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5 Cheap Cars That Will Make You Look Rich

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Find out which car you can purchase on a budget and looks super expensive! Music - Epidemic Sound
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stamy74 (8 hours ago)
No one buys these cars new with cash. Only with operational leasing. Better avoid buying second hand even when price seems extremely low for the car you'll get. The maintenance expenses will be eye watering. Better try and get a newer car of the class below. So instead of 7 series a newer 5 series, E Class instead of S Class and A6 instead of A8. For the same buying price as second hand, the maintenance costs will drop dramatically and to be honest the actual difference on the road is just marginal.
rajesh kumar (7 days ago)
Bmw 320 i is reliable buying car and how about it maintenance .
Cool video. ... Can you make ( cheap sport cars )
99Vehicles TV (9 days ago)
Will do
M4rr1X (10 days ago)
Nice Video m8!
Mikee SVK (10 days ago)
I love your videos! I always learn something new and every video from you is very informative :) Thank you :)
99Vehicles TV (10 days ago)
Thanks man! Q&A soon, let me know if you have any questions, I will expose 10 interesting questions from my subscribers!

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