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WHAT DO YOU THINK? People Say This Father's Day Card Is TOO Controversial

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Text Comments (19)
George Soros (9 hours ago)
Liberals are fruit cakes
Queen Rosel (2 days ago)
Has anyone been on Episode and read some of the titles? It’s a good thing target pulled the card. That phrase means something inappropriate.
henry nenjamin (3 days ago)
But if were two guys kissing it would be ok
KentuckyKim (4 days ago)
ManPursueExcellence (4 days ago)
MrJwyne (4 days ago)
Lol like how they chose their words very carefully. ..kudos 👏🏽 ...you know we’re a sensitive America now. Even married couples use the term baby daddy though. My wife says it all the time to be hip and cool & funny
MegaSkilla (4 days ago)
Awww look, they finally made a card for children of pimps and hoes!!
PA G (3 days ago)
MegaSkilla ... and progressive liberal Democrats.
Janet O'Hara (4 days ago)
Baby daddy? Is that the father of the child that refuses to marry the mother of child for various reasons?
Humans are supposed to have sex and make babies.
Nothing wrong with that. We are part of the animal kingdom. Animals have more than one baby daddy. Government needs to stay out of the natural process of procreation.Religion as well.
Sal Lee (4 days ago)
Ok let the government and religion Stay Out. Who's going to pay for the baby mommy's iPhone 8 so that she can load her government app to see how much is left on her Medicaid card so that she can sell the balance half price for cold cash? No more religious charities to give them food, shelter and clothing. No more free stuff:(
Animals often kill the offspring of their current mate...
Janet O'Hara (4 days ago)
JunkYardNews JunkYardNews We are not zoo animals no matter what your lib professors teach you. Only Humans Have Morality, Not Animals Only humans make moral judgements and moral choices.
Tom Smith (4 days ago)
to the pure all things pure... to the impure...... ;)
Terry Moore (4 days ago)
What people say...?
Pork Wontons (4 days ago)
Very accurate greeting card. Truth hurts.
Terry Moore (4 days ago)
There will always be father's, and mother's, the 001.% who think otherwise need a psychiatrist.

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