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The In-Glass Fingerprint Reader: Explained!

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You haven't seen a fingerprint reader like this. Yet. MKBHD Merch: http://shop.MKBHD.com Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 Tech I'm using right now: https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer-0bfe542e Intro Track: To Be Young by Fashawn ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD
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Text Comments (6423)
Lucas Ledinek (3 days ago)
Does the fingerprint work with screen protectors ?
Reabetswe Bodiba (3 days ago)
Face ID's probably the future. These companies are soo far behind from a customer experience POV...
Mackenzie Hopkinson (4 days ago)
Can you crack this for you know science from jerryrigeverything pleeaaseee
Mo Ha (6 days ago)
iPhone X 1000$ has a face recognition which used before two years, and vivo is less price with new technology Apple is dead
RX-7 FC (7 days ago)
wait how can you still see what's on the display normally around the area where the sensor is at if there is a sensor blocking the display???
RX-7 FC (7 days ago)
KEYS (7 days ago)
Apple gang
Smm Hasan (7 days ago)
Apple will invent it within 1 or 2 years form now.
Carlos Montano (7 days ago)
So my question now is since its an optical senser cant someone just get an hd print of your finger print and use that to unlock?
ej edge (8 days ago)
Can you still paste a screen protector over the whole screen? Wouldn’t really look good if there’s a cutout in the screen protector to accommodate the fingerprint under the screen
moritz ferox (9 days ago)
"Bit slow" its pretty fast if you ask me, the big thing is its faster than apples face ID
Nigel Burrell (9 days ago)
Interesting demonstration, but given FaceID works quite well and will no doubt become perfected in the future, why do we need an in-glass fingerprint reader? And if the answer is to ultimately design a bezel-less phone by removing the front-facing camera and other sensors (used for FaceID), how then would you accommodate Skype video calls and selfies?
Hustle Wilson (10 days ago)
I guess the question is; what other ways can devs use this new technology?
iEnzoPL (10 days ago)
Why don't they combine touchID and Face ID? This would make stealing your phone even more hard if you had to scan your finger and face at the same time.
zerocool (10 days ago)
2018: notches 2019: under display finger print readers 2020: better be a new type of battery tech that lasts at least a week or fully charges in 5 seconds or im done.
West African Gooner (11 days ago)
I swear I will never understand the fight against bezels.. One of the reasons I love the moto Z play so much is the bottom with the fingerprint reader and empty space on the sides that let's me handle the phone better.. These damn curved and bezeless screens make it almost impossible to hold your phone one handed without accidentally touching the screen.. It's ridiculous
Pilgrim's Progress (12 days ago)
Not a fan of oled so for an lcd screen a touchbar at bottom with the tactile button seems best or just an oled panel at the bottom to accommodate the sensor.
Sergio Gurrola (12 days ago)
Yeah, iPhone is going to REINVENT that technology next year... I’m a iPhone guy btw and ftw. Just saying
RyberSoft (12 days ago)
Synaptic guys are just awesome.
doodbool (12 days ago)
Plz crack it for science
karlzhao314 (12 days ago)
I doubt that the size of the CMOS sensor will increase to much more than what's already on this phone. 2-3 times, maybe. Bottom third? Pretty improbable. CMOS sensors are affected by yield rates the same way CPUs are, and even a sensor the size of 35mm film (a full-frame digital camera) gets incredibly expensive to manufacture, which is why you only see them on cameras upwards of $2000. While this sensor is likely much simpler and possibly monochrome, I still doubt that it could be economically feasible to manufacture a 5.5" diagonal CMOS sensor.
Bob Sander (12 days ago)
so..does it work with a cracked screen?
Stupid thing.
3165dwayne (13 days ago)
I don't expect to see this in the next flagship iPhone because Apple already spent all that money in face ID. There's also no way that Apple believes that they're wrong.
Major Go (13 days ago)
good explanation
CrepCritic (13 days ago)
what was the iPhone wallpaper
Nawnp MCPE (13 days ago)
Apple abandons touch id claiming there is no other way, six months later embedded fingerprint readers are a thing. Curious see what they stick with down the line, hopefully, ​both.
Marcus Valle (13 days ago)
I wish apple would make the apple logo on the back of all the iPhones a Touch ID scanner. That would be dope
Owen. Salisbury. (13 days ago)
That's the best smart phone ever.
Dan Garcia (13 days ago)
I own an iPhone X not just because of the ecosystem itself, I own an iPhone X because of the following reasons: 1. Smoothness and fluidity of the OS 2. Superior third party applications than that of the android counterpart 3. Better customer service (own experience) 4. Better security 5. Simplicity of the UI 6: Better support (OS updates)
Henry Q (13 days ago)
Bet Apple is like well shoot now we look dumb for not waiting to release iPhone X 😶 or were they expecting this 🧐
Suryateja GT (13 days ago)
is this bent in the middle?
Saurabh Jha (13 days ago)
very nice
iSaiah Rivas (13 days ago)
I think Apple believes Touch ID is a thing of the past and they want to move to something different
AlphaLupi (13 days ago)
John E5333 (13 days ago)
So much better on the front. Hope the note 9 gets it.
Dezz9820 (13 days ago)
Face ID is surely going to cause me long term eye damage? I unlock my iPhone X hundreds of times a day and I’ve had it for 3 months now :(
XLR8ED MAN (13 days ago)
This would be interesting on a Samsung phone. I wonder if it would work with the always on display 🤔
Alberto Valentin (13 days ago)
OnePlus will probably get it right
Caleb Warren (13 days ago)
Also, the S10 will also have the in screen fingerprint reader
Caleb Warren (13 days ago)
Wait for the Galaxy S10 to come out. 100% Screen baby.
Paul Perez (13 days ago)
good pick on the track!
OBG Jay (13 days ago)
Coltbolt Bolt (13 days ago)
Going to be on note 9! Can NOT wait!!!😍😍😍😎😘
Superalbix (13 days ago)
I wonder when the phones will fly
Michael H (14 days ago)
Great Video! P.S. thanks for not selling vacuum cleaners :)
Gabriela Lamberti (14 days ago)
This is a great feature.
JagBoyQ (15 days ago)
Good enough...use it now Samsung!
Dat Boi (15 days ago)
in glass camera would be cool too
Leon Akp (15 days ago)
and it would make a lot more sense if the rectangle was black color, only in that way would it be less noticeable.
littel lenny (15 days ago)
This is awesome! I really hope Samsung uses it in their next phone!
Ambro Lol (15 days ago)
Hi Can you please suggest a Fitness band for me ?
Matteo Mori (15 days ago)
Jerryrigeverything already did that
Bo Lan (15 days ago)
fuck apple is gonna copy this for sure
Jeff Choi (16 days ago)
Very interesting piece of technology here. Few years ago I have read an article about apple’s new patent regarding underscreen fingerprint censor. Ever since than I have been waiting for an iPhone to implement this technology but for some reason it never happened. Apple even disregarded fingerprint censor on their X. I was little disappointed cause I still prefer fingerprint than face ID. Hopefully apple uses this technology on their next generation iPhone. As always great video MKBHD.
dinesh prabhu (16 days ago)
The innovation they need to do is go back and bring metal body so I don't need a case and don't have to always keep protecting it and dual speakers up front like the m8.
Scott Ireland (16 days ago)
Fingers crossed that the S10 will have this.
dsp4 (16 days ago)
It's a cute half-thought attempt. Fingerprint readers are already cumbersome enough. This asks that you do all the typical fingerprint gymnastics and then adds the requirement to move the phone around a bit to activate the ambient display (which is still not a 100% success thing on the vast majority of phones). The electrical engineers behind this need to put away their soldering irons, be taught about UX, and realize that the goal of a fingerprint reader is to make authentication quicker and more convenient, not "cooler". A simpler solution like the side-mounted FP reader on the Nextbit Robin will also clear real estate on the front panel, without requiring motion detection, an OLED or fingers to be lit. I absolutely agree with MB that ultimately, a display that could read your fingerprint from anywhere on the screen would be amazing but that's not what is being sold here.
Krishnanunni Gireesh (16 days ago)
I bet it's not as accurate as a normal fingerprint sensor.
imicca (16 days ago)
it's on sale? where?
DUGGA 666 (17 days ago)
Who gives a damn really...geek porn is bad for you people......lol
Angelo E (17 days ago)
Why so serious? Where’s the fun?
Thegan Govender (17 days ago)
Does this mean we can also expect a camera using this tech to hide under the screen?
Florian Mayr (17 days ago)
due breathe round read surely group elegant precise corn replace detailed unless pump.
Robert Borley (17 days ago)
No. It’s not what I’m looking for in future phones. Face ID is more convenient. I’m hoping for an under the screen version of that. One that also works at angles.
Ryantama I P (17 days ago)
fuck iphones right?!
Phoenix Amon (17 days ago)
What's the point of having a CMOS sensor underneath an entire screen when your finger can mistakenly touch anywhere
Sam Sadhu (17 days ago)
initially apple wanted to do this, but looks like they couldnt pull it off for iphone x in time
Abood Bode (17 days ago)
You had missed something to say .... " Hello guys i'm MKBHD here" :3
AXL Sins (17 days ago)
I'd love the idea of a phone with that tech built in, but with a standard fingerprint scanner on the outside, as well. Reasons being that phone displays usually become buggy or they don't work like they are supposed to. Granted that standard fingerprint scanners do too, but at the very least, you can still use it just fine if the display becomes damaged in some way that the internal scanner doesn't pick up fingerprints.
Jeba anto (17 days ago)
How many phones you have buddy ?
Brian Coons (18 days ago)
Akshay Shettigar (18 days ago)
If it's a camera like sensor, I don't see why we can't have front facing camera built into the screen.
Ankush Sasmal (18 days ago)
The note series may not feature this fingerprint sensor as there is a spen mat below the screen so that the spen will get its power and work . So it is gonna take a long time to get into the notes .
GoblinGaming (18 days ago)
When does this become the future? *When an iPhone get this future or an iPhone sheep say so*
Yuting Yang (18 days ago)
Oh my!!!! That finger pulse is siiiiiiiick
Nick Larson (18 days ago)
I personally like the reader on the back of my pixel. I think Apple dropped the ball by not integrating a reader into the apple logo on the back. I think a camera under the screen is a way better innovation.
ReadyToGo (18 days ago)
I don’t think Apple will got this route as it is optics, which would be less secure. However cool tech none the less
Alex Sytnik (18 days ago)
I think the speed depends on hardware. Vivo has Snap 660, and with 845 it will be way faster
MCPE William Plays (19 days ago)
I'm now waiting for Samsung to do it.
Sanu (19 days ago)
Apple will say face id is better untill they implement this...a holes
Seth Arvila (19 days ago)
But can the CMOS sensor spy on you...🤔
Rahul Rao (19 days ago)
Ahhhhhhhhh nigga on the role ☠️
Matt Leung (19 days ago)
Lol see those terrible Chinese apps.
BLUEHOUNDZULU (19 days ago)
Apple is going to invent this technology next year
D Fung (19 days ago)
What do you think about Vivo Apex?
Das Kenshin (20 days ago)
If I have the money, I’d make a phone 100% bezelless. By making the front camera and sensors beneath the glass just like what vivo did with the fingerprint reader
adi mehta (20 days ago)
I found a security faul in this type of systems. I have also msg you about this but you have given no reply.
3CK (20 days ago)
Waiting for when 8K becomes the new 4K so that 4K becomes the new 1080p
Bhavya Aggarwal (20 days ago)
We need a fingerprint sensor on that Apple logo!
Imran Khan (20 days ago)
But in hole screen will be annoying that if you don't want to unlock just by mistake touched somewhere and it will be unlocked.
Tech Life (20 days ago)
I’d like to see it on an iPhone
Fraser McLean (20 days ago)
The thing is, I really like having the fingerprint reader on the rear. Seems to be more ergonomically correct. While this looks cool, I don't really see the need.
BS Masti (20 days ago)
What if the screen gets wrecked
Cleavon Campbell (20 days ago)
Yep good step for google or Samsung to make apple already walked face I'd road
Alzera Delacroix (20 days ago)
In the future, apple will invent this and will call it "HDAPPLESKINTOUCHID" or something.
Daniel Oleas Díaz (20 days ago)
Sometimes I just wanna touch my screen, so my phone will unlock every single time n' i don't want that happen, I think that in a little part of screen it's okay and kinda glam haha What do you think ?
Juliano Sumino (20 days ago)
I need it on the Note 9!!! I'd pay whatever price Samsung wants!!!
daPi (20 days ago)
Cant wait for apple to "invent" this lol
Rishi bhatia (20 days ago)
do a quick charge 4 test on nubia z17 phone
Bernard Thomas (20 days ago)
Don't no why he said it's on sale and it don't come out for sail into January

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