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Lenovo Y720 Review: This Gaming Laptop has Amazing Sound!

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The Lenovo Legion Y720 is a gaming laptop with a GTX 1060 and really good sound. It's fast, fairly affordable and comes with a built-in xbox wireless controller! Watch for the full review! Buy here on Amazon: Lenovo Legion Y720: http://geni.us/7BdBcud * If you're from the US it's cheaper on Lenovos website. Music By: DJ Grumble https://soundcloud.com/gbeats Help support the channel by using my Amazon Affiliate Link: Amazon US: http://goo.gl/BVc5ez Amazon Canada: http://goo.gl/SK9sQK Amazon UK: http://goo.gl/is1MXU Follow me on Social Media: Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mattmoniz Instagram: http://instagram.com/mattmoniz123 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mattmoniz123 Website: http://www.matthewmoniz.com
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Text Comments (317)
Jeremy H. (9 days ago)
aaaand I have 2 of them now.
QA VIDEOS (12 days ago)
hey if you are selling this laptop or are going to giveway this thing let me know
Mehtab afridi (17 days ago)
Max ram 16 gb or 32 gb ??
AquileS Chong (1 month ago)
it has mini display port or display port?
sciharry1 (1 month ago)
Just ordered i7, FHD, 16 gb, 512 gb ssd with pcIE with $1270!! So excited for it!! XD
lorefriendlygamer (1 month ago)
60hz or 120hz ?
lorefriendlygamer (1 month ago)
Matthew Moniz Thanks. Are similar priced notebooks with 120hz available? is 120hz more important if you actually plan to play on 120 fps?
Matthew Moniz (1 month ago)
Bodo Bobo (1 month ago)
Acer helios 300 has a (much) worse IPS panel, is not serviceable by yourself (to upgrade the storage you have to pay for the rack, the transport cost to service, the waiting days etc.). The Lenovo keyboard is also better and the sound is also probably better. In the end, they should come up about equal in price, but with Lenovo undeniable readiness.
Lai Wenjun (1 month ago)
In my country, Acer Helios i7 gtx1060 8gb price at 5500, dell 7577 i7 gtx 1050ti 8gb price at 5000, dell 7577 i7 gtx 1060max-Q 16gb price at 6699, Lenovo y720 price at 6000++.... So which to go for? Ps. My country doesn't have the Dell 7577 i5 gtx 1060max-Q configuration....
Guy Dviri (1 month ago)
why there's no sound demonstration ?
Matthew Moniz (1 month ago)
Because showing sound on a video is pointless. It won't sound anything like the real thing. Everyone's speakers, headphones are all different
Justii Mihura (2 months ago)
When u ur playing, how long is the batery life? And when u ur in internet only?
Ian Genuine (2 months ago)
Maskeraith (2 months ago)
Too much taxes in Canada, help, it costs like 2 million CAD here
ASTRO BOY william (2 months ago)
looks gorgeous and somewhat a performer will buy this one for Arma LAN party.
Joseff Joy (2 months ago)
Legion y720 or Inspiron 7577?? Please help
lu (2 months ago)
ahmad khalil (2 months ago)
Hi , i am planning to buy laoptop for gaming plus visual effect work. i am thinking between Asus GL553 and Lenove Y720. Kindly guide me which one is the better option. one thing should be kept in mind that i need good screen and i have to work for long hours. thankx in advance. i liked ur channel keep up the good work.
lu (2 months ago)
BalthazarTheGreat (2 months ago)
+Mathew Moniz you should get another unit to test, there's no reason why your Y720 is reaching 95 degrees or 5 away from the CPU's tj max. I just got one of these and I play besieged/BeamNG Drive on the highest settings for hours at a time and my unit wont go past 80 degrees.
Haitam Nari (3 months ago)
Should i buy the y720 with 8gb/i7/1060 for 1300euro's or the y520 16gb/i7/1060max Q for 1400euro's I want to game on high settings with a good screen and low temperatures
DasTomTom (3 months ago)
Is the y720 With the i5 7300hq and 8gb ram recommed too for gaming?
Alex (3 months ago)
Lenovo is good if you want a laptop with built in malware that will physically fall apart after a couple of months.
idn (17 days ago)
I have had 2 Lenovo laptops from the Y Gaming Series now including the Y720. My previous Y410 lasted 4 years and is still running as a media laptop at my drumset (graphics card was too weak for today's games). Otherwise it is in perfect working order and excellent physical condition. The Y720 is very sturdy compared to most laptops under $2000. I have zero Malware on mine out of the box and it is very easy to uninstall any of Lenovo's preinstalled package if you want. It's quite minimal compared to other systems I've seen from Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, etc.
Daramus Bogdan (17 days ago)
What mallware, just format hdd and reinstall windows.
idn (1 month ago)
Odd, My Lenovo Y laptops have lasted for 5+ years each.
Chaos D. Emperor (2 months ago)
Built in malware lmfaooo hahahha You need to learn how to clean your laptop homie
Yuniko Yato (2 months ago)
they had malware scandals in the past that haunts them
Jure Matković (4 months ago)
Just want to give you tip guys. If some models (y720) have problems with temperatures it is because of poor thermal paste. Reapply thermal paste and u will solve problem. Also for those who expirienced bad peformance change Power settings from power saver to high peformance. Sry for bad eng, i hope it helped.
Adam Jezewski (4 months ago)
how do you get that chart system with the heat signatures at 5:08 im very curious.
Jeremy H. (4 months ago)
I just got one of these straight from Lenovo for $1049. So at THAT price point, you can not go wrong.
Yordan Grigorov (4 months ago)
do you guys have screen bleeding on the y720?
OneMANarmY (4 months ago)
Amazing sound . But now over 60%volume right ?
Jørgen Nordli (5 months ago)
Just bought this computer with only one 256gb ssd, thinking I wouldn’t need more storage. Now I wanna add a second HDD, but find little information about compatible hard drives. Any1 knows what HDDs are compatible?
totefernando (5 months ago)
does the fps on solitaire keep on 100+ even when you win the game? you know when the cards start flying all over the place
Matthew Moniz (5 months ago)
Crashes once those cards go flying! Need a powerful system with dual 1080ti gpus to handle that!
ronald chambless (5 months ago)
The y720 is 999.99$ now on lenovos website
rcc1111 (5 months ago)
It’s on sale on Black Friday folks, just bought it for 999.99.
bracket Scrap (5 months ago)
Im gonna slap my grandma's face with this video she bought me a damn INTEL CELERON for gaming jesus christ!
Ayyy Lmao (3 months ago)
bracket Scrap privileged cunt
mrhiguy (5 months ago)
I have this 4k Y720 and the colors get much better when you remove the anti-glare film.
Adol Christin (5 months ago)
Ok im gonna ask a stupid question or noob question soon im planning to buy this coming december is this laptop has a possibility to encounter stuttering or freeze game? because alienware 17 R4 has stuttering issues my cousin has it so is this laptop is good for gaming and school stuff? thank you I Have budget BTW
eric matthews (5 months ago)
Need a laptop for 3d architectural design (chief architect) to design kitchens and bathrooms with clients. Would this be the way to go?
R1c3r O (1 month ago)
eric matthews hell no
PantiesGoneWild (5 months ago)
how are you getting 70-75 fps on high on bf1??? iv been owning this laptop for 3 months now, 35-42 fps on low quality
Areo Banks (24 days ago)
Maybe you were playing at 4k?
PantiesGoneWild (2 months ago)
BalthazarTheGreat well its been like that since the first week even on full or more than 50% its the same
BalthazarTheGreat (2 months ago)
If your laptop is under 25 percent the performance is cut in half to save battery and you cant change it that setting its a locked default. Keep you nvidia drivers up to date with the Geforce experience and look around in the settings toggle the render quality to the highest which is 60+fps out of the box its set to the lowest locked 30 fps. Also keep in mind the 1060 isn't a 1080ti it can be stumped if you don't know what graphical settings your changing in the game, ambient occlusions/tessellation are very resource intensive as with resolution which should be kept at 1080p at all times. keeping that in mind you can play this at 70-80 fps no problem.
Jure Matković (4 months ago)
PantiesGoneWild thats weird. With 1060m 6gb, u should get 3x more fps.
PantiesGoneWild (4 months ago)
Jure Matković yes,1tb,16gb ram, 125(i think ssd, for 1,200$
ali hasan (5 months ago)
You said no G-sync Is that important ? What the deffrince with G-sync
Filipe Alves (5 months ago)
Great Review! I had a Lenovo Y50, and i'm looking forward to buy a y720. I hope it's worth the price.
Beatz Cracker (5 months ago)
Filipe Alves how is your experience with lenovo?
daniel vieira (5 months ago)
hi matt, could you do the asus g703? thanks in advance
Jason Yaputra (5 months ago)
can you do a lenovo legion y920 laptop please ;))
Ahmad Tarek (5 months ago)
Can this laptop last for about 5 years without decreasing settings below medium(60 fps) please answer matthew ??
kimirs16 (5 months ago)
Ahmad Tarek same, though I can't afford any kind of laptop...
99999drake (6 months ago)
2:18 can translate that part? I am speak spanish (english good, but not much) and I am planing (I am not 100% sure) buy that notebook to play games, and I dont undertand too much that part, that's why I want a transcriptionI am planing but the  y720-15ikb
Alberto Castellanos (5 months ago)
99999drake que si solo lo quieres para jugar te compres el que tiene la pantalla full hd, no el 4k, que la grafica es perfecta para 1080 pero en 4k no va a ser tan buena
Techno Kreep (6 months ago)
Pls what Laptop should I buy with a gtx1060 under 1300$plssssssss helpppppp
Sai Nivedh Vallala (5 months ago)
Assassin Killer Dell 7577
Abu Encontrado (6 months ago)
Can anyone mention how horrible the fan sounds , because I own a Lenovo and and fan noise is horrible. Planning to buy this so I don't want to risk again buying a laptop which sounds like road construction inside my room. Please confirm the fan sound?
ja df (6 months ago)
hi matthew pls review dell 7577. thanks
ja df (6 months ago)
Matthew Moniz looking forward for the review :)
Matthew Moniz (6 months ago)
Plan too! Waiting for review unit = )
FearLess (6 months ago)
I'm really confused, do you get 5-6 hours of battery life on the 4k model, how much does the fhd have then? Also other reviews mentioned that it has 4 hours on the fhd and also 4 on the 4k how does that work out, surely fhd should have more. Also would you recommend this at 1030 usd with only a 256 gb ssd and 8gb ram. Also others have reported much better thermals and less fan noise
Theresa Curnow (6 months ago)
I’m wondering how much performance would suffer gaming going with the 8GB version? All reviews seem to be for 16GB.
Matthew Moniz (6 months ago)
+Theresa Curnow you’re welcome Theresa!
Theresa Curnow (6 months ago)
Perfect!! That’s exactly what I needed to know. I have to buy 2 for avid teenage gamers so I don’t want to spend anymore than necessary. They are used to desktops but gaming laptops have come a long way and they’ll need portability for college soon. Thanks very much for fast reply!! :)
Matthew Moniz (6 months ago)
Very little ! If it's for gaming you won't notice much of a difference. However, if you're someone with a lot of tabs open and doing photoshop work, you'll want 16.
Comersal Severus (6 months ago)
So expansive in Brazil I like this laptop
hoda keshta (6 months ago)
please review dell 7577 with GTX 1060 Max-Q
Mohammad Natsheh (6 months ago)
Great review as always, I bought this laptop based on your recommendation. But after just 20 days or so of using, I have this problem with the screen, if I close the lid while it's on and open it back again, the screen turns gray and becomes unusable so I have to restart my laptop again to use it. I updated the bios version, all the drivers but still nothing happened, am I the only one who has this problem guys? I would appreciate some help.
Mohammad Natsheh (6 months ago)
Matthew Moniz thank you for your reply Matthew, I solved it by rolling back the display driver.
Mohammad Natsheh (6 months ago)
Random Human thanks a bunch, it worked!
Random Human (6 months ago)
i had this issue after i updated the intel graphics driver, here is how to fix it: Control panel > Hardware and sound > Device manager > Display adapter > double click on intel graphics card > go driver tab > press on "roll back driver" option. your problem should be solved, good luck.
Matthew Moniz (6 months ago)
Sounds like a defect! I'd send it in for a replacment
BulletsBacon Beer (6 months ago)
Gaming laptops are not supposed to be lightweight
Porkchop Dog (6 months ago)
Can we make it clear that NOBODY wants the stupid red/black theme on laptops? I am a "young thugga kid" and even I think it just looks stupid. Really cuts down the options for laptops in the 1060 range.
BalthazarTheGreat (2 months ago)
its not nearly as bad as with MSI gaming laptops and acers helios which is literally half red and black the only red in the legion y720 is the track pad outline the legion logo and the speaker grills, not very much.
Omega Hoplite (4 months ago)
I would really dig a white instead of red
CO country (5 months ago)
Yes you speak for the rest off us. Go STFU and fuck off you tiny wanker! On the 2nd hand, if you are just talking about color then I agree. I would like a deep cyan or neon green color instead.
Porkchop Dog (6 months ago)
Gabe Merritt Yeah. The marketing teams are probably just talking to the kids who wear flame shirts and sunglasses inside lol. Just simple color themes would be a great variety.
Gabe Merritt (6 months ago)
Porkchop Dog they should make different colors, idk why that is not a no brainer
Parth Desai (6 months ago)
4:51 i cannot play solitare on my i7 7700k and a 1080Ti ... halp
Mohammed Salah (6 months ago)
Lenovo y720 vs Dell Inspiron 7567 Which one you will choose ?
Yasmin Gonzaga (5 months ago)
Lenovo Y720
Dato Aliff Alex (6 months ago)
I cant fuking find the 4K version Its so confusing! Some seller said its only has 1080p screen while u said it has 4K display while lenovo site said it can play 4K video but never tell the actual screen reso? Some other reviewers said the screen only score 45% NTSC colour accuracy..and the link u provided to buy this laptop is the 1080p version What the actual fuk?
deepsudeep (6 months ago)
boo for heavy
Black Tiger (6 months ago)
It has extremely low quality screen. Pixels die very quickly.
CO country (5 months ago)
Can't one just buy more pixel dust?
kimirs16 (5 months ago)
Black Tiger really!?
Krishnakumar Raghu (6 months ago)
Hi Matthew! Thank you for the review. I was planning on this until I read about the Dell 7577 a couple of days ago which also has GTX 1060 and Thunderbolt3 now. Would you be reviewing it anytime soon and also a comparison if possible? Thank you!
Krishnakumar Raghu (5 months ago)
I decided to get dell 7577. It's got a better build and also in my location, i didn't get the RGB lighting with Legion Y720. It was too much red for me.
Sai Nivedh Vallala (5 months ago)
Which one did u buy?
Krishnakumar Raghu (6 months ago)
Sahil Chandhok Sure. But it's a lot .7 kg lighter. That's the reason I'm thinking about it.
Sahil Chandhok (6 months ago)
Krishnakumar Raghu The Dell 7577 has the gtx 1060 max q which is a weaker version of a gtx 1060 found in this model. The main purpose of the max q is to save power. It prefers saving power over performance.
_가화만사성 (6 months ago)
한국어가 없네.. 또르르..
Aleksandr The Great V (6 months ago)
i drop cafe on this less then month after buying it for 1700eur. now one month most wait for new keyboard lol
Harry Poter (7 months ago)
Hey Matt will it thermal throttle if I'm just playing a game on it using a combination of high and ultra settings? Thanks.
Ruhi Kck (7 months ago)
This one or Hellios 300 ?
Will Montiel (6 months ago)
This one is so pretty and Acer Helios hasn't thunderbolt (Is the future)
Chip Kelly (7 months ago)
This obe
el Fuaisz (7 months ago)
Great review Matt👍
Matthew Moniz (7 months ago)
Thanks man!
JUSTIN JANZ (7 months ago)
Matthew...can you please review HP pavilion power 15 gaming laptop...
Nico Bellic (7 months ago)
oie ben afflic
YK L (7 months ago)
Lenovo sells this model as R720 in China. the keyboard quality is super bad. I got 2 R720s, both had bad keys after couple of days usage
Beatz Cracker (5 months ago)
Yuankun Luo what happened to the keys?
Bálint Csiszár (7 months ago)
90-95 C on the cpu is not "typical" On crappy new laptops it shouldnt hit 90..
MotoK tips (2 months ago)
Open the laptop replace the tim with liquid metal, the temp will be 10 to 20 deg C better. If you're a doubter... Linus tech tips and search.
Matthew Moniz (7 months ago)
The kaby lake quad-core i7 processors run REALLY hot. I find laptops have a tough time keeping them cool.
Hafis km (7 months ago)
Predator helios 300 or Legion 720 ???? Which is ur pic if u dont mind the prices of both ?
Hasan Najaa (7 months ago)
One of the best review channels. thanks to you, I did purchase the Acer helios 300 a month ago and so far no regrets. Keep the good work!
Jaswanth And Bros (7 months ago)
Sir plz say best laptop at 2600 dollars plz help me
R1c3r O (1 month ago)
Jaswanth And Bros Alienware 15 or 13. The Razer blade 14 is great too.
Erina Snow (7 months ago)
:( the thing on lenova build quality poor
Wai Chau Yin (7 months ago)
just build a desktop better,its powerful than laptop and cheaper
SourceReaper (7 months ago)
One battery? There are 2 separate batteries. Also, the sound of mine is fantastic, noice is high, but mine is overclocked so uses the ctrl, shift zero for better cooling.
Stupid Gamer (7 months ago)
why arent you in your violet room?
Matthew Moniz (7 months ago)
+Stupid Gamer lol no more violet room working on a new space : )
Sirazul Islam (7 months ago)
4k and u say not bad😁😂😃😃😃😂😁😀 do u spend millions on laptops??
Matthew Moniz (7 months ago)
+Sirazul Islam not bad for a 4K display . Colour accuracy, brightness and contrast is very important for content creators
keep up thewool work matthew i just noticed you are working on a new room and presnt your content on it it looks great its bright and cool and your content is enjoyable and informative to watch what are your thoughts about new google pixel?
Mike90321111 (7 months ago)
How is the hinge ? I had the Lenovo y50-70 and the screen fully came off cause the hinge
Paul Wolfer (7 months ago)
I've been looking at gaming laptops for work (as well as play), doing CAD and 3d Modeling. Would you suggest 4k monitor in this circumstance. I've been leaning towards the Dell 7567 w/ i7, 16gb ram, 512 SSD and 4k Monitor.
Turdbo Mitch (7 months ago)
Hi Matt,I really enjoy your channel!I am planning to buy either the Acer preditor Helios 300 or the Lenovo Y720. The Acer is currently $1049 and the Lenovo $1055. Is there any major deciding factor between the two? They are both almost identical in price, but are they identical in stats at this price point? I'd love to see a comparison video between the two. Or maybe just a verdict from you and a reason why. Regards Mitch.
Matthew Moniz (7 months ago)
It depends if you need a more colour accurate display than the Lenovo Y720 makes more sense since you can buy it in 4k. If you don't the helios 300 is just as good and cheaper
Paul Sanchez (7 months ago)
So how well does this PC handle video editing? or running multiple programs at once like Recording software?
Manoj Manoj (7 months ago)
Do a review on HP omen laptop 2017
Christian Borromeo (7 months ago)
Which is better, this or Asus ROG GL702VM? Thanks.
Kryo Stazis (7 months ago)
why did they call it y720 and its 15 inches, need a better code number
Olivier Héroux (7 months ago)
Xbox contrôles dont use Bluetooth??
Matthew Moniz (7 months ago)
+Olivier Héroux there's a wireless Xbox controller built in
D.Carlos Fernado (7 months ago)
Is it better than acer helios 300
Dell just announced a new series G7 check it out on their website.
MrRenanZX (2 days ago)
y520 with gtx1060 and y920 was not officially released in my country (Brazil), so the y720 is the best choice at the moment
Rutger Buiteveld (2 months ago)
its just as expensive here in the Netherlands
Rutger Buiteveld (2 months ago)
i have it and like it a lot ! :)
pedro soliano (3 months ago)
HailgodMC but it has a 1050ti .y720 has 1060
RumcajsRozbojnik88 (7 months ago)
And what about PWM? I've read that it uses the flickering when dimming the display...
Melvin Jr. (7 months ago)
I don't know should I get dell Inspiron 15 7577 or Lenovo legion y720...
E U P H O R I A (7 months ago)
This is like the best purchase I have ever had. And I got the 1080 panel.
E U P H O R I A (7 months ago)
I bought it. And I love it.
corvus917 (7 months ago)
Please review the Dell 7577. I'm eager to see how the GTX 1060 Max-Q compares to the regular 1060, and how you think it compares to the Acer Predator Helios 300.
Didit Martadi (7 months ago)
I heard usually max q design has 5-10% performance decrease from the original, I really want to see it compares to 1050ti.
Parkis Deuri (7 months ago)
Solitaire.. Lmao
Bull66 (7 months ago)
Design wise i prefer the Y520 more then the Y720
Joseph Mcqueen (7 months ago)
I hate the design. But love it over all , just waiting for some dell 7577 review to see which one to get
Bhavin Shah (7 months ago)
The 1080p display panel is ABSOLUTE trash.
Michael Aranda (7 months ago)
Lenovo is an awesome brand. I am not a fan of the pattern on the laptop. The finger prints on the laptop is ridiculous.
Sujiro Hitto (7 months ago)
Dell 7577 please
Abhishek Gupta (7 months ago)
Waiting for Dell Inspiron 7577 review
Brye (7 months ago)
Got the Alienware 15 over this , issa fuckin tank !!!
Anon Ymously (7 months ago)
Can you review the Asus ROG GL503 laptops whenever you get a chance? Specifically the Scar and Hero editions. Thanks and keep up the good work.
Fabian Firman (7 months ago)
you do know you put solitaire on the gaming bench?
Matthew Moniz (7 months ago)
+Fabian Firman I did as a joke but I failed making it funny
Nikhilesh Isukapatla (7 months ago)
Matt waiting for Dell Inspiron 7577 review
A.D.Dudes (7 months ago)
After having a 4k screen laptop for the last year and a half - can't see myself ever going back. Sure scaling is a bit off in Windows 10, but it's a game changer when editing in Premiere or creating content in After Effects, PS, etc...this is especially huge when on the road (or when I want to edit on the road...or couch). Also, in addition - close friend has the previous years Y-series, and it's been a mess. Plastic breaking, keyboard issues. Does run well though. Sounds like they addressed the keyboard (mushy) issues and the build issues in this iteration. Great review though Matt!
Matthew Moniz (7 months ago)
totally agree for scaling and content creation 4k is sweet! = ) Thanks man
exposez (7 months ago)
solitare!? wtf does he mean the card game? :D
exposez (7 months ago)
Matthew Moniz i bet it gave a lot of people a good laugh :) and the stuff about the looks on the computer to :)
Matthew Moniz (7 months ago)
haha yes, i put it in there as a joke..

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