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Angel Particle: could lead to 100 MILLION times faster computers.

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Angel Particle: could lead to 100 MILLION times faster computers. The discovery could have huge implications in the world of technology, especially in quantum computers that have the potential to be hundreds of millions of times more powerful than a normal computer. Google's initial tests and the D-Wave Nasa's quantum computer system proved to be astonishing a hundred million times faster than a traditional desktop. Hartmut Nevan, director of engineering at Google, said: "What a D-Wave does in a second would take a conventional computer 10,000 years to do." However, progress in a quantum computer has affected a kind of obstacle - in simple terms the bits carrying the information must be isolated from the noise that has so far been difficult to achieve. But in what is described as "a milestone in the field," physicists have discovered a particle known as Majorana's fermion, which is both matter and anti-matter and could make such computers available to the public in the future next. This is because the information could theoretically be separated into Majorana fermion, which means it could always be kept safe by driving incredibly fast computers. This discovery concludes one of the most intensive searches in fundamental physics, which lasted exactly 80 years. #AngelParticle #AngelParticleComputers #Computers #DWaveNasa #Abantech
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Aban Tech (9 months ago)
#AngelParticle #AngelParticleComputers #Computers #DWaveNasa #Abantech
NoDox John (8 months ago)
Fake news

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