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JBL BoomBox Review || It's BIG & Black

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You know what they say about guys with big bluetooth speakers right? The JBL BoomBox is big, it's black and it sounds HUGE! ;) Get your big black BoomBox here: http://geni.us/mzgEum9 (comes in Forest Green too, lol) Jimmy's Video: https://youtu.be/2gXyVmTynFI Music Credits: Philip E Morris - Breeze https://soundcloud.com/philipemorris/breeze STALK ME ON SOCIAL! TWITTER: @theJaredBusch INSTAGRAM: @theJaredBusch

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Text Comments (64)
Jared Busch (3 months ago)
Just wanted to make sure you all know how much I appreciate all your support....which is A LOT!!!
Always VIRAL (6 days ago)
Jared Busch upgrade that TV
Veit Goeritz (2 months ago)
Jared Busch ää
4x4chevyredneck (3 months ago)
Jared Busch I had my boombox for 2 months I learned something jbl connect plus only works on jbl flip 4 jbl pulse 2 & jbl boombox that's it. But don't worry new speakers will come out the old technology for the old jbl connect is old it needed to replaced Jbl extreme 2 will support connect plus look for it in stores in the start of spring 2018
Cool dude360343 (3 months ago)
The things on the side isn't the woofers it's the radiators there moved by the air pushed from the woofer..
demolisher alpha (3 months ago)
Jared Busch great review as usual but I'm 😔 disappointed a little bit the magical WTF 😂 is missing anyway is there a possibility to do a review about the HTC U11+ 🙂
Manu Lag (4 days ago)
Where do I start. It's not as small as others but you can still take it anywhere (come on); with the LONG battery life, the fact that it sounds great and it's extremely loud and it's rated waterproof, it's a win. I paid 380 for it and I think the 450 are justifyable for what you get. If you look at the competition like the sony xb60 or the aiwa, etx, they are either bigger, dont sound as good, are not water proof. Also in terms of battery life they dont come even close. You won't regret buying this product.
Mark Jonas (8 days ago)
He Made me laugh when he said "big badass bitch"
Jay Rob (14 days ago)
Crispy Jay (15 days ago)
thats what she said. youre welcome😂
Maria Derasmo (22 days ago)
Your such a chill dude
Shamus Hindmarch (1 month ago)
Just so you know there is a skip feature you double click the play button and those aren't the woofers on the side those are passive radiators to enhance the bass
Steven Millar (1 month ago)
technically they aren't woofers they are radiators its a passive radiator system no magnets on the side cones just air pressure from the front drivers that moves them
thebe3st201 (1 month ago)
U know what else is big and black ;)
CriticalXAiminG (1 month ago)
I know something else which is big and also black. *( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*
CryTox ツ (2 months ago)
+Jared Busch You can double click the play button to skip song
CryTox ツ (2 months ago)
Jared Busch You can change that on the JBL Connect app :)
Jared Busch (2 months ago)
Doing so activates Google assistant
Meta 551 (2 months ago)
Those things on the side aren't the woofers those are the bass radiators "passive" the woofers are on the front with the tweeters... great video tho 🤙🤙
John gpr (2 months ago)
these are radiators NOT woofers(btw nice video)
hellomwmemdj (2 months ago)
only 2 woffers not 4 woffers the two bass radiators on the side
Philly Cheesesteak18 (2 months ago)
Just double click the play button.
Wafflosity X (2 months ago)
The woofers are not exposed. The things in the ends are bass radiators. They basically take the air from inside the thing that the actual woofers(underneath the black covering)and produce more bass.
Aidan Fowler (3 months ago)
Thise arent subs those are bass radiators. You can press them in and itll do no harm
suka pliet (3 months ago)
I have something too whats big and black ;)
4x4chevyredneck (3 months ago)
I own the boombox coming from UE megaboom I had 4 of them not anymore I got rid of them like a bad ex!
Caiden Crawford (3 months ago)
The things that are on the side are not the actual subwoofers but they are passive radiators which move with the subs and the subs are located behind the fabric cover.
Romario Arrondell (3 months ago)
I just bought mines yesterday the green edition 😥😍
MaYa (3 months ago)
"Its BIG and BLACK" lmaooo
Joel Kirschsieper (3 months ago)
There is a trackskip function. Just double press the Play Button. :)
Christopher Lee (3 months ago)
$650 CDN? Did you get a raise at work there Jared?
JayRock (3 months ago)
just fucking amazing ? not fucking awesome amazing boom boostic!!
Sam (3 months ago)
@2:23 Canadian Jig? I can dig it!
adam young X (3 months ago)
Dunk it!
Joeburnem804 (3 months ago)
james aketch (3 months ago)
Big and black alot like something I have ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Sorry
Kaminsky Evans (3 months ago)
I just want you to know that if I ever become rich, you will be the reason I go broke. Your reviews would make me buy every damn thing you review. You are fucking awesome and I love you for that.
wcoke (3 months ago)
Do people get a shock when you whip it out lol 😂
Philips League (3 months ago)
Quality content
Tyler Barron (3 months ago)
Thats alot of money for some normal features, might as well get the google home max
_Bob McCoy (3 months ago)
*Carrying a big speaker with you means you also have a big...*
Brevard Smith (4 days ago)
Depends on the music you play on.
RabbidPotatoe Gaming (3 months ago)
Bob McCoy sweaty thick veiny cock
Matthew Lyons (3 months ago)
Great video. Loving your channel. Keep it up. ...wait 😁
MUG3N HC (3 months ago)
Mega Boy (3 months ago)
That speaker really is nice and big. You're tooo funny Jared! Looking forward for more tech videos. 😁
TechLineHD (3 months ago)
Always enjoy your sense of humor, Jared! Love the dancing skills!
MikeTech1212 (3 months ago)
swaggiest dance moves at 2:20
Shawn Orjiakor (3 months ago)
😂😂 Awesome review.
Nitik Sharma (3 months ago)
Wait, you mean I'm not supposed to beat it because it's not hard enough to take a pounding?
Jared Busch (3 months ago)
+Nitik Sharma LMAO! I see what you did there! 😂
Django Groen (3 months ago)
try to double tap on the pause/play button, that's how i do it on my charge 3 and my friends jbl extreme. i think that it's also that way on the boombox
Dawsoboss (1 month ago)
Jared Busch you should be able to customize the buttons on the JBL connect app and change the double tap to be skip track
Jared Busch (3 months ago)
+Django Groen double tap activates phone/Google assistant
Sammy_1300135 v (3 months ago)
Well I did beat that big black thing though lol. Love your videos and humour man. Keep it up
Prasad Aher (3 months ago)
Considering the puns you use in your videos, you should be PUNished.
José Luís Antunes (3 months ago)
Paaahhhah the title!!!! Love it!!
DRONE review man (3 months ago)
Great post 👍👍👍
Wade (3 months ago)
The wait is over!
Raju V (3 months ago)
Back with dead jokes 😂😂😂
Martin Voynov (3 months ago)

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