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Yamaha Viking - Features and Benefits

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Yamaha Motor New Zealand is proud to introduce and release the all-new Viking, Yamaha's first ever multi-purpose, true three-seater Recreational Off-highway Vehicle (ROV). After extensive market research, Yamaha recognised growing trends in the expanding multi-purpose utility side-by-side market and immediately took to the drawing boards by putting the driver and passengers at the focal point of an all-new project; the Yamaha Viking. It's underlying purpose: provide ultimate levels of safety, comfort and confidence in a wide variety of terrain and work environments. The Yamaha Viking is based around a 686cc high-torque single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine housed in a rugged chassis, and every aspect of engineering -- from power supply through to handling -- was focused on occupants in the middle of the machine. More than ever before, both driver and passengers have increased space on the Viking, and there's also plenty of room for the cargo. A pallet-sized steel cargo bed offers plenty room for the farm tools and equipment during the week, and on weekend there's lots of space for carrying camping and fishing gear. The end result is a well-balanced ROV that combines Yamaha's well-known terrainability together with usable and sensible power, as well as functionality and comfort. The Yamaha Viking will take you everywhere you need to go, whenever you want. And with space for three, you can take who you want, as well as the equipment you need. Website - http://www.yamaha-motor.co.nz Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/YamahaMotorcyclesNZ Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/YamahaMotorNZ Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/YamahaMotorNZ
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Dean Summers (11 months ago)
They are awesome machines
Gary Smedley (3 years ago)
I have 200 miles on my new 2015 Viking and I can honestly say that it has met or exceeded all my expectations. I live in So.California, U.S.A.  on the edge of 12,000 foot mountains and every type of desert terrain one could want and my Viking has not failed to climb steep grades, pull its way through soft sand or traverse the roughest ground. My only complaints are , I wish it had better seats for comfort and I would not mind it being a little quieter. BTW, I am 6'6" tall and I have plenty of head room with a helmet and fair enough leg room. I would recommend this machine to anyone. Get EPS (electric power steering). 

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