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Why SolarCity teamed up with Home Depot

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CEO Lyndon Rive discusses how SolarCity is looking to expand its footprint via partnerships with Home Depot and Honda.
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Raul Vargas (6 months ago)
Thank you motherfucker now my bill is 3 times higher Fucken solarcity
Raul Vargas (1 year ago)
i was contacted at home depot. my bill was 40 to 80 a month. after solarcity 110 and now owe more than system is worth. you cant take em to court they are exemt from anykind of courts. out to get you.
Lady pilliwick (1 year ago)
I want to buy one glass solar shingle just to see it..Home Depot here I come
James McCann (2 years ago)
Please contact me by phone @ 423-627-4954 as I've been/am lookin into roof panel solar now; for a few years. I am disabled & income is only $796 mo. I'm lookin for the cheapest way to do all this, w/lease/rent options; or payment purchase one's financed. I have a12 x 55 single wide mobile home, that I own & would put it up for collateral if needed......Thanks ! Looking forward to hearing from someone soon........james McCann/ rural E. Tn.
trmthrill (1 year ago)
have you been contacted yet to get information I work for SolarCity and can set you up for a consultation email me if you are still interested
LizaVP (2 years ago)
Lock in your rate for 20 years. Not good!
ronald ulloa (1 year ago)
locked in rate or a constantly rising rate with your electric company .
Joel Jaramillo (2 years ago)
+LizaVP You're not necessarily "Locked in" they lock in the price for 20 years. its transferable so if/when you move its just like taking your name off of the utility company.
itweety21 (2 years ago)
can I take the solar system with me if I move?
Miguel T (2 years ago)
+itweety21 yes you can its around 900-1000 to take off and ship, install to your new home
Gonzalez Franco (2 years ago)
Solar City isn't dumb. They'll test in Home Depot and if it works well, they'll immediately be inside other retailers like Costco and Walmart. They'll get distribution.
ctwatcher (3 years ago)
Oh no, good-bye Homey Depot.  Boycotting you now.  Be careful who you get in bed with.
Rodney Hubbard (1 year ago)
Dude shut the fuck up.... for real. Just shut the fuck up.
ctwatcher (2 years ago)
+Discardedwand82 Chinese are buying real estate all over this nation, others.  We can't buy none of their lands yet they can buy our lands?  I trust no R  D parties, only party to save this nation is Libertarian and they scare people as no free stuff offered for all.  Oh well, I'm ready to never pay tax for murder again. 
Discardedwand82 (2 years ago)
+ctwatcher If you are talking about foreigners taking lands you must remember that the US destroyed over 100 native cultures and shoved the people who were onto the worst land we could find in the desert. Im not sure which presidential candidate is best suited for taming down the government. I suppose someone Republican, because they are supposed to want smaller government.  
ctwatcher (2 years ago)
+Discardedwand82 I don't think I will have to wait too much longer, a few years at the most.  This is how the world is?  Who told you that?  A teacher?  A govt worker?  Your parents?  Friends?  Everyone you know or meet?  Yes, I'm sure you've heard that over and over to justify tearing us down to meet their needs.  I wouldn't mind having some solar panels someday, I know it would be hard for many to live without power, for me too.  All energy is about the profit, nothing more. We swim in it in CO.  They frack under my home and many could say that is the world now as foreigners take over our energy, our lands.  I didn't and never have said I hated the govt.  See how ya are?  I want the govt tamed down a bit, give us our rights back and leave us alone.  Maintain the infrastructure, protect our borders, feed the poor and no more cocaine parties.  That is all.
Discardedwand82 (2 years ago)
+ctwatcher Well continue waiting. Because this is how the world is. I also would love to see how they manage to target ads using the Tor browser. Considering I can change the ip that google sees, they have no idea who, where, or what I am. And do you not want to build solar panels? That would get you off the grid and away from the government you so hate.
Jeff Gill (3 years ago)
This is a great movement to be a part of.  If you are interested in being paid for referrals to SolarCity, reach out to me at http://share.solarcity.com/solarcityjeff
cherished gail (3 years ago)
Read about my experience and see my review on this company at Yelp.com.
Robert Drake (3 years ago)
I'm the Big Foot of solar footprint.  
humphrey michael c (4 years ago)
solar cells at cheap rates visit ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM
Sajuck Khar (4 years ago)
I saw one recently in mine :P and it led me to elon and then into investing :P haha. Once I hear the no money down thing, I was hooked.
How come I haven't seen one these displays in my Home Depot? Why don't you guys team up with Costco?

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