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Samsung Galaxy X Confirmed Design in 2018 | Coming Galaxy S9 |

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For more videos: https://goo.gl/ytNBiQ Samsung's mobile boss has said the company is aiming to launch a bendable phone in 2018, assuming it can overcome some problems. Additionally, we've heard that its model number might have popped up in a Korean filing. We could be just a bit closer to release after all. Foldable phones are coming – it’s only a matter of time – and it's looking increasingly like Samsung could be the first company to commercially launch one, possibly as soon as this year. We may even know what it’s called, with the mysterious Samsung Galaxy X being the subject of several bendable leaks, foldable patents and flexible rumors. But whether X marks the spot or not, we’re clearly entering a foldable future. To see how we got here and where we’re going, here’s the story of Samsung’s foldable phone so far. Six years in the making The idea of a foldable phone isn’t new to Samsung, in fact way back in 2011 the company showed off a prototype of exactly that. The device looked chunky and awkward, but even back then it somewhat worked, remaining intact after 100,000 folds, with only a 6% drop in brightness at the center, where all the folding action happened. This clearly wasn’t a commercial product, but later that year Samsung launched a concept video of a fully bendable (and transparent) mobile device, that could fold out from a phone-sized screen to a tablet-sized one, showing Samsung's ambitions for the technology. News: www.samsung.com/us/mobile/phones/ www.techradar.com

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Text Comments (195)
T-Cloud (6 months ago)
Hello Guys, Sorry for Videos voice, Pls Click CC & see details ..... Upcoming Galaxy S9 Rumors : https://goo.gl/mSn4tb
Gabriel Studios (4 months ago)
T-Cloud is it real
T-Cloud (4 months ago)
Alan walker - spectre
RAJENDRA KUMAR (4 months ago)
Which sound you have used please tell
T-Cloud (4 months ago)
but, i am muslim.... & thanks for stay with us.
Rhavege (1 month ago)
Oh wow...cant find words for this ...no more hard cased phones
장두진 (1 month ago)
뭐지 주작같은데 ㅎㄷㄷ 미래가 보인다
Beau Ashworth-Brown (2 months ago)
No way that’s a thing
윤준석 (2 months ago)
갤럭시 S9 2018년 2월 25일에 출시되었습니다.
Alex Delire (2 months ago)
Save plus quoi inventer
TheLily97232 (2 months ago)
I'm dissappointed at the name of the device lol but I see why
Alain B. (2 months ago)
Un gadgets qui ne sert a rien et qu' il vons vendre une fortune.
dana hernandes (3 months ago)
Purnima Barnwal (3 months ago)
Name of the music
Why... why do you need to bend a phone
T-Cloud (3 months ago)
Everyone likes Innovation
호오 쩐당
Overpower Russo (3 months ago)
ÇαπφυρTM (3 months ago)
samsung hayranı (3 months ago)
Iza Kowalska (3 months ago)
YouTube:Samsung Galaxy s10 design me:lol even s9 didn't come out
Ferox PL (3 months ago)
Samsung is The best Phone
ih s (4 months ago)
옛날 장난감 팔찌생각남
Fatima Cherchari (2 months ago)
ih s
T-Cloud (4 months ago)
hmm.. phone as like bracelet's concept..
Pennywise (4 months ago)
Jesús viene pronto... Arrepientanse
Pennywise (4 months ago)
T-Cloud In a cloud, everyone prostrates before the true God.
T-Cloud (4 months ago)
How is he coming?
{강다니엘}혜즨 (4 months ago)
와 ㅁㅊ 아이폰보다 잘나갈듯
{강다니엘}혜즨 (2 months ago)
Khatuna Feroyan waht? i'm from korea 남한♡
Khatuna Feroyan (2 months ago)
{강다니엘}너블렐라 klamep
Austin Davis (4 months ago)
Any thing is possible
T-Cloud (4 months ago)
100% right
Yure Martins (4 months ago)
que legal
알카 ALCA매니저 (4 months ago)
좋긴하지만 생긴건 맘에 안들다...... 냐생각임 한국인 좋아요💕💕💕💕💕💗
L̶a̶u̶q̶h̶ (4 months ago)
창헌한 (4 months ago)
와 겁나 좋겠는데 떨어져도 안 깨짐?
IMPERATORE MIKE (4 months ago)
Samsung copia APLE
Natalia Marcos (4 months ago)
Cade os BR poxa... desse jeitito a apple vai falir
Miss Controllerism (4 months ago)
Samsung innovate always apple Shit as usual
Binoy Debbarma (4 months ago)
Fake... Lol
Clout Sauce (4 months ago)
But does it blow up? Lol
Camélia Delafolie (4 months ago)
C'est de la merde ce téléphone 👎
Newton Machado (5 months ago)
Como de costume no Brasil vai ter gente vendendo bicicleta galinha mãe pai pra compra um celular!
みみがーる (5 months ago)
Newtab51 (5 months ago)
T-Cloud (5 months ago)
its just concept news
neokobras (5 months ago)
Vay amk
Miojo 707 (5 months ago)
T-Cloud (5 months ago)
its just concept bro....
525ndu (5 months ago)
Among the smartphones I have used, Samsung is the best ^~^
Талян Мастер (5 months ago)
Berat Bozkurt (5 months ago)
Yang Jansan (5 months ago)
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Bernie Nouaha (5 months ago)
dang imbuy it
JinThe Goblin (5 months ago)
Um I think I'll stick with the normal phones.. That's too much..
설린 (5 months ago)
Korea samsung
BTS lover (5 months ago)
I have the note 8.....and DAMN IT'S NICE but the thing is I look at the iPhone x and when you look at the top of both phones you can see that Apple has copied Samsung note 8 and before that. Apple's running out of ideas
Bleo (5 months ago)
I'm not a fan of this...
Kenny McCormick (5 months ago)
Fuck iphone10 I'm getting this
Me parece un diseño revolucionario
Lexy Quinnie (5 months ago)
Even phones aren't what they was...
T-Cloud (5 months ago)
hmm, but it's just concept, Thanks for your Comment & stay with us...
Eya Gian (5 months ago)
γιατι καταστρεφουν αυτην την τεχνολογια που εχουν φτιαξει που και αυτη ειναι τραβιγμενει αλα αυτο το πραγμα .... θα καταστρεψουμε τον κοσμο μονοι μας με αυτα που κανουν ξερεται ποσο καρκινο εχουν αυτα ααααα και κατι αλο δεν υπαρχει τελος του κοσμου ουτε θα μας καταστρεψει ο θεος αλα εμεις μονοι μας θα καταστραφουμε 😑😑😑😶😶😶
T-Cloud (5 months ago)
I personally support your think, But even then Apart from these, our life is inaccessible.
、only男神 (5 months ago)
T-Cloud (5 months ago)
cool man....
、only男神 (5 months ago)
看到中文了,妮玛! 帮韩国人做手机!
yany loves ski (5 months ago)
T-Cloud (5 months ago)
what means
Klop CodeZ (5 months ago)
Switching now from IPhone to galaxy damn
Tqnk (4 months ago)
Klop CodeZ Lmao you should be with Samsung anyway. iPhone is shit. All Apple does is copy Samsung
The_ Virus (4 months ago)
Klop CodeZ iPhone copy Samsung lmao... 2013 was frist ever project Galaxy X and in 2016 but iPhone in 2017 buy the screen from Samsung and this is all. Iphone is shit
residentgood (5 months ago)
Why bend it I don't get it
T-Cloud (5 months ago)
it's not for public (samsung company this phone make just for demo's)
Doğukan Yapım (5 months ago)
Abone oldum like attım yorumladım sende aynisini yaparsan sevinirim
EyeXpatch (4 months ago)
Doğukan Yapım as bayrakları admin yorumuna kalp atmış
Gustavo Barbosa (5 months ago)
Aiai c fosse vdd
I'm a snek (5 months ago)
like I understand the concept,but could this even be possible?
Fatima Cherchari (2 months ago)
I'm a snek
T-Cloud (5 months ago)
samsung company already makes this phone just for demo ... If there is no problem on this phone, they will release it.
gabriel gesu (5 months ago)
Cioe? Che cazzo significa
Rahimah Mama (5 months ago)
might where the handphone's speaker
T-Cloud (5 months ago)
maybe charger & Headphones use 1 port
Kasa Gaming (5 months ago)
It looks cheap
Kasa Gaming (5 months ago)
Alif ikhwan I never said it is cheap. I said it “looks cheap”
TheDarkLord Generation (5 months ago)
Kasa Gaming dude how the heck it cheap.Look how they made it.HOW CAN A PHONE CAN ELASTIC SO MUCH!
T-Cloud (5 months ago)
Floyd Mayweather (5 months ago)
Nothing pleases me like the background sound
「 SPRING MONSTER 」 (5 months ago)
하나로 다하겠네 ,, 부디 디자인 ..
Ong Kai Jin (5 months ago)
Apple is in trouble now
Marco 77 (5 months ago)
il futuro è qui samsung è qui fanciullo la apple
reza shah (5 months ago)
Preda Daniel (5 months ago)
it is going to be launched on march 29 . if youbsay yes it means its a prank but this is real. halp! im confused:/
Alexi LlamaCorn (5 months ago)
Why would you want a bendy phone? If I would get one I would get it made by apple :)
Dre Underscore (5 months ago)
Are u saying that brand is more important than the tech? Wow... Just wow...
Yassinou Bouaricha (5 months ago)
good night iPhone x
Dikarka 8D (5 months ago)
Что ты такое?
Night King (5 months ago)
Why would I need a foldable phone
PimeCICLE (5 months ago)
Samsung fucked up
PimeCICLE (5 months ago)
To be honest it's just fucking retarded
Dengan In (5 months ago)
samsung memang canggih
smiped (5 months ago)
This music is the national anthem of crappy videos.
asmr zeitgeist (5 months ago)
Apple fanboys will say samsung ripped the design of rhe iphone 10
Athena Kirsch (5 months ago)
ヨシエ木村 (5 months ago)
Fatima Cherchari (2 months ago)
Abdo Haros (5 months ago)
Nice job from Samsung 👍
Mason Winkler (6 months ago)
Ummm the music goes in the background not your voice
Shrek Jaja (6 months ago)
¿Lo único que hace el Galaxy X es doblarse? ¿¿Ésa es su única virtud?? Pff. Váyanse a la mierda. Y el Aifon también.
Ugly and stupid hope they dont do it
T-Cloud (6 months ago)
its future samsung phone design
Jorge Garcia (6 months ago)
Who's the chick talking
John M (6 months ago)
I’ve heard it’s ariund 7000!!!!!!!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤯🤯🤯
Rajesh Sinha (6 months ago)
Ali Daoud (6 months ago)
i dont like is iphone he best
Torad Lew (6 months ago)
Those crappy sound... Bleh
xxxretardnation (6 months ago)
How is this practical? Say you’re watching Netflix and you have your hands on the side of the phone and it just bends in the middle of the show/movie. 🤦🏽‍♀️
Leon Camero (5 months ago)
I don't think it'll work like that since the phone is probably magnetic and can hold a form. But I'm just guessing.
Eduardo Mayoral (6 months ago)
We need laptops like this
San San (6 months ago)
Music - 👎👎
someone 404 (5 months ago)
Don’t worry it doesn’t come with the phone
Wahed Strijderkind (5 months ago)
ValtsuZ (5 months ago)
Alan Walker - Finger my canal
# BOSS (6 months ago)
Music used?
nu~s (5 months ago)
Spectre alan walker
sam sham (5 months ago)
# BOSS alan walker
Flying E (6 months ago)
Please NEVER EVER use this music EVER again! Did a 16 year old boy edit the video?
Phillip Boesen (6 months ago)
Just look up NoCopyrightSounds.
I want this phone for 0$
Jose Miranda (4 months ago)
It’s gonna be very very damaged but I hope you find it
Alexander Miles (5 months ago)
Minermaxthegamer - Gaming And More Good luck
The warrior (6 months ago)
Yay that why I like korea
Rodeth Icong (6 months ago)
Can't wait for Samsung Galaxy Scripture!
Don Alarcon (6 months ago)
Apple will create one like it and claim its a new design and tech.
Gaming Dead (2 months ago)
SYED Muneeb Ali yep ahhaahahah poor apple
Gaming Dead (2 months ago)
Don Alarcon lol apple is not expert in giving look on mobiles Samsung is best in giving look on mobiles
TheObviousWeirdo ll (2 months ago)
The Yoshlo Show (2 months ago)
Shadow Dahlke sorry I forgot what Apple was producing so I said cores but yeah they help each other
Shadow Dahlke (2 months ago)
The Yoshlo Show wth are u talking about apple prodicing cores what?
Ciara Tavares-Reyes (6 months ago)
And let me guess the price will be $2,000?
BAN TBM (5 months ago)
Ciara Tavares no i think $1.200 and iphone that copy samsung will make x2 like this cost $3.000
Leon Camero (5 months ago)
Nattay Indeed. I brought my s8 at launch. I brought my note 8 at launch as well. It was expensive. About $1,800 to be exact. That's how much I paid total.
Nattay (5 months ago)
Leon Camero didn't know that, pretty cool though.
Leon Camero (5 months ago)
Nattay That's the same as the s8 price when it was launched.
Nattay (5 months ago)
Ciara Tavares the price is expected to be from $900-1100, but the S9 launch price will be a good price at just $799
plmoknty (6 months ago)
SAMSUNG 2016 named Galaxy X | APPLE 2017 named IPhone X
AntonikFreeZmrlinka ! (2 months ago)
Khatuna Feroyan (2 months ago)
The Robot 13 - FNAF and Minecraft Videos azize ago
AntonikFreeZmrlinka ! (3 months ago)
T-Cloud Ma si si kkkmk
JustinBieber Vevo (4 months ago)
Tan Jun Ban Iphone X
Fluffy Redpanada (4 months ago)
WafflyLocket69 Gaiming ur right it's like they can't skip a number like u don't count 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 u missed 9!!

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