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Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 - Speed Test

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Speed and Performance test, Fingerprint unlock, Camaera launch, Browser, Apps, Gaming Speed tests as well as RAM management. Subscribe for more ►►► http://goo.gl/Cx6HWH Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 - Fingerprint Scanner Speed Test - https://youtu.be/iCo0Zh7mvAU Samsung Galaxy S7 vs S6 Unboxing and Comparison - https://youtu.be/-gncxt_Jajs Galaxy S7 vs Galaxy S6 Camera Test Comparison - https://youtu.be/O9olR5hYdKk Help support the channel when shopping on Amazon: US: http://amzn.to/1PGgasB UK: http://amzn.to/1ENfsHz Follow SuperSaf on: Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/SuperSaf Twitter - http://twitter.com/SuperSaf GooglePlus - http://www.google.com/+SuperSaf YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/SuperSaf Instagram - http://instagram.com/SuperSafTV Web: http://www.SuperSaf.com/
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Text Comments (465)
Farhad mirza (4 months ago)
S8 vs s7edge please
Amari Jones (4 months ago)
The screens look the same but the phones look different
Ethan Paysen (7 months ago)
Both are good
Stonedfungaming (8 months ago)
my s6 is faster in Browsing than my s7 oO
Misael Ortega (9 months ago)
how does the s6 beat my s7 on the geek bench? lol
Vitycam (10 months ago)
Watching on my S7 Edge sadly a week before the new S8 :(
RealCity (10 months ago)
Vitycam I wish i had the s7 :(
pingas joe (10 months ago)
If the difference is so minute that you have to slow it down, don't upgrade
Doing Big thangs (11 months ago)
im going spend another $700 for the s7 cause i cant sleep at night knowing the s7 is a hair faster than my s6😳
Askerov (1 year ago)
s6 is faster than the us version of s7 because the s6 has exynos
ICICspyTV1 (1 year ago)
this guy needs more subscribers...
Exxeal Junaidi (1 year ago)
no big speed different idiot if switch s6 to s7, wait until s8 or s9
fuck usa yes turkey
RealCity (10 months ago)
NDNG MİKAILmine gamer Go explode
any one galaxy s7 and galaxy s6!?
Kjartan Gregersen (1 year ago)
s6 edge brilliant device hasnt let me down yet! over a year ago i bought it
Mihai Porumb (1 year ago)
you idiot bouth phones are awesome
Hexus3000 Vender (1 year ago)
Google launcher on s7 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 bye bye wizlag
Adam Krov (1 year ago)
what should buy ?
Fülöp Henrik (1 year ago)
actually a lot better.
Sophie Mohrle (1 year ago)
Depends on your budget the s7 is more expensive but a little better
You Know My Name (1 year ago)
s7 obviously
Rodrigo Medina valdez (1 year ago)
Which speaker sounds louder?
timrock11{GamingSLO} (1 year ago)
s6 has better speaker cuz its not watterproof
Rodrigo Medina valdez (1 year ago)
which speaker sounds louder?
Jokker (1 year ago)
s6 louder and clearer
Huzaifa Liaquat (1 year ago)
is s6 a good phone?
Hasnain Nouman (1 year ago)
Huzaifa Liaquat No Actually i saw this video today so.. You know why i said a bit late.
Huzaifa Liaquat (1 year ago)
I know you are not free
Hasnain Nouman (1 year ago)
Huzaifa Liaquat a bit late reply but S6 is BEAST!
I Am (1 year ago)
Abuzar Khan (1 year ago)
s6 was faster than s7 in many cases.. hope you're not blind or paid by samsung....
Abuzar Khan (1 year ago)
+James Gordon absolutely right.. That's what i meant
James Gordon (1 year ago)
Carson Braun I think Abuzar Khan was saying that Supersaf may have been paid by Samsung to say that the S7 is faster than the S6 even though theS6 was faster in quite a few cases
Totalimus (1 year ago)
You do know S7 is on the left, correct? It is obviously faster, Galaxy S6 was quicker in opening an imagine on instagram and that's it. If you intend to reply to this comment, then give me the exact time where you think S6 was faster. Not sure if you're a troll or..
Abuzar Khan (1 year ago)
+Drazen Jerkovic don't mind brother .. i thought you said boost ...
Abuzar Khan (1 year ago)
+Drazen Jerkovic right you racist.. sorry
Ghotica3000 (1 year ago)
What type of RAM does it actually have ? DDR3 or DDR4 ?
alejo_de_ale (1 year ago)
the s6 ddr4
Stefan Filippov (1 year ago)
Super saft!!!
Ayuob Mohammed (1 year ago)
both phones are stupid IPhone 6s is the best
I Am (1 year ago)
+illuminatist boss omg that was funnier than what ayoub mohammed said
I Am (1 year ago)
lol funny joke
Flappy RusHappy (1 year ago)
samsung в попку iphone
Messi Suarez Neymar (1 year ago)
that's funny
Rosario C (1 year ago)
OK, of course s7 it's more faster than s6 but i think that s6 it's still a excellent smartphone ;)
Anıl Yörüker (10 months ago)
PotatoPlays ahahahah okey that a nice one.
TinyDino (1 year ago)
+PotatoPlays iPhone sucks
PotatoPlays (1 year ago)
It sucks, I did a test Samsung galaxy s6 (3g) and iphone 4s (4g) and the iphone wins
кушать российские?)
Google User (1 year ago)
Google User (1 year ago)
Gabriel666 sparda (1 year ago)
TurboNinja (1 year ago)
I call this guy SSTV
Knukxas (1 year ago)
S7 doesn't support big.little's 8 cores management and the clock speed is only different by 50 MHZ, very disappointed about that and I'm keeping my s6 because it might not age until another 1-3 years.
Gabriel666 sparda (1 year ago)
+Jack Riggins yes i agree bro but i dont think they will get tid of the snapdragon idk why but they wont unless qualcom fucks up again
Knukxas (1 year ago)
+Gabriel666 sparda Just another reason on why I'm keeping my s6, until they remove the snapdragon completely, I'm not getting a new phone
Gabriel666 sparda (1 year ago)
+Jack Riggins yes bro exynos has almost 3 hours more battery lofe than snapdragon and doesnt heat up at all i have had both. Right now exynos is still better than snapdragon. 2 years and qualcom has dissapointed us again
Knukxas (1 year ago)
+Gabriel666 sparda Too bad Exynos isnt in the US, much better than a snapdragon big time...
Gabriel666 sparda (1 year ago)
it does on the exynos version
Kenneth Davis (1 year ago)
one second difference isn't worth $300 bucks I'll stick with s6
Vatos Locos (1 year ago)
for the small diffence thé price of s7 x1.5
Raswer4 (1 year ago)
my s6 edge scores around 5650 on multicore on geekbench 3
Raswer4 (1 year ago)
try without powersaving mode on, turn it off and try again
Mustafa Manya (1 year ago)
my note 5 never gets above 4500!
sunny eclectech (1 year ago)
I'm really curious to see how a Snapdragon Galaxy S7 performs against the Galaxy S6 (all of which are Exynos).
sunny eclectech (1 year ago)
The performance was so close between the two, it's even harder to justify upgrading from an S6 to an S7 unless waterproofing with worse audio is the killer feature you've been looking for.
JH.13 (1 year ago)
+Syon battery life is a HUGE difference on paper and in real usage. And expandable storage is always great to have as well
sunny eclectech (1 year ago)
+Big Mo on paper, by all all the S7 should be superior, but in daily practice, there's hardly a difference.
JH.13 (1 year ago)
+Big Mo also the S7 has a bigger battery, more ram, and expandable storage, so an update from an S6 is justifiable
JH.13 (1 year ago)
Also a better camera, but the Marshmallow update really improved the S6
GRey SKS (1 year ago)
S6 все ещё тащит]]
BOEING B777 (1 year ago)
I prefer Galaxy s6
İsmail Arslan (1 year ago)
what is the name for this background music??
Ido Davidor (1 year ago)
I love my S7 exynos
crysisownz (1 year ago)
s6 looks quite tempting..hopefully a refurbished one can cost around $250 for 64gb
Idrees Azizi (1 year ago)
the S7 should of been called the S6S
Bobby Jay (1 year ago)
Marshmallow update has improved S6 significantly.
Trend Setter (1 year ago)
nice review sir! this video helped me choose a better device! thank you!
pilotpig (1 year ago)
fucking pissed, why did Samsung give north America the snapdragon piece of shit processer
timrock11{GamingSLO} (1 year ago)
there is in fact NO WAY to root the s7 SD version. its bootloader is locked by samsung
Samy_06 (1 year ago)
+pilotpig Well that depends on what you really do , you can do some customizations safely with zero risk whereas touching system files can damage the system, but for a capable user there's absolutely no risk as he knows what he's dealing with .
pilotpig (1 year ago)
+Samy_06 but is it safe 
Samy_06 (1 year ago)
+pilotpig rooting an Android phone means to grant the user full control over his phone , that means that you can perform all kind of tweaks such as replacing the system or flashing another kernel on top of your rom , just Google it and you'll see what you get from rooting your phone .
pilotpig (1 year ago)
+Samy_06 I don't know what "root" means 
James (1 year ago)
whats the name of the song in the background?
Thevindu Botheju (1 year ago)
how to charge a s6 edge.i have to power it off or on.who are you charging power off or on
valdemar alvarez (1 year ago)
toprakcem savas (1 year ago)
Damn i loved ur vid thanks a lot i wish good for u and there comes a question should i buy s6 or edge or A(2016 and which A) for performance,design,camera,and keep in mind i'll use it 2 years. Thanks a lot. Keep theese kinda vids coming u r awesome
Escorpio123PS (1 year ago)
great video again. nice comparison. :D
Ana Pfaff (1 year ago)
Yay, someone finally did this with the s6 running on Marshmallow! Nice vid!
Gino Guillermo (1 year ago)
Interesting video. May I request for Galaxy S6 (with Marshmallow) vs iPhone 6 with iOS 9.3 speed test, app opening, GPS lock and battery please. Many thanks.
Sandro Saulić (1 year ago)
HiShamAzMan (1 year ago)
69 Solo (1 year ago)
After Android 6.0 update on my S6, its faster than before. Plus love Samsung for giving me more options in pro mode. Plus now my S6 uses very less memory and more of it is free. The S6 is awesome after the new update. :-D
I Am (1 year ago)
that's becouse of the New touchwiz
SATEGAGAK 19 (1 year ago)
I love s7
Mimo Roomi (1 year ago)
Bro again the best video's on YouTube
S6 is better because s7 800 euros and s6 is around 450 evros.
Since marshmallow update, s6 is 3 times better phone, no need to change for s7
greenranger2482 (1 year ago)
How about battery life
Cole Ketzel (1 year ago)
You could totally make your s6 faster by just going into developer options it'd not worth the upgrade
Cole Ketzel (1 year ago)
+SplungeKik yep I have the nexus 6 and 5 and happy
Elmo The Hellmo (1 year ago)
+Cole Ketzel Nexus 5X 👌
Cole Ketzel (1 year ago)
+SplungeKik that is true but it speeds it up a little really if you want a fast phone just get a Nexus phone
Elmo The Hellmo (1 year ago)
That doesn't magically make it faster. TouchWiz is very heavy.
Daniel Petrea (1 year ago)
so still i enjoy my S6 ;x
xxBXTxx (1 year ago)
love your vids thanks for your work
Slixbrah (1 year ago)
anyone know if the marshmallow fixed the always active radio bug? was in lollipop. the only way to have decent battery was to disable background data
Elyx (1 year ago)
so theres a ram management issue on snapdragon 820..
ㅤღنورღ ㅤ (1 year ago)
It's not really an issue. Samsung has always been aggressive and restrictive with the RAM management. Kind of pointless if you're gonna put 4 GB of RAM.
Czukor János (1 year ago)
soo s6 has the remote and s7 has not but its waterproof....i dont think its worth to change...😯
69 Solo (1 year ago)
+DarkForce852 My S6 has 64 gb internal. Internal storage is any day more reliable and faster when compared to Memory card. I love S7 for being waterproof though. :-D
Musab Abdullah (1 year ago)
+DarkForce852 yep it does have big battery but not that big... s7 edge 3600mah will be fine though.
Czukor János (1 year ago)
+DarkForce852 i dont think its worth to change this year 😢😟😞
DarkForce852 (1 year ago)
+Czukor János Don't forget the S7 has a better battery and expandable storage too
Dark Matters (1 year ago)
so the only reason to upgrade to the s7 is if i want more storage?
Dark Matters (1 year ago)
my s6 model is 920f and im still waiting for the update. why is it taking so long?
mohamed soliman (1 year ago)
nice video as usual. Plz compare the huawei mate 8 with Samsung devices & iPhone coz I think it's a coming best & I need to know ur opinion. Although I'm waiting for the new Samsung note coz I think it will kick ass the competition as usual. & thanks for the sustained perfection, u really helped me a lot
JustinianXLIII (1 year ago)
Am I the only one that wasn't bothered by the camera hump at all, I actually find it nice, the iPhone's camera bump is horrid
Knukxas (1 year ago)
Especially when you get a case for the phone, the camera bump isn't even noticeable.
ㅤღنورღ ㅤ (1 year ago)
YESSSS. People will always fish for fucking complaints. it wasn't that bad at all
Ado Black (1 year ago)
Great comparison Saf, there is definitely a slight improvement. But for me, the upgrade from the S6 Edge to the S7 is not worth it yet, S6 is still one of the best phones I'd say. Might upgrade when S8 comes out, expecting a bigger difference by then.
Quang Lê Đức (1 year ago)
you mean Qualcomm 820 vs Exynos 7420, dont you?
1baby (1 year ago)
watch the video again
Eric Rau (1 year ago)
how about score antutu benchmark?
mohamed Abd ELsalam (1 year ago)
Galaxy s6 have camera noise sound what is that ???
Sancho Lawan (1 year ago)
good to know that s6s ram management issue has been resolved. as alsays a great video bro! idol
Spaf GR (1 year ago)
Nah i'm gonna keep my s6 and ill go for the s8
ganjabobby (1 year ago)
Liking the music and polished style of this video. Awesome work once again.
Great Video Bro .. actually waited a long time for this from u..
Farhan Hussain (1 year ago)
can't wait for the HTC one m10
Sangy Bora (1 year ago)
Watching this on my S4. :'(
Dandelion (1 year ago)
if only samsung was pure android like the 6p i would of bought it.
Hanebnik (1 year ago)
+Dandelion You can always void your warranty (if you know what i mean)
Yordan Uzunov (1 year ago)
Soooo .... the newer phone is faster.... that was surprising :D
TranceParadise (1 year ago)
Now imagine Galaxy S7 with Galaxy S6 camera... THAT COULD BE A PERFECT PHONE.
Radoslaw Bartnicki (1 year ago)
Incredible how good S6 is... :) Good Job Samsung.
sai sreekantt (1 year ago)
gave me a hope......hope my mi 4 improves ram management after marshmallow :p
not worth for upgrade
Jehan Kateli (1 year ago)
Can you do an S7 vs 6S comparison?
Mathieu Deprat (1 year ago)
Fuck. I really wanna get the S7 but im stuck on an iPhone 6S. :(
Suhayb Aljahwari (1 year ago)
you are good at comparisons specially speed comparisons
Hussein Asadi (1 year ago)
galaxy s7 is better than the s6 in a category and it is expected the galaxy s6 is quicker and it is considered a "one off"
girlsdrinkfeck (1 year ago)
both running marshmallow ?
Security First (1 year ago)
its good ram management! thank you. time to upgrade my s4 to s7 soon..
charlie.d243 (1 year ago)
S6 win !!
Jhonas Arcega (1 year ago)
can you do a full comparison of s7 and s5? thank youuu
Josue2297 (1 year ago)
Hey @SuperSaf TV Big fan here. Your videos helped me choose my last phone and I love your camera comparisons. I'm here to ask for a little help since you got fans worldwide. Could you please help me sharing this link https://www.gofundme.com/helpjochi it's a campaign I started since I don't want to give up college but the reality is my will alone won't pay for my credits. The smallest help will be greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work.
golom1408 (1 year ago)
Well as i remember the s6 was good for little (5) apps in background but when doing like 10 apps i think it fails loading the older apps.
Usman Bangash (1 year ago)
LG G5 vs s6 vs s7 vs one plus 2 camera test pleeeeeeeeeease
Usman Bangash (1 year ago)
I thought the s6 will have big problem in the multitasking but not which is amazing and unbelievable.
Usman Bangash (1 year ago)
I like the s6 because it has nice chrome rim around the home button, around the whole body that can be seen from front and phone speaker is also chrome which looks very nice than s7
Ansh Tokas (1 year ago)
Hey saf! any plans on iphone se when it will come out ?
TechySaubhagya (1 year ago)
Hello Saf Great Video....... I prebooked My s7 edge...3 days Back.... I'm a bit confused to get which color... i initially wanted gold as i had the titanium silver s6 edge +... But now i have a doubt that in Gold color s7 edge the bumper is not gold color but its dark silver . Is it like this?? .... I dont think a dark silver bumper will contrast with gold color front and back ... Pls Suggest
Gary Jo (1 year ago)
always nice to see your videos... but itd be great if you could upgrade your camera game and thatd make the video sharper.. just a little suggestion :)
Yoosuf Muneer (1 year ago)
I think Supersaf is in Beast mode these days
Frustrated Indian (1 year ago)
Gud vdo...!!!
Youssef Bahari (1 year ago)
camera lg g5 vs s7 edge please
Youssef Bahari (1 year ago)
as the back camera of 16 megapixels lg g5
Youssef Bahari (1 year ago)
+Lunatic92i galaxy s7 5mpx
Numan Coreas (1 year ago)
+Youssef Bahari s7 no doubt

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