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Priyanka Chopra And Indra Nooyi On Breaking Barriers And Engaging Billions | Forbes Live

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From the boardroom to the box office, Indra Nooyi and Priyanka Chopra weigh in on the extraordinary global communities they’ve built and the qualities that have fueled their success. Priyanka Chopra, Actress, Producer & Activist Indra Nooyi, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, PepsiCo Interviewer: Moira Forbes, Executive Vice President, Forbes Media; Publisher, ForbesWoman Subscribe to FORBES: https://www.youtube.com/c/ForbesLive?sub_confirmation=1 Stay Connected Forbes on Facebook: http://fb.com/forbes Forbes Video on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/forbesvideo Forbes Video on Instagram: http://instagram.com/forbesvideo More From Forbes: http://forbes.com Forbes covers the intersection of entrepreneurship, wealth, technology, business and lifestyle with a focus on people and success.

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Roshni1675 (1 hour ago)
Chip Mahgilify (16 hours ago)
WHAT company did these people actually START from scratch or from a clean sheet of paper? They simply just showed up to the party with a minimal cover charge.
Kiran Negi (17 hours ago)
Priyanka is all about bragging herself, it would be nice if she could learn from Americans how to be humble. Thats what she needs to LEARN. P.S she was privileged to be from educated family and to be able to go to states. It would be have been shameful if she hadn't achieved all this even after so many resources available to her. PS i am taking her hardwork's credit. Breaking barriers is when you are from literally poor and unprivileged family.
Kiran Negi (17 hours ago)
*not taking her hardsworks credit*
snowywinter9 (19 hours ago)
The way the Bollywood woman conducts herself on stage - very annoying. The next time they might as well have Kim Kardashian up on stage instead. She is way more successful (by their definition), and maybe knows how to talk in a non-patronizing, less pretentious and thoughtful way. And I can't even stand the Kardashian. Or, get the entertainment gibberish nonsense completely out of Forbes, please.
snowywinter9 (21 hours ago)
Not jealous but biased here. How can they even remotely compare Indira Nooyi's accomplishments to a Bollywood person's accomplishments?? Indira Nooyi's challenges are real. Her work impacts many lives, families, and careers directly. Her challenges in the corporate world are real. Her work needs some hard-core brain power. She is closer to being called brilliant. The Bollywood woman's - not so much. Dancing around trees and bushes and acting bimbo-ish - not a real accomplishment, sorry. She had the looks and height to get through the Miss. World challenge (not a challenge that requires massive brain-power by any means). That gave her an automatic ticket to the movie industry. Dance around trees a lot, and act glamorous in skimpy clothes - and she made it. Yes, she is successful but so is Kim Kardashian.
I'm just spellbound!
Indian ladies with Pride ♡
Natasha S (1 day ago)
Priyanka doesn't even know who she is. N she's talking about being 'the exotic beautiful indian girl.' Please..she isn't even pretty.
Manjory Saran (1 day ago)
this interview of Priyanka is the only one I watched where she seems a little true.... otherwise I knew she was a true person, but none of her interviews showed that. It felt like she was trying to fit everywhere. Well, may be sitting close to Indira Nooyi made her humble. Good Job Priyanka!
Mukta Banerjee (1 day ago)
brilliant and extraordinarily inspiring....this show shows the Progressive India..👍
Pritee Purswani (1 day ago)
I think Forbes should hire better host especially when you have to interview Indra Nooyi, she definitely deserves better interviewer
Road Runner (1 day ago)
Indira Nooyi is INDRA NOOYI Priyanka Chopra is PRIYANKA CHOPRA Both are two different people. With their own stories. Why are we comparing? Ms Nooyi might excel in her corporate world but maybe not in Ms Chopra's world, and vice versa. Take pride in who these two women are and their achievements, what ever they might be. This was about women who've managed to hold their fort and excelled in their respective fields. #morepowertothem
Swati Suchismita (1 day ago)
I think Priyanka's words were taken out of context, she never said anything to demean Men. As an Indian woman I feel proud to see both these women Indra and Priyanka on that dais. Salute to both
Rohini Pathak (1 day ago)
Huge fan of both Priyanka n Infra ❤❤
GG (1 day ago)
Priyanka is so fake! She hasn’t done a good Bollywood movie except for Don and she hasn’t made in Hollywood either. Baywatch was such a shit movie and so is her show. She may soon have to start from scratch or start sleeping around with people way younger than her to make it to the news of the day. Such a looser!
devsaki (1 day ago)
Guess it's time you update yourself.. Heard of movies Krrish, Barfi, Kaminey, Bajirao Mastani, Mary Kom, Agneepath, etc.? Heard of Quantico?
Atul Paruthi (1 day ago)
Priyanka C talking BS about how women in India need to get married early, since many years traditions have changed but she wants to sound different else no one will listen to her
Ghulam Abbas (2 days ago)
Seriously Priyanka Chopra, is she a good example for women around the world especially Indians, she is in her late 30s, not married, running after money and fame, sucking, kissing and licking whoever she finds in her career and outside.
blue orange (1 day ago)
How's being married a statement on woman's success? You sound like typical mullah who wants woman to be led by male guardian like a man leading his goats.
Abhilasha Saroj (2 days ago)
Indra Nooyi is so cute! Kudos Priyanka.
Niloufer Hakim (2 days ago)
I want to be a wholesome woman too. Amen <3
Niloufer Hakim (2 days ago)
"We have to create our own Sisterhood, we need to have our own safe spot, where we can talk about our issues, because we can't talk about it at home, nobody wants to hear you talk about your work at home, we need our environment where our Sisterhood does not judge us, but gives us constructive feedback." "The only way we are going to be able to balance everything going forward is if we don't worry that the person next to us, the woman next to us, is gonna take away our future potential because the next level is going to have a fewer women, rather say let's pull us all, let's put ourselves each other, and that sisterhood needs to form and when we get there, I think there is no stopping us." - Indra Nooyi <3
slayphil (2 days ago)
One is well educated and polished;, the other uneducated and crass. How were both placed on the same platform.?
Harpreet Bachra (2 days ago)
Simply Amazing !
GeorgiaIsOnMyMind (2 days ago)
@9.04 So it comes out; priyanka in dating Joe Jonas who is a decade younger than she is, is actively looking for white sperm for impregnation.
ahana chatterjee (2 days ago)
Indra Nooyi 👍👍👍 The interviewer was taking way too much time to ask a question 😑😑
Aayush Shastri (2 days ago)
That's a lot of decimal points. LOL... Very easy & inspiring to listen to Indra Nooyi
Suvendu Das (2 days ago)
It's been nearly 4 mins....The interviewer is still talking
valentina arlikatti (2 days ago)
u c (2 days ago)
Y Indira nooyi is treated at par with Priyanka,, I bet Priyanka is not even half as educated
Nisha A (2 days ago)
What about ms Nooyi feeding you and specially your kids with poison laden PepsiCo chips and colas. Does morality plays no part is it only career success that counts.
Roma Gogoi (2 days ago)
skipping priyanka's part like➡️
Zain2011 Zain2011 (1 day ago)
Roma Gogoi ...me too..wats with her.
Prasant Chakroborty (2 days ago)
Have always admired Indira Nyooyi
lnkrants (2 days ago)
Indra earns more per year than Priyanka's entire net worth. When will Priyanka shut up?
buttgoo magoo (2 days ago)
Who are these two ugly arab bitches??
subhaRV (2 days ago)
It is a shame that Priyaka is given the same or more prominence than Indira
gauri kris (2 days ago)
wanted to hear indra nooyi not priyankas made up stories
gauri kris (2 days ago)
priyanka is defintely not in the league of indra
UT 246 (2 days ago)
I don’t think any comparison between the two is valid, they are both successful in their own space. I personally feel an actress’s role is under great pressure due to greater public scrutiny than the CEO of a soda firm. An actress needs to manage many known and unknown stakeholders whereas a corporate woman just need to tame her management. PeeCee is a great example for sheer talent in many rights. In that sense, Pepsi Cola hasn’t enriched anyone’s life. Maybe Quaker Oats did, but that was just an easy acquisition.
Suman Reddy (3 days ago)
Forbes- Stop interviewing these nonsense bollywood ppl and their fake 'breaking barriers' to get more views. If u want to interview real Indian women who "broke barriers and inspire us", start with Mrs.Sudha Murthy. Ritu Karidhal, Nandini Harinath, Anuradha TK( all three are Mangalyaan/ Mars Mission Scientists), and then we have Jayshree Ullal, Neerja Sethi who are only Indian-American entrepreneurs among the 60 women on Forbe's 2018 list.
Aman Parihar (1 day ago)
common.....u r such a dimwit.... @priyankachopra is legend
Krishna Ravada (3 days ago)
It seems like a Tiger and a Monkey are sitting and having a conversation. The Tiger is very focused and articulate while the Monkey is just blabbing nonsense all over the place. Just to clarify, the Tiger being Indra Nooyi and the Monkey is not the host.
Vikram Baldev (3 days ago)
Pc not good
ketaki jadhav (3 days ago)
Mind blowing 🙌🏽
Kavya Shinde (3 days ago)
Priyanka is the very brilient and beutiful person
Healthy Beauty (3 days ago)
You see, one needs such supportive parents as that of Indra Nooyi's father and Priyanka's both father and mother to get to where they are today. Parents support(especially of father) is very crucial in a child's growth & success, if your father is the exact opposite of 'supportive' then it becomes very difficult to succeed in life and unfortunately i am one of those kid who did not get a good father like Indra and Priyanka. I still hope i achieve what i want to 😥
Arpita Singh (3 days ago)
Jewels of our nation.
snowywinter9 (19 hours ago)
Indira Nooyi is a US citizen.
Varuna (3 days ago)
Indra Nooyi I could listen to you talk for hours...
nazia zafar (3 days ago)
agar priyanka thora parhez kary overacting se tu bht acha hoga har interview me ye apny parents k bary me kehty hai k mera baap surgeon tha meri maa doctor thi ufffffff ye sun sun kar hum pakh chuky hai plzzzzz kch naya ho jaye ms chopra
13456789101 (3 days ago)
Lovely video and such WONDERFUL ladies!!! Thanks for the video!!! LOVE YOU INDRA NOOYI AND PRIYANKA CHOPRA!!!!!! :) <3 <3 <3
Hey world, look how cunningly a melting pot of Bollywood’s pelvic thrust, navel show and carbonated sugar water has made you all going brainless gaga. Waiting to see true feminism rock.
Kriti Giri (3 days ago)
The only thing i dint like about this interview is how anchor cuts off Indra while she is on her humor.. and the while she takes to reach into one question.. I guess she likes to be heard more
Aakarsha Pandey (4 days ago)
I think it’s extremely important to make a comment here on the last part of the video- the part about feminism: I do agree with Priyanka on the fact that women shouldn’t be judged for making their own choices. However the part, where she says that only the best girl will get the best boy and that women are told to fit into a box; the same happens to men. They are supposed to be macho and win over the girls and be super strong, that’s wrong too. I feel the world suffers from sexism, which needs to be fought by everyone. Men are told to be a certain way , because of which they hurt women and in turn are bigger victims. As they perpetrate abuse. Inculcating love and the spirit of humanity is most important
Suman Reddy (3 days ago)
Still unclear as what barriers PChopra broke. She is born to high educated and open minded parents, who encouraged her and she got all right chances. Interview those women who really broke barriers and overcome obstacles in her life and become role model to other girls. phmph!
H (3 days ago)
I like Nooyi she seems more real.Whereas priyanka is trying too hard to be American. She is Fake
Suman Reddy (4 days ago)
Can't put together an accomplished CEO with hyped, overrated , overpaid bollywood actress on same stage. Am sick of these bollywood stars being put on pedestal as gods/goddess- who did nothing but are overpaid ppl for their not so great skills. So many other much more deserving Indian Women out there - Sudha Murthy (my fav), Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Urvi A Piramal , Chanda Kochhar, Mallika Srinivasan etc to name few. Priyanka Chopra ... seriously!? Would have been feast to eyes and brain to watch Indira Nooyi and Mrs. Sudha Murthy on one stage - discussing and sharing their experiences and knowledge!
sunburstfreak (4 days ago)
44:25 that moment when sisterhood actually shined through. Good job on passing the microphone, Priyanka.
Alexandra Buck (4 days ago)
Wow one of the most amazing world class women of our time 😊 🌸 I feel inspired, encouraged and overwhelmed by this wonderful and powerful women. You make the world a better place 🦋🌟 🌎
Marguerite du Toit (4 days ago)
Priyanka Chopra 💕
Praveen Kumar (4 days ago)
PC @ 27.50 = "I played an escort obviously,, because that's what pretty girls do"!! When mind speaks the truth of the personality you are!!!! Cringe-worthy!!!!
Ranjitha Kashyap (4 days ago)
It's always a pleasure to listen to Indra Nooyi. She is smart, has clear thoughts and is also humorous ! PC is the complete opposite of her.
maryhmar 19 (4 days ago)
what an inspiration...they really deserve where they are today... true example of Stong Courageous Women ❤️❤️❤️
Vikram Singh (4 days ago)
Saman Abidi (4 days ago)
please do more of this stuff......this is so inspiring.... truly boss ladies... thank you for coming up with such conversations and inspiring so many across the world.
nathan frank (4 days ago)
Lol master degree by the time u r 20? honey u cant get a master degree at 20 wtf
Meghna Patel (4 days ago)
very inspirational.!!!
Wow so proud of them
Shruti Singh (4 days ago)
100 million 😂😂😂😂😂stop bragging She didn't correct her
Madhu singh (4 days ago)
Love you both. Every word of yours is big inspiration to so many Indian women. Still some have to sacrifice for some to achieve and those achievers should know to acknowledge it.
Shruti Bedi (4 days ago)
Two different personalities with perspectives on what shaped their lives. Coming from Indian backgrounds and the impact it has had in their lives is interesting to hear. It takes conviction and clarity to achieve and be able to talk about it as to what made you who you are. Good interview - enjoyed listening !
picsman03 (3 days ago)
Interviewer: talking about PepsiCo” ..it’s a $150 billion company, ...that’s a lot of decimals”. Indira Nooyi corrects her immediately “ That’s a lot of zeros ..” If the interviewer is from the Forbes family (Moira Forbes), a business family, she should know there are NO decimals in billions.’
Dhruv Patel (4 days ago)
Nooyi > Chopra
vijaya jeeva (4 days ago)
I liked the fact that priyanka is not using much American accent because she is next to an Indian womab😀😁😂
Aayushi K (2 days ago)
And that Indian woman herself has been living in the US for 40yrs. It's better for PC to not fake 'americanized' personality in front of such a person 😁
myuniverse2007 (4 days ago)
Ha Ha ha
SheStillRuns (4 days ago)
i don't mind priyanka but when she goes on a self-adulation spree, as she does again and again, I cringe.
the Bong (5 days ago)
Is it me alone or anybody else who feels Priyanka Chopra's attitude extremely irritating.. !
Kushagra Jalal (1 hour ago)
Rahul Rathod so are you the mouth piece of whole india ? Some low life's like you are the only one hating on her and i dont think anyone cares about your stupid opinion
Kushagra Jalal (1 hour ago)
the Bong yes you're the only one dude 🖕
Felicity Ribeiro (1 day ago)
the Bong it must be your insecurity..........funny you come to watch a video with Priyanka in it and then complain like a spoilt child.
Vikram Singh (1 day ago)
the Bong There's a word called "Confidence". You should look it in dictionary. She's a global icon & she's supposed to have it, there's nothing wrong in it..
Bhawna Madhrey (1 day ago)
it's not her attitude it's her success which is shining 😐
Ankit Yadav (5 days ago)
PC too much bragging about her parents. Ate up like half of the interview. Rather we could have heard Indra more.
J Grover (5 days ago)
Extremely inspirational discussion with two extraordinary women. Keep it going. #ToSisterhood
shubh sengupta (5 days ago)
Priyanka seems to act like a small girl who has got her favourite candy for the first time. I mean look how Indra took up the question and answered the question. Indra where is someone of substance, Priyanka is more a cover girl
fan_bollywood me (5 days ago)
two powerful women...loved Indra's speech, i heard her 1st time. I cannot think anyother celebrity sitting instead Priyanka as she totally deserves it and justice to that seat. why other actresses, i cannot imagne there is beacuse they are simply been bollywood candies...Priyanka is academic person, she thinks for evry character way different than other actresses did .
Harshi N. (5 days ago)
By Priyanka from this interview... thank you.... <3 "I don't believe that you can sit and wish for something and it'll Happen. The soles of your feet have to be Blistered. There's no pretty picture of Hardwork. There's no Success Story that doesn't have shadows of Pain, Doubt, Fear, Lack of Sleep, Illness...but when you step out into the Light, all that gets hidden. The effort and the struggle gets hidden. The Path is Not Easy for Any Success Story."
Feed Back (5 days ago)
I like priyanka, but at 46:47 she seemed like a jealous bitch. That figure of 260,000 employees make priyanka look like as if she is not even shit of Indra Nooyi, and priyanka know that
Ksdnsd Kumar (5 days ago)
Feminist word is missing in the description
Enoch John (5 days ago)
Indira Nooyi the greatest... Priyanka should be honored to sit on the same stage...
music gives life hope (5 days ago)
Activist Priyanka Chopra ? Makes me want to roll my eyes faster than the Chinese reporter
akmal. ahmed (5 days ago)
sim8ify (5 days ago)
Intelligent and hardworking lady is wise and quiet and look at this actress.just talk talk talk like she is the most genius one
Ben Magit (5 days ago)
American and European companies that have Indian-born and raised CEOs are Google, Microsoft, Adobe, PepsiCo, MasterCard, Harman International, Deloitte, Cognizant, Palo Alto Networks, Novartis, Nokia, Reckitt Benckiser, NetApp, Diageo, Global Foundries, Conduent. And then there ton of other Indians who are at a different C-Level position, such as the CIO of Facebook.
Yes. Real Social Activists and workers are stupid to work hard in distressed areas and take educational degrees in Social Work... Just become an actress, visit some wartorn region and UN will confer some title on you and you automatically become an Activist??? This is so evil.
Ramalakshmi VKumar (5 days ago)
Priyanka Chopra is an Activist??? 😳 When did that happen???
Vikram Singh huh?? BJP IT cell? Mandbuddhi u r.
Vikram Singh U r derailed.
Vikram Singh (3 days ago)
SuperIntuitive Womaniya Don't show your fake deshbhakti, just like those bjp it cells does on twitter. Agar sach mein kuchh karna hota toh kyun kuch nahi ukhaad paye show makers ke. Sirf publicity ke liye ye sab natak. Instead of focusing on serious issues, they focus on these things. And a celebrity is an easy target as they are popular, election times, votes necessity.🤦
Vikram Singh (3 days ago)
SuperIntuitive Womaniya She didn't kill anybody rofl, u r comparing this to killing somebody & apologizing later? Haha... This a total different thing & i dont see so much hype when so many real life crimes are happening in the country. Just because she's a public person, she is an easy target! If you are so vocal about this, then raise voice about other issues too, or just show your fake nationalism😉😁
Vikram Singh btw, do you think young people read disclaimers when they watch such shit??? What will they think abt India?? I have nothing against showing the reality... Like the documentary on nirbhaya... Cause it was true... But this plot of the serial was exactly opposite of the truth that we are living for years.
Nitu Roy (5 days ago)
Hi Priyanka proud of your achievements but your accent........it hurts .....really hurts.
Kalyani Patil (5 days ago)
The interviewer takes 4 min to get to point, I would hope Forbes would do a better job at prepping the interviewer or at least editing the video.
Zen S (5 days ago)
Excellent forum. It really enlightened me !!
Mohan Valrani (5 days ago)
Indra, I must complement you for being a successful mom, wife, daughter and boss👍👍
Mohan Valrani (5 days ago)
Indra and Priyanka, Excellent interview
paromita chatterjee (5 days ago)
So proud to be an Indian and a woman !! more power !!
Princy Rodrigues (5 days ago)
Excellent & motivating !
ehsinclair (5 days ago)
cringing listening to priyanka talk!!!!!
Am Nigerian but reading the comments here i have noticed that most indians do not like Priyanka. All i see are two extraordinary, brilliant and beautiful women.
That usual..Indians are like that...
Yyo M (4 days ago)
Nishita kunder (5 days ago)
Chukwuemeka Ugoanyanwu soo true I have seen so much hate for Indian actresses from Indians , don't you have brains to understand that they are representing you on a global level while the West only saw us based on stereotypes .
Ms Sandhu (6 days ago)
I don't like Priyanka Chopra. She is so fake and comes across as artificially over-confident. Something is really off about her.
Ms Sandhu (4 days ago)
Gomz G I wouldn't say that she has not achieved much. Actually, she is quite successful. I also think she is quite talented. We should give the credit where it's due. But it doesn't change the fact that she comes across as over confident and fake.
Gomz G (4 days ago)
Fake it till you make it Baby!
sim8ify (5 days ago)
I agree.i can’t stand her.what she have done ???? What’s the hype about it I just dt get it.all the time fake accents and stories which she think are funny are nt funny at all
Liane Mendonca (5 days ago)
Ms Sandhu totally! Her part of the interview was cringeworthy!
Shaneekwa (6 days ago)
Two great ladies, but Priyanka isn't an engineer because she wanted to be one and shouldn't be referred to as an aeronautical engineer. One has to work for that.
Radha Karia (6 days ago)
Forbes needs better interviewers
Pseller (6 days ago)
Priyanka’s dress is beautiful. Can someone tell me what designer it is?!

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