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Sony Bravia XF90 / X900F Review - The BEST Mid-Range 4K HDR TV 2018 !

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Sony's latest Android 8 4K HDR TV is here ! And it's one of the best in this price range. HDTV Test: https://goo.gl/7UayT9 (video) ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ open up for more info ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Interested in Tech! ContentHub ► http://techmagnet.yt Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/techmagnet.yt/ Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/flokaheli/ Twitter ► https://twitter.com/techmagnet_yt Snapchat ► https://www.snapchat.com/add/techmagnet Interested in ChinaDevices! If you want to have more information , or discuss products from china , then please check out our forum ! You can register here for free, and i hope to see some of you guys there! 😃 Let´s build up a huge community. Community ► http://www.china-devices.com Be a part! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ These TVs are designed to compete head-to-head with other mid-range to high-end LCD TVs on the market, including Samsung’s new “QLED” LCD TVs. This year, several manufacturers have decided to adopt full array local dimming systems. Besides Sony, Samsung will include it in its Q8 and Q9 models, LG in its 9 series models, and TCL in its new 6 series model. (FlatpanelsHD) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Links marked with * are affiliate links.

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Text Comments (98)
John Lucas (5 days ago)
I own an Nvidia shield TV. Can the internal system be bypassed on this TV?
LAZY DOG (10 days ago)
No mention of the dark corners on the Sony.
BlazinNSoul (14 days ago)
Maybe I'll just get the smaller set so I don't feel buyer's remorse. Then get a new bigger one when HDMI 2.1 comes out. Which I'm guessing will be sometime next year hopefully. :b
Dan (17 days ago)
this tv has motionflow xr 960 and x-motion clarity ? are those the same?
Jared Marks (5 days ago)
x-motion clarity is a little different. It uses localized black frame insertion where motion is occurring instead of full frame insertion, then boosts the backlight in surrounding areas so the overall picture brightness remains the same unlike with standard black frame insertion that other tv's use.
loaiuk (20 days ago)
Still crap Android OS . Sony stop android TV . I used to be your fan but hate all android tv . It’s slow and not Use friendly
Sammy Kneen (22 days ago)
Hi there, I’ve noticed that if I have Local Dimming turned on when viewing SDR content, then all four corners of the screen turn a slight blue-ish colour? Can be seen clearly if there is ever a plain white screen. Can you confirm if this is the same on your set? The issue isn’t present with HDR content, the corners are just slightly darker with HDR. Can be easily checked by bringing up a full plain white screen on Youtube.
Hock Sing Ng (23 days ago)
Old school remote is the best. No fluffing about programmable keys and moving cursors on screen. Just button to access what we need. Now.
Michael D. (20 days ago)
Thanks you! I'm saying this all the time. All those weird remotes other companies use really annoy me. Sony stays true to the art of "if it works, dont change it" :)
suske1 suske2 (24 days ago)
Is this tv android smart tv?
Tony Z (26 days ago)
Garbage Stand....Hate that look...
FireMarshall75 (1 month ago)
The stand is so ugly..two legs apart. 2017 year modell was much better looking!!!
Adrian Falkirk (9 days ago)
FireMarshall75 you can swap legs so they can go inside not outside
FireMarshall75 (28 days ago)
So is a fat girl with a pretty face ;) You can look at it but thats it..:) If you wallmount your TV it doesn't matter... To me it matters since i see that ugly stand daily :)
Mr.Lazybonez (28 days ago)
FireMarshall75 its a fucking stand who cares, just as long as the pic quality is good it doesn’t matter
Dr GetBooty (1 month ago)
Did he just say mid range for $1,500 TV you had me at that. Yes sir you no expert
Daniel Sutcliffe (12 days ago)
How is it not mid range? Pretty sure the Z9D is the top of the range product Sony do in LED. Their OLEDs are also high range.
Irishgamer01 (1 month ago)
Most other reviewers think its poop, compared to other TV's. Dated
OLEDTvMasterRace (1 month ago)
Mid range you say? I’m telling quantum on you!
gunnyo50 (12 days ago)
Give it a rest why don't you. I know you're jealous of QA but you need let it go. He's doing more successful than you are on here and you're pretending not to be fuss about it but you are deep down. Hence why you're always making subtle jabs against him.
Princee Erick (1 month ago)
Where is the white light Indicator ?
taradead (1 month ago)
motion isn't significant better than the XE90. I'm glad I didn't go through the hassle of returning my XE90.
TheRailGunner (1 month ago)
This is a $2000 TV... The new 65" 6 series that TCL will be putting on sale on May 1st will be less than half the price, probably $900, maybe $850, and has already demoed for us that it can do everything just as well, if not better, than this TV and others that are twice the price. Admittedly, LG's OLED still can't be beaten right now, but still. Why would any smart shoppers be compelled to buy this? Stop riding the bandwagon of these big companies that charge us arm and a leg for tech that other companies can do just as well at half the price. It's like trying to get people to realize that iPhone's and Galaxy's aren't the only two smartphones out there and that there are some equally amazing phones out there, for half the price. I'd say TCL's 6 series will be the best mid range of the year. They've completely changed the TV market because Sony, Samsung, and LG have had to drop their prices more and more to compete with TCL, who's been blowing them out of the water in TV sales since they launched in the US. And that's why TCL is a smart company to get behind. They showed everyone plain and simple that the prices that the big companies have been setting for their 4K sets, are absolutely ridiculous.
Benitez Burns (14 days ago)
I would just get a Sony 900e before buying the 900f. You can get one at 65 for 1299. That is a steal!!
Thom McCaughey (16 days ago)
The TCL TV has had such bad screen problems and so many complaints and returns that Amazon has pulled this product from their offerings until quality control issues are worked out.
Mr.Lazybonez (25 days ago)
TheRailGunner so Sony gets the best Lg panels AND the X1 Extreme chip...? Guess we have our winner
TheRailGunner (25 days ago)
By the time I figure out wtf you said LG's prices will have dropped a thousand dollars on their OLED's.. Speaking of which, why don't you go look at their newest OLED's wherever there is a store that is displaying them, and tell me that other companies aren't trying to compete with THEM.. Lmao NOT the other way around. The only thing they have to worry about, competitively, is their prices, which I agree can be pretty ridiculous. Nothing right now touches their OLED's and that's the way it's been for some time. And before you say anything about Sony or something, let's not forget that Sony gets their displays FROM LG lol.
papa mama (26 days ago)
Lg can't compete with other brands with ips panel it exaggerates with price is all time like that with lg a price too expensive at a price too low ..
buh frog (1 month ago)
I just got this TV! I was very worried about the input lag for 1080P, so I booted up my Wii U, and tried Mega Man X for the SNES on virtual console. I BARELY felt any input lag! I really thought it would be a big problem.. One thing that's bugging me about this TV though, is watching youtube on it through my PC... I notice the white areas on youtube like in the comment section like to go dimmer and lose it's brightness... Any idea how to fix that? I have the light sensor off.
Tom Huffman (1 month ago)
4K/HDR is NOT limited to Input 2 and Input 3. Input 1 accepts it fine.
Murat Irtes (1 month ago)
Hi , I have a question: I doubt between Sony 49XF9005 and LG 49SK8500. which one do you reccomend?
papa mama (26 days ago)
No photo the sony is best if you have not probleme with angle lg have poor contrast some people think full local demming increase contrast ...oled have big probleme with burn in do search ..
Murat Irtes (1 month ago)
Lately I decided to buy a 55 inch and I might go for kd - 55xe9305 because of the price around 1300 euro. And second choice is lg 55 7 oled, which kost around 1400 now
sermerlin1 (1 month ago)
take 55 inch. You won't regret it. It's slightly more pricey but quite bigger and better and details more pronounced due to bigger screen and 4k resolution. 55 inch is the sweet spot for the 4k. I have xf90 and i can rub my nose to the screen and i will still not see pixels just an image.
Kevin Ray (1 month ago)
There is no excuse for TVs today to have only two HDMI ports that are capable of displaying 4K content. Not for the price that one would pay for this TV.
N J (1 month ago)
All of the connections can show HDR and 4K, the difference being ports 2 and 3 can do higher FPS and 444 colour vs ports one and 4 that only do 422
GREENARROW (1 month ago)
Kevin Ray sorry mean this for some people.. for me 930E has two things hooked up that matters the A1 for now has the ST5000 and Apple TV and with the ST5000 I have more inputs just in case.
Kevin Ray (1 month ago)
vGREENARROWv I have Apple TV, Sony x800, and a XBOX One X. For the price of this even it is an upper mid range tv should be equipped with all four ports supporting HDR. I just prefer to have all three plugged in and not have to get up and swap out one for another in order to use it to the best of its ability.
Kevin Ray (1 month ago)
taradead Thanks. I should have said all are not capable of displaying HDR content. IMO they all should be able to display HDR content.
GREENARROW (1 month ago)
Gaming console and player or Apple TV that’s all you need.. people sometimes want a sound system soundbars (some) or receiver have 4k hdr pass through
Sky Fall (1 month ago)
Samsung or LG Oled is the go.
ТЕРМИНАТОР X (1 month ago)
samsung does not produce oled tv . QLED IS LCD( VA PANEL )DISPLAY , QLED IS SAMSUNG MARKETING . SONY BUYS LG OLED PANEL https://www.oled-info.com/sony-asks-lgd-double-oled-tv-panel-supply-following-high-demand-sonys-oled-tvs https://www.flatpanelshd.com/news.php?subaction=showfull&id=1398328440
Sky Fall (1 month ago)
doesn't look smooth at all. is jumping badly
taradead (1 month ago)
he's probably showing low fps content compressed for satellite, cable or internet stream. Sports, blu-ray movies and games won't jump on the XF90 (same with the XE90).
sermerlin1 (1 month ago)
becuase of his camera bruh and render and maybe your youtube playback.. I have XF90 and it's smooth as fuck. Movies are completely stutterless. I'm stutter freak and 1 jerk can make me shut down the movie. 0 stutters this panel has.
Princee Erick (1 month ago)
900E Is Better
Mr.Lazybonez (28 days ago)
No, it really isn’t
taradead (1 month ago)
for all practical purposes, they're about the same. The X900F has dual database processing for a supposedly sharper picture...but most people won't even notice a different over the X900E. Motion Clarity doesn't help low fps/compressed content much better than the X900E, either. The X900E is better if you get it significantly cheaper.
CrashAlw7sh (1 month ago)
This is not a Mid range TV
bighands69 (25 days ago)
My god. Highend TV's cost about twice as much as that. Sony's next range in TV's cost about two times as much.
Terrance Harris (1 month ago)
$ How much?
Nic (1 month ago)
How do you know? It doesn't seem like you've seen a huge quantity of TV's/
Fred Gadget (1 month ago)
Are you fucking mad . You have this psycho sick pathetic disgusting guy (Chris viral) on your channel . His channel is just psycho. And he has issues. Fucking making video claiming he has fucking relationship with his sister. Absolutely disgusted. When you have this guy on your channel and subscribed him it's obvious who are you and who is your friends.
Fred Gadget (1 month ago)
TechMagnet if you are Pro man then you should know what to follow and what to subscribe and whos to bring in your channel. I am following your channel since it was Itxtutor . (Btw he was on few videos). I am really disappointed
Fred Gadget (1 month ago)
TechMagnet then why do you subscribing him and why do I see his bloody pathetic channel on your subscription?!?
TechMagnet (1 month ago)
Fred Gadget well that was an april fools video that gone wrong lol. his whole insta account got deleted and yeah he does retarded things..
Barry Hemmy (1 month ago)
This one or The new Samsung QLED 2018?
SuaveLlaveBlog (1 month ago)
Is it fair to already say that this is the best considering not all the TVs have come out?
Benitez Burns (14 days ago)
SuaveLlaveBlog yes, I believe that Sony will have a TV coming out to replace the 930/940 variations.
SuaveLlaveBlog (1 month ago)
TechMagnet I have an A1E the fact that we have to wait for updates for features that other tv have out of the box isn’t really “Best” category and after how poorly executed and late DV on the 2017 models makes me question the long term on this. Sure it might be slightly improved from last year 900e but I wouldn’t say it “Best” yet
TechMagnet (1 month ago)
well atleast for now. If it changes there will be a new one !
desinho9 (1 month ago)
The euro Q8 will not have full array local dimming, and LG's SK9500 and 8500 will have [so not 'the 9 series models' like in the US; just like the US will have the fald Q8. Try to read some european sources first next time ;) ]
papa mama (26 days ago)
Yes lg sk950 and sk850 have full local dem but is just britness the contrast is must important for hdr think sony with va panel win in mid rang..
TechMagnet (1 month ago)
Did i mention the Q8 ? o.o
Sacchi (1 month ago)
For those who says Samsung's QLED is better - From 2008 Sony had been using TrilluminousDisplay tech ie QLED tech which is much matured and better than Samsung's first generation QLED.
Alex Aliyev (1 month ago)
Sacchi yeah but the points is Samsung have achieved the 100 % color spectrum with their Qled. But that’s not the most important some people don’t like over exaggerated colors some people just like more natural colors. For me I like soap opera affect and i love bright picture. I own 930e I think it’s better than 900f in many aspects.
marketweis (1 month ago)
It's splitting hairs for the most part. They're all very nice TV's.
r0segg (1 month ago)
I remember when u used to do Minecraft hack clients reviews you've come a long way 🎉
TechMagnet (1 month ago)
r0segg awww good old days
DeltaNedas (1 month ago)
First, lemee think of an insanely funny joke **Insanely funny joke** //===\ || || ||===` || \\ Haha bitch you looked give me your Minecraft password!
Markus Haier (1 month ago)
What about X85 ?
Fahad Muneeb (1 month ago)
No F one is 2018 model
TechMagnet (1 month ago)
desinho9 correct always mixing that up. so xf85 / xf87.. so weird to have 100 models for all countries.
desinho9 (1 month ago)
XF85 (X85C is 3 years old)
TechMagnet (1 month ago)
Will have a look at X85 too
Banana Joe (1 month ago)
Great video. Nice cinematic shots
TechMagnet (1 month ago)
thanks mate !
Stefan Schacher (1 month ago)
Samsung QLED is better
LAZY DOG (10 days ago)
Samsung Qled has no vignetting... The Sony has dark corners unless you have the brightness up very high.
Benitez Burns (14 days ago)
Only the Q8 AND Q9 are better and cost thousands more...and slightly better at best! The qleds are stupidly expensive with no Dolby vision. 🤧😭🤯
BlazinNSoul (20 days ago)
If it's not full array with local dimming I'm not interested. I don't care how bright or how many colors a set has. If it doesn't have decent contrast it means nothing. That's even more true with HDR. Which I usually leave turned off. Sony is actually the first set I've been able to use it without wanting to pull my hair out. Of course nothing is going to beat an OLED. But considering the trade-off Sony's look great. Not to mention support Dolby vision. :b
loaiuk (20 days ago)
Samsung q9
Virgílio Agrela (25 days ago)
Stefan Schacher Also the price, what’s your point blind fanboy tard?
Joy Maker (1 month ago)
TechMagnet (1 month ago)

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