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5 Xiaomi Products You Don't Know About!

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Xiaomi makes smartphones, power banks, accessories, air purifiers and even smart shoes, but there are a lot of other Xiaomi products that not everyone is aware of. In this video, we show you 5 Xiaomi products that you might not have heard of. Links: 1. Xiaomi iHealth Thermometer: https://goo.gl/xbN6em 2. Xiaomi Mi TDS Pen: https://goo.gl/uRUUDw 3. Xiaomi Mask: https://goo.gl/ggqbpV 4. Xiaomi iHealth Glucometer: https://goo.gl/pDBVEC 5. Xiaomi Umbrella: https://goo.gl/JVGWk3 Check out our video gear here: https://kit.com/BeebomCo/beebom-video-gear Follow us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beebomco/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/BeebomCo Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/BeebomCo/
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Text Comments (472)
Simran Janna (1 day ago)
Well this is some real shit
badbeatking80 (2 days ago)
A good example of a company not great at 1 thing but mediocre at many...
FullTuber (3 days ago)
*only xiomi smartphone are in good sale*
Viraj Acharya (3 days ago)
Mumbai pe raste pe bikte hai vaise umbrella 😂 N no way vo ganda tester m gonna put it in my water 😖
Arka Chakraborty (4 days ago)
Amazon Basic also same type..
Pradeep Soundalgekar (4 days ago)
Xiaomi is India’s fastest growing smartphone brand: IDC Report. For More Details Visit : http://tfortrends.com/xiaomi-is-indias-fastest-growing-smartphone-brand-idc-report/
nandeep kumar (4 days ago)
You can get the same umbrella from AMAZON BASICS for 700 rupees only..
Harsha mondal (5 days ago)
where to buy...
Justin Mathew (5 days ago)
Those type of umbrellas are available in Kerala from past 10 years.
chaitu sajja (5 days ago)
Hey Beebom! Please do a video on Mi TV 4 full depth review
Alan Rizky Wardana (5 days ago)
U guys should check xiaomi gigabit ethernet cable
Rahul Malhotra (5 days ago)
I am actually surprised to see all the stuff which Xiaomi made really incredible ✌🏻
Rahul Malhotra (5 days ago)
Xiaomi is doing really good ✌🏻
Gierlang Bhakti Putra (6 days ago)
That moment you flip that umbrella. Haha
xinran zhang (6 days ago)
Gil Lee (6 days ago)
You need all of them in India. Water is not clean, air is polluted.
Shiv s (7 days ago)
Just selling old products new way. These product are not worth of paying with rare usage
James-Andrew Sarmiento (10 days ago)
CDR King > Xiaomi
jinxUKBK (10 days ago)
Fuck off
dishan sharma (10 days ago)
Indians love Chinese product ......but make racist comment towards Chinese ..how funny
Mike Tan (10 days ago)
U sure those u presented are from XiaoMi ? The mobile phone maker which most came to know of? FYI, XiaoMi in China may not be a Patented name or TradeMark If u happen to go to China SZ, GZ or some other major province, u can find many popular branded stuffs, but none of them are actually related to e brand maker themselves...if u call up the company, they may tell u its not in their product line at all. Many people just uses the name, because its popular
Lou Loop (11 days ago)
2:49 When you realized the water didn't pass the recommended standard (by not showing the result from the gadget) and spitted the water out after the video cut LMAO. 🌡️🤢💧💦🍶 5:07 We're been trolled with the non related movie clip 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️😂☂️☔🌂
Somanshu Khurana (11 days ago)
New host hai
Shantanu Thakare (12 days ago)
Glucometer is connected via headphone jack?
Jake Lancaster (12 days ago)
There are many no-insertion thermometers and Doctors use the plastic covers that are sterile and cover the majority of the device. Idk though maybe indian Dr's are unsanitary
Dipak Purani (13 days ago)
Mask looks like a padded bra😂😂
Van Shu (13 days ago)
Next xiaomi product: xiaomi shit
Renier Ubani (13 days ago)
Comfort table annoying
Siddharth Nagi (13 days ago)
*Bought it from Amazon received in 3 days from furper*
chunksterr (13 days ago)
I m guessing ur related to NANDU ? Lol Indian joke
Dane Andrade (13 days ago)
Xiaomi smart pregnancy test lols
Fahad Ahmed (13 days ago)
I love your intro
Amratansh Rastogi (13 days ago)
U have to seriously consider some other presentor
Sk Raghav (13 days ago)
Your quality of video is nice... which lenses you used for B roll ..
Nasir khan (13 days ago)
Are these available in Pakistan
usama naveed (14 days ago)
Movie kon si thi umberella wali
Sagar Rajput (14 days ago)
ARS Studio (14 days ago)
Shazam can tell me the name of any song but not the one you use in your intro.
Sameer Jadhav (14 days ago)
They are not displayed on their Indian website, where can I get these products?
anti Py (14 days ago)
Lol..you can get the same feature in Amazon's automatic umrella that too for 450 RS .. @Beebom did you checked out that ?
gautti (14 days ago)
Please tell the site name where I could buy Xiaomi products
Gadgets 4 Malayalam (14 days ago)
Beebom I'm a Malayalam youtuber please support. Just started tech channel
Jeril Paul (14 days ago)
Haven't you heard of Poppy kuda(umbrella) from Kerala!!
Vini Dalvino (14 days ago)
Uttam Malviya (14 days ago)
One word. Cringy! 😑
Zing Zang (14 days ago)
Xiaomi umbrella is 100% same as Amazon basics umbrella.
Zing Zang (14 days ago)
Those face masks are nothing but re-purposed bras!
Zing Zang (14 days ago)
I bet you haven't come across Xiaomi condom. After pairing it with Mi-Fit app, it can tell you how much calories you burned in latest sex session, if either of the persons had any STDs, quality of your sperms, your body temperature, your efficiency etc. It's amazing.
krishna kumar (14 days ago)
Xiaomi model is best
Shahabaj Sayyad (14 days ago)
Bhai India Ka hai to Hindi me bi video bana do
Saranan Majilya (14 days ago)
Where's is Xiaomi whisky?
Saugat Nepal (14 days ago)
3:25 Just see how comfortable that mask really is to the ears.
IMRAN KHAN (15 days ago)
Normal umbrellas me bhi aata hai
vot3r (15 days ago)
The setup and editing of your videos is outstanding.
Indian Tech Study (15 days ago)
Custom Duty kitna padega.
Sarun Kotte (15 days ago)
Your English and the grammar mistakes are so annoying.
Techno Geek devil boy (15 days ago)
Kal ko xiaomi diwali ke fatake banane lagegi
Techno Geek devil boy (15 days ago)
If they blast 😂😂😆😆
Inturi mukhesh 005 (15 days ago)
Xiaomi umbrella is like useless innovation. Who would buy it for 2150 instead of 150rs umbrellas available in market only for closing button
vv ram (15 days ago)
I love beebom
Naveed Ahmed (15 days ago)
Hi. your videos are great and i watch it often. Just one suggestion. The intro takes a lot of time like in this video the actual content started at 1:00 minute mark. Can you please speed it up and get right to the point from the start. See Mr.whosetheBoss videos as an example.
T5 Records (15 days ago)
pankaj das (15 days ago)
shahid raza (15 days ago)
Xiaomi mijia e cigarette ki link do naa
Eswar Urukuti (15 days ago)
Ple mension costs
ronak bhanushali (15 days ago)
Where is friendly neighbourhood one eyed person???
Sidhartha Dutta (15 days ago)
Where can buy Xiaomi products in India
ayaz ahmed (15 days ago)
I already have that umprella xiaomi loose. How many of you already have it but no of xiomi. BTW it is also made in china.
VISHAL SARKAR (15 days ago)
TECH With ATUL (15 days ago)
Redmi 5 plus unboxing https://youtu.be/LqOLeZp-Xdg
manick bay (15 days ago)
Nice work. You guys are the best comparing to all garbage tech youtube channel out there
The Wonder Tech (15 days ago)
The Wonder Tech (15 days ago)
Tariq Summoned (15 days ago)
IPA transcription of the word "HONESTLY"?
madyati (15 days ago)
watch the channel: xiomify
Technical Ketan (15 days ago)
beebom= quality content
Arnab Dutta Vlogs (15 days ago)
Bro spell ur words correctly den make videos firstly and foremostly its not ho nestly it’s onestly the ducking “h” is silent u douche
Free Net Reloaded (15 days ago)
GaurangGP Patkar (15 days ago)
I hate Xiaomi. A genuine brand it that which is expert in its stream field.
Android Tech (15 days ago)
Make money online 2$ per day https://youtu.be/zTB_R7Zz00E
Putul Mittra (16 days ago)
Which is the quickest and most fuss free method of shipping when ordered from GearBest
Multi HM (16 days ago)
Nice video.. 😊😊 Xiaomi is going osum.😆
Clasher shakik (16 days ago)
https://youtu.be/uVl9U0YQtZE get 1$
Simarpreet Singh (16 days ago)
Amazing Presentation Brother.. Keep Rising ❤️
jk creators (16 days ago)
Very helpful product.
Saritha Julie (16 days ago)
What is ur current phone
Tech Today (16 days ago)
that was little hidden knowledge
Ritvik Kumar (16 days ago)
How about you just let Rupesh do the talking from now on.
Shuvojit (16 days ago)
Xiomi also sells smart underwear :-|
Patel Nihil (16 days ago)
jagath kasper (16 days ago)
Mi a1 review bro plz.
nitesh pal (16 days ago)
Hope this product last more than a year. N hope that they don't blast 😂
Tec Geek (16 days ago)
thats not how you pronounce honestly m8
sameer abbas rizvi (16 days ago)
What about the look when you wear xiaomi mask... it just looks like amir khan of Pk..
Pradip Kumar Swain (16 days ago)
I wait for xiomi underwear
Advaith Adu (16 days ago)
I know every thing #Mrwhosetheboss
JYOTI CHAWLA (16 days ago)
0:51 *honestly*😂😂
Nikhil BS (16 days ago)
I like the BGM.
Johnson P.K. (16 days ago)
नमस्ते देवेन्द्र जी । आपकी यह समीक्षा (रिव्यू) हमे बहुत अच्छी लगी । परंतु आप से निवेदन है कि आप अपनी समीक्षा का हिंदी संस्करण प्रस्तुत करे । तब हम आपका चलचित्र माध्यम (चैनल) की सदस्यता (सब्सक्राइब) लेंगे । धन्यवाद ।
its gaming bro (16 days ago)
Even xieomi drone also

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