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Text Comments (3860)
kaykyle a (11 hours ago)
4:36 isn’t John Smith from Pocahontas? 😂😂
Juliana Williamson (1 day ago)
Crafts that wont cost you “anything” Hey! You there! Wat if i dont have all this fancy pants stuff?
GENERAL DEANS G. D (1 day ago)
Paie Mima (1 day ago)
*Only just for iPhone & samsung.*
FALLOUT FANATIC (2 days ago)
It WILL cost me i dont have any markers
Xerinome Xerinome (2 days ago)
30 ways to tune your phone.. i would have said iPhone -_-
Selma Cornelia Jansen (2 days ago)
everyday life (2 days ago)
What do you need your phone for strapped to your arm when you are doing push ups?
Shafeeq Mohd (3 days ago)
Only I phone
shaya lili (3 days ago)
shaya lili (3 days ago)
MD Jane (3 days ago)
best camera bro
أم حيدر (3 days ago)
Queen D (4 days ago)
Make up.and hairbstyle plz
itsyourgalgenesis (4 days ago)
10:17 is my favorite
Slow Mo Stuff (5 days ago)
Don’t think the water on the camera is such a good idea
Fantess U (5 days ago)
Bright side channel 11:02
at least their not permanent stuff, like gluing a fidget spinner to your phone.
Arthur Sauzeat (5 days ago)
Vol de contenu Non ???
Samira Baldujew (5 days ago)
Josh Adrian (5 days ago)
Logan Johnson Vlogs (6 days ago)
The intro reminds me of Good Luck Charlie from Disney Channel idk why it doesn't remind me of the intro in that show it just reminds me off the show overall for some reason
Kapparina (6 days ago)
Everyone would laugh at you at school if you show up with a hot glue case lol
A Bananana (6 days ago)
Music Lover (6 days ago)
Mantas Mikalauskas (6 days ago)
https://www.g2a.com/r/user-5a87e891bd0cb Tons of cheap games guys , check it out :*
Josh Brenneman (6 days ago)
Josh Brenneman (6 days ago)
8:15 costs $5
Jassmanesh 17 (7 days ago)
phn flickering any suggestiom ?
Kenia Blandin (7 days ago)
No n nmnnmm m
Santiago Folla (7 days ago)
j's channel (7 days ago)
Saying "OK TOM" to "ADRIEN"
miesie !!! (7 days ago)
Its amazing
Ken Shin (7 days ago)
3:11 or you could just use the build in one.
Jean DelChiaro (8 days ago)
7:07 what do u put in ur ear...
Nikuu Vlogs (8 days ago)
Hayden Gormley (8 days ago)
4:29 yep that will work
Literly cringed to death! TAKING A BURST SHOT IS NOT SOMETHING NEW!!!! uh, I'm glad i got that out.
David Wilson (8 days ago)
The head phones were in back words
DeadlierYeti52 (9 days ago)
Costs nothing Watching on 300 pound phone
PotterheadPug (9 days ago)
[S8] SniperGaming8144 (10 days ago)
Your earbuds don't have teeth They are also not paper
Jagmohan Jharia (10 days ago)
App motor plane banaeya
feng馮 (10 days ago)
First one is fake,it doesn't work
Da Savage (10 days ago)
Not all of us have Iphones
Sherri H (10 days ago)
5:40 Wanna scratch up your screen? Use a battery instead of your finger!
master not XD (10 days ago)
karan TJ (10 days ago)
Fantastic channel....I love it
Penelope Herman (10 days ago)
The black light hake does not work
Clauril (10 days ago)
5:04 is fake.
Erick_ 0756 (11 days ago)
mike shark (11 days ago)
I 💖 5-minutecraft I am a cooker
kep (11 days ago)
Oh come on tooooooooooooooooooooo much boring not expected from you
MOH (11 days ago)
Umm whats meant to be cool about unsending a msg?
david khati (11 days ago)
you are awesome dude
Scotty owo (11 days ago)
Jesus Christ
YT 87 (12 days ago)
RainbowsN Butterflies (12 days ago)
10:15 i tried the snapping thing...it didn't work ☹
Ahmad Shabazz (12 days ago)
The one reason I dislike these videos is that they have cool music that you won't find. What played from DIY Blacklight to Pantyhose Portrait Softener?
MockVeil 25 (12 days ago)
This channel always clickbaits that what I hate about this channel
MockVeil 25 (12 days ago)
Roses are red violets are blue I got clickbated so did you
Nicole Miller (12 days ago)
She was texting “Adrien” and she said “OK Tom”😂🦄
Feetje_ Marrantje (12 days ago)
14:17 20% —> 14:22 41%???
ScarredFace Wolf (12 days ago)
These are hacks to ruin your phone!
LonelyCoffee (12 days ago)
How do the people who find your phone call your number if they have your phone? and besides, if someone found a nice looking iphone 7, they ain"t returning it
Tomáš Vician (12 days ago)
I have seen everything from this video before.... Please don't tell me that there isn't anything more that this world can show me... Can't be possible that I have seen everything :( World is becoming a place where same stuff repeat again and agan and when they reach some point of iteration someone grab them all and put them together like this. At least you didn't write phrase like ".. you vever seen" or "...you did'nt know about" at end of title. That would be even more devastating for me...
DZ designs (12 days ago)
2:43 nope, you can't do that anymore
EastonPlayz (12 days ago)
Your a good artist
Raj Gujjar (13 days ago)
bhai appna watshapp num. do
Diana Schörkhuber (13 days ago)
sma0x (13 days ago)
Bru tinfoil will scratch your screen
meniver (13 days ago)
you should call this vid "how to use iPhone - guide for total idiots" ...
Bob Bob (13 days ago)
The charger won’t work
알수없는사람 (13 days ago)
ㅁㅊ.... @
Mohamed Abdlhady (13 days ago)
Poor Tom 😢
Jakub Rudnicki (14 days ago)
It costs NOTHING REALLY? How many NOTHINGS did you pay for your phone :D
Magicalcndy 39O1 (14 days ago)
8:15 A cheap charger!? More like!!-- *Suicide im 6 seconds!!*
Maseera Azeem (14 days ago)
They stole some from bright side
Yuuriooo!!!!!!! !!!!!! (14 days ago)
These are boring and so clickbait
karel kocian (14 days ago)
a2z Entertainment BD (14 days ago)
Nice See our channel i hope enjoy it
Dakota Engberg (14 days ago)
“Dude what’s that on your arm?” “Oh, it’s my sock.” 😂😂
Таляха (14 days ago)
иди ты нах пол жизни растерял на просмотре этой хуйни
traffkomuzykant (15 days ago)
Owl _ (15 days ago)
I don't own an iPhone so this video is pretty much useless for me!
naeed zaman (15 days ago)
ZioCandreva (15 days ago)
Di frage isch nur wen jucktz
Kyle Cox (15 days ago)
Kyle Cox (15 days ago)
Yaelah 31 (15 days ago)
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mitakast1 (15 days ago)
"Ways to tune up your phone", or "things you were too dumb to figure out yourself your phone can do" ?
Mikeysaur (15 days ago)
6:48 why tho
Mr. time (15 days ago)
Puppy paw939 (15 days ago)
8:34 about 50$ volt charger when title says “life hacks that don’t cost you money”
Anjani Manuru (15 days ago)
7:17 but its not 5-minute!
ExoR (15 days ago)
Nice, Thank you
Vittorio Houston (16 days ago)
1° fake
Lynea (16 days ago)
"THAT WONT COST YOU ANYTHING" heres a 5 dollar charger that u can make ;-;
邱旭 (16 days ago)
to the maker.I want to make the 3D picture,but I can't find the appropriate picture,can you help me
NB Gang official (16 days ago)
30 ways to destroy your phone

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