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Best Android Smartphone Cameras (Fall 2017)

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Text Comments (517)
rambokhooblall (2 months ago)
Android can do as good as iPhone camera wise...Idk why theyre not doing so..
Michael Preißer (2 months ago)
LUMIA 1020?
anonymous 101 (2 months ago)
The pixel 2 takes great pictures in auto mode but the lgv30 should be in this list it has the best manual mode for both video and Camera stills not to mention cine effects video fillers & cine log feature the first of its kind on any smartphone the one who review video doesn't know anything about smartphone cameras that's my opinion
Aaron Williams (3 months ago)
I wonder what's the best least expensive camera all around. I don't have hundreds upon hundreds to a thousand dollars to spend on a phone but phones cameras are very important to me.
jb5 Productions (4 months ago)
Where is oppo
Riley Fox (4 months ago)
Occupation either instruction fewer rest hall basement Canadian generous dismiss.
joe campbell (4 months ago)
What's the difference between the camera 📸 on the Samsung galaxy note 8 vs the Samsung galaxy s8 plus
Charles Yeo (4 months ago)
2:34 that photo is ugly as heck. That's the best the pixel 2 can do? The wb is wrong, the skin tone is wrong. There is too much blur from shakiness. Picture is grainy and soft. Colors are washed out
Rasmus Willi (4 months ago)
That was an S7, not an S8.... 3:47
wasim raja (4 months ago)
camera of pixel 2 is better than note 8.
Hasan Ramsey (4 months ago)
any particular reason why you showed s7 footage? lol
Mrityunjay Bawa (4 months ago)
Man where us the king v30
azert treza (4 months ago)
Thomas Riemersma (5 months ago)
thx mate
Bartolix 21 (5 months ago)
i know its a bit old but Galaxy S7.. i have it and the camera is amazing
Matjaž Založnik (5 months ago)
dmc cm1 is better
Little King (5 months ago)
0:27 oh yeah, you know what I like. Zoom in more please.
jason gideon (5 months ago)
no mate 10??
halfentity (5 months ago)
The Samsungs in the video are not S8's but S7 Edge.
Erik Graul (5 months ago)
My phone was on the list. :) Pixel 2 XL.
Deena Dhayalan (5 months ago)
Very biased review. Samsung Samsung Samsung 😥
Ron Cosby (5 months ago)
This has been a paid commercial, brought to you by Samsung lol
Khanin the Uhnahkian (5 months ago)
HYPEBROS TV (5 months ago)
That intro notification sound brings back memories omg I cried actual tears
Matilda Bailey (5 months ago)
Hot range belief half summer Jew file press since
Magnum (5 months ago)
Stopped at Galaxy note 8 being the best.
Huzaifah Zaheer (5 months ago)
Where is the LG V30
nico rose (5 months ago)
I like your t shirt 😄
Ahmad Fodeh (5 months ago)
samsung note 8 also dropped the very best payment for you to make this video
Expencive phones have good cameras. No shit. What about sub 200$ phones?
Dendy Priambodo (5 months ago)
S7 still rocks! Save your money for something else...
Keshav Agarwal (5 months ago)
Video quality is not up to mark.
Brody Cunningham (5 months ago)
Curious math journalist superior reluctant drug actually end over violent testify.
Nana Kwame (5 months ago)
There's something wrong with the Android Authority team if they think the Note 8 has a superior shooter. Jokes.
Kevin Lau (5 months ago)
Sony Xperia XZ Premium
Athaeus (5 months ago)
Pixel 2 and 2 XL are the best for auto photography. LG V30 is best for manual photography. I don't get this idea that Samsung have any outstanding cameras.
Ahad Modak (5 months ago)
Where's the fingerprint scanner on the S8? 3:55
Michael Garcia (5 months ago)
MKBHD is avoiding the V30 as well. Not sure why it's not getting more love. The wide angle lens is fantastic and being able to shoot video in log is awesome too. Those two features, being as unique as they are, should put the V30 in the top three. I will admit that the front facing camera is nothing to write home about.
kher jay (5 months ago)
what do i think of this shit? how does the s8 make it over the v30 and hauwei mate 10 devices? From what we all the only real flagship everyone respects from Samsung is the Note series, the S series is blehh compared to the Note, and we know the Note outperforms the S series. Placing another device on this list just seems like a biased decision to me.
kolorowych jarmarków (5 months ago)
Where is LG V30? LG G6?
Farid Amin (5 months ago)
I'm super impressed with the amazing cameras and excellent boomsound speakers of my htc u11, it's the best and perfect package.
Arif (5 months ago)
yeaayy S7
ehsan ghiyasifar (5 months ago)
I'm very happy with my s8plus😊😊😊
TheGreekGeeks (5 months ago)
Nothing is as good as LG's take on dual cameras... Wide angle lenses is the most usefull second camera use in my opinion.
Marko Salevic (5 months ago)
you are so stupid man and I unfolow this .... huawei p10 is amazing... and huawei mate 10 pro is the best camera
António Barbosa (5 months ago)
Where is the Huawei Mate 10 pro? Buuuu
Don Nelson (5 months ago)
*Great Review ! On Point !!*
Arpit Jain (5 months ago)
Why no oneplus 5
Deepak5890 (5 months ago)
Galaxy Note8 awesome but i don't have..
Buonorock (5 months ago)
hTC !!! Nice !!!
patrick mbughuni (5 months ago)
I think the pixel are no.1 overall and the mate 10 should also get a mention
abdo sallam (5 months ago)
What about LG V30 😕🐸
Dave Hulley (5 months ago)
Huawei P10 easily dominates most of the ones you mentioned.
Vecopotryx (5 months ago)
What's that intro sound? I recognize it :P
RAVIRAJ JOSHI (5 months ago)
I'll still pick LG V30 anyday... you can do portrait mode like images in Airbrush app...
takasunmc (5 months ago)
video paid by samsung and google.
Snehit Shiraguppi (5 months ago)
Where's the LG v30??
Fernando Ocaranza (5 months ago)
V30! Wtf
XtraDreamLantern17 (5 months ago)
Where's Mate 10/Mate 10 Pro?
*TM* 1810 (5 months ago)
V30+pixel 2?
Redowan Nafi (5 months ago)
Pixel has overall a better point and shoot camera but gulping down that garbage for 800+ $ is hard for me. Note 8 or s8+ seems a better choice for me.
girlsdrinkfeck (5 months ago)
fall is a gay word its autumn
JZ VR (5 months ago)
Huawei Mate 10 Pro with a DXO score of 97 and photography score of 100 isn't mentioned in the video? Really? The link in the description is for an article on upcoming phones and doesn't even lead to anything on smartphone cameras.
Cerberus Gamer (5 months ago)
Showing images of the galaxy s7 when they are talking about the s8
Abhishek Chakraborthy (5 months ago)
v30 , mate 10 pro, iphone x
buta constantin (5 months ago)
htc u11 over v30 ? sony xz 1. This list show who is paying a.u more.
Omega Dan (5 months ago)
No LGV30 nor Mate 10? This list is definitely incomplete.
Karlo Vestil (5 months ago)
But Samsungs got very fake colors. They confuse people with bright and vivid colors though some are very unrealistic. That’s how they make people like the (fake colored) photos. Compare it with a DSLR’s photo with no filters/editing and results are not gonna be close
Ad HD (5 months ago)
The video talk about best android smartphones cameras and the articles talk about new upcoming Android phone...
Cameron Cross (5 months ago)
The HTC U11 looked awful in the low light shots shown; seriously don't know why it made the list
Oodle Richhy (5 months ago)
Where's LG V30 and Huawei Mate 10? Is this video really about cameras?
ashutosh salunke (5 months ago)
Came here to listen domain.com
Ashish Kalam (5 months ago)
so your saying V30 and MAte 10 dont have good cameras? Mate 10 has been best in my testing and V30 best for an enthusiast
Ningthou Ali (5 months ago)
HTC u11 is better everytime
Jeremy Nguyễn (5 months ago)
Where is the Sony XZ Premiummm??
Aven Saren (5 months ago)
What about Google Pixel and Pixel XL ?
Anthony Parker (5 months ago)
Anyone else think those sample shots from the HTC U11 looked pretty bad? Maybe it was my phone but I highly doubt that...
black cat (5 months ago)
Nathan Wright (5 months ago)
I like how you showed the S7 back for the S8 🤣
Sancho Lawan (5 months ago)
Note 8 and v30!!!
Super Fleymez (5 months ago)
Pixel 2 for the front facing and main lens but v30 wide angle lens.
Asecseption Bonding (5 months ago)
why LG V30 is not on list ???
gurvir shergill (5 months ago)
iPhone X and Pixel 2 have the best cameras in my opinion...
Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL and LG V30 are the best by any means. I have both of them. They take far better images and videos than NOTE 8 and Galaxy 8
Kaushik Karmakar (5 months ago)
LG V30 has the best camera on a smartphone yet.
Alvaro Mady (5 months ago)
Leave them all I love V30 😍
Reese Wolf (5 months ago)
V30 and G6?
Ernest Villarreal (5 months ago)
All those tech reviewers you'll have and y'all still fall behind MKBHD smh. The Pixel 2 is better then the Note 8 in all facets besides maybe audio in video recording and wide angle in the front facing camera.
Robert Leal (5 months ago)
I love my S8 plus Camera , but that Pixel 2 Camera is pretty amazing.
tuki ukick (5 months ago)
seriously no v30 in first three and htc lol
Aman J Singh (5 months ago)
Bro v30??😡😡😡😡 Lg is your enemy?
awais ahmed (5 months ago)
Mate 10 has really impressed me this year. Best bang for your buck smartphone camera.
solo (5 months ago)
You can't make this die without taking about LG v30 . Offers something different and useful! Who cares about blurry background, wide angle lense is a lot more useful in day to day life. I think
Alex Castrejon (5 months ago)
Where the v30 at
StellurBitz Official (5 months ago)
ONEPLUS 5'S!!!!!!!!!
XFree (5 months ago)
Can you guys do a best camera on a Android phone for snapchat?
Chuck Lee (5 months ago)
3:49-3:58 is that a GS7 or a GS7E?
mouad idrahou (5 months ago)
Samsung lovers Huawei haters this is what it is.
Baha'adeen Al-ees (5 months ago)
But you putting only these missing Huawei mate is just wrong
kunal more (5 months ago)
where is the one plus 5

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