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They Said It Can't Be Cut...

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LocTote Bag (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2qUiXd8 LocTote Bag (International) - http://geni.us/3kNCqNd Here is a very durable, theft-resistant bag / backpack. While nothing is theft proof, this may be the closest thing on the market. The LocTote bag features a special material making it very difficult to cut. Will the LocTote be your next backpack? FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Twitter - http://twitter.com/unboxtherapy Facebook - http://facebook.com/lewis.hilsenteger Instagram - http://instagram.com/unboxtherapy Google Plus - http://bit.ly/1auEeak
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Unbox Therapy (9 months ago)
LocTote Bag (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2qUiXd8 LocTote Bag (International) - http://geni.us/3kNCqNd
Ultra Gaming Network (2 months ago)
Use glowing 1000 degrees knife! 🖕😈😈🖕
maryam jaspal (3 months ago)
this bag is awesome
Sikail Albrt (5 months ago)
Unbox Therapy can you get a 500 dollar iphone
Asthetiic Gamiing (5 months ago)
Unbox Therapy do you know how to use a knife
Joe (1 day ago)
they need to make jackets out of this stuff for cops and security guards, mostly for place like the UK where even the first responders don't have guns. It is hilarious to watch 8 cops try and keep a single guy with a knife contained.
dear damnedlife (6 days ago)
that looks cool
Mateo Mosquera (6 days ago)
That awkward moment when he smashes the bag with a knife hoping to cut it through, good job
Jay (8 days ago)
knife dulled by wire 😔
Elvar Snær Ágústson (13 days ago)
Abdullah-Al- Faisal (22 days ago)
you've never read my comment
🎃Chirovitrieri🎃 (23 days ago)
Love the idea, but I want a full break in attempt from someone.😂 I'm working with a snips and pliers combo tool tonight and I think the metal threaded through could be cut along with the regular fabric? About four minutes at most. These things could be concealed. Crowds are 50/50 your worst enemy and friend. Night time, glow in the dark is helpful. Just the time for the inexperienced with this brand. Hey, you gotta think like a thief!😂
Make a shirt of this material
Zyhir Harris (26 days ago)
I thought it was fake because I saw a similar vid and it was click bait this dude needs 30M subs for God of *NOT CLICKBAIT* because he tells the truth every time
Aco747lyte (1 month ago)
Nice product and similar in price to Pacsafe's Ultimatesafe Z28. I'd choose Pacsafe, and even one of their cheaper bags as it's pretty similar.
Akilesh N S (1 month ago)
lu you look like a BUTCHER!!!!!!!!!!
This is shit
Luis Villeda (1 month ago)
Make shirts out of this material to save yourself from being stabbed.
allya lorenzo (1 month ago)
Thats a sac bag
Tom Brutton (1 month ago)
I would buy it if it weren’t soooooo expensive !! Also ur vids r amazing!!!!
Tom Brutton (1 month ago)
How much does it cost?
michael horn (1 month ago)
I just sat here and watched a man try to cut open a book...what am I doing in life.
Michael Jr (1 month ago)
I want them to make a bandanna of of that stuff just because
DrewS (1 month ago)
"cara-beaner clip"
Suplex GD (1 month ago)
Hell no it costs 120€ NOPE
Helpless Zero (1 month ago)
Million Dollar Lex (1 month ago)
Most people who do steal could cut that lock off in seconds
Ryan Gollihar (1 month ago)
Hated it,seems like they made it half ass.
Pasty Thrasher (1 month ago)
So if you had a suit made of this material?....hmmm?
Osca Alva (2 months ago)
why don't you try cutting the straps ropes with a good knife there is no metal wire inside ropes its a fail review bag test that's its weak point on the bag for a bag that's cost over 100$ dude just bi the fake bag for 40$ it does the same job and save yourself $ and send the bag back
supershdow169xx (2 months ago)
Cut and stabbing are very different this bag does it’s purpose but it’s purpose is useless . It was proven in the video he did damage with the most lighthearted poke
Ultra Gaming Network (2 months ago)
Cut with a glowing 1000 degrees knife 🖕😈😈🖕
M Jyothiswaroop Mannuru (2 months ago)
Then they sent an empty box and say it's invisible ....😎😎🤣🤣
Kalvi Animations (2 months ago)
I HAVE to buy this
Chemeleman (2 months ago)
The steel cable is definitely a stupid idea because someone can use a rod or something to twist it off. I think a cut resistant material and cable would be ideal. However with the current design you would know if someone tried stealing it. I have 3 Kevlar suits and I think the best way to cut kevlar is to stab holes in a line and then pick at the individual fibres with the tip of a knife. Not the fastest way to break in but if you can get it off someones back you could have all the time in the world. So if you really don't want someone getting it off your back than tie it to yourself with Kevlar rope.
Baattle Sheep (2 months ago)
Listen bud, while this wasn't the thing I've been waiting for in an exact sense, it gives me a LOT of hope for the future of what I can have for backpacks when I carry my stupid laptop and other products around. I want to see some straps that will withstand the test of time, and every pick up, every sling over the shoulder past it's weight limit... I go through em. lol
Tyngchinchilla Chang (2 months ago)
Send it to skallagrim!
Mohammad Adnan Ashiq (2 months ago)
Use a Scissor Lew !!
Faig Akanay (2 months ago)
guys PLEEEASE song that starts after first 15 seconds of the video... beats and piano... name of the song anyonee pleaseeee...
Listed Mekko (2 months ago)
There is a different between cut and stab 😂👌
Noel kirkegaard (2 months ago)
Unbox a solargaard bag
hosj kezeb (2 months ago)
Tubby CS:GO (2 months ago)
the idea of that cut-proof bag is to avoid instances where some pickpockets on the some filled ass street that actually cuts thru their victim's bag in order to get what's inside. why do they cut instead of opening the zips? cuz it takes less time, makes less noise and if sharp enough, just takes 1 slash unlike those zippers that sometimes get stuck. or i am just inventing these things and just wasted effort to type this whole thing
ProneToInfection (2 months ago)
If only condoms were made out of this....
Jua' boi (2 months ago)
Why are you hiiting it like a hammer. It will not puncture anything. Not even a dollar store bag.
Andre Karre (3 months ago)
Cool but u rite ..why dont they use same material on the lock..?
Roi Saada (3 months ago)
That stupid spam comment XD
SAS Rocks (3 months ago)
come on! that's a knife not a hammer. Go easy on it
Atanas Nihtianov (3 months ago)
Brendon Rohan (3 months ago)
I am a addict of unbox therapy I would like to what you do for the rest of my life.plz can u make me a part of unbox therapy anything
Simply 404 (3 months ago)
*spam comment*
Clorox Bleach (3 months ago)
This bag is counter productive.. it would protect you from a cutpurse.. like a theif, but then it would turned in to a armed robbery or maybe even you being stabbed for your bag lol
CMAP (3 months ago)
you gotta try harder than a cheap kitchen knife at least a serious razor knife or a nice pair of shears.
Barnali D (3 months ago)
Did anyone try scissors and plyers?
MrJoeMontano (3 months ago)
I've been waiting for this item my whole life
Kaivo (3 months ago)
stupid spam comment
Austin Rollins (3 months ago)
Yes it’s about time I see a bag like this!!!!!
Lerato Malatsi (3 months ago)
try scissors
Ah Huat (3 months ago)
use this to rob bank
maryam jaspal (3 months ago)
Compieter (3 months ago)
we finally discover the magic material the hulks pants are made of :P
Jahlyjah Arthur (3 months ago)
Mike Garofalo (4 months ago)
This is what I’ve been waiting for my whole life send it to me
J.Brian Esabmob (4 months ago)
Wish i could have that bag. This amazed me. UNBOX THERAPY can have it? :)
Istvan Kertesz (4 months ago)
It's probably made of kevlar (polyaramide), tactical and police gloves are made of that (see armoury scene in Batman: Begins). Just kidding it's made of Mithril, it's probably worth more than the entire Shire.
Jed Teng (4 months ago)
You need something like this in manila..😁
Georgestin Roland (4 months ago)
oowwwooowww....!! that bag really cool...!!
SNIPER SHUBH 0102 (4 months ago)
You said first things first like the song breaver
Andrew Bueno (4 months ago)
is this guy retarded??
albrenza (4 months ago)
People tht slashed bags use cutter or blade in our area.
Abdur Rahman (4 months ago)
What will happen when we cut it with Scissor???
Włodek 1410 (4 months ago)
Commercials everytime before watching, unsub.
Turquoise Sunsets (4 months ago)
Kind of impressive but not at all impervious, we'll pass on this one because of the kink in the armor!!!!!
Shellbullet 91 (4 months ago)
The bag is cut proof but not your fingers Lew.
Mailiya Anjeng (4 months ago)
Can this fabric be dyeed?
WickedlyTainted (4 months ago)
Cbus Pride :3
AtomicWalker (4 months ago)
G_U_S_S_S (4 months ago)
Unbox the material that can heal it self
SanDelly (5 months ago)
$130...👈👈😂 never happen sry
Samuel Owusu (5 months ago)
Is that the sharpest knife that trended a few years ago?
Mohd Iznan Abdul Malik (5 months ago)
If that how you use the knife...
Faig Akanay (5 months ago)
pleaaaase can someone tell the name of the song in the beginning of the video??
Chris T (5 months ago)
kinda kinda kinda kinda all i hear is kinda. i kinda love the channel tho
Anon (5 months ago)
The thumbnail looks like an ISIS video
Yasir_The _Wolf (5 months ago)
Yasir_The _Wolf (5 months ago)
MoHe Free (5 months ago)
poop shit
Blehmaster (5 months ago)
when you see a "cut proof" or "highly cut resistant" thing, PLEASE test it with a motorized chainsaw.
Phantom Sun (5 months ago)
lil pocket
Ethan Morgan (5 months ago)
That was lame, you stab like a pussy and I could steal that bag in less than five seconds
LFTE Beats (5 months ago)
That's not how you try cut a bag . He's slicing it like it's a piece of toast . You couldn't even cut a normal bag like that
Battle Minge (6 months ago)
What happens when you get caught on something and need to cut yourself loose. Guess you gonna die in that bag.
Carl christian Idjao (6 months ago)
can you please try unboxing ALCATROZ AIRWAVE 300 Bluetooth headphones
John Duran (6 months ago)
Actually this is what ive been looking for. Its a step in the right direction
Capt Mrgn (6 months ago)
This bag is a 100% ripoff! I bought one, and a cheap pair of utility scissors and was able to cut through the bag like paper, all the way across in 5 seconds flat. This bag offers zero real protection.
StewysGameplay (6 months ago)
Fitting that an uncuttable bag comes from Columbus, Ohio.
Syed Hasnain Raza Naqvi (6 months ago)
please do not destroy things please please for gods sake
Syed Hasnain Raza Naqvi (6 months ago)
I like you bro you are best of the bests
Bryan Castillo (6 months ago)
y not poke it?
MrGoodDay329 (6 months ago)
jim (6 months ago)
i didn't expect your review to be unbiased but your title implied that you're were at least going to give it a practical stress test. dafuk are you doing chopping an empty bag?
loganq (6 months ago)
They had to cut the material to make the bag.
cubic (6 months ago)
Did u ever realize that sometimes he does a voice over so he talks but his lips don't move

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