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The Property Show 3rd June 2018 Episode 263 - The Bus Tour

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Chela Davis (14 days ago)
Nancy I need 2 bedrooms I’m single mother. Renting
Kennedy Ambundo (15 days ago)
How can I buy a house with no money?
Patrick Mwangi (18 days ago)
Awesome show.. Kenya is Beautiful.. Bravo Nancy.
Lovely Day (18 days ago)
This show is starting to become ridiculous when it comes to prices.14M to 27M for apartments built with imported materials....this is really STUPID!
heavenbound princess (5 days ago)
Lovely Day, as much as I don't condon the high pricing of this apartments, you must also understand that our houses in Africa are built a bit different from the ones in Europe. Ours being more durable than the carton boxes houses of Europe. Again whatever material imported is very minor. The main materials being stones, cement, ballast, wood which is all harvested locally.
african man (16 days ago)
Just read the above comments and replies and realised that, people they dont know that in property business there are so many factors to consider on pricing not only the number of rooms a house has...some of the factors are location, finishing materials, amenities included, accessories etc. These may add the value of a property regardless of the origin of the materials whether imported or locally obtained...
Sarah Kimani (17 days ago)
Lovely Day i agree with you. I wonder who buys an appartment for 150000 USD its crazy. Better build a small house for yourself and you will save alot
Lovely Day (18 days ago)
catherine nyoro i have been doing extensive research on house projects and it's amazing the difference in prices.Some are charging 4M for three bedroom house,some are charging 15M for the same kinda house becouse the government doesn't control the prices.No apartment should be worth that much in Kenya
catherine nyoro (18 days ago)
I really struggle with what to say when I see property episodes like this. USD150,000+ for a tiny condo in a third world country? If you google property in a place like Rockford Ill, - granted not everyone cares for the Midwest, (or property taxes) but you can get 3-4 bedroom single family houses on big lots for less than USD130,000. Na hakuna burglar proofing, perimeter walls, and electric fencing.
Noureldin Abdulwahid (18 days ago)
Despite the development growing in Aftica yet we still import 99% of goods abroad except cements and sands

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