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Samsung Gear S3 vs Gear S2 at IFA 2016

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Read more details: http://goo.gl/tua8IV | Buy the Gear S2: http://geni.us/gears2 | More IFA coverage: http://goo.gl/gqDlk2 We take a look at what makes the Samsung Gear S3 different from the previous model. Music by Chillhop: http://youtube.com/chillhopdotcom Joakim Karud - Canals Talk about Android in our forums: http://www.androidauthority.com/community Subscribe to our YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=androidauthority ---------------------------------------------------- Stay connected to Android Authority: - http://www.androidauthority.com - http://google.com/+androidauthority - http://facebook.com/androidauthority/ - http://twitter.com/androidauth/ - http://instagram.com/androidauthority/ Follow the Team: Josh Vergara: https://plus.google.com/+JoshuaVergara Joe Hindy: https://plus.google.com/+JosephHindy Lanh Nguyen: https://plus.google.com/+LanhNguyenFilms Jayce Broda: https://plus.google.com/+JayceBroda Gary Sims: https://plus.google.com/+GarySims

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Text Comments (274)
The Joker (3 months ago)
Just tell me what is this for? Its the same as a phone except its on your wrist
Peter Kozma (7 months ago)
same copmarision is here https://beduct.sk/porovnanie/samsung-gear-s3-frontier-lte-vs-samsung-gear-s2-3g
Sauleh Rafaqat (8 months ago)
the moto 360 is a far better choice cuz its bigger than s2 and as cheaper than s3 ...and the best part it has android wear
Leone Kaiser (9 months ago)
3 words about the S3: Too freakin' big!
Domingo Felipe (10 months ago)
Help Which should I buy Gear s2 or Gear s3? I feel like Gear s2
Galaxius (11 months ago)
does the gear s3 got 8 or 9 holes?im a kid and i want to order it
phenom 1185 (11 months ago)
I love tge big face and look of both the s3s. I hope the s4 is made slimmer. the s3 frontier's thickness makes it look unnatural and obvious it's a smart watch. still super sleek
Jordy Blackbourn (1 year ago)
I just bought a gear fit 2 and really dislike it. it's such a plane boring watch and has barely any functions.
ironicredable (5 months ago)
You do understand that's a FITNESS tracker, right? If you want a smartwatch then you bought the wrong device lmao
Francisco Caldeira (1 year ago)
need a camare that focus better
Lunati q (1 year ago)
there is arre custom lugs on amazon that you can put intot your gear s2 then fit any watchband into it
René Jaschke (1 year ago)
WOULD have been nich, if you had FOCUSSED on the watches while holding them close to the camera! WTF? Blurry close ups? That is not what I want to see in a review!
Andrea Martin (1 year ago)
I like the gear s3 but the only thing I don't like is that it's so big. I have small wrists
Madsss (1 year ago)
Yeah. I'm just not much of a fan of the Gear 2. But, if they don't fit well, Ima get the Gear 2.
Andrea Martin (1 year ago)
Yeah I like the gear s3 better than the gear s2 but if the size doesn't change then I'd settle for the s2. There's not much of a difference between the two anyways
Madsss (1 year ago)
Really? I should look up on that. I've been wanting one of these, and if they are coming out with a new one soon, I should probably wait.
Shelby (1 year ago)
they're supposed to be making a gear s3 sport watch, but i have no idea if the size will change or not..
Madsss (1 year ago)
Allen Allestor (1 year ago)
no contest, gear s3 looks way better then the 2. It actually looks like an expensive watch that i would pay 300 for, the 2 meh....looks cheap i dont care what anybody says.
agnaday (1 year ago)
Can we use s2 charger for s3? Are they same?
Chris Kilts (1 year ago)
I am thinking of picking up the S2 to replace my Pebble time. I love my pebble, but don't trust how long it will continue to work with the death of Pebble. The S2 looks like a great replacement to pair with my S7.
Allen Tom (1 year ago)
yea if u are gonna get the s2 try the 3g model on and see if u like it. Its quite thicc cuz of the speakers.
Chris Kilts (1 year ago)
Thanks. Leaning more towards the S2. The size looks right, and the price is very reasonable now.
Allen Tom (1 year ago)
the gear s2 is fantastic but u might wanna try it on first. I love it but honestly i could use the bigger size of the s3 but since u are coming from the pebble time gear s2 should already be a bigger watch. Ask away if u have questions about the gear s2 ;3
Yujin J (1 year ago)
I have the gear 2, is it worth upgrading to this?
Allen Tom (1 year ago)
if u have the money why not? I personally have the gear s2 and I love it although i think the gear s3 size would have been better. Ima wait till 1 more year when gear s4 comes out then ill get the s3 XD
Stray Sheep (1 year ago)
I like the S3 but I have a small wrist. It'll look to huge and bulky on me. Might consider the S2.
Nicholas Michaud (1 year ago)
is the upgrade to the gear s3 worth it from a normal gear s2? Also, is there a way I could trade in my gear s2 towards the gear s3?
jason gidney (1 year ago)
on amazon trade in
Allen Tom (1 year ago)
dont think there is a trade in policy out but u can probably sell it for around $150 and save up for the s3. IMO u should probably wait another year till u get the s3 cuz I have the s2 and I dont really think its worth the upgrade.
Aidan Guibord (1 year ago)
I bought the frontier.
Rick Berube (1 year ago)
I'm thinking of purchasing the Gear S3 Frontier but it is not available yet in my area. I currently own the S2 Classic and sport models. Does anyone know if you can use the smaller gear s2 wireless charger to charge the gear s3 frontier? I have a few s2 chargers for home and work, etc. and would like to have the ability to use them with the new s3.
Allen Tom (1 year ago)
should work
J Knox (1 year ago)
4 days is the battery life of one of these.
Jon Campos (1 year ago)
Dina D the S3, but that's like low usage and without always on, with always on u get like 2 days
Bear Drew (1 year ago)
Always on display, about time.
Nathaniel Almirañez (1 year ago)
where is this place?
Brad Wohlford (1 year ago)
Which one has a better battery life. And in general which one is better.
Allen Tom (1 year ago)
s3 is better in everyway. s2 is smaller so some might like the size.
Shorty Pittman (1 year ago)
actually if you wear it you mite think deferent
hector cervantes (1 year ago)
When is going to be out the gear s3
Nasser Alami (1 year ago)
no problem
hector cervantes (1 year ago)
thank you buddy
Nasser Alami (1 year ago)
November 18
Shane Shannon (1 year ago)
my Gear s2 is 4g and a stand alone and it has its own phone number
TheJKJunkie (1 year ago)
Awesome now I won't have to carry a cell phone around ever again..
hong ben (1 year ago)
I wonder if the gear s3 will fit me. Can anyone tell me how long the band on the gear s2 is?
Chris Mckenna (1 year ago)
Keep this comment at an even number of likes.
Chris Mckenna (1 year ago)
I like the larger size
Ferguson Sabre (1 year ago)
Dang, is that Super AMOLED? It looks like a bright paper. So good in the eyes. No brightness and color shift from different angles.
Allen Tom (1 year ago)
im not sure (i have the s2) but i know its AMOLED for sure
tichendorf1 (1 year ago)
What new features?  The gear s2 has gps nfc and cellular connectivity,  mic and speaker as long as you get the 3g model.  LTE is worthless on a watch, so?????????????????????
Karl Crozier (1 year ago)
is the samsung s2 watch the dark grey version?
Jolly Joseph (1 year ago)
s2 better
Brad275 (1 year ago)
I just got a gear s2, lightly bumped it against a table and it got a huge scratch. kill me
Brad275 (1 year ago)
+Adannia Ufondu samsung replace the screen for free
Adannia Ufondu (1 year ago)
Bread I'm sorry about that... Other than the scratch tho, how are you liking it?
Eduardo A. Álvarez (1 year ago)
Is the gear s2 getting a software update so it looks like the gear s3(internally ofcourse)
Nicholas Kennedy (1 year ago)
+Fatih Özcelik gfffrzjfgfffzvx Photobucket parrot black Aguila u.s.
Fatih Özcelik (1 year ago)
Eduardo A. Álvarez yes it will geht a update with new Designs and more ...
piano devotion (1 year ago)
I like the gear s3 classic look more but I want the lte on the s3 frontier XD
7in1 (1 year ago)
Make the functional running app and take my money, Samsung!
James Kuchek (1 year ago)
get rid of e-sim & bring back nano sim tray. I'll jump into the bandwagon then.
jason gidney (1 year ago)
then it won't be water resistant
Pa Anthony Friis (1 year ago)
47 g
Elvin Diaz (1 year ago)
S3 is the way.
Chibueze Nwade (1 year ago)
What's the expected price drop for Gear S2
tcwilson55 (1 year ago)
Can you sync the Galaxy J7 to the Gear S2?
awy zzsd (1 year ago)
has anybody heard any updates about the software update that has broke the notification system on the gear s2? because I want the gear s2 but they released an update that pretty much made it unusable and I was wondering if Samsung has fixed it yet?
Allen Tom (1 year ago)
good thing i dont update my watch ;-;
yajia1 (1 year ago)
The S3 is beautiful. Just the right size for guys! Finally looking at a smartwatch that could replace my gshock. Only thing though, gshocks don't get replaced or phased out after a year or two. hmmm.
Allen Tom (1 year ago)
i have a smartwatch and in all honestly, its not really worth it over a good traditional watch.
Johnny Newport Alfaro (1 year ago)
I'll trade you moto 360 2nd gen for this :/
Stuucky (1 year ago)
The watch is too large. Large watches do not do well with the more refined business professionals. Right now this looks like a casual watch, with the purpose of drawing attention to the wearer.
Charlie Vencroy (1 year ago)
Great video and awesome song ❤️
Fabrice null (1 year ago)
and I still have my Gear S
Julie Willems (1 year ago)
composition publicly double wwryws worth feature front.
Sherief Melik (1 year ago)
i don't like the classic , it looks cheap Chinese smartwatch
LewyTheFlyS13 (1 year ago)
Hectic long sentences dude
Namelessandpure (1 year ago)
I want a note 7 but i also want a gear s3. guess I'll have to double my lyft driving time. :<
Ace -k (1 year ago)
more colors would have been nice
Mr. Park (1 year ago)
so classic and looks like a real mechanic watch. 1:37 and bigger screen is much better for tracking and sending msgs.
Chris Polanco (1 year ago)
Because who doesn't want MST on your watch.
Melvin Ray Spence III (1 year ago)
yes upgrading from my Gear S...
Melvin Ray Spence III (1 year ago)
this thing with the Note 7 is playing out its welcome now... exploding phones?!?! Like really ?!?! That's all y'all got?!?! As a joke it's funny but now it's really getting tried now everyone trying to be funny...this will blow over in weeks and Note 7 will be back on top. This video is about the watches not the Note 7...have some common sense people... like damn!!!!
nitin kumar (1 year ago)
cool watch must get it
DD bhaha (1 year ago)
Gear S3 is absolutely amazing. Waterproof, SamsungPay, LTE, full-color AOD, 3day run time.
jason gidney (1 year ago)
IamNOTyourFather I get all that from my s2 except the battery life
Hezekiah Domowski (1 year ago)
This was super confusing... thankfully I know the differences
Andrew Willner (1 year ago)
when doess it come out??
Jon Campos (1 year ago)
Andrew Willner November 18
Michael Czajkowski (1 year ago)
A lot can be said for a stand alone device, can't wait to ditch my S5 and just have a watch phone instead of both.
Wayne Richter (1 year ago)
Apart from emptying your wallet, what is it good for?
Allen Tom (1 year ago)
honestly smartwatches are useful but it just saves a couple seconds from u picking up the phone and checking ur messages.
mg23 (1 year ago)
looks like there's a huge size difference by the looks of it
Jarkko Aitti (1 year ago)
it is like those first 20kg mobile phones, a horrible brick. i will never buy anything apple (or sony which is even more evil as a company) but i guess they wait until apple makes a very slim watch (having less stuff in it to make it possible) before waking up. i'd like to see a more useful rectangular screen (having the longer side in same direction as ones wrist) in these. how about a watch with just bt-le, no gps (your phone has one), maybe some movement sensors to watch your sleep and a compass for counting swimming laps
Mark Deluisi (1 year ago)
can you swim with either one of these watches? I currently have a Garmin Vivoactive and it's great for what it is, but I want a more traditional looking watch.
Mark Deluisi (1 year ago)
jason gidney OK, thanks
jason gidney (1 year ago)
That's what it says max
Mark Deluisi (1 year ago)
jason gidney thanks for the reply. Submerged for 30 minutes?
jason gidney (1 year ago)
Mark Deluisi no only 30 min water resistant
Manuel Koch (1 year ago)
Thanks for this helpful video.
Mitch W (1 year ago)
but does it explode
Rizqi Angga (1 year ago)
can i use gear s2 or s3 on different brand like sony or lg?
PKTV (1 year ago)
no metal band options another FAIL from samsung the people that brought you the exploding phone now bring you no metal band on watches!! thanks samsung
Grant Power (1 year ago)
They specifically made it so you can use any watch strap. Do you even know anything about tech? Did you watch the video?
PKTV (1 year ago)
whats that? your to retarded to say your own words?
Food Republic (1 year ago)
+PKTV ya stinkin redneck
PKTV (1 year ago)
hi redneck yahoo, do you know what quality watches look like? if you did you would know custom bands for watches made specifically for the watch are better and higher quality depending on the watch. So how about you educate yourself and stop being a redneck yahoo.
Alexandra Allexxe (1 year ago)
Retard. You can use any 22mm metal band u can find in store or online. So don't complain because u are retard and not watching the gears s3 reveal.
Tabish Syed (1 year ago)
Expensive smart watches are so dumb.... First your phone gets outdated. Now your watch gets outdated every year ? Having to get a new $400 watch every year....dumb.
Super TV (1 year ago)
I wish they had a version of the S3 with the sleeker design of the S2
marianne030 (1 year ago)
do you know when they would release the Gear S3?
Jo ker (1 year ago)
how do you forget about speaker?!
mallory Mccoy (1 year ago)
can u play with Instagram and Facebook?
Adam Constant (1 year ago)
Show me a smart watch this year that lasts longer then a pebble smart watch offers great functionality has longer battery life then the previous iterations that are 7 to 10 days but looks like a traditional round smart watch if the 2 pebble time round stayed true to its Original models and they didn't sacrifice longer battery life over looking more traditional like some of its competitors Moto 360, 1 & 2. Samsung gear s2 it might have been a keentender of products to watch. It will be interesting to see what this show will offer
Syuna (1 year ago)
Apple Watch fkn destroys this Samsung garbage
jason gidney (1 year ago)
Syuna apple sucks it's not independent if you need your phone on you why bother Samsung at least offers a stand alone version at a way cheaper price
Allen Tom (1 year ago)
o please
Mewtwo21 (1 year ago)
Josh's outro are always tge best
Phillip Pugh (1 year ago)
I really like the bigger watch face
Anuj Goyal (1 year ago)
can s voice do reminders on s3? as it cannot be done on S2
David Tuckey (1 year ago)
ugh! I just got the 2 from T-Mobile last week..
Powerhouse Love (1 year ago)
I also got it last week too. Don't worry, there is not that much difference. I love the S2 and I can make phone calls, receive and reply texts, etc. it's not a major difference.
Louie Cafarella (1 year ago)
Who's Bianca Dunst?
Elias Jensen (1 year ago)
Potato tube deadline hear.
Waleed khan (1 year ago)
can we read pdf files in this?
Francisco Perales (1 year ago)
are the batteries from the same 2 manufactures that messed up the Note 7?
MiracleWarriors (1 year ago)
Can you rate musics with👍👎using the watch while listening streaming Spotify and Google play music from your phone ??
B6 (1 year ago)
Useless comparison
Prasad Patil (1 year ago)
Any news on the nexus watches? Anyone?? 🙄
Allen Tom (1 year ago)
o sorry about that lol didnt know xD ty for the link
Prasad Patil (1 year ago)
Allen Tom http://www.kitguru.net/channel/generaltech/matthew-wilson/leaked-render-allegedly-shows-off-googles-nexus-smartwatches/
Prasad Patil (1 year ago)
Allen Tom I guess you are not aware of this thing.... Google was about to release 2 new watches for android wear 2.0 which were rumored to be called the nexus watches and were later on cancelled and not released... 🙁
Allen Tom (1 year ago)
nexus doesnt make watches ;-;
Mohit Surtani (1 year ago)
Where to buy s3 And when will be available
Shane Alvarez (1 year ago)
ummmm, no notes on battery life? like, you didn't even mention if you knew or not
Ari bee (1 year ago)
he said it was the same as the s2
Anthony Zamora (1 year ago)
always on screen? how hot does it get?
Ethan Trenaman (1 year ago)
I have the s7 and it never gets hot with the always on display on.
Daniel Roshaidie (1 year ago)
+AshiTube but the battery will drop faster.. I avoided using that always on feature on my gear s2
AshiTube (1 year ago)
my s2 never gets hot with always on feature
Diego Salamanca (1 year ago)
can you stream music from spotify without having the phone nearby?
Jiovany Herrera (10 months ago)
Diego Salamanca yes you can with the Wi-Fi or LTE connection
Laxit Kamdar (1 year ago)
Perfect watch but price almost 300$ my phones price tag is 300$ that's too much to spend
urIIez (6 months ago)
Your speaking for yourself, jst fyi
Phillip Pugh (1 year ago)
then get the cheaper s2 for half the price
Benjamin Navarro (1 year ago)
waiting on a price drop for the gear s2 classic
Mark Keller (1 year ago)
Smart move Sammy!
raghav dhall (1 year ago)
Gear s3 is much better 👍🏻
Eduardo A. Álvarez (1 year ago)
I want the gear s2. And a Nexus 6p
Allen Tom (1 year ago)
lol i have both XD
kastrolxp (1 year ago)
Where is the Galaxy tab S3 😠😠😠

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