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Is the Microsoft HoloLens the Future?

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HoloLens might be the best piece of tech you haven't heard of. The coolest virtual reality headsets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yeoi3R8lHaw&index=5&list=PL02HDVnTgIcpS6dgWJoH46Wos616uhRjc Big shoutout to Adam and Glenn from Master of Shapes! http://masterofshapes.com Microsoft has built a full Windows 10 computer with a holographic display that fits on your face. Hello future. With HoloLens you're seeing a very different approach than a virtual reality headset, it's closer to Google Glass with a fully transparent display but it allows you to place things like browser windows in real space. With some serious tracking that probably shares a bit of tech from Kinect HoloLens is able to map your entire room and let you interact with holograms inside it without needing to be tethered to a gaming PC or needing sensors setup to guide it. Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/austinevans Add me on Snapchat! https://www.snapchat.com/add/austinnotduncan Twitter: http://twitter.com/austinnotduncan Instagram: http://instagram.com/austinnotduncan Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/austinnotduncan
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Text Comments (2767)
Chris Palusak (1 hour ago)
to much money
Hatty Hattinhtong (1 day ago)
Can u play games with it
NodrogGDP (2 days ago)
Too bad it’s £3000!!!!
Chairs tables (6 days ago)
Soon there will be ordinal sacle
RubCuber (6 days ago)
I tried this at the Petersen Automotve museum, and it was AWESOME.
Nasko Production (9 days ago)
Nicholas Pattinson (9 days ago)
Ive used one of these many times and they’re fantastic i think they’re better than vr such as htc vive or the oculus rift
lewisgose boom (9 days ago)
I think it's amazing
Serge Doh (9 days ago)
im pissed because my school has like 1000 of these and ive never used it but second period sience did SERIUSLY
SaVii 86 (10 days ago)
Hello. Future person here. Holo lens is still not a thing.
Christine'S Vlogs (11 days ago)
never heard of this
bmtten (13 days ago)
If the future is a future filled young Conker I don’t want to live anymore.
Swordchicken (14 days ago)
i read the plot of let's be evil. i know how this goes.
doop (19 days ago)
Imagine this situation Dude 1: dude whats the weather? Dude with hololens: 1 sec just need to find my google tab again!
Joejox Ziweb (20 days ago)
It could be smaller
Charlie Fiction (21 days ago)
see they are miss directing all this kind of technology because they want to make money but all they really need to do is bring back arcades and have this in them. Access like cyber cafe with id cards and pay for food, areas for video games that can be like PAC man vr or donkey Kong vr, if that makes since by having obstacles natural man made, they made a PAC man see through vr before vr was a thing and have it in my old gaming magazine from like 2003. Thats what they need to market this for cyber cafe arcades. Just saying. lol
Angel Ravenwing (21 days ago)
Closer to Black Mirror every day...
ELK1989612 (23 days ago)
My vision is augmented.
mlg doge (24 days ago)
Wait so is this like Google glass?
Too expensive for the field of view wouldn't you all agree?
Luke Smith (26 days ago)
Tried it a couple months ago, all it really needs is a cheaper price
ZeldaPlays Gaming (27 days ago)
Is Austin Evans the future?
IamScuffed (1 month ago)
gay version on google glass
k0mane (1 month ago)
He forgot to mention the outstanding 5,000 dollar price point
Sofa of Adam - VR (1 month ago)
Nope. I wanna be away from the real world. Vr is epic
LincTRIKS (1 month ago)
When does the next Hololens come out?
Agentsheephd (1 month ago)
Next sao is playable
TheDoofusBuilder (1 month ago)
what I think about the Hololense is that I need one!
Nut (1 month ago)
how to get cancer 101 : strap this mutherfucker to you head and connect it to wifi all day long
Doom's Way (1 month ago)
When you try to look like a big man from the future
LegitDoggo (1 month ago)
PS vr of Xbox?
Loganzone637 (1 month ago)
Will you be able to connect a controller with blue tooth?
Lyonheart501st (1 month ago)
just make it into a hat so it doesn't look too crazy
ZR Bready (1 month ago)
thats way too expensive
Dana Rider (1 month ago)
I am not paying that price for a limited field of view...
Stephen Gust (1 month ago)
I have the Microsoft HoloLens and I LOVE it!!
Gl do (1 month ago)
It is a cool product that makes you look not so cool :)
Ledgebringer X (1 month ago)
魚游 (1 month ago)
Hand free jerk off machine
Thot Pockets05 (1 month ago)
this looks like jackals head gear in r6s
WhereoutGamerRBLX (1 month ago)
Imagine GTA 5 on this dude
WhiteNoise (1 month ago)
Augma is coming xDD
Abraham Lincoln (1 month ago)
I can now watch porn anywhere and no one will know.
the lilgamer03 (1 month ago)
This dude look like he trying to be jackle from rainbow six seige
Eyad Soliman (1 month ago)
how much is it?
GAME KING KHURRAM (1 month ago)
Xbox one xls
gears gamer (1 month ago)
I went to the Microsoft store and I saw this and me and my sisters really liked it looks so cool
F 35 helmet
minimister gx (1 month ago)
2018 gang
m4ti140 (1 month ago)
Heavy Rain much?
Mystical (1 month ago)
that fps tho
BlueLitonian (1 month ago)
I've wore this and tried it out and I have to say I was disappointed terms of the actual display. It doesn't seem futuristic, it just feels like looking through a small pix-elated window.
RedBeryl 81 (1 month ago)
Bill gates finally toped the imac
Bacon Sandwich (1 month ago)
Austin: Is the Microsoft Hololens the future? Me: No. Just no.
moth (1 month ago)
What about price and audio?
Crafter Bros (2 months ago)
And now, they just have to make Sword Art Online, Alfheim, GGO, etc.
TheMoonChan (2 months ago)
Did anyone else see this and instantly think AmuSphere from sao
Op Sweep (2 months ago)
Ready Player One?
Pugglestv (2 months ago)
It could be good for training such as police or a fire fighter.
Zapam wamba (2 months ago)
I actually played with this thing at my dad's work. It's really cool.
Protoss. (2 months ago)
real life jackel scan
gamer 10000 (2 months ago)
next thing you know, eye movement detectors
gamer 10000 (2 months ago)
very cool but could be better if less bulky for something like, watching a guide or something while doing homework
Noah Melvin (2 months ago)
hell no it isnt the future as of now
Steven G (2 months ago)
This would be awesome if it used eye tracking for control in some way, or maybe brain wave. I guess I’ll keep waiting
Splat splat Girl (2 months ago)
theres a saying in the UK, money for old rope.
ThePuppyGamer Hall (2 months ago)
but "Can It Run Crysis"
nemas probleamas (2 months ago)
ready player one,, gaming with vr is the future
Anurag Pal (2 months ago)
Call 911 For Cookies (2 months ago)
the future?
Petar Krsmanović (2 months ago)
*hits blunt* Does hololens recognize italian gestures ?!?! P.S.- srry for bad grammar
You know Da Wae? (2 months ago)
ButWhy? (2 months ago)
Apparently, No.
S386LWBNM (2 months ago)
"Virtual Reality" No...the proper term would be Augmented Reality for this scenario
Gamer_Boiii 77 (2 months ago)
If this was an actual pc that can run games, I would be playing COD, the whole day outside. So, no one can tell me that I should go outside and play.
Ewan Croft (2 months ago)
And when?
Ewan Croft (2 months ago)
Where can I buy this??
蛋非 (2 months ago)
not so practical tho
corsegerspwnd (2 months ago)
Nj TheWolf (2 months ago)
Great way to watch porn without anyone knowing 😂😂😂😂😂
Jacob Gallego (2 months ago)
It’s augmented reality
CaptainWilde16 (2 months ago)
t.u.k.k mc (2 months ago)
i would love to have it
Ace Asaiyan (2 months ago)
This isn’t vr it’s ar
ham shank (2 months ago)
I'mma fuck the shit out of a robot
zsaver (2 months ago)
Seems like a great tool for training. When I was in the army I used an electronic range a few times while in basic training. Pretty much the same concept but this seems a lot more advanced.
sdlfhlkf sahvgdajsdg (2 months ago)
Easier to watch porn
Anime Wulf (2 months ago)
Give me a reason to leave my room if I forgot youtube in the kitchen lol
WayBachWin (2 months ago)
We have one at my school and it’s pretty amazing
Tech Videos (2 months ago)
CaptainWilde16 (2 months ago)
Jessey van Hoeijen (3 months ago)
Nope. Gotta buy the dlc fiiiirst!
xNeurotic here (3 months ago)
Stephen John Hall (3 months ago)
Keep the price low
Skaname (3 months ago)
Hey guys, this is austin.
DrawFour (3 months ago)
CIA: *Try the new Microsoft Hololens!*
Ashish Patole (3 months ago)
What about Hyper Lens...?
johura bibi (3 months ago)
johura bibi (3 months ago)
frazzled pink (3 months ago)
in 4 years holo lens is gonna be Austin's regular glasses

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