prince Kyo (20 days ago)
I don't like huawei 😑
Diego Blandon (20 days ago)
got one in the USA running on ATT been loving it. you can take the notch off and just have a black bar at the top. i miss having a headphone jack but bought for the cameras so im happy, also battery life is awesome
Anthony Lloyd (20 days ago)
The twilight edition is coming 30th May at carphone warehouse in the UK!
Ljin Ntv (20 days ago)
Cool !! Wish someone would send me a gift for my birthday
rooster sideburbs (20 days ago)
the notch IS A BEZEL
rooster sideburbs (20 days ago)
I am not buying a chinese phone. Put 5 cameras on it... still no. The headphone jack and terrible video (last years processor) is a deal breaker, for my needs the s9plus cam is probably better. Much credit for the color choice and testing out some new cam tech (well thanks Leica)
All In Awe (20 days ago)
mate rs has a onscreen fingerprint
biocybernaut (20 days ago)
Have you noticed, there's an obelisk in your photo, ever wondered who's put it there and why?
Raphael Medrano (20 days ago)
Can u plz make a video on which phone has the best camera s9 or note 4
Abdelrheem Mohnna (20 days ago)
Where are these glasses from?
arbimd2 (20 days ago)
Come on bro hit the 1million subscribers
Jannik Madsen (20 days ago)
Is it really a glas back, feels a lot like plastik
It's not beauty mode. It's an overly agressive noise reduction algorithm
marklola12 (21 days ago)
the twilight colours is in the uk now
marklola12 (21 days ago)
colour shouldn't be a issue for anyone if you have to have a case on the phone then makes no difference what colour the back is, no point in picking and choosing if its always covered...takes case off.... oh look friends at the colour...ooooh...wooooow...case goes back on
marklola12 (21 days ago)
id have got this but there are too many things it does not have that I want, it only has the old Bluetooth and not the new 5.0 so it can not Bluetooth music to 2 separate Bluetooth speakers which I wanted from my next phone as I have various Bluetooth speakers around my house, the 4k recording is horrid and zero stabilization on it and 1080p is not enough for me anymore other than the odd facebook video the 960fps looks the worst out of the phones that can do it and it has flicker and clipping/warping issues which leads me to think its not actually capturing enough frames plus its only 720p and the quality aint usable if your wanting to do longer videos and edit them together with come slomo shots and no wireless charging
gollumondrugs (21 days ago)
Booty mode?
Marion Dela Cruz (21 days ago)
done 15 minutes watching your vid sir. it is nice i am saving until next 2 years for this phone crossed finger i will buy this.
clouds5 (21 days ago)
I had the Huawei P9 for 2 years. So I can't help myself comparing those two... On the plus size we gained a third camera, a slightly faster processor, an OLED display and some unique colors... But on the other side, we lost the headphone jack, lost the SD card slot, gained a weird notch and unsymmetrical front, lost the sturdy full metal body and the biggest point for me: DOUBLED the price at launch. It's just not worth it. If you look at price/performance the P9 is still the better phone than this.
Chiclone- Tests (21 days ago)
Why this trollshit with restraining the best colour for one of the most important european markets? Stupid move from huawei
SuperSaf TV (21 days ago)
UPDATE: Since making this video, the Twilight version can now be preordered in the UK with delivery on 30th of May (Carphone Warehouse)
flol (21 days ago)
Really bad review. Third of the review is just about device color, fingerprints, notch... and then the author has no clue why it has a 40MP cam and how this technique works and just complains about the 40MP mode. Really poor review.
Zain Moti (21 days ago)
The twilight colour is available in Carphone Warehouse as of 26 April 2018. So UK market is not missing out 👌👍
Aditya Kumar (21 days ago)
Cool☺ design
Sethu Raj (21 days ago)
Sir which is the best phone which I can buy for my whole day usage of internet with gameing? Im also need a good camera and speed for my mobile.
hey, SuperSafTV!! I am thinking of buying the note 8, and I am in a dilema, between the note and u11+, what do you think?
btw I keep my phones around 4-5 years
Mono THENG (21 days ago)
Thumbed up and really enjoyed your video.
InfiniteZ100 (21 days ago)
buy camera and handsel phone
GregJ22 (21 days ago)
Don't let that speck of black smudge on the table trigger your OCD.
Ron Cosby (21 days ago)
Jerryrigs showed today it only uses tempered glass for the screen and not gorilla glass.
Dani Wayne (21 days ago)
you are wrong about finger print into the display ! Huawei P20Pro Porsche Design has it already !
Towsif Shahriar Shovo (22 days ago)
I know you are a Samsung fan boy.I think p20 is better is terms of camera,software, battery and design. S9 is better is terms of display, performance. Huawei always release their new processors in the end of the year so performance isn't matter. Kirin 970 isn't bad at all, regular performance is better than SD 845.
Marty Boi (15 days ago)
Thank you. Talk 2 him.
Towsif Shahriar Shovo (21 days ago)
Light Vader you should check all of his video first. Samsung and Apple isn't upgrading their phones with new technology. Dual aperture feature are totally gimmick, most of the time makes no difference. My younger brother use a Samsung device, day to day is becomes slower .On the other hand Chainess smartphone brand are growing so fast with their new innovative technology.
Light Vader (21 days ago)
Towsif Shahriar Shovo Didn't know voicing out his opinion makes him a fan boy of some other brand. Tbh the S9 plus is better overall. I really like huawei but I'm quite disappointed by some decisions made by huawei for this phone. Hopefully the mate 20 will be better
Hitesh Naik (22 days ago)
Practically speaking Huawei should have used a wide angle lens instead of monochrome...
Zeeshan Anwar (22 days ago)
amazing phone
yolkipalki711 (22 days ago)
Its available in the US if your getting the unlocked version with no bloat ware from US carriers...... IM in the USA and got this phone and loving it.
Vinayak Makhija (22 days ago)
I have to confess that my Moto G5s Plus is More Stable in 4K than the P20 Pro 🤑😂🤙
Tech Intrigued (21 days ago)
Vinayak Makhija I make tech videos like this, please go and check it out
yolkipalki711 (22 days ago)
I love the noch.....IDK why people complain.
Reign Magsayo (22 days ago)
New daily driver?
TheSentinel909 (22 days ago)
I will never get a phone without a headphone jack...plus, emUI is still wonky for me
Mostafa Allo (22 days ago)
R your nationality Arabian?
Shuaib Shaqiri (22 days ago)
Bad phone camera its too bad balance stabilization camera katastrophe
Mrov u Islam (22 days ago)
Mohamed Ishak (22 days ago)
Awesome video superSaf 😎

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