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How to Sell Life Insurance - AMAZING!

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Janice Sanders (1 year ago)
Excellent presentation Tristan. I agree with you. I use to be an agent who believed and sold "Term and Invest the Difference." Any yet even when I was selling it, I was not convinced that it was the right product for everyone. Especially since the stock market goes up and down and I have heard and know of so many people who has lost money, especially so close to retirement in the stock market. I have friends who are working longer because the 401k or pension plan that was suppose to protect their nest egg has not done well at all. Permanent insurance for those who can afford it is definitely the way to go. One of my questions for those buy Term and Invest the difference people are "Where are you saving your money and nest egg?" I guarantee most of them have money in some type of permanent insurance vehicle that is tax free and not subject to the stock market. Keep teaching and educating the masses. Intelligent people will begin to make intelligent decisions about their money.
Damian Estevez (3 days ago)
Ofcourse they would pin this comment. Crooks
trisTOM (5 days ago)
Wow. The comment won’t be deleted above as it’s a prime example of false information that attempts to scares clients into buying what the agent wants more than what the client needs. Educate. Stay objective. Empower your client. There is no such thing as a one size fits all approach.
Kurtis Albright (7 days ago)
Janice Sanders Your family doesn’t get your money back from your cash value when you pass away. You have Surrender Charges that go up astoundingly, as well as the insurance premiums. Have to pay back with interest when taking from your cash value? Eh, I don’t know if I want anything to do with that. Thats why “Buy term and invest the difference.” is better.
Daniel Chalian (4 months ago)
Yes, a client can get both the death benefit and the cash value. Cash value has 2 options: level and increasing. When the option of Level is selected, then the DB stays level to offer more growth on the cash value and then, if the client lives long enough, the DB starts growing, if not then yes, the DB goes to the beneficiaries and the cash value is lost. If you pick "Increasing", then the client gets both.
Daniel Chalian (4 months ago)
Cash value is not just whole life, maybe you need to update yourself on cash value life insurance policies.
Vlog like Gabe (10 hours ago)
Whole life insurance offers MANY variations to fit the VARIETY of consumer needs. You can't say that "whole life" doesn't work because for some it CLEARLY works. The main attraction is cash accumulation and pay outs are TAX FREE and it follows you your WHOLE life. I would probably get term insurance for 10-15 years then convert to a whole life. In my opinion, Whole life really works for the person that is making very good money, and has maxed out their 401(k) or IRA contributions that wishes to diversify their portfolio in with bond-like traits. Mind you, this wealth accumulation is tax free and in the case of death, both cash value AND benefit is paid out completely TAX free (depends on how policy written). Good luck "investing the rest" in a conservative fund, fighting admin fees, taxes AND inflation. You're probably making the same returns if not a little bit more than the whole life AND if you die, you're left with your wonderful 1-2% higher yearly returning portfolio to only be TAXED when your family receives it. Whole life is not for everyone, and it's up to your agent to truly understand your situation and recommend the best policy for YOU. You as a client looking for insurance should present these questions: Shouldn't I invest the rest, blah blah. If the agent can't justify it, then clearly he's not a good agent OR your situation doesn't make sense for it. Please correct me if I'm wrong, I take no offense to being proven wrong.
Alexander Cardoso (2 days ago)
Why buy Trash Value? Buy Term invest the difference! Its a no brainer
Kurtis Albright (7 days ago)
You Whole Lifers need Jesus.
Jesse Michaels (29 days ago)
Dude I just sold a $1,000,000 whole life 20 pay policy because of this video. I was terrible at selling before this I couldn’t even sell $100k life. Yes my cut is only $8000 but it has built my confidence and drive like crazy
Dorene Bonafilia (29 days ago)
Very informative. Thanks.
Dorene Bonafilia (29 days ago)
We should equivelate our national debt to our environmental impact and learn how to alleviate both burdens to our only home and future legacy that we leave to our offspring.
Brian Shade (30 days ago)
As soon as he says "I don't want to give them all the information on how a permanent policy works", that's when you should run. Meaning, he doesn't mention the loan interest rate to get to the money and keep your policy or how most policies are written to where the cash value goes back to the company if you die. If you get someone low cost term and are also licensed to help them invest that difference in solid performing mutual funds they will have more money in their account. Do the math on term VS cv in his own example. Premium is $1000 less per year for 20 years or a total of $20,000 less. That premium savings is only $7000 less than the cv in year 20. Just a modest 3% ror would give you $27,425. The worst 20 year s&p 500 return was 6.4% in 1979. The best was 18% in March 2000. Split the difference and get a 10% return over 20 years and you're looking at $63,805. Is that more or less than the $27,000 he is praising? BTW the market has an average return of 10.4% since 1929. But he won't tell you that because of his big commissions on cv policies. Conclusion. Get a life and securities license and help people the right way.
trisTOM (24 days ago)
Haha. You’re missing the point, but you know that. Ever teach someone about something but don’t give the full details until you establish a foundation of understanding? Yeah, that’s EXACTLY the point with this. Simplify and then build from there.
donsango (1 month ago)
Faith Manning (1 month ago)
Fear insurance.
Corey Gross (1 month ago)
Term policy with convertibility... This makes the client's insurability CERTAIN! Then, if the client has term and gets diagnosed with a terminal illness (worst case), they can convert to whole life and the insurance company can do absolutely nothing about that. This position is all about what is the best option for the client! We, as advisers, have a fiduciary duty to our clients!
trisTOM (1 month ago)
Love the comment, Corey. Doing right by your client is the way to go! Thanks for the message.
J Kirk Abraham (1 month ago)
Best way I've ever heard to simplify the decision-making process re: Life Insurance? "Pick two of three: You can can reduce your premium, increase death benefit or increase cash value...." 👍🏼👍🏼
Tammy Corbett (1 month ago)
Great info!
trisTOM (1 month ago)
Plenty more at www.tristom.com We are here to help agents increase production through a systematic step by step process! Would love to help you further.
BrigitThomasTV (1 month ago)
If it's such a Ripoff why is it a Product in the Insurance Catalogs? Comments Please. (Learning about this option)
Bill Young (1 month ago)
NO such thing as a PERMANENT policy. ALL insurance policy forms are made up of either a fixed term or annual renewable term product mixed or combined with a poor savings (and sometimes investment) product. You stop making payments, the insurance lapses. Don't dare go into the cash value.... Its overpayment of premium. Then you run out of money. Policy lapses... Not to mention the fact that you pay interest to borrow your own money. Snake oil. Why didn't you explain that the consumer (beneficiary) does not get the cash value at the death of the insured unless you sold them an additional rider which is also an annual renewable term policy. I can go on and on... I would love to get you on a public forum in front of millions to embarrass you to STOP giving bad INCOMPLETE information. Do what is right for the consumer. Its people like you selling b.s. advice that got many insurance companies sued and forced out of business. Looks like i need to give your state insurance commissioner a call. Poor sales. Period.
trisTOM (1 month ago)
Anyone that uses “snake oil” in a comment is focused more on the trolling aspect instead of helping others. Your use of blanket statements (‘all insurance policy forms’, ‘policy lapses’, etc.) lessens your credibility as it proves you don’t know much about the different types of insurance and I’m sure your intention is to help. Secondly, “get me in front of millions”? Just the thought of seeing “millions attend a life insurance forum in a debate about the differences between term and perm makes me smile. Please rewatch the video and understand the main purpose. The main purpose it to show the client the options available in a easy to digest way. This is not meant as an end all be all conversation. It’s building a foundation of the types of policies available. Your client should make the decision. It’s their life and should be given options. Pushing term and thinking it’s the “one and only” type of policy is doing your client a disservice. I’m sure you didn’t read this paragraph, so please re-read and try to understand the reasoning. If you’d like some training (seems you might need anger management too) on how to empower you clients to make a better decision on their future, I’d be more than willing to help you. Free of charge. Seems as though your clients would greatly benefit from it. Cheers Bill.
Bill Young (1 month ago)
This is a terrible video. To actually promote cash value is a ripoff. This has been proven thousands of time over and over again. How you can actually have a clear conscious to sell a product that has been proven bad for the consumer is unbelievable. There is no way a cash value policy is good for the consumer. To pay to borrow your own money is a ripoff. They will lose the cash value unless they pay for an additional rider. Investing in a term and a separate investment such as a simple index fund far outweighs a cash follow policy. If you were to properly educate the consumer you would explain this to the consumer. Unless the policy invests in an investment vehicle there is no such thing as a dividend. Its an overpayment of premium. There is so much misguided statements you are making. You are so very wrong.
R Lyle (1 month ago)
why would anyone recommend buying term and investing when it is almost a TOTAL FAILURE? YOU are the one that is unethical!
trisTOM (1 month ago)
You do not lose the cash value if you don’t select an additional rider. It’s an option on the death benefit! Secondly, a dividend is on a whole life policy! There is no investing in a separate vehicle. The misinformed stay misinformed. I encourage you to please try to learn about the types. Even if you are against them, it’s worth having your understanding of them correct. Gaining a broad perspective of the types helps you and most importantly helps your client! Cmon Bill!
NorthernRight1 (1 month ago)
It is difficult to feel that the majority of people could ever be sufficiently “Self Insured”. Not when there is a 70% chance a person may need Long Term Care in their later years...which could eat up much if not all of what someone has saved up in cash or investments ( investments that would have to be sold, and thus diminished by Taxation)., which would leave the surviving spouse impoverished. Other scenarios would be: an expensive illness or injures due to an accident prior to death that would eat up So Called “Self Insuring” assets. ( and again: what ever assets they’ve saved up....well it’s highly possible 30% will go to taxes and some more lost to bad selling market conditions). Again, you could leave a spouse impoverished and/or commit a devastating blow to any Legacy desires you had. Life insurance is old age is a good risk diversification tactic! And WL is the vehicle that most often makes the best sense.
NorthernRight1 (1 month ago)
I may be wrong but the total premium paid in to the WL policy by age 80 wouldn’t be $52k, it would be (27 + 26 =) $53k. Now that isn’t a big deal or deal breaker. Yet something important here that is missing is that while the Term policies would be paying out $100k Death Benefit at any time....the WL policy (if it incorporated Paid Up Additions) would be paying, after the first few years of the policy, significantly MORE death benefit than $100k. That will be an additional benefit, and inflation protector, over the Term policy and can also be viewed as Time Value of Money.
longinuos opiyo (2 months ago)
trisTOM (2 months ago)
Try it out and let us know how it goes!
Artie Fernandez (2 months ago)
Your deceiving snake. There's no cash value cause the cost of insurance goes up. You're the typical life insurance agent. Snake
trisTOM (1 month ago)
trisTOM (2 months ago)
This is completely incorrect. One, in a permanent policy, cash value does build. Second, in a whole life policy, the cost of insurance does not go up. Let us know how we can help. We offer training to help if that’s what you’d like. I’m sure your clients would appreciate it.
Jason Patello (2 months ago)
Awesome information. I think another great tool to have is third party validation. Sometimes your ability to call a third party to “verify” eligibility or seek counsel has helped me immensely in the field, especially as a newer agent. Our agency has an agent concierge line even if the up-line manager is unavailable.
Kaleb peya Dumeni (2 months ago)
Hi Tom! what is a cash value and how does it benefit the client? can the client access that cash or how can s/he use it?
Angel G Gonzalez (2 months ago)
Thank you very much for this
Shane Nixon (2 months ago)
Slick presentation but you're assuming that a client wants $100k of insurance for the rest of their life. (which is wrong)  Term is obviously for temporary uses like replacing income/paying mortgages and debts. That need tends to disappear over time.  Permanent should be used to pay for funeral/taxes/bequeaths/charitable donations or advanced estate building scenarios.  If you are comparing a whole life vs. term and the differences until mortality then this is fine....but don't over sell like this when the clients needs don't dictate it....it gets pretty unethical.
Vin D (2 months ago)
With the latest mortality tables, you can now buy term, guaranteed to age 95, 100, even 121. But get it when you're young; you may not qualify later.
AgKo Ko (2 months ago)
All Play
Steve Hughes (2 months ago)
This is a very simplistic concept. The reality is, the client in this example would buy term to match the length of time of the liability at the beginning. Term would be much cheaper for this client. UL and whole life should only be used for estate enhancement, charitable donations or for clients who are maximizing all of their investment accounts with their income and would like to benefit from the tax deferred growth in a permanent policy. You should show the client buy term, invest the difference and the IRR of the permanent policies. This presentation will not work on a knowledgeable client.
tuluvota (3 months ago)
Karl Love (3 months ago)
trash value insurance
Terry C (3 months ago)
Well done. I am doing large cases equity stripping into index life. The numbers with low interest are a no brainer. Tax free income for life
Kory Gordon (3 months ago)
By term, invest the difference, and better end of term options is a way better solution.
VB Video Guy (3 months ago)
It's Saturday night.. I'm in Sales, but not Insurance.. I got Golden Nuggets from this.. So You Guys that ARE in Insurance sales totally should.. ABT - Always Be Training.
Ricardo Rivera (4 months ago)
Man where do I start let's do this. Say your banking institution sent you a letter saying the following would you sign the bottom line. 1) 1-3yrs your balance will be $0 regardless of how much you deposit 2) Once you develop a balance the interest you can expect is 1-3% 3) If you need to borrow money that's fine you can do so but you will be paying 5%-8% to the insurance conpany 4) If you need to borrow a substantial amount that's fine you'll need to give us 6 Months in advance/ So that emergency you'll need to know in advance 5) Because we don't want your family fighting over the money in this account. We're going to keep it once you die. Would you sign the letter?
Aaron Ellison (4 months ago)
Hi TrisTOM, I like your presentation. I'm taking a 8-12 week course right now on selling permanent policies. Obviously, the key is to touch on people's fears and concerns. The presentation needs to get emotional for the client. The one thing I would like someone to explain though, is what kind of permanent policy will give my clients the best return. Also, I'm looking into Perm life with LTC and Disability. I like the idea of the cash value, but it can get expensive if the client needs $1,000,000 or more to protect their family. Also, I know there are combined term / whole life products to make the premium a little less. The main questions is, if you invest that money simply in the S & P 500 , which historically has averaged 7% growth in the long term, what is a better benefit. Account for 2% inflation. Of course, one of the best things is that the life insurance continues to stay in place. But then again, in 30 years with a 30 year term, your kids should have decent jobs by then and you should have saved and accumulated some wealth. If you account for a $1,000 difference in premium, as indicated in the model, the investment of that money each year would equal $105,000 or so. This vs the $45-50,000 you would have in cash value. Of course, you would still have a life insurance policy with the WL. On the other hand, many people won't set aside the money every year. Explain why the WL is better please. I would like to have a clear conscious when selling the WL products. Aaron
trisTOM (3 months ago)
Hi Aaron. I hope you’re well. The question to your answer is much longer than what I will give you here, but a great statement to hold onto is: “The best type of life insurance is the one that is inforce at the time of claim.” The problem though is we will never know when the time for claim is. It is your job to explore all the options with your client, discuss the pros and cons of each, and let them select the right type of policy with your guidance. After your training, we can discuss further. Please feel free to reach out to us at www.trisTOM.com -Tristan
Dan S (4 months ago)
Ive recommended to my clients a combination of Perm/Term for X amount of years. Perm Ins can only be understood by the folks that don't like it is when they see a "in force Illustration" 7-10 years out. My self employed clients love "banking" on themselves. A well diversified portfolio is sound advice and Perm Ins should be in the discussion.
Frost Reaper (4 months ago)
Only buy term base
lyx (4 months ago)
thats not what they want. They regret one day
lyx (3 months ago)
move investment link insurance. have loses more then profit. but life and medical insurance are good. just not investment connected insurance. thank you
trisTOM (4 months ago)
Hi Lyx. Thank you for the comment. I am curious why you think they would regret it. The video provides different options for clients as they select which life insurance policy is best for them. We are not promoting any policy, just providing information on how all three of the policies work.
Rehan Jamil (4 months ago)
IamPraize (5 months ago)
40 year old male, Non dubacko, 100k policy
trisTOM (4 months ago)
non-dubacko? I guess that would depend on the carrier that you choose. We use a generic 40-year-old male non-tobacco at 100k because it is a simple story. You can always build up after that.
Dee Lopez (5 months ago)
I'm glad to know how term works just like a car insurance!!!! hey why dose a car insurance does not have a cash value??? or health insurance😒??????I wonder???or my house insurance? or cell phone insurance????
Mark B (5 months ago)
why do you need live insurance when you are 60+?  Also, what happens to the "cash value" when you die?  The insurance company keeps it, right?
Mark B (5 months ago)
cool.  what's the rate of return?
trisTOM (5 months ago)
Hi Mark. To answer your questions, someone who is 60+ may have people that are dependent on them for income. Whether it be a spouse, loved one, or whomever, there may be a need. Also, if a 60+ year old has a pension, the concept of pension maximization may be truly beneficial for a surviving spouse. There are many reason why a sixty plus year old may need life insurance. Each situation should warrant its own need. As for the question, will the insurance company keep the cash value, the answer to that depends on the death benefit option selected on a UL. If a level death benefit was selected the cause value would not be given back to the bene. An increasing death benefit, if that was selected, would provide both cash value and initial death benefit.
ganesh madena (5 months ago)
Excellent sir i ganesh from india . I m advisor of india's largest life insurance company "LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION OF INDIA" Relly good information i follow it sir thank you .
Matt YT (5 months ago)
Solid presentation. This is a State Farm method
trisTOM (5 months ago)
Thank you, Matt. Where do you think State Farm got the technique? Before moving on, I was a State Farm consultant.
nelia simon (7 months ago)
i like the presentation, can u please send me a copy abt.
Beverly Wade (7 months ago)
Absolutely great.
trisTOM (7 months ago)
+Beverly Wade thank you for the kind words, Beverly. If there is something you’d like taught, please let us know. We are here to help.
ProLaunch.ca (7 months ago)
Great video and we do this across Ontario too!
ProLaunch.ca (7 months ago)
Great video and we do this too!
Corey Morgan (7 months ago)
Just put this policy is for a up 40 year old male or female rather than male only and move forward.
Kevin Yeh (7 months ago)
I would just like to mention which I've yet seen anyone mention . . . This is actually the best way to sell Term Insurance. 1. You show your clients the "great value" that Permanent insurance has to offer, at first their so 100% sure it's the best deal for them just like any client would listening to him. 2. Once they understand, you can easily show them the power of "investing the difference" and completely shock the clients the difference in buying term. 3. Now you've just empowered your client to see how Permanent insurance works without having to come off as bias and clients will be more open to listen. 4. You can than show all the pros and cons of each side . . . Intuitively you know which policy the client would pick. . . Don't bash on the video, make one for yourself. He did a great job in explaining show Term and Permanent insurance works . . . this is a great tool regardless which side you're on. YehLifestyle
Jesse Zamarripa (8 months ago)
I'm so glad I came across this video, I will be able to show my reps on how people are screwing innocent families by selling "permanent insurance". Why not just buy the term for 3k, and using the money that's left over and invest into a mutual fund you'll get X5 more for retirement. Aka self insured!!! How long can a person(most cases couple) last off of 80k. And how convenient, you don't tell the families on how they pay for 2 products combined. And only get to choose the insurance or the "Savings" Families are always going to take the larger sum. 100k ins - 80k savings = 20k So the insurance company technically only pay out 20k on a death benefit.
trisTOM (7 months ago)
+Jesse Zamarripa hi Jesse. You’re missing the ENTIRE point of the video. This is a foundational conversation on how to present life insurance. Explaining the different types, as opposed to selling one type, will help your client make a better decision. Secondly, if a client were to chose a permanent option, they have the ability to have an increasing DB and therefore have the ability to take both cash value AND the DB. You’re making too many blanket statements. Teach your clients, don’t sell.
Haitham El-Sayed (8 months ago)
Thanks for sharing Tristan. I'm curious how people access that CV in the US and the taxes associated with it. Is it easy to assign it as collateral and get the money as a loan in the US?
Sebastian Loporto (8 months ago)
Omg...who is this guy and what bs is he spewing...u don't need to be an Ormon Ramsey or AL Williams follower to know that buy term and invest the difference is right 100% of the time.
trisTOM (8 months ago)
+Sebastian Loporto this is the wrong way to think about life insurance. Assuming all clients are the same, need the same, and want the same is just NOT how life insurance should be sold. We are talking about someone’s life. Please take the time to discuss someone’s situation. They deserve you making the effort.
Why are they wanting on price - affordability maybe.
Timm Knight (9 months ago)
awesome video
Timm Knight (9 months ago)
Will do!
trisTOM (9 months ago)
+Timm Knight thank you, Timm. We continue to provide more and more videos. Check out www.trisTOM.com for even more.
Roger Rojas (10 months ago)
Jacob Butler (10 months ago)
I spent time reading many different view points. Yes regular whole life is not good when considering the disadvantages. However new permanent products are now different types of hybrids. Between life insurance and long term care there are even some that give disability income. The idea is don't be product specific be planning specific because no two people are the exact same or have the exact same needs.
Alexander Majewski (10 months ago)
i'm watching this as it has 401K views … 🤔
trisTOM (10 months ago)
+Alexander Majewski and your thoughts are? Hoping it can help!
Melissa Todd (10 months ago)
I'm a new agent and that was super helpful, thanks!
trisTOM (10 months ago)
+Melissa Todd Hi Melissa. Thank you for taking the time to comment. As a new agents, we work to help make the sales process easy and defined using a simplified sales method. If you are interested in one-on-one coaching, please let us know. We would with many agents to get you up to speed quickly. Please visit: www.tristom.com/contactus/
Mauri Felix (10 months ago)
But cash value is not yours its a loan given to u to borrow against the policy. U have to pay it back'!
trisTOM (10 months ago)
+Mauri Felix you'll have to pay it back in one way or another. If you have an outstanding loan balance and pass away, the loan will be deducted from the overall death benefit. This sales idea is to build a strong foundation on how the policies work. It is not intended to be the only conversation about life insurance. Use this as a foundation and discuss in more detail if they like the perm policy.
Carina Torres (10 months ago)
I don't sell life insurance I just came a cross this video, now I want to buy Permanent policy. I want to live it up before I die.
trisTOM (10 months ago)
Carina, thank you for the comment. The best thing to do is talk with an advisor that you trust and discuss your situation. Great that you are using this video as a tool to learn more!
Let's Talk Money Channel (10 months ago)
great video, even though some things might be debatable :)
Let's Talk Money Channel (10 months ago)
sure! nice watching your videos!
trisTOM (10 months ago)
Agreed. Many of the items are debatable. The goal here is to use that as a foundational way to introduce life insurance and then build on top of it. Blanket statements rarely work. Thanks for the comment!
Joanna Lesna (10 months ago)
tis is great!!!!!!!
trisTOM (10 months ago)
+Joanna Lesna Thank you for the kind words. It is a great way to discuss life insurance with your clients. I suggest trying it and practicing a few times with it. Are there other topics you would like covered? We are making videos weekly since we just launched www.trisTOM.com Look forward to your reply.
nisha (10 months ago)
So does anyone want to take a life insurance...
trisTOM (10 months ago)
Let's do it! You first...
NEYMAR JR NEERAJ JR (10 months ago)
trisTOM (10 months ago)
This is probably my favorite of all comments.
Sherry D (11 months ago)
My dad who was not savvy at all bought a $10,000 whole life policy when my brother and I were kids in the early 1970's. He always told us the cash value would grow and grow based on the accumulation of premiums he paid over time . He died at age 89 in 2016 and the policy paid out $10,000. Over the 43 years he had the policy I know he paid way way over the $10,000 value of the plan. He made monthly payments on the plan for 44 years. I have no idea what type of whole life plan it was but my poor dad did not know that for about 44 years he was paying this insurance company for premiums that would never go to his kids. It's despicable that the government doesn't hold agent and agencies accountable. I have sold Medicare Health insurance and I can tell you we are regulated very strictly and can be personally held accountable and fined huge amounts if we put people in plans not appropriate for them.
Camminh Liu (9 months ago)
thanks for the info, i never really understand how whole life works. i will look into it more
Sherry D (11 months ago)
Thank you for your reply. I am now learning about life insurance myself and plan on selling it in the near future instead of selling health insurance. I plan to study very hard so I really understand the pros and cons of each options and put my clients in plans that meets their needs and that they understand. Thanks again for your thoughtful reply.
trisTOM (11 months ago)
I am absolutely sorry to hear about that Sherry. This is the EXACT reason why we are trying to help agent describe life insurance in an informative, yet simplistic way. I too have seen agents that have no clue how to describe a life insurance policy sell hundreds of them a year. I have been a part of meetings with clients who purchased a policy in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, and then finally realize that the policy they believed they purchased was nowhere near what it actually was. The goal is to make sure that agents understand that life insurance needs to be taught holistically so that the client understands what they are purchasing and feel empowered when they do so. I appreciate the comment, Sherry. That is the type of story that drives us...
Dj Mathew (11 months ago)
people, Permament+ VUL+businesses+real estate. Why argue which one to get when you can have all types of investments!
trisTOM (10 months ago)
Agreed DJ. The more diversified you are, the better. It's about education and making sure clients know what they have or what they can get. This is to help empower the clients to make a better decision. Thank you for the comment!
Vella Meneky (11 months ago)
it would be helpful if you could make this into a pdf make it downloadable pls.
trisTOM (10 months ago)
What would you like in a PDF? You can send a quick message on our contact us page at our website: https://www.tristom.com/contactus/ We will most certainly help and provide you what you need!
Ben Volk (11 months ago)
10k in 6 days - Your stuff works friend.
kiki sahinidis (7 months ago)
Ben Volk c
Ben Volk (10 months ago)
trisTOM YES!
trisTOM (10 months ago)
Hey Ben! I hope you are well. You messaged on Facebook awhile back. We are putting together more videos on a bi-monthly basis. Are there particular videos that would help you personally?
Joselyn Corbett (11 months ago)
Very helpful!
kiki sahinidis (7 months ago)
Joselyn Acevedo greemmuzik
trisTOM (10 months ago)
Thank you, Joselyn. Were there any videos or types of content that could help you moving forward? We will be glad to help.
Ryan Vertelney (1 year ago)
You fuckin scumbag. All term policies have convertibility to whole life so that whole health in 20 years comment is BS. Also, 1700 per year for a 100K term, youre lying to your clients. Go take that permanent premium you stole from some old lady and buy yourself some more costco suits you jackass
trisTOM (10 months ago)
The want to delete and just disregard this comment is tempting, but I'll respond. In 20 years, you don't know how much a policy would be, so 1700 is acceptable to use. You can only measure future cost by what is available currently at that particular age. We can agree that in 20 years, the cost for that same person, today (20 years younger than 20 years in the future) will cost that person more down the road, plus the cost of inflation will have an effect on the cost and we cannot account for that. Also, not all term policies are convertible to whole life. Many have certain contingencies where the client may have to go through underwriting again. That wouldn't help if the client has complications and is otherwise not healthy enough to qualify. Instead of the verbal abusive, you can help everyone on in this comment section by being constructive. Having thoughts and opinions are fine. They may be different, and I respect them, I just ask that you please go about it in a better way.
MikesHomeLoans (1 year ago)
I'm going to use this!
trisTOM (10 months ago)
So M. Gomez... have you tried? Thoughts? Examples of how it has been?
Hayes Johnson (1 year ago)
trisTOM (1 year ago)
+Hayes Johnson, thank you for the kind words. If there's more that you'd need, would love to help more...
Paul Othieno (1 year ago)
Showl us some of the tricks on how to break the ice Mr. Stevo
trisTOM (10 months ago)
Thank you for the comment, Paul. What do you mean by breaking the ice? With current clients or prospects? Please advise and we will respond!
Rajiv Malhotra (1 year ago)
This is annoying, You literally got 50 different people making claims. Someone explain in lamens terms why he's being tricky...and someone explain to me why he is right.
trisTOM (1 year ago)
+Rajiv Malhotra thank you for commenting. This video serves as a platform of how to build a foundation for how life insurance works. It's having the client make a more informed decision on what is best for them in their situation. There is no trick and not trying to be tricky. While this does push towards why the permanent policy is best, permanent policies do provide the most value. I have used this and have people still choose term, regardless of how great the permanent may look. It is giving the clients a foundation to build off of with their advisor in hopes of the client making a more empowered decision. Hopefully this helps to give context to the video.
mark hansotia (1 year ago)
What a human piece of garbage... Manipulation at it's worst!!!
trisTOM (1 year ago)
+mark hansotia Thanks for the comment. No reasons why, no feedback, and no actual constructive opinion. Wish you all the best Mark.
Rodney jones (1 year ago)
this guy is a real piece of shit
Vender Más y Mejor (1 year ago)
nive vid!
Jolin Ma (1 year ago)
What is the column of return of premium?
trisTOM (1 year ago)
+Jolin Ma Hi Jolin, what is the question exactly? Looking to help.
Patel Vidhu (1 year ago)
Selling life insurance is very tuff. Especially when you try to contact customer. If customer come to your office to buy, it is easy.
trisTOM (1 year ago)
+Patel Vidhu hardest job of any insurance agent or advisor is getting butts in seats. Has been and always will be the most difficult part of the career. Try adding as much value as you can. Clients will not show up or meet in person if your can justify the reason with the value to them.
Guillermo Proano (1 year ago)
Great presentation !!!
trisTOM (1 year ago)
+Guillermo Proano thank you, Guillermo. Please let us know if there is anything else you're looking for in tips or methods on life insurance. We are here to help!
Moco Ganzo (1 year ago)
Great video and advice on showing the same paper to clients while covering the lines while you reexplain the story. Simple fact is that most people don't know how to save more than $500 in the bank. Life insurance is more for the average $50/month Joe who needs coverage now, likes it simple, and doesn't mind accumulating some cash value on the side. Whole Life is a great tool. It is a need. Other may have different wants, so get whatever else you want.
Txiv Fab So Lo (1 year ago)
this is why we slam our door shut to ins agent.....otherwise policy get cancel within month.
lagflag (1 year ago)
"You do not purchase insurance for investment purposes." - Ric Edelman "Insurance needs to be insurance. Investments need to be investments. You should never combine the two ever, ever, ever!" -- Suze Orman "Avoid [indexed] universal life insurance at all costs!" - Clark Howard "When you combine investing and life insurance together, the investments never perform like they should because they get feed to death as they walk down the hallway of the life insurance company. And the insurance ends up being expensive." -- Dave Ramsey
lagflag (1 year ago)
Then here is my favorite: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”- Upton Sinclair
trisTOM (1 year ago)
+lagflag I appreciate the comment, but don't agree with the quotes. They are all respected figures in our industry, but this does not mean that they are correct. Listen, analyze, and hen determine your own opinion. Life insurance can be such a powerful tool if used properly.
John Wright (1 year ago)
I'm so tired of the Primerica buy term and invest the different bulls**t comments. You all need to educate yourself on how Life Insurance works and why permanent Life Insurance has a purpose in a total financial package for a consumer. You can't throw every client under the same umbrella. I have a well diversified IRA, 401K and I chose a Universal whole life because it fit my situation better than a plain term policy.
Dorothy Brasch (1 year ago)
Thank you great presentation.
peng1110 (1 year ago)
your... handsome face makes a lot of difference....
REUEL FIELD (1 year ago)
What happens to the $82,000 in the cash value when Mr Client dies at age 80? Oh yeah the insurance company keeps his $82K and pays out $100K the difference of only $18K. Thanks for making this video. I'm going to show it to all of my clients as to why they should buy term and invest the difference. Great Job WHOLE LIFE GUY. Term wins again.
What kind of software are you using on this presentation ? It's really good...
Market Money (1 year ago)
Great video and props to you for bettering the customer. Now is there any way you can send me that PowerPoint?
travel (1 year ago)
Jim Pimmers (1 year ago)
What complete nonsense. A whole life shill for other whole life shills. Insurance is not an investment and you will get better returns investing your extra money elsewhere like a 401K or Roth IRA or other investment vehicle. I'm sorry but the argument that most people will not invest the extra money is completely ridiculous being that it's saying that somebody would rather spend much more per year on an insurance policy rather than spend less and invest that extra money in something else.
Aaron Chaney (1 year ago)
Would you run this sales idea at the first meeting (or fact finding) or would you run this when you met with them again and you are going to present options to them?
Brendan Bennet (1 year ago)
It's not what people like this tell you. It's what they don't tell you. Such as zero ($0) cash value in the policy for the first 2 to 5 years (which they use to pay themselves their huge commissions) and with those first years now lost, the important years in compound ROR's are also lost (Oh, I mean gone into the insurance companies' pockets); accessing your own money can only be done by borrowing YOUR OWN MONEY from the insurer and paying back with interest to the insurer; not to mention they'll take 6 months to lend you your own money. If you don't pay it back, the face amount will be reduced by the principal and interest, which will be kept by who? - the insurance company. That cost of insurance component he mentioned - it's much more expensive then term premiums as it is stepped, not level, going up every year taking more money away from the "cash accumulation / investment" (what a laugh this is) than the level term policy would if you invest the difference. There are a dozen other reasons not to touch cash value insurance but just remember, buy term, invest the difference, you'll end up way out in front of the cash value insurance scam. You'll also be able to buy a decent amount of cover cheaply, one that will actually protect your family, pay off the mortgage, etc. You can't afford that much cash value insurance face amount.
maayootso (1 year ago)
What is return of Premium?
Kyle Gustafson (1 year ago)
You people are acting like investing your money is a guarantee. You're really only guaranteed on safe products which only give you 2%-3%. If i have Perm. Life then I know what my return will be, which actually gives me piece of mind. If my money is in the Market it's a roll of the dice, which adds more stress wondering if the Market dives what will I do?
Tom Ziesmer (1 year ago)
You are a joke. Your not in it for the customers best interest. Your in it for the money. Why don't you tell people the truth, like yeah you have cash value but if you take that money out it is considered a loan and you will have to pay interest until you pay it back. But it's your money right?!? Also why don't you tell them that if they die they will not get their cash value they will only get their DB so basically if they have 87,000 dollars in cash value and they die the insurance company keeps that cash value and then they pay out the death benefit. So in reality the insurance company is only paying out 13,000 dollars on that 100,000 death benefit and the cash value pays the rest of it. Yes I know you can get both with an option but it cost more and normally insurance agents like yourself do not setup the policy this way and the insurance company makes a crap load of money. Life insurance is not a investment. It is the transfer of risk onto another person (insurance company) go and ask any real investor and they will say you should not use a life insurance policy as an investment. Susie orman ( the lady you see on tv giving investment advice to people trying to buy things says whole life is the WORST kind of investment!!!!) you are selling people garbage for your own gain and it's sickening. Your explanation of term life is horrible. Here is why. First you shouldn't need life insurance your whole life if you do, you are not doing something right. When you are older your kids are grown adults they take care of themselves, they are no longer dependent on you. Also your mortgage would be paid off on your house, you will have less debt, and more and likely you will have an IRA or 401k or something in that nature. So there will be no need for 100,000. Now you say after that 20 year term you will have to prove insurability that is not true atleast with my company. We offer a convert option. With no need to provide insurability you will get another term policy with the same amount of premium a year but at a lower death benefit. Now like I said above as you get older your need of death benefit goes down because your kids are grown also you don't have mortgage and you have less debt. So with that being said my company that has customers that are paying the same 300 dollar premium that they where 40-60 years ago that is 10x less than your whole life. Also invest with your own money like an Roth or something in that nature. It's your money you control it. With a whole life your just getting ripped off.
Raul Abundis (8 months ago)
Tom Ziesmer under an IUL it's tax free
Camminh Liu (9 months ago)
the funny to your story is kid grown don't need life insurance anymore. I had a 55 year asking me getting life insurance for their 5 kid that is 30 something year old. I have 87 something mom ask get life insurance for their kid and he want more money for those kid.. Parent love never get old or parent always love their kid. there no logic to this, there something money can't buy. In reality your suppose buy couple whole life insurance through out your life. I meet a retire police he say brought like 4 life insurance through out his life.
iTproductions7 (1 year ago)
What a way to trick people. How about the fact that beneficiaries do not get the accumulated cash value after the death of the insured?
Raul Abundis (8 months ago)
iTproductions7 they do under an increasing IUL policy. Beneficiary get both the death benefit and the cash value
David Dee (1 year ago)
Depending on the specific type they absolutely can get the death benefit plus the cash value. Before you make such inflammatory statements you might want to know what you are actually talking about.
caylen van zandt (1 year ago)
What you forgot to illustrate is if you bought the 300 tern policy and invested the extra $1000 for 20 years you would have $87,000 in cash value! Now they can stop paying life premium because they have practically replaced their death benefit!!!! perm insurance, its a scam!!
James Tax Rules (1 month ago)
Certainly the major insurance companies are well aware of this. Their permanent policies are intended to qualify as insurance for tax purposes.
Harish Pandey (6 months ago)
I feel the restraint to keep the thousand dollars as savings is idea of a fiercely commited person. There's something or the other coming up such demands money. So when you have it at your reach you tend to spend. So 87000 dollar Cute back to 870 dollars when you are 80. Life insurance ensures you can be a spendthrift and live life according to liquidity in your checking account. Taking numbers is easy, talking habits is abstract.
Jim Pimmers (1 year ago)
Insurance sales shill.
eueu219134 (1 year ago)
You can benefit from insurance like it is an investment. You can think of life insurance as an investment in your families future most of all.
Jim Pimmers (1 year ago)
Insurance is not and never is an investment.
I learn a lot
Swnsasy _ (1 year ago)
So, so proud to see you! See you training and doing it big!!!

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