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The Beautiful CHAOS That is Chinese Shipping

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Shipping goods from China is not as straight forward as you may think, the way shipping and delivery works in China is actually really fascinating, it's like organised Chaos and somehow it actually works! Come and find out how. Don't forget to watch my new food series: Quest for the best Chinese in the USA! https://youtu.be/KFAejbtB5W0 Conquering Northern China: http://www.vimeo.com/ondemand/conqueringnorthernchina DISCOUNT CODE: STAYAWESOME Conquering Southern China: http://www.vimeo.com/ondemand/conqueringsouthernchina Support Sasha and I on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/serpentza Join me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/winstoninchina Twitter: @serpentza Instagram: serpent_za My other channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/advchina Music used: Virtual Vice - Kowloon City https://virtual-vice.com

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Text Comments (1774)
ch282 (11 hours ago)
the man at the counter was so friendly
Insert-Bacon-Here (13 hours ago)
A tip from an expert in shipping across the globe: Buble wrap the inside of the first box. After that box is nice and secure, put it into another box which will cover the inside box in bubble wrap. Tripple tape the box openings and even the edges of the outside box including corners. There's a reason many manufacturers double pack their goods. 😉
daturadreams (14 hours ago)
Chinese package handling is almost as bad as Chinese driving, one kills products, the other people.
Michael G (22 hours ago)
The side reel of package handling was great!
Flat Earth Reset 3 (23 hours ago)
Wow no wonder it takes two weeks to get something from china.. I got my Xiaomi note 5 plus coming from hong kong via airmail. I hope it's a little better handling..lol
zizze12 (1 day ago)
Bueno, entendido
Sergio Oliveira (1 day ago)
Bueno! Entendido
My Sunglasses (2 days ago)
“Bueno, entendido”. Subtítulo en español salvaje aparece.
How are they even allowed to treat things like that. Here in UK you. Wouldn’t do that and if you did you would be in trouble
Hontas Farmer (2 days ago)
I've got news for you all. I worked for UPS as a package handler and helping a delivery man over several Christmas seasons. The things you see in those videos on the right side happen in shipping EVERYWHERE. Everyone wants their package two days ago and everyone wants it fast. This is why you need to package it protectively. Unloading a truck or loading a truck is the best workout you can ask for.
James H (2 days ago)
Who’s filming your video this time? Lol it’s not a selfie like usual.
James H (2 days ago)
serpentza good camera work, and it gives you someone to talk to so you don’t look like your talking to yourself to ppl on the street, haha. Anyways good video as always. I just signed up to become your patreon!
serpentza (2 days ago)
My mate Pete
Harambe_HD (2 days ago)
why is there spanish subtitle at 3:08
Your name Here (3 days ago)
Did they arrive ? 😱
owneddiagonal (3 days ago)
I love the translation. Bro, dude, lass, lad, wassabi. Do you say that to them or just added?
serpentza (3 days ago)
coelho sports (3 days ago)
the cheap shipping rates from china to the rest of the world are actually subsidized by the "developed" countries through the Universal Postal Union (UPU). it actually puts businesses in the "developed countries" at an impossible disadvantage to chinese manufacturers. https://www.theepochtimes.com/chinese-merchants-get-an-even-better-us-postal-office-deal-than-amazon_2482903.html
RamblingDude (3 days ago)
Did the packages make it? I wonder what they looked like.
a (5 days ago)
You just wanted to make the 10 minute video mark? Wasting our time so you could make some extra bucks?
Persojet (5 days ago)
Is there a video how you learned so good in chinese?
Wyatt Billett (5 days ago)
Ask about sending to North Korea! I think I saw their flag on that board behind you...
Big MD (5 days ago)
:'D that translation tho :'D winston in chinese: "helo" translation: "Wassabi" "bueno, entendido" :'D
South Ka Chandan (5 days ago)
After watching your videos I Always get the feeling that China is so much similar to India in many ways
Samsung doesn't even want stuff made in China anymore.
Anime Balls Deep (6 days ago)
HybridMoments123 (6 days ago)
Lots of love from NZ baby boy : )
ray ray miles (6 days ago)
Thats crazy, ive bought tons of stuff on ebay from china on accident an it always showed up, small packages also. that video of them throwing an kicking packages lmao oh my
Ryderr21 (7 days ago)
Please do a video on why shipping is the way that it is in China. It would be so interesting to see why China's shipping is so bad.
Alpha Combat (8 days ago)
Why i never get my stuff from China
Roadfart (8 days ago)
I really love the new sort of videos you've been experimenting with lately. I realize that the vlogs were kind of out of necessity and a challenge, but it was still a great change, and it's really fascinating to see your unique perspective on life in China, in a more organic way (that is, seeing you experience things like shipping, being an undercover tourist, etc.)
Roadfart (8 days ago)
"Thanks for not answering my question."
Zhen Peng (8 days ago)
Can you please have something positive in your channel? Too much negativism topics.
tenchichrono (9 days ago)
Dude... that video where the guys are unloading/loading the truck with packages is... hilarious... even though I'd be pissed if my package was treated that way.
Zhen Peng (8 days ago)
If they are paying you 1 dollar something per hour with that amount of work. You probably do the same. Not saying that it's right but I understand the cause.
wayupn (9 days ago)
the "bmw" phone would be stopped in the EU as counterfeit/copyright infringement if checked. The laws are pretty strict now.
Phillip Dechodo (9 days ago)
SeszhUan sauxe
awaken soul (10 days ago)
I met a guy in US postal in Denver n he showed me that take your item hip high n drop it ,....if it breaks it will break.i thought it was genius
Muye Lee (11 days ago)
KCuber (11 days ago)
5:39 haha, that cracked me up.
Juanito Alvarez (11 days ago)
Haha you had a lot of fun with those subtitles, I see.
arranmc182 (11 days ago)
Need follow up video at some point to let us know if they got the packages
arranmc182 (11 days ago)
Nice one cheers man might go hit up the instagram now, keep up the amazing work :)
serpentza (11 days ago)
They did! I posted on Instagram the prizes that arrived
Gary Xie (11 days ago)
what are you trying to say by putting those clips on the screen so randomly? please explain. I personally never had issue with stuff being damaged while mailing.
Jonas Carlsson (11 days ago)
You've got Denmarks flag right behind you
Vados (12 days ago)
Lol the ad in this Video was about our German Shipping Service DPD what are the odds in that happening..
Georg (12 days ago)
Really interesting, thank you. Since this was only some shipping agency, did he tell you which company they ended up sending it with and/or did you get a tracking number?
Frog Princess (12 days ago)
I’m watching the inset video. Is it for real?
Huskie (13 days ago)
Subtitles were interesting to say the least
MrHan (13 days ago)
You need to tape up the corners and edges, not just across the boxes. Those parts gets damaged.
Angelina Burke (13 days ago)
Please can you do a video where you go and visit the pandas. Please.
Simon Wilson (14 days ago)
Your Chinese is impressive now. Cannot believe it
karl vonderhaar (14 days ago)
I mean most of our products in the U.S. come from China now a days. But you're literally scaring me into buying anything from like Ali Express haha.
Aaron A (14 days ago)
I live in New Zealand and buy stuff from China all the time (Ebay and Aliexpress). It's insane how I can buy something for $0.50 and have it arrive in two weeks with free shipping.
Yup, I'd call those logistics on display there pretty "rough"!!!
OBJEX ONE (15 days ago)
funny one phone is going to Denmark.......which there is the island of Zealand....and the other to New Zealand.......just thought was a coincidence....by the way hello from new Zealand, love your tube and keep up the great work
Edward Berry (17 days ago)
When the subs said "Wasabi" I thought it was a China/Japanese food joke! lol. Great video.
Edward Berry (17 days ago)
I wonder if they ever will realize things usually go quicker and smoother when your more organized... If they hate their postal jobs they should work as efficient as possible so they can finnish quicker... Most places at least in the u.s. will send ya home early when the jobs done to save money anyways.
smallpaul is small (18 days ago)
more GFS,s please!
Don Pablo (18 days ago)
Those guys kicking the packages out of the truck got me real good.
ThatUmbrellaGuy (18 days ago)
1:25 "The bigger one please lass;" wondering about lass in there. Thanks for the great videos.
Ernest Crus (18 days ago)
From point of view of an european, you're brave, Winston. Keep up the good and possitive attitude. Cheers from UK.
Christiån Kirkenes (18 days ago)
LOL, Danmark flag right on the wall XD
torhagen (18 days ago)
interesting sending something to swiss would seemingly be possible too :P
Stoned Göst (19 days ago)
I've ordered things from China...a couple months went by and I didn't receive anything and was given a refund....4 more months go by and suddenly the package arrives... That's approx 7 months and a refund later lol
Roki Harper (19 days ago)
I think you can get those boxes and bubble wraps under 5 RMB if you bargain with them. 10 RMB is way too much.....
Bocklezhonne (20 days ago)
Your translation is so much more interesting than the actual dialog. Mandarin is so boring. There is so often just one way to say things. Ancient Chinese is a different deal though. Just speaking of Mandarin.
Thang Nguyen (20 days ago)
They just toss your stuff like that lol ? I order a lot of phone parts from China every month, no wonder they only use DHL
Groaznic (21 days ago)
8:58 -- T H I C C
Jonathan Stewart (22 days ago)
I sent a gift to a friend in Mongolia that disappeared on transit through China. Probably one of those guys tossing it into the wrong truck.
Daniel Ong (22 days ago)
Great video, maybe you could use tape to secure the item inside the package to minimise movements! And just a mini request maybe you could do payments options in China since contactless payments are so prevalent there. Cheers!
DrachenSeele (23 days ago)
2:18 hold up. you called him wasabi? isnt that the green raddish kinda stuff from japan?
tallyn maher (23 days ago)
How much would that be to ship to South Africa? What do you think about the sky high prices of technology in SA?
Jorge Urreta. Escritor (23 days ago)
I recently had to send a phone from Spain to China for a refund on a defective item (thanks Paypal) and the price was just about the same. It was about 25 euros for registered mail with insurance, so I guess it's more or less the same, although I doubt the package from China has any insurance attached. But yes, I know it's chaotic. I've worked as a phone reviewer for some Chinese online shops and getting packages from China can be a bit of a mess. In our case, Aliexpress signed an agreement with Spain's postal service, and things arrive much quicker than before.
Z. Paradis (24 days ago)
Hi, so interesting to follow you. China exported free shipping, goods to different countries. I live in Sweden also like shopping from China. Last week, news came to an end. If you want to buy from China then we have to pay 150 SEK = 15 $ + 25% in taxes, value is decided from their (Sweden) state. I thought we had Democracy in the country, but it seems like a Dictator country. Many Swedes were exploding, so angry, sad, etc. There is nothing we can do. It is not worth paying all the fees that Sweden wants. So boring . Hi, so interesting to follow you. China exported free shipping, goods to different countries. I live in Sweden also like shopping from China. Last week, news came to an end. If you want to buy from China then we have to pay 150 SEK = 15 $ + 25% in taxes, value is decided from their (Sweden) state. I thought we had Democracy in the country, but it seems like a Dictator country. Many Swedes were, so angry, sad, etc. There is nothing we can do. It is not worth paying all the fees that Sweden wants. So boring .
Po Lu (24 days ago)
They sit on the boxes. Pack them to survive a 50m drop. I bought a monitor once and spent 3 hours figuring what the dust was.
Flyer82 (25 days ago)
How do do you say "lass" in chinese....?
Hui Hong (25 days ago)
you could bargain with him
REQU (26 days ago)
seeing how logistics handle packages, do they handle with care when it comes to fine China? lol
Mshojat (26 days ago)
How is it that so many things shipping from China that are sold on eBay have little-to-no shipping cost, and the item itself doesn't even have much value? (like 1-10$)
Randjan (26 days ago)
Damn, I just bought some earphones from Ebay, just to see if they will arrive. This doesn't make me optimistic. I also wish to hear from the 2 winners, can they comment somewhere if they got the prizes?
serpentza (26 days ago)
They got them, you can see on my Instagram
Lord N (26 days ago)
Hi i just subscribed. What are u doing in china? Are u working there?
Alex Shi (26 days ago)
Shouldn't have said you would pay up to 200 yuan right in from of the guy lmfao.
Jim (26 days ago)
Damn sending a packages to Dammark takes 1-2 months to get here ;-)
123 dafa (27 days ago)
PWBERRETT (27 days ago)
Wouldn't it be cheaper and easier to buy the phones through AliExpress and have the phones posted by the seller to the overseas addresses?
Skillerboi8 (27 days ago)
Soulife (27 days ago)
9:09 that crushed box on the bottom right was behind the scenes footage of the 1st 5min of winston's computer's journey that he mailed previously that got smashed..
Soulife (27 days ago)
Man, I just ordered a cheap Arduino kit that's expensive in America, from a chinese seller.. And i've been riding the seller with bad comments because it's been stuck at "shipping info sent to carrier - not yet received/processed" for weeks.. Im pretty sure I either got scammed, or my box is being used for a game of rugby after watching this video though..
J peterman33 (27 days ago)
I buy stuff on Ebay from China which arrives to me in the US anywhere from 8 days to 45 days later but it always gets here, just need to exercise extreme patience while waiting.
Sachin Ki (28 days ago)
Stuff the box with crumpled paper
Sachin Ki (28 days ago)
Chinese courier employees r so nice. They care so much about other people's precious packages.I am sure they handle their own personal stuff the same way
Avalon Kenton (28 days ago)
I'm sure a few bribes works wonders
AR G (28 days ago)
"Chinese Shipping: The game". I am waiting for that.
Yes, master, but (29 days ago)
mmmmm 10 minutes video...
Stephen Huang (29 days ago)
You are from south Africa.why you said you are English man?you have not an English ID card.
Klaus Tembo (29 days ago)
06:19 That moment when you see the Kenyan flag
Lin Lin (1 month ago)
Looks like a chaotic place. By the way, who was filming this video? Thought you would always work alone.
FByqmeti15 (1 month ago)
Denmark 🇩🇰 whoo
gentarofourze (1 month ago)
10 years ago I almost never got anything sent from China, it was graphics cards ordered one it never arrived, seller claimed to send replacement never arrived, got refund went to someone else it never arrived, basically any electronic item that wasn't a cheap piece of junk never arrived.
Samuel (1 month ago)
A bus coming through a crowd at 9:00 with speed LOL. Looks like chinese traffic alright.
Samuel (1 month ago)
The package material selling girl is cute!
teebosaurusyou (1 month ago)
the ETHER man..... the ETHER..... need to believe in the ETHER...... (I used to design airport luggage conveyor systems)
Jose motorider (1 month ago)
4:50 to New Zealand I think is more cheap than to Denmark, becouse New Zealand is near of China, and here in Brazil "The Same" We can see that guys inside the truck, here in Brazil is the same like this in the postoffice "courrier" or "Correios do Brasil" hahaha
Jose motorider (1 month ago)
4:11 Cheap

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