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Funniest Car Insurance Commercials

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Hilarious car insurance commercials.
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Island_Kermode (2 days ago)
If it weren't for stupid people rates would be lower... good thing they keep track of them. So when it comes time to purge the planet, do too over population we will know who to kill third. (religious people are obviously first, followed by SJW's)
Ali Reza (7 days ago)
1:44 use the Handbrake Moron.
Movie Trailers (8 days ago)
5:06 you cant change a tire while uphill...
Karim Benji (8 days ago)
Bank 🏦 🚐🚑🚓...I like care
agatenby41 (23 days ago)
lol, thanks for the vid, i havent laughed so hard for ages lol.. some of those were brilliant
Walter Frederick (1 month ago)
Left out the Geico commercial with the late R Lee Ermey in it as the bad therapist.It was a funny commercial
Car FanBoys (1 month ago)
surely we will consider for next video
Martin Milev (1 month ago)
4:39 😂😂😂😂
Navneet Mehrotra (1 day ago)
Martin Milev rfccc
Denisa TV (1 month ago)
tu sei il migliore
Terry (1 month ago)
Even dating services are more worthwhile...
jl644 (2 months ago)
State Farm isn't funny... "Like a bad neighbor.... STATEFARM ISN"T THERE!"
J3AN P3T3R (2 months ago)
1:40 im pretty sure breaks don't need keys.
Jorge Luna (1 day ago)
johnverney (1 month ago)
Brakes have power boosters, plus his steering was locked and he was approaching a corner, as the sign indicated.
Tony Arc (1 month ago)
Brakes works only if the engine is running but Handbrakes do
David Lloyd (1 month ago)
what a txxt ! see if you can work out missing letters
David Lloyd (1 month ago)
1:41 steering does n't work either!, bit off a naff car if brakes or steering does n't work, makes you wonder why car insurance would insure him at all !!
Father to goldador 1 (2 months ago)
Mayhem guy !
jim S (2 months ago)
perfect and I could add a few you can't make this stuff up deals.
kudmahelben (2 months ago)
that thai commercials...LEGIT!!!
SuperKiller _NZ (2 months ago)
Broke up already
Jaam Jahan (2 months ago)
Insurances are rip off
Yee 2222 (3 months ago)
Guy in the first one: well shit my vet high dollar car is fucked guess I can’t do anything
Mike Wasfaret (3 months ago)
The first two really made me laugh

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