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iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Full Comparison

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😄 Click here now to subscribe 😄: https://goo.gl/kZ86Yu In today's video we will do a full comparison between the iphone x vs samsung galaxy s8. Both the samsung galaxy s8 and the iphone x are two of the top smartphones in the market and everyone is wondering which one is better. In this video, we will find out. iPhone X vs Galaxy S8 Comparison Points we will use: - Build and Design - Camera - Display - Processor (Speed Test) - Price - Biometrics (Face ID and Fingerprint Sensors) - Battery Life - And More Go Shop Amazing Deals: http://amzn.to/2wrbZzX --------------- FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA ----------------- Follow me on twitter : http://twitter.com/sakitechonline Follow me on Instagram: http://instagram.com/sakitechonline Follow me on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sakitechonline Follow me on Google+ https://plus.google.com/+sakitech My Website: http://sakitechonline.com Companies can send product to the following address: SAKITECH PO Box 681 CLIFTON HEIGHTS, PA 19018
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Text Comments (2701)
Az As (3 hours ago)
iPhone X is is better than the Samsung galaxy S8
Galaxy Gaming (7 hours ago)
I chose the s8 its a very fast mobile, thats affordable and the best you can install .apk files ;)
Amade Colenbrander (1 day ago)
The s8 is 450$ at Best buy unlocked the X is 1100$ at Best buy unlocked this isn't an argument
Steven Daniel (2 days ago)
galaxy has been and will always be better.
Jan Paul Rosalada (2 days ago)
i like android samsung than iphone see my fathers iphone original its original ok its so fast to drown and my original samsung GT-19000 is more longer
Ghasem Kharatha (2 days ago)
Why a iPhone fun has to talk about a phone that he didn't use
Dilara BİÇER (3 days ago)
Exactly S8...
Woochan Nou (3 days ago)
When you have a Samsung in school, you get teased ;_;
Emad Rajol (3 days ago)
Watching on my S8+ It is really marvelous
zero zero (4 days ago)
Apple x has oled display brother
Baby Anand (4 days ago)
iPhone 10
Rain Maker (5 days ago)
Samsung wins overall. We made the iPhone screen lol.
blueside clique (5 days ago)
*you labeled the price wrong*
Rylee Su (7 days ago)
My dad has the S8.I need to get one some day
samsung s8 is better
zomby 12012 (7 days ago)
What else is apple going to imitate samsung with? The edge? Oh i bet they will
Jawad Ahmad (8 days ago)
2:56 - Bluetooth 5.0 for connecting TWO devices at a time.
BlacK BlocK (9 days ago)
iphone x top
Shawn Carlos (10 days ago)
If you like simplicity, and not having any control over your phone, then go with iPhone. If you like customization, versatility, and freedom, go with Android. I think it's clear to say, the S8 is the better option for most.
Dr. Villiam (10 days ago)
You failed to mention the iPhone X uses Samsung displays.
Dr. Villiam (10 days ago)
Worst attempt at an American accent.
Matthew Song (11 days ago)
The reason y iphone x has the same OLED screen is becuz they bought it from samsung. Apple also bought some things from samsung
trainExplorer (11 days ago)
S8 wins for me. The display is just amazing.
Amir Gamer YT (11 days ago)
1 millionth :D
Umair Shamas (12 days ago)
S8 all the way
Irene Regis (13 days ago)
I like em a lot, but I kinda go for s8
KALEEM MIRZA (14 days ago)
Galaxy s8!
Keena Rat (15 days ago)
🤪iPhone s9+
the basedgod (15 days ago)
I dont think one is better then the other. They balance out. iPhones do some things better then the galaxy and vice versa.
da212 michael (16 days ago)
S8 is way better
Hesoyam 123 (18 days ago)
s8 new costs 400$ sooo...
Speedlashgames (19 days ago)
Lol Samsung has had AMOLED waaaaaay before iPhone.
KnΩD (22 days ago)
Who the fuck cares about dual speakers when theres no 3.5mm hole? Samsung won that by far. U dont listen shit from your _PHONE_speakers.
S8 is still better than Apple product
Milan Tozic (24 days ago)
Two things. Apple both displays for the iPhoneX from Samsung, next, iPhoneX costs twice as much as an S8, do not be stupid ant think that the price tags in the videos are real.
glitch107 (24 days ago)
In terms of processing power, the iPhone X is miles ahead. But is it worth spending the extra £500?
Blazing Storm (24 days ago)
I want an S8 but I cannot play fortnite on it
Muby Jin (25 days ago)
Amazing review buddy
Gol D. Roger (26 days ago)
I had Galaxy s3 and it was garbaaaaaaage i switched to iPhone never had a promblem with any so stfu bitches Apple killed it with every device they had ! Samsung’s only good one is S8 Android sucks
Gol D. Roger (26 days ago)
7:20 thats the reason iPhone will always be better even with lesser specs it runs everything better faster and smooth . With samsung I experienced only lag and all my apps crashed for no reason
mason woods (28 days ago)
Lol you have 47 thousand emails on the iPhone
Dani Dnt (29 days ago)
how can you call it a draw at the wireless charging and battery life, when s8 can charge wireless - fast charge - while X can't ? you are not being objective! therefor, I will dislike the video, it's clear that you hold X part, while since you do this kind of videos, you should be neutral. good luck!
suraj khadal (29 days ago)
I m so proud...i have the best S8
Creeps Jr (30 days ago)
S8 is better for me and samsung users.... Iphone 10 is better for iphone users..... But as i said s8 is better
Brandel Ellis (30 days ago)
Next move Apple is gonna curve the screen🤤🤤🤤
Xzariov (1 month ago)
I have apple right now but i hate it i hate ios and samsung is so much better but im poor af to buy samsung
honda NSX (1 month ago)
he said "sports" at least 10 times
Eagloman (1 month ago)
s8 wins
Steve Humphries (1 month ago)
Chose the S8 ... reason ... Price of course ... able to SD card ... and #1 reason I was concern about issues with Apple Service and Support of their products ... whats going on with that?
corona co (1 month ago)
7:14 I guess this guy got the money from Apple. He choosed the Chinese language intentionally as if Samsung is china company ! He is trying to lower Samsung brand
adam firth (1 month ago)
What a stupid remark regarding security..... So because there are more security options on the samsung its better? Yet the iphone has the superior security option?! So what would be better in a fight? A paper clip and a pencil sharpener or a loaded gun?? Must be the paper clip and pencil sharpener seen as theres more than one to choose from ffs.......
TestOS (1 month ago)
So lemme explain when u get the s8 u gust get kinda u want the iphone x but its expensive and comfortable In 2018 s8 its lowerd in the price Now its 300 dolars and its better than the iphone x so Iphone x is beautiful but its kinda wierd and bad at price I think samsung its better idk *YOUR CHOICE!*
The best Chips (1 month ago)
Tell u something look at stocks for Samsung ask yourself how many things did they release compare to Apple then you’ll see they can only do what they can with what they got look how much they spent on developing it how can a x have a hexicore but s8 have octacore but be just as fast lol samsung is trash Apple is going to rule same as Sony the reason people like Samsung is because they grew up on a $30 phone then they got a job and said I grew up on Samsung
The best Chips (1 month ago)
If a x + came out u guys would cry
The best Chips (1 month ago)
Wow it’s brighter let’s all look at the sun
Makaila Polite (1 month ago)
S8 is better. Apple sucks.
the devil (1 month ago)
S8 best
speedpaint hub (1 month ago)
wait, huh???
speedpaint hub (1 month ago)
a samsung galxay s8 doesnt cost a thousand bucks, I have one and it costed five hundred bucks.
Michael Fraser (1 month ago)
6:52 Think you got some emails still needing read...
pramsh rajouria (1 month ago)
shut up apple makes its own screens
Eduardo Vazquez (1 month ago)
S8 who cares wat isheep say
farhaan mohammed (1 month ago)
Samsung =features / apple = quality
Leprachaun Borads (1 month ago)
I bought s8 there is 3 hours 460€
FinalDan (1 month ago)
Read your bloody emails you monster... 47,914 unread!
wink1980 (1 month ago)
apple fan boy alert
jachob69 (1 month ago)
Android fanboys make me laugh 😂 they’re so immature. Maybe that’s why they go for a less sophisticated phone
fail man (1 month ago)
Poor Apple
cheang vannak (1 month ago)
Difficult to decide because both are best.
Lighsaber Lord P373 (1 month ago)
Obviously i love the Galaxy S8 more than the iPhone X
Asia Shibushad (1 month ago)
iphone x is the biggest don't look at the price look at the quality
LORDBLADE (1 month ago)
If u have an iphone x the black thing on the top covers the screen and apps such as facebook abd insta it cuts of some bits and youtube. I have a samsung s8 and i was nearly crying when i got it i wanted an iphone .but after a week fuck ios .samsung is best
Tony Alves (2 months ago)
The s8 is 750 or something not 1,000
Tick Tock (2 months ago)
46 hours?? My S8 barely get just over half of that.. stupid Oreo update. Samsung are bunch of lazy, self serving asswipes with their lack of updates.
Dimitri Papadopoulos (2 months ago)
you mixed up the prices at 13;32
shahzaib ahmed (2 months ago)
Hahah what a coincidence I’m watching this video on the 17 April EXACTLY 1 YEAR SINCE THE S8 CAME OUT!😂
Abztraktt (2 months ago)
How the fuck is speakers more important than a headphone jack?! Who the hell listens to music on speaker? NOBODY.
MCZ OFFICIAL (2 months ago)
Samsung galaxy s8
Joshua Remoroza (2 months ago)
Theodore (2 months ago)
"These have the same screen size so it is good to compare these..." What? You were supposed to compare the Note 8 with the iPhone X price wise and tech wise. Galaxy S8 is the counter to iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8+ is counter to iPhone 8 Plus. What is this even?
Nevee :D (2 months ago)
Is anyone else watching this with one of these phones?
Chris B (2 months ago)
Not gonna lie I own a s8 plus and it will lag like crazy sometime when I'm in a app or trying to type something down on Google.... The software is just horrible on the Samsung my pixel phone never lagged as badly as this Samsung phone does . So disappointed in the crazy lag that the Samsung has . It's not all the time but it happens way too much ......
TARUN YADAV (2 months ago)
Galaxy s8
Pranav Sabu (2 months ago)
S8 better
S8 is better
Darth Iccarus (2 months ago)
I'd get iPhone X just for animojis.,😀
Charlie Donnellan (2 months ago)
I chose Samsung because I am bored of iPhone and want to do more things with my phone
Vargas Lodestar (2 months ago)
Samsung s8 came erlier than the iphone X and is still better....why? Here's a small list: Gives you more access with less authorization; Better camera; Better screen; Better design; Cheaper by 400-600$; Best performance overall; Comfortable touch; Don't believe me?Just go to the internet and look at the s8 rating and the iphone X one (samsung s8 95+ and the X is 80+) Also the Samsung s8 is waterproof while the iphone X is only water resistant (Not to mention the fact that the s8 comes with fast charger too)
Unknown (18 days ago)
big smoke how did you like it?
big smoke (2 months ago)
Vargas Lodestar so true I'm getting a s8 tomorrow.
Vishnu Mohan (2 months ago)
Thickness 8 inches?
Redon Shala (2 months ago)
Samsung s8 is better
Bernadine Gonzales (2 months ago)
the s8 is better. I'm getting that phone soon and I have quite a few friends that have that phone and they love it
ZephyrAlphaOne (2 months ago)
S8 > iPhone X
Sameer Ahmad (2 months ago)
i would like galaxy s8
Dimitar The_Bulgarian (2 months ago)
He said that both of this phones are like you are holding a million dollars in your hand is complately wrong. Iphone is by far looking better phone... Iphone is more classy phone higher rated phone all around the world ... no doubt! Samsung is very good maybe better at some issues...but when we talk about prestige ... both hands up for the Iphone !!!
Tasos Mourikis (2 months ago)
I have an iPhone 5s and it is wonderful i have no complains whatsoever.But the truth is that apple is seriously overpriced.For double the price you should get double the features and specs.The only reason I won’t switch to Android yet is that prefer IOS as an operating system.
Jet Comia (2 months ago)
iphone x
Toxic vid (2 months ago)
S8+ would of been a better comparison for battery life
Epic sun 2109 (2 months ago)
Samsung for the win
chariots8x (2 months ago)
The Samsung Galaxy S9 came out recently. Can we get another comparison?
akash gupta (2 months ago)
I can clearly see the display quality and photographs are more sharper and way better in s8😒😒& that iphone company made us pay for each and every app and service which otherwise are available in play store in s8 for free..😒😒& iphone os fragile af . s8 is more durable and high quality and its edges😍😍😍😍..
ساره gamer (2 months ago)
s8 or iphne x ?? me s8

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