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12.వివాహ షరతుల ఉల్లంఘన జరిగినపుడు - శిక్షలు || Punishment - Bigamy || Punishment for Child Marriages

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Text Comments (5)
Ca Suresh (2 months ago)
Sir kindly can u explain Muslim law
tmv venkatesh (4 months ago)
Sir what type tools and software u using
Asim Ahmed (4 months ago)
Sir please give in English too and waiting for evidence act
Asim Ahmed (4 months ago)
Subhan's Legal World thanks sir..
Subhan's Legal World (4 months ago)
+Asim Ahmed I will upload 'Offences against Property under IPC' in English within a couple of days. Later, I will upload rest of my video lectures in English. Don't worry!!

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