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Boson 4.0 - $400 Gaming PC Build (2017)

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For $400 the Boson 4.0 is a fresh gaming PC build for 2017! Intel Pentium G4560 on Amazon: http://austin.tech/g4560 EVGA GTX 1050 on Amazon: http://austin.tech/gtx1050 MSI B250M PRO-VD on Amazon: http://austin.tech/b250m 8GB Kingston HyperX Fury on Amazon: http://austin.tech/8gbfury 120GB Kingston UV400 on Amazon: http://austin.tech/kingstonssd 430W EVGA PSU on Amazon: http://austin.tech/evga430w Thermaltake Versa H15 on Amazon: http://austin.tech/versa15 Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/austinevans Instagram: http://instagram.com/austinnotduncan Twitter: http://twitter.com/austinnotduncan Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/austinnotduncan
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Text Comments (10883)
LCT Draxx (25 minutes ago)
Could an Intel core i3 fit In this?
Nochill (5 hours ago)
Would this pc be good for rainbow 6
GDVaranox (18 hours ago)
Would I be able to replace the CPU with an i3? (It probably sounds dumb but I've never built a PC before.)
Dat boi420 For (19 hours ago)
Can this handle vr
Thomas West (1 day ago)
Is there another graphics cards you recommend as right now all on amazon are $400ish dollars and i wish i had that extra to spend
gavin (1 day ago)
hey Austin, this is Gavin, when will you make the boson 5.0?
TheCoolStuffHD (1 day ago)
A year later and the price is over $500.
Death of Gaming (2 days ago)
Thanks for the build
Kalle Alatupa (2 days ago)
Does this pc have bluetooth and wifi or do i have to buy a wifi- and a bluetooth card
Pyrocynical's Son (2 days ago)
b.... but its 650 bucks
Sam Kaas (3 days ago)
I've calculated the costs in Europe and the total is ... €742.26 :( (no, I did not make a mistake)
chris e-f (3 days ago)
he lies in every video this is actually all for 540 on amazon
Wade Wright (22 hours ago)
chris e-f its different where you live dude
Josh Canada (4 days ago)
what do you use for wifi?
Adolf Hitler (4 days ago)
524$ now
HAZZA (4 days ago)
Can u edit on this pc also czar u stream
Rudra Sharma (4 days ago)
do i need to buy a wire/wireless network adapter? (im new to PC building)
Leo 3 Savoie (4 days ago)
Does anybody know if he over clocked any thing
TWHD. (5 days ago)
i built your 1.0 and i want a refund lol
DebiZ (5 days ago)
I’m going to build on! I got a better gpu and power supply
HAZZA (6 days ago)
Say if I was to buy a i5 or i7 with this build would it work out well or nah
HAZZA (6 days ago)
Wait so ur saying a intel penteum core is good for gaming
D3ADEYE (6 days ago)
How did you put a cpu and a gpu in the same case?
Syd6016 (6 days ago)
could i replace the pentiium with like an i5
Tai Velikajne (7 days ago)
could this build work: -Cooler Master MasterWatt Lite 500W, -MSI B250M PRO-VDH, -Intel G4500, -8GB of RAM, -GeForce GTX 1050 PHOENIX, -Seagate BarraCuda 1TB please tell me, ty
Brent Fatty (7 days ago)
Can I use a different case?
FRAGBOSS180 (7 days ago)
it was $500 so lowered so of the items
Mario Editz (8 days ago)
Is this pc good for after effects?
darckness player (8 days ago)
I like your videos and you put arabic subtitles My english language not verry well but you help me to learn more thank you(:
Nic Beaver (8 days ago)
No 1tb hard drive? With that on today's market this build is more like $514
Michael Entwistle (9 days ago)
It's so hard to find any of these parts that ship to Australia...
Nick Marigo (9 days ago)
Now this pc is $535 on amazon.
Stephen O M (10 days ago)
Boson 4.0 or Photon 3.0?
cousin quips (10 days ago)
Does somebody have a vid of where i put the cables?? Of the whole desktop
Logiic (10 days ago)
is this pc good for editing (sony vegas), recording (elgato hd 60), and maybe streaming (obs) ?? I am horrible when it comes to pc stuff and don't know what much of this stuff means, but i need a pc for gaming and editing.
yahia ahmed (10 days ago)
i built it but i had 80 dollars left so i bought a hard drive
REALDEAL GAMING (7 days ago)
yahia ahmed how is this build so far ?
31337 Clan (10 days ago)
God I wish I could build this
toy teddy (11 days ago)
its actually 543.85$ i did the math
ZackG?! (11 days ago)
Built this a week or so ago as my first ever build, and it's great so far! Thanks Austin!
JT (11 days ago)
This cost a lot more than 400 for me it added up to 548
Dagbjartur Johannsson (12 days ago)
Actually the the price of all of these parts is $540
George Michael (12 days ago)
Can I change the gtx 1050 to 1060 ?
Brocco Obama (12 days ago)
George Michael yes
Sujo (12 days ago)
I have an important question: Can I upgrade the CPU to Intel Core i7? Do I need any extra cooler or fans things like that or can I just simply upgrade it?
Sujo (11 days ago)
Brocco Obama So if I’m adding a fan where should that go? On the case? I currently have the Pentium installed on my Boson 4.0 already and consider upgrading it to i7
Brocco Obama (12 days ago)
Sujo should be fine. But since i7 cpus are great, they can produce a bit of heat. Buy a 212 Evo.
Benji Genji (12 days ago)
What do you do with all those connectors?
Isaac C (12 days ago)
This is more like 480 dollars
mini banana (12 days ago)
Ayy the incedible true story cover painting in the backround
Matthijs Kik (13 days ago)
If I would order this right now in Europe, it would set me back about 700 Euro(~840 USD)..
Monkler (13 days ago)
I have the Boson 4.0 if anyone wants to ask questions maybe i’ll answer
Bin Huang (12 days ago)
Monkler what would happen if I added another DDR4 to make it 16 gb of ram? Would that be possible? Also is this PC loud?
Monkler (12 days ago)
Bin Huang the G4560 comes with the cooler and you can get windows with a usb at a bestbuy or order the usb on amazon
Bin Huang (12 days ago)
Why doesn't this computer require a CPU cooler? And how am I supposed to get windows?
Monkler (12 days ago)
RustedBagelProductions Pubg runs pretty great when i have medium or high settings. The game looks amazing. I think the boson can run it pretty great imo
FeaR Nyx (13 days ago)
how many frames will this computer get on fortnite in 1080?
SightseeingSkyrim (13 days ago)
i trigger kinda hard at that dual core for a gaming system, i run a quadcore that is 10 years old and it probably is about as good or better than that pentium(im upgrading to an am3+ 8-core tomorrow)
Hayk Baltajyan (13 days ago)
so i added evrything and i ended up with £557 are pc parts more expensive in uk or what? because im super confused right now
Jelly Bean (14 days ago)
parts are so much more expensive in the uk :( this pc is is £517.94 with the links provided and thats around $700
lyrics Z (15 days ago)
120GB Kingston UV400 wtf only black ops 3 is 100gb
Mirkat GameZ (15 days ago)
Is the gtx 1050 in the video better than a geforce gt 1030
donavan arulthas (8 days ago)
Yes about 2x
Markuss Treide (12 days ago)
Mirkat GameZ of course
Quickei (15 days ago)
do you need a wifi adaptor or card?
Marsbar 88 (15 days ago)
Wow i just calculated the parts and the costin AUD is $866
Quickei (16 days ago)
can i do 2x 4gb ram instead of 1x 8gb ram stick?
CrazyNonsense (15 days ago)
go ahead doesnt matter
AnPlayzYT (16 days ago)
in canada it was 500 lol
Antonio Playzzz (16 days ago)
I finally finished mine
ReTcHy 666 (16 days ago)
omg so good :D
ERIC GRR (16 days ago)
Can I downgrade the power supply to an evga 400w just asking because it has different demensions then the one he is using
ERIC GRR (12 days ago)
Markuss Treide okay thank you
Markuss Treide (12 days ago)
ERIC GRR as long as it has at least bronze sertification your'e good to go
clash king (16 days ago)
Lol goes to Amazon comes to 510 dollars ????????
cody baller420 (17 days ago)
Can you go into more detail on another video
cody baller420 (17 days ago)
I did the same thing you did but mine doesn't work
Dazedd (17 days ago)
Lol that Incredible true story vinyl in the background tho 😂✊🔥
Connor Tustison (17 days ago)
This video is why i started loving computors
Pavle Nikolić (18 days ago)
Im mad because some of the items can't be shiped to my country! (Serbia)
JoshuaSamuel (18 days ago)
Can someone tell me if the Boson 4.0 or The Photon 3.0 is better
Markuss Treide (12 days ago)
JoshuaSamuel theyr'e pretty much the same
Traximity (18 days ago)
Just Built This Yesterday and man this is a great pc I can play anything
matias hoppe (18 days ago)
will this run dark souls 3??
Kevin Wayne Durant (18 days ago)
Will a Zotac GTX 1050ti 4gb with 2 fans be able to fit in this case?
Scott Riley (18 days ago)
I have a 420 watt power supply from a dead PC. Would that still work?
Clasher Jacka (19 days ago)
Don't worry it is in. The box
Clasher Jacka (19 days ago)
Is it in the CPU
Clasher Jacka (19 days ago)
Hmm no stock cooler in desc
SuRgg RaiD (19 days ago)
I just checked and it’s 517.88
Yoyo Playz (20 days ago)
uhh.... 400?
D9 Dreamz (20 days ago)
Would this shit work if you forgot to get a micro atx case
MD Akkas (20 days ago)
I wanna build this PC then realize now it's 540 dollar
Clasher Jacka (20 days ago)
Will I need a separate USB flash drive for windows 10 cause if I do I need to know soon to get it in the boxing day sales!
Destintor (20 days ago)
Could it run gmod
Rumbling (20 days ago)
The 430 psu was out of stock, so I got the 500 watt version. Will this kill my pc
James Dechary (21 days ago)
only problem is that windows 10 costs $100 sooooo.......
space kat (21 days ago)
Is it OK if install a evega 500 watt power supply instead of a 430 watt
Itualis (21 days ago)
Can I put a g4600 instead
Toby Smith (21 days ago)
can you do a video on upgrade the boson 4.0
Dqmaged FPS (21 days ago)
lol bow I can run Minecraft at 1k frames but all jokes aside this is a great build for the price
Cloud Nasty Gaming (21 days ago)
Too bad this cost 600 now
Stathis Zoulakis (22 days ago)
Can I said you game to play with that pc pls ?
jonas andersson (22 days ago)
whats the best, boson 4.0 or the photon 3.0?
Gregory Zachar (23 days ago)
Austin will this build run rainbow six seige at decent fps?
Wreck It (23 days ago)
Can I play PUBG?
Brocco Obama (23 days ago)
Wreck It low-50fps
Dr REX (23 days ago)
Please give benchmarks of bf1 on boson 4
Brocco Obama (23 days ago)
Dr REX low-60
The mad Camoman (23 days ago)
Could you use the tower with the window for the build
Traximity (23 days ago)
For the processor instead of a g4560 can I get a g4600
Juan (23 days ago)
$600 + Tax at current moment
Patrick Roberts (6 days ago)
Juan prices are up rn wait awhile
FireProdigy (7 days ago)
J H no you don’t lol
J H (7 days ago)
Also u need to buy windows
TheGeekster (8 days ago)
Finland 397
clark landrum (9 days ago)
In us it’s about 550🙁
Hugo BULB (24 days ago)
Just build my boson 4.0 . I startet playing csgo and i was getting about 60-80fps on high settings! THANK YOU 😊👌🏻!!
Austiinn (5 days ago)
Hugo BULB brooo build this for me and I’ll pay you😂 I don’t know shit about building pcs I feel like I’d spend all that money just to break something 🤷🏻‍♂️😂
The Exalt (5 days ago)
D9 Dreamz go on reddit on r/buildapc
D9 Dreamz (6 days ago)
Hugo BULB how did u build it bro i done fucked up
Tai Velikajne (7 days ago)
bro my mums laptop gets 120fps on max
Hugo BULB (7 days ago)
Colin Quigley Now i am getting about 115fps on high-setting i don’t know why it didn’t go on that much fps at the start!
DaddySard (24 days ago)
here in december 2017 price is $522.39 USD
Simon Jones (25 days ago)
Does this build run Player Unknown Battle Grounds?
Simon Jones (18 days ago)
Thank You
Stryder (18 days ago)
Simon Jones yes
yash dhingra (25 days ago)
Can we replace it with GTX 1050 Ti.
Brocco Obama (23 days ago)
yash dhingra yea
Ian Hidalgo (25 days ago)

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