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iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Full Comparison

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😄 Click here now to subscribe 😄: https://goo.gl/kZ86Yu In today's video we will do a full comparison between the iphone x vs samsung galaxy s8. Both the samsung galaxy s8 and the iphone x are two of the top smartphones in the market and everyone is wondering which one is better. In this video, we will find out. iPhone X vs Galaxy S8 Comparison Points we will use: - Build and Design - Camera - Display - Processor (Speed Test) - Price - Biometrics (Face ID and Fingerprint Sensors) - Battery Life - And More Go Shop Amazing Deals: http://amzn.to/2wrbZzX --------------- FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA ----------------- Follow me on twitter : http://twitter.com/sakitechonline Follow me on Instagram: http://instagram.com/sakitechonline Follow me on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sakitechonline Follow me on Google+ https://plus.google.com/+sakitech My Website: http://sakitechonline.com Companies can send product to the following address: SAKITECH PO Box 681 CLIFTON HEIGHTS, PA 19018
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Text Comments (2615)
LORDBLADE (1 day ago)
If u have an iphone x the black thing on the top covers the screen and apps such as facebook abd insta it cuts of some bits and youtube. I have a samsung s8 and i was nearly crying when i got it i wanted an iphone .but after a week fuck ios .samsung is best
Tony Alves (1 day ago)
The s8 is 750 or something not 1,000
Tick Tock (3 days ago)
46 hours?? My S8 barely get just over half of that.. stupid Oreo update. Samsung are bunch of lazy, self serving asswipes with their lack of updates.
Dimitri Papadopoulos (5 days ago)
you mixed up the prices at 13;32
shahzaib ahmed (5 days ago)
Hahah what a coincidence I’m watching this video on the 17 April EXACTLY 1 YEAR SINCE THE S8 CAME OUT!😂
Abztraktt (6 days ago)
How the fuck is speakers more important than a headphone jack?! Who the hell listens to music on speaker? NOBODY.
Samsung galaxy s8
Joshua Remoroza (8 days ago)
Teddy Parker (10 days ago)
"These have the same screen size so it is good to compare these..." What? You were supposed to compare the Note 8 with the iPhone X price wise and tech wise. Galaxy S8 is the counter to iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8+ is counter to iPhone 8 Plus. What is this even?
Feeling AJ (12 days ago)
Is anyone else watching this with one of these phones?
Chris B (12 days ago)
Not gonna lie I own a s8 plus and it will lag like crazy sometime when I'm in a app or trying to type something down on Google.... The software is just horrible on the Samsung my pixel phone never lagged as badly as this Samsung phone does . So disappointed in the crazy lag that the Samsung has . It's not all the time but it happens way too much ......
TARUN YADAV (13 days ago)
Galaxy s8
Pranav Sabu (14 days ago)
S8 better
S8 is better
Darth Iccarus (16 days ago)
I'd get iPhone X just for animojis.,😀
Charlie Donnellan (16 days ago)
I chose Samsung because I am bored of iPhone and want to do more things with my phone
Vargas Lodestar (16 days ago)
Samsung s8 came erlier than the iphone X and is still better....why? Here's a small list: Gives you more access with less authorization; Better camera; Better screen; Better design; Cheaper by 400-600$; Best performance overall; Comfortable touch; Don't believe me?Just go to the internet and look at the s8 rating and the iphone X one (samsung s8 95+ and the X is 80+) Also the Samsung s8 is waterproof while the iphone X is only water resistant (Not to mention the fact that the s8 comes with fast charger too)
big smoke (18 days ago)
Vargas Lodestar so true I'm getting a s8 tomorrow.
Tom Vlogs (19 days ago)
Is that really how bad the snapdragon S8 is?? My exynos S8 gets 2010 single core and 6560 multi core, your S8 is worse than my friends S7!!??
Tom Vlogs (17 days ago)
big smoke it’s much slower, the higher the number the faster and smoother the phone is, his is one sixth slower than mine, as well as being the same as my friends S7 which is a year old.
big smoke (18 days ago)
Tom Vlogs what is the difference???
Vishnu Mohan (20 days ago)
Thickness 8 inches?
Redon Shala (21 days ago)
Samsung s8 is better
Bernadine Gonzales (22 days ago)
the s8 is better. I'm getting that phone soon and I have quite a few friends that have that phone and they love it
ZephyrAlphaOne (22 days ago)
S8 > iPhone X
Sameer Ahmad (23 days ago)
i would like galaxy s8
Dimitar The_Bulgarian (23 days ago)
He said that both of this phones are like you are holding a million dollars in your hand is complately wrong. Iphone is by far looking better phone... Iphone is more classy phone higher rated phone all around the world ... no doubt! Samsung is very good maybe better at some issues...but when we talk about prestige ... both hands up for the Iphone !!!
Tasos Mourikis (24 days ago)
I have an iPhone 5s and it is wonderful i have no complains whatsoever.But the truth is that apple is seriously overpriced.For double the price you should get double the features and specs.The only reason I won’t switch to Android yet is that prefer IOS as an operating system.
Jet Comia (25 days ago)
iphone x
Toxic vid (25 days ago)
S8+ would of been a better comparison for battery life
Epic sun 2109 (27 days ago)
Samsung for the win
chariots8x (28 days ago)
The Samsung Galaxy S9 came out recently. Can we get another comparison?
akash gupta (30 days ago)
I can clearly see the display quality and photographs are more sharper and way better in s8😒😒& that iphone company made us pay for each and every app and service which otherwise are available in play store in s8 for free..😒😒& iphone os fragile af . s8 is more durable and high quality and its edges😍😍😍😍..
ساره gamer (30 days ago)
s8 or iphne x ?? me s8
Jason Kejison (30 days ago)
Shittest review I've ever seen. Major dislike. Why are you so biased towards the iPhone X. You said charging is a draw But the s8 supports wireless and wired fast charging whilst the x only supports wired fast charging aaand you have to buy it. so it's clearly not a draw. Secondly you said the resolution was a draw whilst it clearly wasnt. The s8 shows a 1 or 2k resolution whilst the iphone shows a 720p or some shit resolution. Do some research before wasting more than 12 mins. Of someone's life with this shitty video. I like the x but im just saying its not worth the money if it was around the price of the s8 i would recommend both. The s8 is 20% cheaper and has done some better things that the x. Im so vex right now 😡😡
Alyana The Great (1 month ago)
For me SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 is better than Iphone x...
Nicholas Sweigart (1 month ago)
S8 is better
Jacob Anderson (1 month ago)
8 inches in thickness.
seekNdestroy10 WOTB (1 month ago)
13:50 fail
R.I.P. FRANKU (1 month ago)
Lol prices switched at 13:55
Daniel Núñez (1 month ago)
s8 all the way
Bigdik D (1 month ago)
“At the end of this video I will tell what phone is better” “Both of these phone are equal”.
Life Goes (1 month ago)
Fuck dude...get the damned ads off your videos...it's REALLY freaking annoying.
Life Goes (1 month ago)
The 10's performance is bogus....it's a focused specific benchmark. Pointless in the real world. Not to mention it's $400 more than the S8. Fuck Apple.
Malek - مالـك (1 month ago)
I like Samsung and iPhone but I have Samsung s8
sayantan khanra (1 month ago)
iPhone 10 is not good.....I hope galaxy is more better
s book (1 month ago)
S8 is better
iDroidTeck (1 month ago)
Iris is way more secure
unstopology (1 month ago)
S8 no notch. BOOM! Winning.
Javier Cruz (1 month ago)
great video man. Very even and honest review.
It’s Italey (1 month ago)
I have a iPhone 7 my opinion is the s8 my grandma have a s8 I think it is better than the iPhone X I might get a s8 now
DJ Enrique (1 month ago)
Thank you, a fair sensible review
jorden charles Charles (1 month ago)
DruOG (1 month ago)
Thanks. Really helped in my decision.
Mr_ Perfect (1 month ago)
S8 ❤
Jfjdbdj Cbdhdudn (1 month ago)
Samsung S8
Shaikh Rizzy (1 month ago)
S8 is better
alvin lagos (1 month ago)
I have them both.. my predicament now is deciding which one would be my daily driver!
the number juan (1 month ago)
No Phone is Perfect No matter how expensive No matter how good They’re Equal
drus (1 month ago)
I perfect the more powerful phone. Had android for years and after I switched to apple the performance is just so much better on iPhone. Phone runs 100x smoother. Had it for 2 years and I almost never freezes or does buggy shit. Can’t say the same about all the Samsung galaxy phones, LGs and Sony phones I’ve owned.
Turbo (1 month ago)
I just bounght s8 for 549$
XD HACKER PRO (1 month ago)
iPhone x is the best
Kreatos (1 month ago)
S8 because it fucking best at VR!
Abhir Malhotra (1 month ago)
The iphone x is fat and bulky. The build of the phone isnt good. S8 has a much better build quality.
Precious Agustin (1 month ago)
Samsung gets very slow after a few years
LiamTheBearOfFire (1 month ago)
Watches entire video then gets the, "they are both equally good" answer...
Jakub Cerny (1 month ago)
He switched it around in the prices
Saumya Singh (1 month ago)
S8+ vs s9 which ones better? Watch to find out :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paoFhzwhnDA&t=94s
Jonathan Kivelä (1 month ago)
I haw s8
Ranjit Singh Singh (1 month ago)
Iphone x
sourceofpower88 (1 month ago)
Like why would you pay more for a phone that is not better then the s8. The s8 looks better and it is better no argument
Ena Komarica (1 month ago)
Apple users you can ask Android users about new Iphone X features because Android users had them 3 years ago. You're welcome ☺
Theone gamer93 (25 days ago)
Ena Komarica....savage
Rehan khAn (1 month ago)
very clear video Good job
Flora Kurti (1 month ago)
Samsung is better!!!
ME13 gaming (1 month ago)
You've got a he'll of alot of emails
Wjkoenhd industrieS (1 month ago)
this video is a bit of a mess because you place the prices on the wrong place and you said iphone 8 for a few examples but besides that a usefull video
GTA V Bulls (1 month ago)
SAMSUNG WINS IN MY OPINION! And take a video on s9 plus vs i phone x
im getting the s8. i have an iPhone but i gonna be paying this off and getting me an s8 cuz i’m not liking Apple that much
Recognizedre (1 month ago)
Comparison is trash!!! Downvote
Dharam lohia (1 month ago)
S8 heart rate sensor 3d display Great for productivity (many functions ) Always on display edge I know iphone too have some functions not shown in video but s8 is cool phone
ThoseGuys (1 month ago)
S8 for days
uhma DOTAHOLIC (1 month ago)
uhma DOTAHOLIC (1 month ago)
S8 Masterpiece compare to iPhoneX Mastersh*t
Crazy Shot (1 month ago)
the screen round is a draw because they were made BY THE SAME FREAKING COMPANY
Sulaiman Ibrahim (1 month ago)
How can you say display is a draw when clearly Samsung puts that argument to bed. I mean even a blind man can see the display on the s8 is far better. And also fast charging again goes to Samsung. It comes with the package and I dare say it's faster. Other than that great comparison.
William Douglas (1 month ago)
Samsung galaxy S8 plus is best version of S8 cause larger screen and larger battery :D
JasFripe HD (1 month ago)
IPhone x
Biswajit Roy (1 month ago)
Mary Yuk (1 month ago)
S8 far more better :D
salma khatun luna (1 month ago)
S8 is better
Vansh Deep (1 month ago)
Only s8
TomsComics (1 month ago)
Do you have 48000 emails
Zash 27 (1 month ago)
S8 totally wins unless you're rich and desire less quality
Zash 27 (1 month ago)
S8 all the way
acidali01 (1 month ago)
Fuck Apple, Android all day.
sMART mEWATI (1 month ago)
FOR HEAVY DISCOUNT BUY HERE <a href="https://dl.flipkart.com/dl//samsung-galaxy-s8-plus-midnight-black-64-gb/p/itmethrymujayh4y?pid=MOBESYUWPQW5ZQWV&affid=tauphik">Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus (Midnight Black, 64 GB)</a>
sMART mEWATI (1 month ago)
FOR HEAVY DISCOUNT BUY HERE <a href="https://dl.flipkart.com/dl//samsung-galaxy-s8-plus-midnight-black-64-gb/p/itmethrymujayh4y?pid=MOBESYUWPQW5ZQWV&affid=tauphik">Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus (Midnight Black, 64 GB)</a>
celabration100 (1 month ago)
iPhones wins for me cause of the emojis
very well done, s8 rocks
Kiran Don (1 month ago)
s9 is better
Kiran Don (1 month ago)
S8 is better
Beau Combee (1 month ago)
S8 sucks!!!!!! Way to small for man hands!!!!
Shamis Zaid (1 month ago)
Samsung s8

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