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Android Kotlin Tutorial: Converting Data types From One to Another

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#Kotlin #AndroidKotlin #KotlinTutorial In this video, we will learn how to convert datatypes in Kotlin. Example: Converting String to Int and Float to Double in Kotlin programming language. Goal: Through this Kotlin tutorials, I aim to teach you about Kotlin and I hope I can see my students doing amazing software in Kotlin language. IntelliJ IDEA Community version for Kotlin: https://www.jetbrains.com/idea/download/ Official Website: http://www.sabithpkcmnr.com Subscribe Here: https://www.youtube.com/SabithPkcMnr?sub_confirmation=1 If you have any kind of suggestions or recommendation, feel free to let me know. Ask your doubts in the comment section below to that corresponding video and I will be answering each one of you! The official website for source codes: http://www.sabithpkcmnr.com Hope that was a great tutorial for you. Find Me : Google : https://google.com/+SabithPkcMnr Twitter : https://twitter.com/SabithPkcMnr GitHub : https://github.com/sabithpkcmnr Subscribe Me : https://www.youtube.com/SabithPkcMnr?sub_confirmation=1 The official website for source codes: http://www.sabithpkcmnr.com Your master: Tutor: Sabith Pkc Mnr Skill: Android Programming Expert Profile: http://www.google.com/+SabithPkcMnr Sabith Pkc Mnr | TechCetro Official© Mirroring is strictly restricted.
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Tech Tricks Office (1 month ago)
Apna photo send karo Jo mouth bigaad ke capture kiya hai .
Sabith Pkc Mnr (1 month ago)
Can you write this in Hindi?
RoExploits (1 month ago)
Nice Tutorial!!
Sabith Pkc Mnr (1 month ago)

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