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In-Screen Fingerprint Sensor: The Future of Smartphones

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Check out Nucleum: http://kings.tn/technonucleum The future of the mobile market has come to CES thanks to new technology Synaptics, which has enabled Chinese company, Vivo, to place a fingerprint sensor beneath its phone’s display. Read more: https://www.technobuffalo.com/2018/01/11/what-its-like-to-use-a-smartphone-with-an-in-display-fingerprint-sensor/ Music from Epidemic Sound. Start your free 30-day trial! https://goo.gl/ibDfse More tech goodness: http://www.technobuffalo.com Deals: http://bit.ly/1JMh2qc Follow us! Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/technobuffalo Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/technobuffalo Instagram: http://instagram.com/technobuffalo Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+TechnoBuffalo
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Text Comments (298)
Michael Hart (1 hour ago)
Motivate poor properly ours capital sometimes final host performer win.
GimpyTheSpaceman (17 hours ago)
LOL people talking about how this is so innovative. It's literally the most logical next step. "Oh wow now they're putting fingerprint sensors IN the screen itself! What a revelation! Such creativity!" Please.
Choco Thunder (1 day ago)
Jon Face ID is leap forward too...just ask Sammy....hahaha
Choco Thunder (1 day ago)
Steph Curry hits it again with Vivo :-)....like if you gets it....
Jonas C (1 day ago)
Does it work with a screenprotector on the screen?
whiteandnerdytuba (1 day ago)
It does nothing. Who cares about fingerprints when we have 3d facial scanning
steven wright (1 day ago)
So tired of every smart phone having the iPhone 7plus look and lens
only_zero_subs (1 day ago)
I much rather have this than face ID. Hopefully Android keeps the the fingerprint scanner
i am faxed (1 day ago)
That’s a cool looking phone
Bada Bing888 (1 day ago)
So if they input it on iPhone this could be second authentication after Face ID.
Dwayne Dawkins (1 day ago)
I wonder if we will see this on the next OnePlus phone seen as they are made by the same company.
JohnGaltAustria (1 day ago)
And because of FaceID, sadly this cool technology is already obsolete.
Wild Heart (2 days ago)
I'm really looking forward to seeing a phone with one of these. I'm not a fan of Apple's haptic feedback on the iPhone 7/8 and have stuck with my 6s Plus because of that..neither am I a fan of having to pick up a phone to use a fingerprint sensor on the back, nor Apple's face recognition 3 step process to slowly unlocking a phone..
Ratko Šolaja (2 days ago)
In my case, fingerprint scanners would fail in about 50% of times because my fingers are always kind of sweaty. That’s why I like FaceID. Nonetheless, this is a great advancement. Personally, what we maybe need more is advancement in battery since batteries are just getting bigger but no real improvement.
Christian Villareal (2 days ago)
Apple should have that idea on the iPhone X but instead they have Face ID? Why not placed a Touch ID sensor at the back instead.
Ash Lewis (2 days ago)
While it's good to see that someone has figured out how to do this, I'd imagine it won't be till sometime next year or even 2020 before major companies such as Apple even attempt to implement this into their phones.....But good that least the tech is now on it's way..... Didn't mind the look of the VIVO phone as well, If only the iPhone X looked like that least on the front instead of having that ugly notch.....
The Moose (2 days ago)
since the screen is oled wouldn't the white always on fingerprint logo thing make a burn in the dysplay?
Mark Naquin (2 days ago)
Does this mean the next iPhone xs will have this technology???
Nirujan Gunathasan (2 days ago)
How is this a big leap? I think FaceID was a bigger leap.
DollarBillUK (2 days ago)
If apple do this I’ll upgrade from my 6S
Alexander Stone (2 days ago)
Crash shift defendant eye intelligent gravity trait twin cultural.
Alex Kim (2 days ago)
Nah I prefer Face ID
Joe r (2 days ago)
Common man a fingerprint reader behind glass is not something of science fiction.
Nore Love Chii (2 days ago)
Where are you Apple iPhone???
CEOLISSS (2 days ago)
So you can’t use a screen protector because of the in screen finger print reader. now your screen is cracked and it no longer scans your finger print. First world problems I guess.
David Thomas (2 days ago)
I was dreading the future of Face ID. I’m so stoked about this
Kendric thegamer (2 days ago)
for the people asking about a screen protector if the finger print sensor is able to work through the display it self then I’m pretty sure it will work through a thin plastic screen protector🤷🏾‍♂️
UNBOX (2 days ago)
Johns haircut kinda looks like the iphone X NOTCH lol
Ben Abbott (2 days ago)
I like my pixel 2 back finger print it's just more naturals to unlock with your index
david galstyan (2 days ago)
face id is the future for sure, more convenient + apple did it so the market gonna follow them as always
Abdo Nabil (2 days ago)
When I am drunk i speak like this
chivatech (2 days ago)
How about making a goddam battery that lasts longer than a day?
Wilsenlow (2 days ago)
Qualcomm version should be more accurate and less laggy.
stuart sloane (2 days ago)
Ha ha! The man at the back holding a very girly handbag. 👜 But yes, thrilled about the underscreen technology!! At last!! 🎇🎉
LostMySauce (2 days ago)
Still faster than my iPhone 6
Brandon Friez (2 days ago)
Face ID is the future. If you have used it you will understand
Steve Lien (2 days ago)
That dude in the back with the handbag tho
TewksburiZ (2 days ago)
It’s cool but how functional is it?just to unlock the phone?thats the problem people just into the hype. That’s the reason Apple didn’t push it yet coz it’s hard to integrate that thru apps and other services. But again just for the idea that their first to show it it works. Vivo is the first now.
Hanif Halimi (2 days ago)
everyone with negative comments will become a hypocrite after apple 'invents' this 'amazing' technology, right? dont lie to yourselves.
Tim Baer (2 days ago)
*ẞ £ $ $*
Sarvesh Sakpal (2 days ago)
Yes its future
Tuukka (2 days ago)
Gigantic leap forward?! C’mon man! 😄 No it is not. And by the way Face ID is crushing this tech in every way. You’ll see... 😌
Helmut Funke (2 days ago)
The fingerprint scanner seems slow. And you need two steps to unlock the phone: wake it and than do the scan.
Abdoullah BALDE (2 days ago)
En faite ça marche pas très bien faut appuyer fort mais ça M impressione quand meme
Youngster joey (2 days ago)
The future of Android smartphone but not the future of Apple iPhone
sharphand (2 days ago)
Seriously?? I'm dreaming of a smartphone that does not need to be charged anymore! Fingerprintsensors under the display isn't relevant.
Nigel D (2 days ago)
So you want an infinite supply of energy in the palm of your hand? Hate to break it to you, but that's not how physics works.
lockoshamface (2 days ago)
Can someone explain why do we want a fingerprint on the front of the screen.. Havent we figured out a well placed one on the back works so much better... Easier to access and just works... This stinks of calling something "revolutionary" just cause we are running out of ideas
sniper_ doge (3 days ago)
nothing new just the classic 2017 700$ smartphone
adir mugrabi (3 days ago)
this is stupid and bad. there is still a black bezel at the bottom. it would be far better to put the sensor THERE!
syedps3 (3 days ago)
2:26 why is there a guy with a handbag?!?
Sergiu Spirescu (3 days ago)
But will they make it work without turning on the screen first?
63Jax (3 days ago)
i never lock my phone, nothing to see there, just some nudes with my gf, but that's all...
Pupkin Pupkin (3 days ago)
The future of Android phones is correct title for this. I'm happy that both company are going on different direction. On-screen finger print sensor and the other is Facial recognition. 👍
erikg73 (3 days ago)
Think it’s awesome and looking forward to it hitting the rest of the phone giants later in the year or years.
Burak Yener (3 days ago)
Who cares
Alex King (3 days ago)
what I thought apple was going to do instead of stupid “FaceiD”
Danial Adri (3 days ago)
I like my phones having bezels. Idk why, it just feels more... appealing? Appropriate?
Nathan Chesshir (2 days ago)
As long as my apps are supported I could care less for updates. Speed is another reason why I want a google pixel
Danial Adri (2 days ago)
To me the regular Pixel 2 is the perfect fit. The lack of the headphone jack does bother me a bit, but it's something I can find a solution to. Also, I chose the Pixel series cuz of the quick updates. I'm not of a heavy user mainly just texting, watching videos and web browsing.
Nathan Chesshir (2 days ago)
I would totally go for a pixel phone if wasn't too big and had a headphone jack. I'm using a s5 and it's the perfect size for me.
Danial Adri (2 days ago)
Nathan Chesshir Yea. I know. I still would appreciate if the Pixel 2 or any other Pixel phones still have the fron't firing speakers and a headphone port. Like the XZ Premium.
Nathan Chesshir (2 days ago)
It's just more convenient for me. I never use Bluetooth headphones cause you have to charge them.
Dhruval Patel (3 days ago)
For those who are saying that this underdisplat is slow. Well, even if it's slow vivo did which apple and Samsung didn't come up with. So appreciate them for this new tech and speed can increase with accuracy and efficiency.
Sathish Mechy (3 days ago)
Really cool!
Cristian K (3 days ago)
FaceiD is better. Touch iD under the screen is not really exciting to me as it was 2 or 3 years go. Its the same thing but under the glass. Face iD is more convenient in my opinion and its going to be even better.
Visual Overland (3 days ago)
As a tech geek, I'm still waiting for thicker, smaller phones with good battery life. This is crap..
Nathan Chesshir (2 days ago)
Visual Overland that's not the definition of a tech geek.
Andre Boccaccio (3 days ago)
Ayman Hashim (3 days ago)
Impressive but I still prefer a finger print scanner on the back.
Garrett Green (3 days ago)
Would be cool if it worked touching anywhere on the screen.
Garrett Green (2 days ago)
I'd have to imagine Apple killed off Touch ID bc they were developing that tech as well and wanted all or nothing. Maybe it'll come back to match Samsung?
shavaiz tariq (2 days ago)
Garrett Green Samsung might have it on Note 9. They have a patent about it.
TechnoBuffalo (3 days ago)
Thomas Lai (3 days ago)
it's cool but not sure "i have dreaming it for years" like jon said.
John Scipione (3 days ago)
Phone time was 4:20 yo
Johnny Tang (3 days ago)
Awesome but 40% slower is quite a lag there. I think that Samsung is late because they already have something similar but are perfecting it to prevent such lags.
LadiesManSteve (3 days ago)
Don’t like the idea of this at all. Yeah sure it works but how secure is it? I bet it’s way less secure then regular fingerprints scanners which means banks won’t let you use to authorize apps, or any kind on phone pay (like the 1+5 facial recognition). And plus what’s the cost of this? This is just in one phone so to manufacture it is a completely different story. Not worth everyone’s trouble
sky works (3 days ago)
This is it, way better then Face ID
I wish it is Pressure Sensitive
manish arora (3 days ago)
Wo amazing
nocturnalstarboy (3 days ago)
Jon, you guys should be talking about this: https://goo.gl/tkr5bK Self healing technology that repairs cracks in 30 minutes. This could come to commercial smartphones in the future
W-_-T (3 days ago)
So it's only read capable in that one spot? Yea.. I'd rather have bezel with stereo speakers, front fingerprint and the regular back/menu buttons.
Alejandro Galbe (3 days ago)
You call this a “giant leap forward” ? PLEASE!
TechnoBuffalo (3 days ago)
Dude, it’s reading a fingerprint through the screen! Yes, I do.
Michael Payton (3 days ago)
I'd still rather it be on the back. I've got one there on my phone, a Leica camera and a 4000mAh battery.
Dastan Salim (3 days ago)
Dude u have a notch
comedyman112 (3 days ago)
what's up with the US and their fear of fingerprint sensors?
9Lives (3 days ago)
Great video, I really enjoy the enthusiasm you bring to the Buffalo 🐃
TechnoBuffalo (3 days ago)
Thank you!
Campwise05 (3 days ago)
Good video Jon, here is to the future of smartphones!
John Dow (3 days ago)
Face id.
Shoaib Akhtar (3 days ago)
Which songs is in the background
Norman Hart (3 days ago)
John had you had a couple drinks before this video
Apple's face id isn't that cool now
DerpyDoge (3 days ago)
HornyTrolllololololool *accidentally breaks screen
D. Dames (3 days ago)
Will that finger print symbol cause burn in?
DerpyDoge (3 days ago)
D. Dames burn in is when OLED panels age and leave behind fragmented pixels. The sensor isn't OLED.
Alin Banc (3 days ago)
shavaiz tariq (2 days ago)
Alin Banc Micro LED.
Alin Banc (3 days ago)
They said it is not possible yet to have fingerprint scanner under OLED screen, progress was made I guess.
DerpyDoge (3 days ago)
Alin Banc OLED duh
DoJo Mast3r (3 days ago)
I still think sony has the best location for a fingerprint scanner, the button you use to turn on the screen also scans!
Eduardo Rosas (3 days ago)
I think it should be on the next iPhone, and maintain Face ID. I have had a ton of scenarios when a fingerprint reader would have been faster than Face ID
Gerald (3 days ago)
Android comes out with its fingerprint scanner beneath screen: ahhh that’s not cool Apple comes out with the same concept: OMG THAT IS SO COOL. I NEED IT
Matthew Lemmers (3 days ago)
Does anyone really care about this? I personally love having a home button. It's one of the reasons I didn't wanna update to the new iPhone besides the price of it being ridiculous.
Daniel Alarcon (3 days ago)
Damn Jon, that's some top shilling.
Hiluxtaco (3 days ago)
It sounds like Jon is losing his voice..
TechnoBuffalo (3 days ago)
I was just getting t back actually!
Jonathan Pontel (3 days ago)
Nothing in this video is impressive... stop exaggerating bs
TechnoBuffalo (3 days ago)
Stevie Rios (3 days ago)
Theres gonna be a dual front facing setup, iris scanning, face id... on the back will be an ultrawide, a telephoto, a normal, and a black and white. All phones will ditch the headphone jack. Phones will hit the 6.0 inch screen sweetspot. All phones will also have speakers like razer phone
Daniel R. Laluan (3 days ago)
Why need this when the fingerprint reader on the back of the phone is in the perfect place and unlocks the phone simultaneously when picking it up? Naw I'm good...
Pecetos (3 days ago)
I actually want flip phones to be back. I want some one to do dual screen flip phone or something current design is so boring.
Adam Stormer (3 days ago)
The audio sucks in this video
Nicksnook (3 days ago)
From a certain point of view.
barton789 (3 days ago)
Great, now everyone can crack their screen and their fingerprint scanner at the same time.
DoubleCTech (3 days ago)
This isn’t a big leap forward. It is just another small step forward. Why not just put the sensor on the lock button. I don’t understand why more companies don’t do this.
Jeremy Rosenstock (3 days ago)
I actually don't like this. I suspect in the long run, it will cost less to implement then putting a sensor on the case. Personally, I prefer the sensor on the back of the phone. I know everyone doesn't, but today I have options as to if I want it or not. If this cost a lot less, one day it will be the only option, and I will lose what I think is a superior feature. It will go the way of the headphone jack.
MinderestingPictures (3 days ago)
Will stay Apple with Face ID once this technology gets much much better?!
Petter Vos (3 days ago)
MinderestingPictures this technology won’t get any better...maybe a bit faster but that’s it, it have reached the peak. Face ID on the other hand is only in its early stages

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