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Huawei P9 Camera Test - The best Camera in a Smartphone ?

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Huawei P9 review, dual camera, leica, brand new model on our testbench. The Huawei p9 got a pretty nice camera ! but is it the best camera ? subscrive for videos on a daily base ++ https://goo.gl/tbpjks ++ ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ open up for more info ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ The full review here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NC7MNVjmKXg In February 2016 ITXtutor and Flokaheli became Techmagnet to deliver news, reviews and exiting stuff for a smart, connected generation. more info here → https://goo.gl/OEXnBo ← ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Interested in Tech! ContentHub ► http://techmagnet.io/ Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/ITXtutorYT/ Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/flokaheli/ Twitter ► https://twitter.com/techmagnet_ Snapchat ► https://www.snapchat.com/add/techmagnet Interested in Minecraft! Minecraft server and forum ► http://www.itxcraft.com (WIP) Join the Community now and be soon in one of our videos :) Come join the discussion and decide what minigames, plugins and maps you want to see on ITXcraft: http://www.itxcraft.com/threads/votin... Interested in ChinaDevices! If you want to have more information , or discuss products from china , then please check out our forum ! You can register here for free, and i hope to see some of you guys there! :D Let´s build up a huge community. Community ► http://www.china-devices.com Be a part! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Review from Lars on our Blog: http://techmagnet.io/huawei-p9-review-first-impressions/
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Text Comments (469)
Adrianna (18 days ago)
iPhone 6 camera is more better than Huawei P9. I have had iPhone 6S and was satisfied. Now I have Huawei and I think that the camera is so much worse.
Md Sohan (30 days ago)
ow gamer (3 months ago)
tommy_b_ craft (4 months ago)
,,Lover iphone'' 😂 #huawei is better
Hokira Mitshi (5 months ago)
#huawei bc im buying one its coming on Wednesday im so hipe i cant wait untill it will come!!!!!!!!! :)
Valter Valter (6 months ago)
P 9-and dont overpay for the apple logo in the Iphone)))))) P9 is a great quality phone.
Huawei has the best camera iPhone is out
Maitojoya Saputra (7 months ago)
Pablo tantan (8 months ago)
I bought a p9
Pao Palmaira (8 months ago)
gelu714 (8 months ago)
Bro I am an Android user but your review is not relevant because IPhone have the color natural but P9 are not realistic. You can say whatever you want but the pictures from iPhone are more beautiful and realistic. Have a nice day
Hruthvik Gaonkar (9 months ago)
crni vran (9 months ago)
Apple fan never talk true....stuck your iphone into your ass. Liar
Adrean Shahputra (10 months ago)
I use huawei p9
Vasilis Karamanlis (10 months ago)
Does it shoot raw format?
Miłosz Ester (6 months ago)
Joelle M (11 months ago)
i've got the p 8 lite and i dont realy like it. i trink i'll try the p9 for some better pics.
Cooking_like_Heisenberg (11 months ago)
Wo hast Du dieses Englisch gelernt? Ich hab zwar noch gemerkt, dass Du kein native-speaker bist... aber auch nur grad so..
Ingus Grinbergs (11 months ago)
huawei p9 or samsung a5 2017?
Ash Smith (11 months ago)
why would apple treat it's idiot consumers as mouth breathing zombified sheep? why mock these itards?
FELL THE GLOW (1 year ago)
Huawei the best
Alkawn Phone (1 year ago)
blender poly (1 year ago)
Rihab LK (1 year ago)
huawei best
Thomas (1 year ago)
Udhaya Emayavaramban (1 year ago)
Faruk Yıldız (1 year ago)
huawei p9 best.
Brandon Dammers (1 year ago)
I have both these phones and the camera's are almost the same but i think the Huawei P9 is a slightly bit better.
Adrianne CHANNEL (1 year ago)
hope i can afford one of these just watching btw im filipino :)
Adrianne CHANNEL (1 year ago)
Hope I can afford one of these just watching btw im filipino.
Danikika94 (1 year ago)
mixalis (1 year ago)
5:50-6:01 looks like the Schonbruun Palace
ADL 95 (1 year ago)
M. SAM (1 year ago)
wtf !!!!!! wher is sony is a best camera
Bhanuka Isuru (1 year ago)
i have also p9..i guess iphone camera is best..
Claudia Diaz Nuñez (1 year ago)
el p9 hace cara al.iphone
Geralt (1 year ago)
stfu german
eliezer lopez (1 year ago)
Huawei p9 I love it
Shield S. (1 year ago)
The lens isn't really important to the character of a picture at least in the smartphone sensor sizes and focal lenght. The important thing that make photo look good on a smartphone is the jpeg processing engine. You can have a really good sensor and lens, but the pic can look terribleOh yeah, leica cameras aren't better in any technological way. The dynamic range and low light quality as well as the detail is no better if not a little worse than sony sensors. Af doesn't keep up as well either. You buy a leica for the feel of its images (where lenses do play a role , as they have more elements and more surface area to play with) plus the awesome feeling of being able to afford a leica (honestly, their cheapo cameras will cost you ten grand)
Catclaw Tris (1 year ago)
Asada Prashyanusorn (1 year ago)
p9 is 2 times cheaper and it uses android 6.0 with Google you connect to everything but some people would still buy iPhone because it looks like a jewelry
Krisztián Nagy (1 year ago)
Szia!Samsung S6 Edge vagy a Huawei p9 jobb kamerafronton?Elvileg az s6-ban van optikai lépstabilizátor és 4 k video, míg a Huaweiből ez hiányzik.?
Macho Taco (1 year ago)
Diehardbobcat (1 year ago)
who else is watching on a p9
vincent p. (1 year ago)
Diehardbobcat me
Jafar Sadeghi (1 year ago)
p9 is the best
xXsham3l3ss111 Xx (1 year ago)
Mia Belax (1 year ago)
huawei is 100% better
Mariel Hernandez (1 year ago)
Are the huawei shots in any way pixel-y? For example on the LGk12 camera you can see a hella lot of pixels within the pictures.
Jerry Lovinger (1 year ago)
Huawei P9 on sale on http://geni.us/huaweip9
Donna Childers (1 year ago)
thanks for this
Benny Cardigan (1 year ago)
thanks for this
Tone Sofie Ellingsen (1 year ago)
I'm just here because i know I'm getting p9 for christmas haha needed to check
vincent p. (1 year ago)
Tone Sofie Ellingsen oh really? nice.
Tone Sofie Ellingsen (1 year ago)
i love it. its 100 times better than iPhone 6 i think and the quality and speed is super good
vincent p. (1 year ago)
Tone Sofie Ellingsen how is it
Lebkuchenmann3 (1 year ago)
ja sehr geil ein österreichischer tech channel 👌
N.T Na (1 year ago)
I want to buy a new Phone. Anyone can recommend me which phone should i buy between Sumsung or Hauwaii P9 Plus?
Diehardbobcat (1 year ago)
Tha Na well apple is really good but apple is much more expensive and for a cheaper price the Huawei beats it
DUPLICITY (1 year ago)
Melli Wika (1 year ago)
Huawei ftw :)
jessica daniel (1 year ago)
is this the same phone. as the china phoneon ebay? that says gx p9+ because they look exactly the same trying to order one but don't want to get the wrong phone
Aurimaso (1 year ago)
false. I did test with iphone 7 plus and P9. P9 quality even better than iphone 7 plus.
Daniel Mogga (1 year ago)
superbluewolf YT (1 year ago)
Huawei P9 vs iPhone 7 Plus iPhone wins
NO3L Gameplay (1 year ago)
KT Armani (1 year ago)
Huawei p9👍
The Art of Excellence (1 year ago)
#Makar# (1 year ago)
#huawei <3
Tiera Ramlan (1 year ago)
#huawei !
DIESEL POWER (1 year ago)
MrShockwave (1 year ago)
man du hast neu subscriber just kidin, my german is bad
Hazem El jundi (1 year ago)
adones moressette (1 year ago)
#huawei p9
András Mészáros (1 year ago)
Invest to a gimbal for P9, and OIS is solved in video mode. I bought a tripod and tried some shots in evening. I wet my pants, p9 takes amazing photos 😁
BLOBA BOO (1 year ago)
just wondering causr i have a huawei does it work with snapchat cause the filter thingys doesnt work or is it just the app or its no compatible?
Pua Lord Pua (1 year ago)
hua Wei win, omg
Suryia (1 year ago)
the tester is such a cutie, bough the Huawei p9 just for him lmao
Elie Green (1 year ago)
Kriizys lmao. hahahahhahahahahaha.. I wanna capture him with huawei p9. ❤
Sadab Hasan (1 year ago)
Zakaria Bl (1 year ago)
nexus 6p better
TryToBeatHax / Vugz (1 year ago)
Trinitron Lp (1 year ago)
Andrijana Stojanovic (1 year ago)
#huawei p9
Jonas Falkenberg (1 year ago)
#Huawei P9
Cristian Noel (1 year ago)
im expecting that the new mate 8 has at least 1.9 apperture
Cristian Noel (1 year ago)
+Purple Alpha yeah
Purple Alpha (1 year ago)
you mean mate 9
SAJITH LK (1 year ago)
It's your thought..hmm..
Eddy Goh (1 year ago)
Thevindu Ekanayake (1 year ago)
#Huawei p9
Maha (1 year ago)
woooooooooowwwwwww I like your review
hamza reactions (1 year ago)
Huawei camera is best wow
Ráth Márton (1 year ago)
Kenneth Øst Jensen (1 year ago)
It's not the best in dxomark opinion: https://www.dxomark.com/Mobiles/Column-right/Mobile-Scores
Zanu Mohammad (1 year ago)
both phone are great when it comes to camera, but when it comes to price Huawei is absolutely wins, more value for money.. #HuaweiP9
Universal King (1 year ago)
Con.D. Oriano (1 year ago)
S7 better than both
Marixxxa Dso (1 year ago)
Sure but dont forget the price comparing them
the 12th avatar (1 year ago)
leica in partnership with huawei. really?! are you fucking serious?! leica you have a reputation protect! save yourself!
Akim Abdul (1 year ago)
choo Tech guy (1 year ago)
iPhone uses a Sony Japan sensor
Fatihh (1 year ago)
lg g4 is far better.Not to mention s7,g5 and htc 10.No ois no 4k and u call that a camera phone?
tomaatti Automaatti (1 year ago)
haahhhah, windows phones have the best camera...
Valter Valter (3 months ago)
Nokia lumia
Hanro50 (1 year ago)
no... You do know that you get Android versions of some Windows phones?
Zakaria Bl (1 year ago)
nah google
Shane Horne (1 year ago)
sultanabran1 (1 year ago)
Jose Leon (1 year ago)
#Huawei of course
Koenigsegg Agera rs (1 year ago)
Constructora Conszzko (1 year ago)
en modo automatico no se nota la diferencia pero en profesional es otra cosa el huawei
Alexey Filippenko (1 year ago)
While I agree that sharpness is simply better on P9 and on many pictures colors are better too, the dynamic range of P9 camera is definetely way worse. While iPhone catches a more blurry but solid picture, P9 just darkens every shadow and burns every light area. And the greens seem very dark too. This is unfortunately true for absolute most of the Android phones, there's little space for a good image lover to switch from iPhone.
Matthew Wallace (1 year ago)
That is so wrong, the S7 and Note 7 have the best camera.
Matthew Wallace (1 year ago)
Pua Lord Pua - Yes i-phones have a crap camera
Pua Lord Pua (1 year ago)
Matthew Wallace no
Matthew Wallace (1 year ago)
IPhone 7 camera is shit
Owen Tan (1 year ago)
Note 7 and S7 Edge and IPhone 7 Plus is best camera in the market now
Ivonne Guajardo (1 year ago)
shouldn´t you be comparing the 'plus' version on both phones? because this compares 6s plus vs p9, not p9 plus.
TheSupreme Chief Rub (1 year ago)
do you recomend the nexus 6p or the huawei p9?
Zakaria Bl (1 year ago)
Nexus 6p for pure stock android and better camera especially in low light, p9 for games AND specs and smaller screen yet better design
mohanad falah (1 year ago)
Kamal G (1 year ago)
the p9 beats it in most areas, except speaker quality

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