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The Property Teacher - How to Really Make Money in Buy to Let

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www.ThePropertyTeacher.co.uk Do you want a few buy to let properties to supplement your pension? Or perhaps you want a few buy to let properties to supplement your Income? Or maybe you want to be a lot more aggressive and want to assemble a large portfolio to replace your job altogether? Whatever your property goals and aspirations one thing I've noticed in over 30 years in property is that the secret to being successful in buy to let is buying the right property. That might sound obvious but surprisingly very few buy to let investors buy the right property for what they want to achieve. In this video I'll take you through the system I have used to assemble my portfolio, and which you can use to assemble yours. I'll also show you how to recycle your money so you can buy as many or as few properties as you want Here’s to successful property investing Peter Jones B.Sc FRICS Chartered Surveyor, author and property investor www.ThePropertyTeacher.co.uk PS. By the way, I’ve rewritten and updated my best selling ebook, The Successful Property Investor’s Strategy Workshop, which is an account of how I put together my multi-property portfolio, starting from scratch and with no money of my own, and how you can do the same. For more details please go to www.ThePropertyTeacher.co.uk/the-successful-property-investors-strategy-workshop
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Adiel Stephenson (6 days ago)
This was a GREAT tutorial, by the way. Got me into property investing.
tim obijuru (1 month ago)
Hi! Great video. I have lived and worked most of my adult life overseas and now at 58, want to come home to the UK to live and intend to go into property investment as a business. Please advise on how I can go about doing so.
Peter Jones (1 month ago)
Hi Tim that's a great question but also a massive question, we could talk for days about this - I'd suggest starting at the resources on my web site www.ThePropertyTeacher.co.uk
James Jonsson (4 months ago)
Good advice, thanks
luke dawson (6 months ago)
This is the ONE guy whose videos I've so far seen on youtube who's actually worth listening to. Very clear messages, very useful advice, and - not least - he's likeable, unlike most of the wide boys out there who are only trying to make a buck out of you. I appreciate his efforts.
Random Entertainment (9 months ago)
no thanks!! there are free workshops local to where i live 😁
Bridge Finance Direct (11 months ago)
exactly buy the right properties... the has to stackup
For The Landlords (1 year ago)
Always good to take advice from a man who's done it - glad to hear your teachings Peter.
Mini Chatterjee (7 months ago)
Fossey Taylor guitars
Margaret Boukadia (1 year ago)
Great video. Do you have workshops in London?
John B (1 year ago)
Goos video and reminders. As a general rule of thumb what would be a minimum yield to aim for if yield was the strategy? Also when some investors say 7% is a yield to target please clarify if this would be 7% net profit after all expenses or is it before mortgage repayment etc. No one ever Seems to Want to disclose this.
Jessica Bell (1 year ago)
Great video, lot of things to learn. Just found this article on dailymail: http://back.ly/nsolS Maybe you'll find it useful.
Phil Price (1 year ago)
too long winded .Not very informative. Just the bleeding obvious we aren't all idiots
richard morrison (1 year ago)
Looking forward to when your portfolio goes downthe sh*tter and leaches like you are consigned to the history books. Tic Toc as the saying goes.
Luxus Häuser (1 year ago)
Sound much nicer than the other Peter Jones that many people know from TV.....
Aaron Knightley (1 year ago)
Really enjoyed this Peter.. Very informative and great advice... Should be up higher on the YouTube favourites when searching.
Greiguci Wootchie (1 year ago)
how much are you worth? some of the stories on this audio sound made up with little substance or fact. lol
Adiel Stephenson (6 days ago)
Greiguci Wootchie Yeah, you don't want to believe everything he says. There's no way a highly paid quantity surveyor would have jacked in his day job to start property investing with no money of his own, and then somehow go on to miraculously build up a highly leveraged portfolio of 50 properties that net him a measly 5 grand a month in net income before taxes. No, he's a self-styled guru who makes his money out of giving advice (some of which is good), but take it from me as a genuine property investor - very little of what he says about his own experience is true and a lot is downright irresponsible. If he'd just cut out the bullshit about himself he'd be a lot more convincing.
Peter Jones (3 months ago)
To find out more about me, you can look me up on http://www.thepropertyteacher.co.uk
olliemad (1 year ago)
How about auctions?
boredomrhymes (1 year ago)
but what about properties that are BOTH attracting high yield and good capital growth and thus neither cheap nor too "expensive" (e.g. £150k, yield of 6%+)?
Abul Hassan (2 years ago)
I have a full time job already making 45000 grand a year. Have 25% deposit to buy. If I buy a property using Buy to let mortgage of 130,000 and yield a rental income of 850PCM from that, how do I go and buy another property of the same value range - between 150,000 to 200,000? wont bank say you already have a mortgage and can't lend you another one? This is where I am confused. I know buy-to-let is not completely dependent on my earning but some. so what is the criteria for bank to lend anyone mortgages-it can be their first or 100th mortgage running parallel? Kindly advise. thanks.
Adam Colley (1 year ago)
Different mortgage companies have different criteria. The mortgage works will lend to you even if you have a low income, as long as the rent covers the mortgage but a set percentage say 120% i.e. mortgage is £100 rent is £120 they will lent to you. Some go off your income i.e. if the tenants don't pay can you afford to cover the mortgage? I would speak to a mortgage broker for their advice.
Sam A (2 years ago)
Peter (Jones) , as always a very useful webinar. Thank you very much for the information .
VICTORIA FORSS (3 years ago)
There are TOO MANY people trying to invest in properties now !!! Most of them already owned and RENT but the truth is ... Too many supplies with low demand in rental market !!! You simply cannot find enough people who want to RENT your properties !!! But you must still continue to pay your mortgage and paying a fee to marketing agents who manage your properties !!! Half of your rent will pay to the marketing agent anyway !!!! So exactly we Buyers don't exactly enjoy FULL rentals at all !!! All those Gurus are telling us to keep buying .... Buying ... And teaching us how to invest !!! WAT A LOAD OF LIES AND BULLSHIT !!!!!! By doing that ... What we are doing is keeping these guys so they can keep their jobs !!!!! BEEN THERE !!! DID THAT !!!!!! NO ENOUGH TENANTS !!!!! All bullshit about passive income !!!!! Things are not all straight forward !!!!!! As those gurus would have us believed !!!!!!!!
luke dawson (6 months ago)
No, you're wrong, Victoria. You need to think rationally before making a purchase. Look at the rental values of similar properties in the area, and do your sums. Why not manage the property yourself? Why do you need a managing agent? I totally agree with you that most of them are money grubbing scumbags who rip you off at every turn and do not do their jobs, though I'm told there are some good ones out there. Look at the reviews they've had, ask for some references, and talk to them before signing up with them (I've made that mistake myself, unfortunately, i.e. signing up with agents who are worse than useless). You're right that the concept of passive income is bullshit - you'll always have work to do with properties, but it's not as much of a slog as having to work 8 hours a day in an office, and having most of the added value you're creating taken off you. Having said that, I would keep your day job for the moment and invest in property on the side. Pick high-yielding properties OR properties where you can lock in equity when you buy, or soon thereafter, e.g. at auctions. You're wrong about renting by the way - you can rent anything. The question is, will you get the rent you originally expected from your property? You can certainly be disappointed there, but that's usually because you haven't done your homework and have over-estimated the quality and desirability of your property. Keep a level head, and don't get angry, though I personally know how frustrastring this whole game can be. It's certainly NOT what the "gurus" as you call them cut it out to be. You need to listen to people like this guy, who are level headed - he's not promising you the earth, he's not saying you can do it with no money down, or that you'll build an empire - he's realistic in my opinion. And you certainly can't do it if you're angry and frustrated, as your hot temper will cause you to do things you'll regret. Stay cool and good luck!
Terror Bear (1 year ago)
Here, here brother.
Greiguci Wootchie (1 year ago)
VICTORIA FORSS Your statement is classically the statement of poor people. excuses, excuses. Wonder why poor people stay poor and people become successful and rich. Get rid of excuses and study successful, rich people.
Terror Bear (1 year ago)
Adam Colley Lol she even paid the 'marketer' 50% of the rent
Adam Colley (1 year ago)
You clearly bought the wrong property in the wrong area and are now spitting your dummy out, don't blame the "gurus" for your lack of research . On a side not if your blindly followed the advice of these so called "gurus" without question or further leaning/research you are asking for trouble.
scott lucy (3 years ago)
Property Wizard Seeks Apprentice https://scottl.piww.uk/
Simon Paul (3 years ago)
Hello, I am interested in talking to you, I have a few properties already and want to increase my portfolio and get some advice and mentoring. Please email me at simon.businessdirect@gmail.com

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