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Nadine schilling (3 hours ago)
IBRA JAKE (6 hours ago)
Music pleas.... Name
Bornali Bornali (14 hours ago)
wow bro. u help me
Agam Thakkar (1 day ago)
These are pure shit
Kya Truth (1 day ago)
These Click Bait Bitches are only trying to skyrocket their views (PATHETIC)🗑🗑🗑
Avril Vlogs (1 day ago)
he/she just copy the thumbnail of 5 minutes craft
Mabia 360 (2 days ago)
This guy got sponser by samsung
Daniel Bareš (2 days ago)
0:37 how to do photos?
Lea Tidalgo (2 days ago)
lol the phone is water proof
Chụp hình bằng niềm tin
tubs Santos (2 days ago)
click bait
Icha Dwi (2 days ago)
Catherine Woods (3 days ago)
Akbar Khan (3 days ago)
1 hack from where we can take photos
Rajendra Hire (3 days ago)
Very nice video
Mayank Kashyap (3 days ago)
Compare 6:08 and 6:37
Mayank Kashyap (3 days ago)
3:16 why you remove the bearing
Junior Couch (3 days ago)
i like it.
CRAZY IJM (3 days ago)
Omg so intelligent
Aman Singh (4 days ago)
Very nice
Silu Pradhan (4 days ago)
nice video
Muskan Parmar (4 days ago)
lundo ok
M Sirkhail Javaid (4 days ago)
Useless hacks
Jonte Cajero (4 days ago)
Bruhh his phone is water proof so what's the point 😂😂💀
Naveen Kumar (4 days ago)
inaam mughal (4 days ago)
Pen chod
AUTO GAMINGS (4 days ago)
Bahasa opo iki
Unknown User (4 days ago)
Why can’t you just use your fingers.
Unknown User (4 days ago)
Plus people can have seizures
Unknown User (4 days ago)
Fidget spinners are so old but are you so cheap you can’t buy one?
Unknown User (4 days ago)
The rice powder just got stuck on the phone.
Unknown User (4 days ago)
These are probably worse than jake Paul’s videos
AniMotion Films (5 days ago)
como cuando te pone un anuncio al final del video :v
AniMotion Films (5 days ago)
How to take photos?
Steam Dota (5 days ago)
dont bash him/her they try their best btw this is so cool my favorite is the hacks of spinner
Ramkishore Singh (5 days ago)
Nice video.,Which game u play in your mobile ??
Atul anand (5 days ago)
Only the cup hack was better for smart phone stand 😅
Mad MINISTRY (5 days ago)
What the shit is going to do when you cover the primary camera with balloon
Nayan Raj (5 days ago)
Waste my of 10:29 time
Nayan Raj (5 days ago)
It is Samsung s8 water resistant than why to put in rice bowl 🤨
Souvik Samanta (5 days ago)
Dante Oviedo (5 days ago)
Minuto 2:30 Tu celular se mojó no esperaaa no hagas eso... Échale arroz para que los chinos por la noche vengan a arreglarlo 👍
Akana Taran (5 days ago)
10 Stupid Life Hacks from 2017
aruhikaru (6 days ago)
1 word 4 u Creative
Rohaida Hamid (6 days ago)
SWISS LET`S PLAY (6 days ago)
And what ist with the camera speakers and mikrofon ...
Nice video #DesiTechanicalDuniya
Gladys Capalad (6 days ago)
Donomulyo Kid slater (6 days ago)
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Florife Belen (6 days ago)
wow your very smart
Tamanna Taheran (7 days ago)
After covering with balloon what about camera?
Rahardian Hastanto (7 days ago)
Rozitadesa Rozitadesa (7 days ago)
what title game he play
caramell giirl (7 days ago)
That's so good NOT!!!!!!
LeAdmir (7 days ago)
Lynn Phyo (7 days ago)
In 2:24 Galaxy s7 isn't water resistant???
MythRider125 (8 days ago)
Du hurensohn, ich will jetzt wissen was da mit dem thumbnail gemeint ist.
suscriptores Like (8 days ago)
0:32 будто будеш мастерить фото? Como puedes acer foto?
Jenny Wright (8 days ago)
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Vikrinox (8 days ago)
Even If the thumbnail was real it would short the Port and destroy your phone or the port .....
Dori D (8 days ago)
Dum ass
Mateo YT (8 days ago)
Andreas Haug (8 days ago)
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Michael Richard (8 days ago)
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Katherine Edmond (7 days ago)
Just confirmed this hacker is good
Michael Richard (8 days ago)
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Hillary Wilson (8 days ago)
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Wahyu Aditya (8 days ago)
Wow amazing broo~
Diaz Gamers (8 days ago)
Ramona K. (8 days ago)
Was für'n Scheiß.....lach!
Karina Brown (8 days ago)
I have kown these life hack two years before they posted this video
Ediht Oceane N'doli (9 days ago)
bon mais
Beatrice Hill (9 days ago)
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Beau Baars (9 days ago)
Mike Gordon (9 days ago)
higo puta lo mismo no cabron clik bite no subnormal
Rahul Sharma (9 days ago)
tom menzone (10 days ago)
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TheDragonKing (10 days ago)
I tried the paperclip in the charging point one. I am now unable to walk.
Junad Rain (10 days ago)
Kool amazing
Joe Cain (11 days ago)
marlo redwood (11 days ago)
He tried so leave him or her alone
Tapadyuti Sagar (11 days ago)
You deserve a dislike
Fortnote' s (11 days ago)
I have no name. lmao (11 days ago)
* Looks at thumbnail * I DON'T NEED IT... I DON'T NEED IT... I NEED IT! * After the video * THIS IS BULL $#!T!!!!11!!111!!!!!
I have no name. lmao (11 days ago)
That moment when you thought the thumbnail was real.
Mark Deeb (11 days ago)
Bro you were using an s8 when you droped it in the water
Mr Coockie (11 days ago)
Ahh so can I make videos over 10 minutes
Canal da Day Ólliiver (11 days ago)
Eu retribui,retribui vc também
AwesomeAmethyst1234 (12 days ago)
To everyone that says this video is rubbish, stop it! If you didn’t like it, go away! I think this video is amazing. Good work on the video.
RPG123 gameplay (12 days ago)
Gooood job you have good ideas but be careful 5minute crafts is copying you
Vaino Makinen (12 days ago)
Present contribute we magazine cold phone restrict score steel display.
Freen Khan (12 days ago)
Which game are you playing inyour video
Inahplehc Ocnalop (12 days ago)
this sucked so much
M. Umar (12 days ago)
So intelligent 😊
Zsombor Földesi (12 days ago)
3:00 It works cuz the phone you are using is water resistant...
Nirojnalini das (12 days ago)
Roque Liana Gabrielle (12 days ago)
Hey guys pls don't be mean he is juat trying to make a video
L7OR الحر (12 days ago)
ما اسم الهاتف الاسود
music befit (12 days ago)
What does life hack mean anymore?
rekky gaming 0989 (13 days ago)
O I meen phone
rekky gaming 0989 (13 days ago)
RIP fidget spinner
Mohammed Himbi (13 days ago)

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