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Clutch, How does it work ?

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Please make our efforts sustainable : https://www.patreon.com/LearnEngineering Have you ever wondered what is happening inside a car when you press the clutch pedal? Or why do you need to press the clutch pedal before you shift gears in a manual transmission car? This video gives you logical answers to these questions. At the end of the video, we will also understand the crucial role played by the clutch in an uphill start. Voice over artist : https://www.fiverr.com/voiceonthemove
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Learn Engineering (5 months ago)
Hello friends, wish you a happy New Year ! I hope you can make a new New Year resolution at https://www.patreon.com/LearnEngineering :) Long live free education !
Andreja Pavlovic (5 days ago)
Learn Engineering lelej
Patrick Arvizu (21 days ago)
Learn Engineering ii
Aryia Kiwikiwi (26 days ago)
Learn Engineering i
life processes (1 month ago)
its a great visual...please take care of spelling mistakes...I found one (connected togother instead of connected togather)
legostar55 (2 months ago)
Learn Engineering not all clutches have diaphram springs
Md Emon (16 hours ago)
Super boss......
Autoexpert Dev (17 hours ago)
Very good
Franklin 2006 (17 hours ago)
How many people work to make this animation??
Mr Me (1 day ago)
5:52 Gravity lol
winkipinky (1 day ago)
Thank you! Great video
bladeclanhalo3 (1 day ago)
probably should have done the hillstart example with a petrol car and not diesel as starting with those is completely different
Dr Dk' Dankenstein (2 days ago)
A better way to do a hill start is to put the hand brake on, ease your foot off the clutch until it grabs, put some rpms on then let the hand brake go
Mengesha Asmamaw (3 days ago)
Great video
pvs Mouli (3 days ago)
ur explanation is superb and u killed it bro tq fr the video
Pat Gamex (3 days ago)
1 hp clutch
Patrick felton (4 days ago)
Thank you 😊
SelectCircle (4 days ago)
Whoever invented the clutch was at least as smart as Einstein. o_O
Rob House (4 days ago)
*Help* Okay there was a video on YouTube about the realities of engineering. The video showed one spectrum of engineering as boring graphs and computer screens. The other societal spectrum the vid depicted engineering as awesome as iron man everyone is smart and knows everything. While the video shows engineering reality as a life like Big Hero 6, groups of people knowledged in different aspects of engineering working together. Anyone know the video / creator? Let me know and thank you so much.
virus killerism (4 days ago)
Big massive respect to the first original car inventor. He must be not from this planet.
Playtam8 (4 days ago)
Perfect video. I understood everything even if I'm not familiar with English. Simple and accurate. Congratulations
Abhishek Baviskar (4 days ago)
Upload video on How centrifugal clutch works.
Nowell Visoria (5 days ago)
Very nice explaination
ATM 3105 (6 days ago)
This is such a great video!
nicholas maclean (6 days ago)
Good video! I can’t wait to see more.
vana Divakara rao (6 days ago)
Aquabeing1 (6 days ago)
Double that clutch.
Reed Daniel Cuevas (6 days ago)
Put it on 1 if your in a uphill, if you put it on 4 or 3 your car will be broke
Creeperboy (7 days ago)
oh, so the diaphram spring is the main part that engages/disengages the clutch. interesting.
Hinduja Bhuvanendran (7 days ago)
LEGEND 25 (8 days ago)
Never knew I learn so much about in this channel than going to school
Slayer John (8 days ago)
What wasn't mentioned in the video that you can also do with a manual is gain a traction "boost" by "riding" the clutch. Essentially the same as an uphill start, except the vehicle gains motion but the clutch pedal is still depressed a bit. This lessens the engine's torque/power entering the transmission an allows a more precise control over the tires. Though the same rule applies as with uphill start, you are putting excess friction on the clutch and it will increase wear. A very easy though not always fatal warning sign is the smell of something very hot and white smoke coming from the transmission area. If you accidentally overheat the clutch, leave the vehicle sit for several hours to ensure the engine, transmission and clutch cool down before any more harm comes to the vehicle.
Kibria Khan (8 days ago)
How to adjust mixture screws on in carburetor in suzuki mehran
Rasta Man (8 days ago)
Great video
1Smoking Lizard (8 days ago)
90% of these comments come from people who didn't get a C- or better in Physics 101.  Don't worry...I was one of them until I retook the class and finally was able to understand Newton's laws.
encryptor (9 days ago)
very informative!
VladoS (9 days ago)
Дизлайки ставят петушки
Fereshteh Hatami (10 days ago)
skep 87 (10 days ago)
Wow this is a phenomenal video, the breakdown of all the parts and the graphics come together to explain everything brilliantly!
Tony Richengod (10 days ago)
This was one of the most informational and effective videos I've ever seen. Just brilliant! I'm heading over to Patreon right now to donate. Continue creating such brilliant videos!
Srinvas Vallapuneni (10 days ago)
Super explained.
ETX Auto Vlogs (11 days ago)
What’s the 3rd pedal for?
Namit Sharma (11 days ago)
Awesome stuff 👍🏼🔥
neelu gupta (11 days ago)
Awsme explanation.......😊😊
David Kerkenes (12 days ago)
Very well done video. Thank you.
Issam Brinis (12 days ago)
Very interesting
Joey Manning (12 days ago)
Clutch bite is also a known issue of rookie drivers burning the clutch up too lol, love when ppl ride a clutch I can smell it miles away 😂😂
gregory luckoo (12 days ago)
When you have been watching on how to kill start videos and they all show you the handbrake method and then I was just bored and watched this and how I know how to Hill start without the handbrake. Today must be my lucky day
FortZax (13 days ago)
I am so annoyed at the pronouciation of patreon
Yameromn (13 days ago)
Yameromn (13 days ago)
*output hub
Jeelan Numan Khader (13 days ago)
It was a big help from u guys explaining me how a clutch works😊
Elliot J Vidal (13 days ago)
Just go see initial D
Omomom Qomom (13 days ago)
I wonder know this animate is made by what program? please~~ I mean the car animate,not the video, Please
Zaquariu5 (14 days ago)
You haven't taught any actual engineering, basic mechanical principles at best. Explain in terms of mathematical optimization how a gearbox was made to withstand helical gear forces without being overbuilt. Explain in terms of torque capacity why a clutch disc has a certain sized friction area. Explain why overbuilding has negative consequences for both efficiency and costs. Explain tolerances. Could go on, but the point is you're misrepresenting the term with your channel name by not actually teaching any engineering. Whether you do this out of ignorance or you're just abusing the wow factor it has on non-engineers I don't know.
taulant mances (14 days ago)
Can’t stand english right side driving.
siddharth kumar (14 days ago)
please make a video on horse Power
siddharth kumar (14 days ago)
please make a video on horse Power
Jem Trenton (14 days ago)
Wicky Libra (14 days ago)
Am I dumb coz I dint understand!
marym naeem (14 days ago)
what happens when you put it in the wrong gear
Chevifier (15 days ago)
Man I watched so much tut videos on gearing this takes the cake!
Heather Warnes (15 days ago)
The what what what
Littleheifer 96 (15 days ago)
Thank you so much
Ryan Tuburan (15 days ago)
i dont understand but can't stop watchin
Vinod Kumar (15 days ago)
Giving very nicely information
Nakhla Mustapha (16 days ago)
Very good I like that .... thanks a lot
LetTheWritersWrite (16 days ago)
Dats pretty clutch
Samuel Montgomery (16 days ago)
there's always that one hill though... so steep you either gotta use the hand brake or risk a stall lol
iuri popcem (17 days ago)
Sridhar Krishnan (17 days ago)
Superb, mind blowing, educational videos. The explanation is very very clear.
Weed Man (17 days ago)
even atomatic cars need power to be disconnected
SanDiego Perez (17 days ago)
Thank you very much , know i understand everything .
Juan Marcano (18 days ago)
So... do i take my foot out of the other pedal while i cluch or not?
Jessie Lumakwas (18 days ago)
thank you for this vedeo.
Prashanth Kumar (18 days ago)
Super. Explanation..
Michelle Lee (18 days ago)
Lol...Haha....Must be babe sending the lecture on this :p
Robert BlueR (18 days ago)
yhm - very good - should be shown at classes while learning to be a mechanik :)
Daniel Agostinho (18 days ago)
Why manual cars doesn't use a fluid coupling device instead of a manual pedal clutch?
Otto Zoxoz (19 days ago)
Now a video of how truck drivers are able to "float" the gears without using the clutch.
Thang Tons (19 days ago)
Sir I really need your help in this clutch sounds which comes after installing new clutch system. There are no hard shifting in gear transmissions, everything is normal. Clutch disc, pressure plate and clutch bearing all lubricated properly wherever required, and no leak in both clutch cylinders. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DVJCERkwS2w Sir, it happens only after replacing with new clutch. And this sound did not come with the old clutch. Any ideas or suspect regarding pressure rings getting hard...? And how to identify hard pressure rings?
Tin H (19 days ago)
My father and boyfriend wont teach me about cars either they are lazy or intimidated bc I am women. However, between studying a mechanic text book and watching you tube videos i am getting the hang of it. Thank you so much for the information
toly78 (19 days ago)
BMW never had V6 engine
gopi hadimani (19 days ago)
Thanku so Mach sir.. Wow! Such a nice explaination I never got before...
Origen17 (20 days ago)
on that uphill start, you better get to that gas pretty quick, or it's stall time.
Urban (20 days ago)
what a great video
Great explanation , thank you !
OpinionatedMonk (21 days ago)
Had to add to the kudos - one of the best videos, for many reasons, on the tinterwebs. Have your like.
OpinionatedMonk (14 days ago)
ravi rathod why? Or y?
ravi rathod (14 days ago)
OpinionatedMonk y
SRI PRANAV SV (22 days ago)
How will force balance make the wheels stop ?
Miguel Nunez (22 days ago)
I’m just trying not to fuck up my engine, when I get my first manual car lol
H.T 2B (22 days ago)
Great teaching
Belamri Samir (22 days ago)
thinks for this it is magnific
Wiki Leaky (22 days ago)
I drive automatic, but I've always wanted to understand how a manual tran works. Nice, I feel educated now
dominic ancelm (23 days ago)
Excellent 3D works and simulation.. really I appreciate the hard work of the technical team behind this whole proejct
Tsuka 2104 (23 days ago)
Continue to feel like a boss with perfect clutch technique without braking on a hill... or wear out my clutch. 🤔 decisions
prozac1127 (23 days ago)
mechanical cars need to bite the dust. over complicated.
Loop (24 days ago)
holding clutch on half, while car is slowly moving forward uphill does cause some wear to the clutch.
banan z drzewa (24 days ago)
To me it was unthinkable that some drivers cant use clutch. I just realised that in US people mainly drive cars using automatic transmission.
InnovativeTactical1 (24 days ago)
Excellent video and explanation!
Ro Hall (25 days ago)
2 thumbs Up!
abnormal mindset (25 days ago)
I work for a company that builds high performance clutches and flywheels. This is a nice video to explain the clutch system.
Ketan Bhatt (25 days ago)
Watched this before my driving school lessons and that made learning so easy, Kudos !
Owen Ufkes (25 days ago)
Don’t use your clutch as a brake on a hill. It’s terrible for it.
ильдар (25 days ago)
Эх быстро (поколение)) истинные )))мужчины)) будут ездить на электрокарах либо гибридах
Manash Pratim deka (26 days ago)
You guys made me a great driver and i was able to impress my dad only because of you guys, 😊 great video

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