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Apple Admits Slowing Down Old iPhones? Ask MKBHD V23!

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The ultimate Apple conspiracy theory, confirmed?! The Smartphone Awards 2017: https://youtu.be/aMQbRpxgFvs More Q&A Videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBsP89CPrMeOYPjeabTfPW8UDC-WRn2Gi Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 Intro Track: Weight by Mr. J Medeiros ft. Alyss ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD
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Text Comments (8639)
Tabot Tietjen (6 hours ago)
I bought a pixel because of you and....it's my favorite phone I've ever owned
Dsax 6211 (11 hours ago)
I wish I could meet you one day
Dainius katilevičius (13 hours ago)
Best DAC-AMP setup with headphones(complete package) for 400$? please
Oraine Wright (1 day ago)
You're the best keep up the great work!!!
Shari Williams (1 day ago)
I'm such a fan of MKBHD. I almost feel ridiculous. Tech reviews make me really happy, people.
Matt Sangoi (1 day ago)
Always producing good reviews and providing good perspective on tech...Love the objectivity too
12tang (1 day ago)
Protecting user experience by slowing down the CPU. LOL! It's crap like this for why I can't justify buying an iPhone. The truth here folks is that Apple wants to make the decision to upgrade easier for it's consumers by showing them their old hardware is obsolete, when it's really not obsolete. Beware of the company that only gives fucks about profits...
Jack Gardel (2 days ago)
👏 👏 meme review 👏 👏 ... wrong channel (sorry)
C Allen (2 days ago)
V30 gets no love🧐
Ashmit Sachdeva (3 days ago)
This ranking system perfectly makes all the sense. Its better to rank all products in one category rather than reviewing every single product. Hi5 to that. Also rank the phones in a similar manner. Peace.
AwesomesillyBrandon (3 days ago)
"This thing is smart!" The most unusual thing to put on there. XD
Haren Krishnadasan (3 days ago)
I’be been reading tech reviews for over 15 years now (showing my age!) and over the past 5 years have moved to YouTube as my primary source for reviews. As self confessed tech-head I’m loving your reviews Marques. I like the down to earth and understated style. There are a lot of reviewers who are great but “my bias” is I like when reviewers keep things on an even keel and not exaggerate a particular thing they dislike or like. Keep up the great work dude! It’s awesome to see these opportunities pop up for people like you. One request: have you thought about doing TV or sound equipment reviews? Not the hardcore pro stuff but the more commercially available stuff.
ima goat (3 days ago)
Clippers fan rockets shirt Thunder still better tho
Beniot Boss (4 days ago)
Dear Everyone, what mobile should I buy to replace my iPhone 6? P.s. I don’t want iPhone.
Johannes Watson (4 days ago)
Beniot Boss Samsung, LG, Google, and upcoming HTC Flagship phone are something to look at.
Niklasfrilander (4 days ago)
hahahaha htc wants their toilet trophy 😂😂😂
RASHTG (5 days ago)
It’s not as simple as opening the iPhone and changing the battery. It’s about the battery consumption. Even a new battery will run out fast. Just sayingX
ImThatChosenOne (5 days ago)
Crazy how you've grown big dog. Been following you since day one and it's always a pleasure to watch you better your craft day by day. And show some sick ass tech!
gregory (5 days ago)
Nice sweatshirt.
Gabriel Hunt (5 days ago)
Chris Paul fan? Just another reason to be a MKBHD fan.
Zac show with zac (6 days ago)
Dwayne Weston (7 days ago)
I know you use both iPhones and Androids. Why do you choose Android over iPhone?
WITE FOX (7 days ago)
So this is the white guy everyones talking about! Ohhh
R24 (8 days ago)
"i dont expect Apple to reach out for their trophy but if they want one they can have it" :DD
Reenbac (8 days ago)
I love watching your video ♡!
Zobrut (8 days ago)
They all do it not just apple, don't update. Its all business.
MULTI//VENUS (8 days ago)
Thanks apple
MTB Shredder (8 days ago)
Great video MKBHD
Ollie George (8 days ago)
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Technical Medias (8 days ago)
New technological vedios and new tech news
Pipa Cacao (9 days ago)
Nice of you to casually gloss over the Apple scandal. You sellout!
Ibrahim Ijaz (9 days ago)
Hey Man Love your videos and You are the only Person whose reviews I find, to be honest, so can you make a video on this slowing down problem and the new updates that come for the iPhones.Should I keep updating the ios of my iPhone 7 plus ????
Venkat Vizagite (9 days ago)
Very much happy for your craft... You r an inspiration. Keep going higher. ☺️
Anders Pedersen (9 days ago)
Awesome stuff Marques - amazing to know for an European, that your status is growing so much !!!
Nathan Alvarez (10 days ago)
Love your videos. So much better than unbox therapy. Ur less annoying and more straight forward. Unbox therapy is so annoying
Thagoodlife10 (10 days ago)
JMG90 (10 days ago)
nice houston sweater broo go rockets!!
Mirko Menegazzo (10 days ago)
PIxel 2 with headphone jack would be my perfect phone
Jenson White (10 days ago)
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sai akarsh (11 days ago)
Who is your favourite superhero?
nick fatfly (11 days ago)
here is idea ... why dont u do car tech review like cnet -- we really need more opinions. - best nick
magic mooney (11 days ago)
People would complain about being forced to buy new phone for software. Ppl who do not update always find a way to complain.
The WNK (11 days ago)
You're my favorite MKBHD. Keep it up bro
strikerchooo (11 days ago)
Uuuhh, why ask this one tech questions?! :) I mean...c'mon. Nowadays every monkey with camera decides it knows everything. I've occasionally seen him talk about Tesla, phones, etc.:)))
Austin Wayne (11 days ago)
Should I get the iPhone x or pixel 2 XL?
Chandan Kabat (12 days ago)
What do you do with your old used phones ?
DevinTheMaestro (12 days ago)
is that a pewdiepie rezer headphones?
Mohamed Hatem (12 days ago)
Adam Young (12 days ago)
I would consider buying another Samsung device if they would have a ceasefire with Google over their software.
Awan kaytar Hossain (12 days ago)
Apple is doing this thing for a long time why didn’t anyone do anything before Apple should be fined and punished .
UnexG (12 days ago)
"5 out of 6 companies" But what about OnePlus?
Jeevan Sankar (12 days ago)
Please share and help us to find someone in apple at administrative level , indians must read We are using this method cause apple care doesn't have any customer care in india that handles these kind of things .Local service centre doesn't have authority to replace product and the end customer care person we can contact is senior service advisor who will only explain the policy again and again. Beware of apple macbook products (indians mainly plz read their warranty thoroughly or read our experience) We are describing our experience with apple care here. Those who blindly support apple products know this, mac products doesn't have replacement under warranty (until the product cant be repaired in any manner that means every part has to die at same time, I am saying this because the only part thats not replaced in my Mac is base panel that has nothing on it only serial number every other bit has been changed ) be it has been repaired 3 or 4 times under 7 months, in my case its been given for repairing 5 times within 8 month. The display itself has been repaired 3 times ( even the spares doesn't have the build quality). And let me remind you we are speaking of a product that cost 2.3 lac (3560 dollar). There may be brands that has same policy as not replacing the product and repairing it for 2 or 3 times but only using repair as an option for 5th time too, apple would be the only brand that do so. The product was bought on april 28 from 1st month onwards its showing complaints with display then it was speaker, then keyboards then again display and now again with the display. Seriously do apple have any quality with their products. Just search google with macbook hardware issues and you will find a mammoth of them. Even after this most of the people are stuck with apple because of the apple software final cut pro that we video editors use. So anyone who is looking for macbook just for brand name dont do it you will regret and thats for sure ask your friends those have macbook. The funny part is most macbook users doesnt know their  product has a complaint like there is a popping or rattle sound apple care would say its normal but it isn't, mine got rectified after changing display panel ( then it started showing two tone contrast on display 5th complaint).Now the sound has again returned as they changed the display again on 5th complaint. Another is if you change volume from right to left, one speaker might be having low sound that can't be easily recognizable when played on both speakers. Just look onto macbook issues in youtube. In total the product has been non usable for around 3 months actually right now we don't use it cause every time the data has to be backed up before repairing so I stopped using the product. As per apple the rattling sound is normal and the apple reply is attached(on a 2.3 lac machine guys grow up). .Even the Executive Relations EMEIA Mr. Rohith Sharma is saying rattling sound is normal in mac (even though there is no moving part inside macbook). The sound persist even after there so told procedure of checking normal rattling sound mentioned in attached apple circular that means its a complaint otherwise the pinching procedure wasn't needed to specify on circular. If you want to waste your money even after hearing this much carry own its your money and for video editors you guys are stuck with apple as i am as long as a better video editing software emerges.
Rossco P (12 days ago)
Haha got me cracking up software n hard dare 🤣🤣 any one else notice 😂
Mike T (13 days ago)
The fact Apple won't reach out is very telling of their corporate culture. There just seems to be this disconnect, and more times than not that catches up.
Mike T (13 days ago)
People that think electric is just a fad are either idiots or in denial.
AVLRECORDS (13 days ago)
apple is pure shit
rabe3 alsett (13 days ago)
the best sound ......lg v30
Google pixel product placement on preview contract.
Moh Jawad Reza (13 days ago)
you are saying that because you are paid by Apple.
annu_1703 (14 days ago)
He is Apple fan boy
Bob Jeff (5 days ago)
Keep making these videos every month, they are good
DirtySouthFlorida3 (14 days ago)
Lol thatw bs all my andriod phones dnt do that battery saving shit like my g4 are as fast from when i got it the iphone is so fuckin slow just tossed it..
Yichen Wang (14 days ago)
Woah which monitor is that in the background
Henry Donat (14 days ago)
Hey man saw you when I was at devyl cool that you play ultimate
Jazmane Jont (14 days ago)
This is why I don't like iPhone simply because its rigged they come out with new phones just to slow down the old ones so you have to buy a new one and iPhones only cost about 150 dollars to make each yet they sell it for 1,000 dollars the only reason people buy them is not because there good it's because the brand if u have an apple no one gonna question you or make fun of you but if you have a Android stupid apple users make fun of you and call you broke and shit it so dumb and also they barley change an iPhone 6,7,8 and X all are the same fucking phone the only thing different is the camera slightly gets better Everytime and that shouldn't be worth another 500 fucking dollars for a slightly better camera iPhone is not horrible they got good phones it just that there to expensive and they don't change I could get an Android that can do literally everything an iPhone can for less than half the price it just really pathetic to me that so many people fall for iPhones bullshit
Geobi (14 days ago)
Lol!. I love the fact you said "because I'm biased. See how that works well". Well said! I love Pixel 2 XL too even though there are short comings compare to Samsung Note 8. I think it's because I rarely use or notice those features that are lacking. Just my honest opinion. ^_^
Dominykas Motiejunas (14 days ago)
👏 👏 👏 meme review
Jano Odulio (14 days ago)
Does the pixel work with the Apple Watch?
David Starkie (14 days ago)
Great that you completed a full 12 months of this feature. It's been great. I just need to come up with some questions
Nelson Jimbun (14 days ago)
Hey! He actually bought pewdiepie headset design. Nice
Fabian Wolf (14 days ago)
Hi Marques. Can you make a review of all your favourite apps on your smartphone? I think most of us need an ultimate app advice from Marques. ;)
Walter Ruiz (14 days ago)
2018 is gonna be awesome for you. Keep the GREAT work. And pls is u're gonna bandwagon, please pick somebody else XD
Ibrahim Shabbar (14 days ago)
I have iPhone 6, last year(~ jan 2016) I have replaced the battery at Apple store and paid ( I think about US$70) and now a year later my single core score is 800 and multi core score is 1341 —> it should be 1463 for single core and 2459 for multi core using Geekbench 4.2.0 😱 I have paid for the device and the battery with my own money, so why should Apple control the performance of my device that I own, are they mad thinking that I will buy a new battery every 6 months! 🤬
Apple needs to put bigger batteries in their phones. iPhone 6 is underpowered if it can't even stay turned on without throttling. Slim phones are cool but I would rather buy a phone that's little thicker but has a much bigger battery. People keep calling it an "old" phone, but it's like what, 3 years old? My 8 year old iPhone 3GS still works fine.(a bit slow but that's not because of throttling. It's just old.) How come these newer phones are dying much faster? The only problem I see is the small battery.
Olat 6 (15 days ago)
Why is he clapping like pewdiepie’s meme review?😂
Ruben Kelevra (15 days ago)
Hey thanks for the tip, just replaced my battery in my 3 years old iPhone and it's blazing fast again. Had some trouble with cold weather and below 70% soc
Tom Lademann (15 days ago)
Because samsung batteries in iPhones are too bad
DJ Tech Guy (16 days ago)
I wish Apple comes forward to take their award from the legend MKBHD!
Akshay Desai (16 days ago)
Been watching ur videos for a very long time now Don't know y but I felt proud when u shared that pixel has given ur reference in their commercial Felt proud of u Keep up the good work Peace!!!
Stevles (16 days ago)
May want to do some research on Tesla, I understand your bias because you own one but it doesn't mean you also have to be blind. They've fund raised 8 times since 2012 to avoid bankruptcy, they're continually failing to meet their targets and I'll be truly amazed if their car manufacturing operation doesn't go out of business entirely. While fully electric cars may at some point become a reality, they're merely a failed concept at the moment.
Samuel Lavoie (16 days ago)
LOAD of work for years but yeah that Google Ads and Google Exec thumbs up was a big push. You totally deserved it. ✌️
Mathilde Chevalier (16 days ago)
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nemboticska (16 days ago)
I think you can say that stock Android is objectively better (at least performance-wise)
sammy50001 (16 days ago)
My 10 year old laptop still runs at max clock speed with old battery. So Apple's excuse is BS.
ISSUE WORLD (16 days ago)
This kind of problem never happens in Android. Youtubers are making sophistry for Apple these days.
HockeyLAKings119 (16 days ago)
Best phone right now for under $600?
Mehboob tak (16 days ago)
Everything before but is a lie 😝
Tesla is HEAVILY funded/subsidized by the government and couldn't exist without Uncle Sam so yes, they are on a bit of a bubble.
Hiro Nito (16 days ago)
LoL I knew this 4 years ago...and the funny things is Apple is forcing me to update every other day. Even I refused to update my phone. Like deleting software update on “Settings>general>iPhone storage”.
Arup Ghosh (16 days ago)
You are the best, brother! :D
Jelly The Red (16 days ago)
Question for your next ask mkbhd video: why did the screens on the 2017 smartphones became bigger, instead of the body of the phone smaller? Why not stick with 16:9 only with a slightly smaller body?
RickReezi (16 days ago)
it does not make sense for them to slow down your device to increase users experience. my old as windows never had to do that and i be downloading big boy games on it
Umidjon Zaribov (16 days ago)
apple paid to him
Jordan King (17 days ago)
I'm sorry but I'm not really surprised by this? If you own an old phone, and you install a new operating system, what do you think is going to happen? Of course it's going to run slow because your old phone doesn't have the processing power to handle it. Seriously these people that are complaining that 'Apple are intentionally doing this', and 'this is illegal in every sense of the word' and 'Apple must be sued' , WAKE UP!!!! And I'm sorry if that includes you as well MKBHD but it had to be said. Nothing lasts forever. Power to you if you've held onto your old phone for this long, but if that's the upgrade path you have to take with buying a new iPhone so that it can handle the new operating system, so be it. Although personally, I prefer Android over iOS. Samsung beats Apple in every sense of the word.
littel lenny (17 days ago)
Yeah i agree you have to be the best tech reviewer ever!
Trea Conyers (17 days ago)
He explains himself so well. You really can tell that he knows what he's saying.
Adri Lansdowne (17 days ago)
Marques you’re definitely my favorite tech reviewer!
ritag82 (17 days ago)
Your reviews truly are the best
electric is a fad. it takes more oil to produce electricity than to power your car. silly. somebody is making lots of money selling the dream. like Tesla for example.
ColonGoPro (17 days ago)
Why you wearing that Rockets hoodie????
Brandon (17 days ago)
Talks about Apple while holding Google Pixel 2 XL...ultimate trolling lol

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