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5 Gadgets to Start 2018

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The year is almost over so it's time to take a look at a few tech gadgets to kick off 2018! Check out the Bitdefender Box 2! http://bit.ly/2kMDifd Moto E4 Plus on Amazon: http://austin.tech/motoe4 Acer Aspire E 15 on Amazon: http://austin.tech/aspiree15 Google Home: https://store.google.com/product/google_home Chromecast Ultra: https://store.google.com/product/chromecast_ultra Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/austinevans Instagram: http://instagram.com/austinnotduncan Twitter: http://twitter.com/austinnotduncan Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/austinnotduncan
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Text Comments (1381)
Garrettdx1988 (56 minutes ago)
Hey ladies, this is Evans
Wichiguns (6 hours ago)
try the oukitel k10000
Stanley Paul (1 day ago)
Get a Lenovo ideapad 320
Cheappy V (1 day ago)
He doesn't have an actual window behind him??? Dream broken...
Severed Shadow (2 days ago)
Trustierlamb920 (2 days ago)
5000mah i have 2 times that xD 10000mah also less then 200bux with 5.5 inch anf full hd and 32gb storage 3gig ram amd 1.5 ghz octa core processor
Jye Dendle (2 days ago)
What’s amazon period? lol
Arrowlog Productions (3 days ago)
more like sponsored by google
crimson marshmallow (3 days ago)
that last laptop had a m.2 and yet Austin didn't mention it intresting
Blake B (3 days ago)
For every time he says “hey guys this is Austin”, take 15 shots of everclear
Avantgarde The Mighty (4 days ago)
You should've mentioned the Chromecast ultra also supports Ethernet, for flakey WiFi
TheRealDestiny (4 days ago)
My dad got a Google home for us!
crusader commentaries (4 days ago)
Can it stop ddosing
ivan arciniegas (4 days ago)
i want to punch this guy on the face so hard... haha
Blazing Foxx (5 days ago)
Will Bit-Defender protect me from Windows 10?
agustin corona (5 days ago)
you made my google home play your videos and interrupted this video... tricky stuff
Aryan Chauhan (5 days ago)
In India Moto e4 plus has mt6737 😑
Alexander Johnson (5 days ago)
FREAKING AUSTIN!!! and anyone that says 'hey Google' in a video, especially when it is a command that turns on my TV and plays an Austin Evans video....... lol but for real
oliver mia (5 days ago)
My favorite tech channels keeps recommending creepy google products with their always on mic. :(
Geek In Da Kitchen (5 days ago)
So the Motorola E4 plus beats the G4 plus? E4 plus seems hard to find here in australia other than kogan.
iftekhar ahmad (5 days ago)
Are you sure?
test (5 days ago)
Thanks for interrupting my game with that hey google command.
Bruce Liu (6 days ago)
Just call it a 5 amp b/c 5000mamp /1000=5
If i tried making a meme of austin evans oneone will read it but if some jackass steals my joke and he gets notice. Fuck you all joke stealers.
James Cardenas (6 days ago)
But the phone doesn’t look premium it looks like the design is stuck in 2014
wyatt9312 (6 days ago)
The Bitdefender Box looks awesome.
Marvin Yan (7 days ago)
squidmonrow (8 days ago)
You should review the(LG X POWER)
Jake Paul (9 days ago)
Windows xp is the best space ping pong is great
Hat For Sale (9 days ago)
UGH THANK YOU he didn't say Ok Google and annoy half the people watching this video who hae google homes on there desks! EDIT: crap he did it.
dogrrr (9 days ago)
When you told google to play ur most recent video it activated mine
Jason,DJay (10 days ago)
U said "hey" google........
georgealex19 (10 days ago)
regarding the laptop, the DVD drive is actually used just for a swift SSD installation so you can replace the DVD with the old HDD for storage... FYI :)
Karlos Jerome Llorin (10 days ago)
Tullock (11 days ago)
I wish Google Chromecast / Google Home had its own thing for streaming from sites like putlocker,mycloud,and openload. etc.
Victor Deleon (12 days ago)
I like holes
Okay Noway (12 days ago)
Did you actually test that Box 2 thing? or are you just reading a script from the box?
Mohid Aziz (12 days ago)
He has a moto phone but has a Apple Watch on
PENPIX (13 days ago)
mi max 2 is better than moto , no doubt.
talha hussain (13 days ago)
the moto e4+ has great battery life, but thats about it. everything else about it is sorta meh and there's definitely better phones to recommend in the 200 dollar price range
Thomas Wayne (13 days ago)
The only reason you buy an Acer Aspire E 15 is to strip it and build your own laptop
[YT] Gouda (13 days ago)
if you say OK google entertain me it does games with you
_Alex_samaYT_ (14 days ago)
The xiaomi redmi note 4x is like the same price with a better screen 3gb of ram and a snapdragon 625 and a 4100 battery
Evan Spy (14 days ago)
You should do a "building the ultimate smart home" video.
Jaden (14 days ago)
Austin looks ripped as fuck
Snoop8ball (14 days ago)
my acer aspire e15 doesnt have a usb c port...
naythenay (14 days ago)
He still hasn't changed the 'Hey Guys. This is Austin
SWIWAM A.K.A. LOGFOFO (15 days ago)
I love this dude
KCMarquez (15 days ago)
Home mini
Sudeep Gaming (15 days ago)
The Google home mini kinda looks like a wireless charger
war2k (16 days ago)
for that laptop i would swap that dvd drive for a hdd caddy for extra storage space
azalru (16 days ago)
2018 is the year of the Tesla Model 3
DatBoi'sVlogs (16 days ago)
Is It worth it?
Aleksander Hoff (17 days ago)
I just wish smart speakers would make their way to Norway soon... :/ I could always get an Amazon Alexa from abroad etc. but since they block their app in other countries, it means I cannot use it.. even when speaking English to it.
Mujtaba Saeed (17 days ago)
A probably none
Marshall Calhoun (17 days ago)
Joint she clock opening liberty forty possibly wrist.
Simon (17 days ago)
You know, if any of these companies reached out to you with these products... You HAVE to disclose that. You do know that right?
fracti 87 (17 days ago)
I have a Moto z
Mike (17 days ago)
Shame on you Austin. Recommending a laptop with 4gb ram? My laptop is currently using 4.08gb with 1 word document, windows mail, 3 tabs in opera, and notepad open. Not heavy use. Windows 10 needs more ram unfortunately.
The life is a lie (17 days ago)
I'm definitely buying an acer e 15 ...Please suggest some other laptops at the same price
Floop Zipper (17 days ago)
2018 anyone?
Hey, it's Mario! (18 days ago)
His “hey google” command activated mine lol
D'a lu' Popică (18 days ago)
BitDefender is a roumanian antivirus!!!!
risingserenity (18 days ago)
the bitdefender box is the one i kinda want. ignore that i had to reset my old laptop to factory settings like 6 times.
Glenn Dsouza (18 days ago)
None . All of em aren’t necessary
mdredheadguy1979 (18 days ago)
At first I had a feeling this video was a Google fanboy ejaculating all over his camera... Just for the record, I disagree with every device in this video, save one. That security device at the start sounds interesting. But forget about the Google stuff. This guy is obviously a huge Google fanboy! Besides Google likes to track and STORE all of your user data. Probably so they can sell it to marketing companies. Now just think of all the data they can collect by listening in on every conversation in your house with those devises. Talk about an invasion of privacy.
its 2018 happy new year
SaucyGames (18 days ago)
I had an older Acer Aspire a few years ago and it was a piece of shit. I had a few bluescreens and had to send it to Acer to get it fixed (and pay of course). I'll never buy an Acer product again
The Marino family (19 days ago)
Logic is best
Alain Graham (19 days ago)
I have an E15 and slightly different specs (a slight downgrade everywhere except the processor of which mine rocks an I5 7200u) and a 2tb hard drive.
Mark Magorrian (19 days ago)
I have a amazon echo and I prefer it to google Home.
TechLounge (19 days ago)
That Acer aspire would be a laptop I would buy over a thinkpad ANY DAY (and I'm a die-hard thinkpad fan) it has alot of port selection including that DVD drive and the ability to upgrade just as much like a older thinkpad is a bonus I would gladly welcome
sLam (19 days ago)
I fking thought he was going to say this video was sponsered by bit coin
Christian3828 (19 days ago)
Lol my google home went off when you showed the chrome cast
Jaxon Acker (19 days ago)
You haven't upload in 1 week are you dead
LMO Games (19 days ago)
I wanna build a good gaming PC with a i7 and good graphics card but it's really expensive
LMO Games (19 days ago)
It would be cool if I could meet Austin I real life though
LMO Games (19 days ago)
Man the big YouTubers are lucky because of there hard work they get all the new stuff
Aziz Ben Youssef (19 days ago)
Guys can you tell me how to connect my dualshock 4 controller to my computer
Mr Skono (19 days ago)
is a pc or a phone a gadget...???
Juan (20 days ago)
do a $1500 PC build!
Toufiq Mahmud (20 days ago)
Hey Austin can you make a video on intel 8th gen processor on 4th/6th gen mother boards or 6th/7th gen processor on 8th gen mother board
Jamie Davis (20 days ago)
obstacle top clean trdtb future chaos principal head fiber odd giant feeling.
gameflux (20 days ago)
None ! Especially the Bitdefender box !
Andy Ghary (20 days ago)
Google daydream
pterotactical (20 days ago)
This gay boi is annoying af
Travis Mackmer (20 days ago)
My Google home picked up his voice and started the video over. 😂😂😂
Matrix Paradox (20 days ago)
hello austin im a big fan and i recently got an alienware aurora r6 with a 1080 graphics card connected to a 1440 p monitor through a dvi to hdmi connecter(dvi in graphics card and hdmi in monitor) and i only run 60 fps while my friends with 1060s and an ibuypc running around 200 fps just wanted to kknow if you had any fixes thank you so much
shaked gaming (20 days ago)
please build the ultimate dji spark!
rorok aka (20 days ago)
Hi can you do video on asus zenfone 4
Steve M (20 days ago)
BitDefender Box is NOT worth $250 plus yearly disruption after first year. Who pays for antivirus or firewall? Perfectly good free ones are available from your ISP or just available for free
Steve M (20 days ago)
There's nothing wrong with using XP
Blue Radiation33 (20 days ago)
Hey I have a question on computers my computer hdmi port don't work Can u help?
Dude Decent (20 days ago)
The ultimate apple devise
Dude Decent (20 days ago)
Hey Austin make a video with all apple
Never noticed that Logic record in the bg.
Nicklye TheAwesome (21 days ago)
does ken have a channel
ahmed vlogs (21 days ago)
do a vidio on the khano computer kit make your own laptop pkeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeee
Wait, why does that moto phone have a physical home button, and internal buttons?
Gangsterova Šeima (21 days ago)
I need help how do I stop my browser from randomly opening?

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