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India looks to low-cost solutions to combat climate change

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The cool roofs initiative is a simple solution with the potential to save lives and protect those most vulnerable from the harmful effects of climate change in Ahmedabad, India. It is part of the city's heat action plan to reduce the number of heat related deaths.

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Climate change isn’t real, cnn is fake news.
true survivor (3 months ago)
NotMike please fill us in with all your knowledge oh great one. You must be a scientist? Please give us all your overwhelming climate data.
Mike (3 months ago)
what a shithole
Michael floyd (3 months ago)
Will they stopped shitting in the streets?
jag10 (3 months ago)
why not just paint your shithole white?
Space Monkey (3 months ago)
simpler solution is to put aluminum foil sheet below that shack roof
Pooja K (3 months ago)
Good preventive measure...for saving humans... Climate change WILL anyway happen...anyway not my focus...but really applaud them for the implementation...
Telebubbies (3 months ago)
India is a shit hole

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