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Samsung Galaxy S8 review

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Biometric issues aside, the Galaxy S8 is a brilliant phone Apart from a very high price and biometric issues, the Galaxy S8 in a triumphant mix of tech and design The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a powerful phone with a design that's unlike anything most phone buyers will have seen before – and it's stunning. But it's also one of the most expensive devices out there right now, and packs in a few questionable design decisions to accommodate that large display – essentially, Samsung has rolled the dice to create something that looks truly breathtaking and innovative.

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The Buddha Of Providence (4 months ago)
Are you kidding me? The S8 and S8+ sucks, wtf is wrong with Samsung, they make these phones with no investments in durability. They just rush to put out a new model every year which looks shiny, has impressive hardware into it and yet, the battery capacity is a damn joke, 3000 and 3500 mah just isn't enough, the screen's edges are a big minus in the eventuality of a drop, even with their Corning Gorilla Glass these phones can easily get a screen fisure. Even Samsung's Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge battery performance is less than stellar. I guess that i'll try to avoid Samsung until they invest in overall quality of their smartphones. Especially when these are so expensive, this is what people get from a phone made in China, where are the good days when Japan produced top quality products.
Paul Tiplea (6 months ago)
"You know what Apple, you can charge a lot for your phones, we're gonna do the same thing too." Apple: Hold my beer.
Oselation (8 months ago)
Ima wait for the new Google release in October before I make any decisions.
Jordan Eggers (11 months ago)
getting this phone in exchange for my S7edge thanks to Device Care being out of stock of my phone, good times!
Cade Johnson (11 months ago)
Carter Young (11 months ago)
The Samsung Galaxy S8 is hands down the best phone on the market right now...
Aidan Guidry (11 months ago)
I'm buying one for my dad for fathers day
Hank Yen (1 year ago)
Really small improvement comparing with S7, and pretty stupid fingerprint location. The 18.5:9 screen with virtual buttons which displays smaller images in many apps is not even an innovation...
ambojambo (1 year ago)
I want that wallpaper!!!
Frost Ehmke (1 year ago)
Is that the plus or just normal one you have in most of the video?
Millard Fillmore (1 year ago)
I love that cat🐈. so cute.
junaidx (1 year ago)
guys if anyone has any questions let me know. I got the galaxy s8+. 1)iris is indeed a bit crap: you have to align your eyes and make sure they are wide open. (btw i don't wear glasses) 2)fingerprint is fine. I don't have big hands I would say but can still reach it and find it very useable. Keep in mind you only need to put your finger there to turn on and unlock phone (unlike s7 where you turn your phone on first and then put your finger to unlock it) 3) facial recognition is a killer feature for me. Yes it may not be as secure, but its so quick and works from a lot of angles. I literally turn my phone on, and its unlocked within a second. Crazy fast, dare I say as fast as using fingerprint. (and its completely different from other android phones which have had facial recognition, they were painfully slow and annoying) So all in all, during the day facial works perfectly...but if its quite dark then go for the fingerprint. Great to have both options enabled. (you can enable fingerprint + either facial or iris)
1Sandwitch1 (1 year ago)
how is this a review? You didn't mention any of the specs at all. One of which is a duel SIM card/SD card slot. And according to their website it does have voice recognition. So not sure why you said it didn't.....
777 Ck (1 year ago)
iphone7 win Galaxy s8 dead
Troy Potter (1 year ago)
Already bought it.
Footy LadzZ (1 year ago)
Subscribe Me. I'll Subscribe you in Return. :-)
Nazar (1 year ago)
These guys got the unit WEEK in advance and had a WEEK to correct themselves regarding the camera sensor.....but nooooo... This is what happens when a random guy decides to pick up a phone and read out what's written on the box... no effort in research. Least they can do is look around on the net and see LOT more videos claiming difference in sensors,...
Mark O. E. (1 year ago)
"first time we see a flagship phone which got soo little bezel" what about the g6???
Andrew Hoffman (1 year ago)
Number 1 - put the phone in a case. You've paid a lot for it, keep it that way.
xperia xz premium (1 year ago)
s8 = dildo phone
officialpartychannel (1 year ago)
Terrible review
JediKnight Rock (1 year ago)
I am getting it Friday
Andrew Riley (1 year ago)
So I guessing if you lose your phone or get robbed the robber would have to take a picture of you first before leaving or else the phone would still remain lock.
Adam Lawton (1 year ago)
Can you minimise the screen like on S7 with the swipe gesture
Brian Kirkham (1 year ago)
would love an s8 to replace my s4. now just need money.
Billzloveschelsea (1 year ago)
waiting for the Note 8 I want a normal fucking screen
Crysus Bu (1 year ago)
Pathetic hordes of sheeple predictably enslaved in the annual veneration of artificially inflated devices.
#Note5 IsBoss (1 year ago)
Can't wait for Friday S8Plus in the house.
Floofy Boi (1 year ago)
#Note5 IsBoss ordered one too!
John Cotton (1 year ago)
terrible review premium headphones included,they do have new camera sensor any mention of Bluetooth 5 only phone with it! unsuscribed
Security Officer (1 year ago)
Iphone 7 all day
Kim Bridge (1 year ago)
Awesome would love an s8+
MrIchikun21 (1 year ago)
Why make a 18.5 : 9 long screen when 90% of the games, videos and youtube videos are on 16 : 9 screen ratio, just WHY? If you use S8 and don't want to have black empty bars on each side when you watch videos or play games, you have to crop the videos/games, and lose details just to have those on full screen... This makes the S8 new screen useless to be honest. That's why I'm hesitating and might just buy the S7 instead.
Andrew Riley (1 year ago)
MrIchikun21 the same reason apple ,Microsoft make displays that shows the bar at the sides.i guess it's a trend
Murugan Renu (1 year ago)
Ron Cosby (1 year ago)
Bixby sounds like the same empty promises as svoice when it was first announced. Hmmm... New names new svoice, new lagwiz etc... Stop trying to out Google Google. How'd tizen and svoice make out?
John Cotton (1 year ago)
ron cosby why are you here?
Craig Davies (1 year ago)
stereo speakers on phones are overated. They are ok on my Z3 tablet but my S7 is actually louder than the Z3 phone I had previously. I never use phones for movies anyway. No rush to upgrade but it's between this and the XZ premium next time around.
João Paulo (1 year ago)
Another reviewer that doesn't bother or doesn't know how to check the hardware on the phone... The S8 ans S8 Plus are not using the same rear sensor as the S7 and S7E. They're using 2 new sensors... One from Samsung and another one from Sony.
yamahaevo (1 year ago)
Talk about lack of intrest of techradar... Same sensor? You are clueless...
Nazar (1 year ago)
Agreed....they're just repeating what samsung fed them at the event....a few guys who got their units sourced from other areas have shown that there is quite a bit of difference between S7 and S8 cameras, especially with the new sensor and HDR capability software tweaks...and most noticeable in low light with moving objects.
Craig Davies (1 year ago)
yamahaevo I know right. it uses two brand new lenses!
DVP Reviews (1 year ago)
Wow Nice video......... I Liked it......Tech Radar Please make Battery comparison video between s7edge and s8+.........I know Still S7 edge is the battery king......☺☺☺☺
Dr gaurishankar singh (1 year ago)
why biased towards s8. iphone is not cheaper
A. Wolfeinstein (1 year ago)
Infinity screen is a gift from chaos gods.
Mousta Zaina (1 year ago)
unsubscribe for me
The Fluffy Llama (1 year ago)
Moustafa Zaina You are still subscribed?
Mousta Zaina (1 year ago)
is this really a review?? you should've name your video "what I hate about S8 "
Corekilla (1 year ago)
I never said i believed everything he said lol
The Fluffy Llama (1 year ago)
Moustafa Zaina They said it's the best phone ever created....
Corekilla (1 year ago)
Well I think that he had good reasons for his opinions that could easily apply for a lot of people across the board
Daniel Blichasz (1 year ago)
It seems to be more biased than the rest of the reviews going up, and with different results from the same information from the consensus for most things like the iris scanner.
Corekilla (1 year ago)
why would you not want to know whats bad about a phone before you buy it...
likeyeahwhatever (1 year ago)
do people really use the speakers to listen to music/videos? cause I don't since like '09 or something lol
Bruce Ball (1 year ago)
not sure they realise this but samsung will throw in a free bluetooth speaker worth £100 if you pre order it.
Cameron Champine (1 year ago)
forrrrreal thooo
Corekilla (1 year ago)
ikr, just plug in headphones. If you're paying that much for your phone, i'd assume you have a solid set of good headphones. But then again I can see why people would expect good speakers.
Abdallah Simeda (1 year ago)
when you first hit the comment section trying to be first 😂💔
Ahmed N. (1 year ago)
Android Authority, Phone Arena, Android Central, Tech Radar and TechoBuffalo All posted at same time
Amar Mohanty (1 year ago)
watching on my new s8+ far more good than I thought.....
Amar Mohanty (1 year ago)
Daydreamer 512 pre ordered and got a surprise with a surprise box delivered at my home with gift wrap
Daydreamer 512 (1 year ago)
Amar Mohanty where did you buy it?
Nikhil Banger (1 year ago)
Youtube a Place where 2 ppl can be 1st..
John McCann (1 year ago)
Techion (1 year ago)

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