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TOP 4 WAYS - Make Clients Want Life Insurance

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Maurita Hen (14 days ago)
Great and very easy to follow
MZWATSON804 (26 days ago)
Great content but poor sound and lighting quality.
Robert Mungai (1 month ago)
Wow.. Very insightful.. Thank you from Nairobi,Kenya
Ken Blinn (1 month ago)
Tristan, Do you have a podcast?
trisTOM (1 month ago)
Hi Ken! We do not have a podcast... YET. It is on the agenda, but at the moment we continue to build and develop our site catered to the life insurance agent. Members are given all the tools to be successful. Videos, CRM, case management, and more. Check it out if you haven’t. www.tristom.com If you have items specific that you would like addressed, please let us know.
Rajan Pisharody (2 months ago)
Informative and very valuable, thanks a lot
rutchanant pitida (2 months ago)
thx for your kindness
Steve Rodger (2 months ago)
Do you like your job.i’m serious
prakap Khong (1 month ago)
What Y
prakap Khong (1 month ago)
Thai Lao molum
prakap Khong (1 month ago)
Thai Lao morlu m
Terry C (3 months ago)
The tax free money beats any investment on earth. Great videos
rashmi joy (4 months ago)
Thank you Sir It's very helpful for me .
trisTOM (3 months ago)
My pleasure! Let us know how we can further help.
Agreed!! Must bring value, you must paint the picture, you must have urgency! Find their trigger and pull it!!! Paradise Planning Life Group Inc.
trisTOM (4 months ago)
If you don't have urgency, you will never get clients to take the next step. Thank you for the comment.
kirti bhola (5 months ago)
it was amazing, i loved it. expecting the same videos in future too.
trisTOM (4 months ago)
Thanks kirti! Sign up at trisTOM.com for more videos! We provide videos on YouTube, but exclusive videos to our members of trisTOM.com
bheema godhaniya (6 months ago)
Simply Awesome thxxs a lot man
Myra Villanueva (6 months ago)
Amazing video!!!
Haitham El-Sayed (8 months ago)
Tristan, thanks for the video! It is much appreciated!
jeanette garcia (8 months ago)
I am an insurance agent looking to broaden my portfolio, I have dealt with Health Insurance mainly but am looking for products to add. I'm only licensed in Texas right now. I don't have an annuity license as of yet, but would love to know of any health, life or other products that are doing well. I also got into a new marketing nitch because I work from home and have been having a hard time with lead companies with old leads or over sold leads, and some are just two expensive. I was tired of cold calling, no one ever answers now when they don't recognize the number. It's a ringless voicemail technology, another words you prerecord you message and send it out to thousands of cell phones with the click of a mouse and just let them call you. I thought it was genius, and I am so in. Here's the url if you want to check it out www.ibourl.net/ringlessmarketing. This is the main reason I'm looking for more products to add, because it freed up my time greatly.
jeanette garcia (8 months ago)
I am a insurance agent as well
jeanette garcia (8 months ago)
Heck yeah I am, I now have a great delivery system.
trisTOM (8 months ago)
+jeanette garcia thank you for the comment. I’ll have to check it out. If you are looking for new products, new ideas on sales and marketing, that’s what our company specializes in! Love to talk further. Visit us at www.trisTOM.com and we can discuss further. There’s a contact us link on the main page. Always looking to partner with like minded individuals.
stock kbnowledge (9 months ago)
Very informative thanks!
Ruwan Jayarathne (9 months ago)
Exactly the same I used to face....fantastic
trisTOM (9 months ago)
+Ruwan Jayarathne thank you for the kind words, Ruwan! We are here to assist on the life insurance side of the business. If there's anything on your end that you'd like us to work on, please let us know!
Vassilis Rizos (10 months ago)
Thank you Tristan ! Very useful for me.
trisTOM (10 months ago)
+Vassilis Rizos thank you for the comments, Vassilis. Any success you have, please don't hesitate to message back and let us know!
devohnmitchell (10 months ago)
Thanks i thought it was just me that was thinking this about selling Life insurance
trisTOM (10 months ago)
+devohnmitchell The focus on this is life insurance, but it can be useful for all types of sales conversation. Are you a life insurance agent?
Ryan Hulshizer (10 months ago)
Hi Tristan... Thanks for the very inspiring and informative videos. You are pumping me up! Here's a video idea on a topic I need some counsel. I have a hard time convincing some customers (many are higher income/net worth) that it is a good idea to put a simple whole life policy (25,000 or 50,000 DB) with a future guaranteed purchase option on their kids. I tell them the most important reason is that you are insuring their insurability as you never know what future needs could be, and that a whole life policy taken out at this age could very well be their most valuable asset at age 20, 30, or 60. It will give them options if they live, die, quit or become disabled. At the very least, it will provide a burial policy so that one doesn't need to write out a check for $10,000-$15,000 in today's dollars for final expenses. What angle do you use for this type of sale? Thanks in advance!
Lynne Hill (11 months ago)
Great content. Thank you.
trisTOM (11 months ago)
Hi, Lynne. Thank you for the kind words. The goal is to help agents get better day in and day out. Hopefully, this video can help you get closer to accomplishing your goal. If there are other items that you would like covered, please let us know! We would love to help wherever we can!
Lalit Desai (11 months ago)
trisTOM (11 months ago)
Thank you, Lalit. Please let us know if there are other items that you would like to have us discuss in upcoming videos. Our goal is to make agents better day in and day out!

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