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Top 5 Best Smartphones 2018 ! (95% Bezel-less, 4k-960fps 6/8 GB of RAM)

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Here is the Top 5 New Best Smartphones june 2018. A couple more new phones recently launched and we have also had the chance to spend more time with some others, which leads us to reevaluate some of our initial experiences.All smartphone have good build quality and unique design and better performance and good battery backup.All smartphone work very week. 5: Lg G7 Thinq 4 : ONEPLUS 6 3 : HTC U12+ 2: Huawei P20 1: Samsung Galaxy S9+ i hope you like it and don't forget to subscribe my channel Share, Support, Subscribe!!! Click Here to Subscribe:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-3XJxY4sVdB_LG2idABvig?view_as=subscriber
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Text Comments (45)
startrekalien (3 days ago)
I clicked for advice and all I got was a advertising music video of sorts with vomit inducing music.
Md Al amin (4 days ago)
Car Driving (5 days ago)
Huawei P20 pro не 370$ а 700-850$
MSi GS70 6QE (9 days ago)
Why u stupidly annoyingly stopping songs and skipping.. First music so good and suddenly stops? Wtf man?
Kevin Mahaley (9 days ago)
song for HTC u12?
Top phone (9 days ago)
3.Huawei P20 pro
Top phone (9 days ago)
1.Samsung galaxy S9+ 2. Oenplus 6
David Nadar (11 days ago)
HTC U12+ is the best smartphone of 2018
Rishabh dev Tyagi (11 days ago)
No.HTC U12+ is no 1
flaygon poolee (12 days ago)
Am here for HTC u 12+ the beast
Ish Mulla (12 days ago)
What is the music being played On the huawei p20?
GKcrazy lizard (12 days ago)
The huawei p20 pro is the best in the year
Gaxze (12 days ago)
S9 🔝
jheng nazal (12 days ago)
I love n wish to have Huawei p20ro
Moiz Khan (12 days ago)
Ap her hanty bad post kerty ho na kiya kero
Darmox (12 days ago)
Love your channel!!!!
Tech-ET (12 days ago)
thank you sir
Punluer Punluer (12 days ago)
Esrael Asrat (13 days ago)
Pixel XL ?
Talal khan (13 days ago)
What music you use in LG g7 plzz tell
Frankz Angelo Labia (13 days ago)
LG G7 should be at top.
Charin Kach-cha (13 days ago)
Top dream the best mix music smartphone...
Saswat Sarangi (13 days ago)
Was that Gal Gadot?
fah ddy (13 days ago)
Saswat Sarangi yes
Royal Jatt Land (13 days ago)
One plus 6 is all in one Bro😥😥😥😥😥😥
Amir Badar (13 days ago)
Royal Jatt Land NO IP certifications useless mobile
asad samtio (13 days ago)
I have s9 so i comment for s9 plus is best!
Suresh Thapa Magar (13 days ago)
Music of LG g7?????
Suresh Thapa Magar name is (on fire ) by gucci brady
pritam barai (13 days ago)
make review of Asus ROG phone.. plz....
Jacksnake D. (13 days ago)
Huawei P 20 Pro ,in my opinion.Check almost all features+ best look, camera and battery!
beycrafter jlj (13 days ago)
larrylalz tv (2 days ago)
beycrafter jlj it's not waterproof
Shashank Upadhyay (13 days ago)
Tech-ET song name plss
Ajay More (13 days ago)
Sayan Bala ...Bhai agar mil jaye to mujhe link share kr diyo!!!!
Tech-ET (13 days ago)
Tech-ET (13 days ago)
Nezi D.l (13 days ago)
Huawei P20 Pro is the best smartphone in the world . Huawei P20 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus . Huawei is the winer!!!!
Steve Hernandez (6 days ago)
Winner has 2 rs
Forever13 pt (9 days ago)
Nezi D.l Think Again. Those were beat by mi8.
Royal Jatt Land (13 days ago)
One plus 6 is killer Samsung s9 plus

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