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iPhone SE 2 Years Later!

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iPhone SE 2 Years Later! Hello all we are just 1 week away from the SE officially being 2 years old, so I figured I'd give you my 2 year updated experience early! Any further questions, comments, concerns, feedback, suggestions, please be sure to go ahead and post that down below in the comment section of this video. As always thank you for watching and be sure to be well and peace :) Buy iPhone SE here: http://amzn.to/2FE7bHK BEST IPHONE SE VIDEOS (MOST OF YOUR QUESTIONS HERE): IPHONE SE UNBOXING: http://bit.ly/2BCfVz5 IPHONE SE REVIEW: http://bit.ly/2GrHjPx iPHONE SE ALL DAY BATTERY TEST: http://bit.ly/2EOXb15 iPHONE SE MOST DETAILED CAMERA REVIEW: http://bit.ly/2u8Pprd iPHONE SE VS IPHONE 5S: http://bit.ly/2sEsKWv iPHONE SE VS IPHONE 6: http://bit.ly/2BABArm iPHONE SE VS IPHONE 6S: http://bit.ly/2sy0dSs iPHONE SE VS iPHONE 7: http://bit.ly/2GraQJc iPHONE SE VS IPHONE 7 PLUS: http://bit.ly/2Hqoi12 iPHONE SE VS IPHONE 8: http://bit.ly/2o8P4mt IPHONE SE VS IPHONE 8 PLUS: http://bit.ly/2sD9hps iPHONE SE VS IPHONE X: http://bit.ly/2sEj0M4 iPHONE SE 2017: http://bit.ly/2BDrk1J iPHONE SE 2018: http://bit.ly/2odSyV9 MAIN CAMERA: http://amzn.to/2CbS4CM B CAMERA: http://amzn.to/2qJNyX4 TRIPOD IN THE VIDEO: http://amzn.to/2qEZfPy WHERE I SAVE FOOTAGE: http://amzn.to/2Bo1bUt AUDIO MIC I USED: http://amzn.to/2p36weF MY OTHER YOUTUBE CAMERA: http://amzn.to/2pLZGts LAPTOP I EDITED THIS VIDEO WITH: http://amzn.to/2qFeiZx PHONE USED TO WRITE VIDEO POINTS: http://amzn.to/2qNRdTB SUPPORT THE CHANNEL VIA AMAZON SHOPPING: http://amzn.to/2fQF2EN Check out my YouTube Kits here: https://kit.com/Nickackermanchannel Let's Connect!! SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/2vnja7c WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/2hxN8Rm TWITTER: http://bit.ly/2t0IvD8 INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/2uoN7pW GOOGLE PLUS: http://bit.ly/2tT2rKT FACEBOOK FANPAGE: http://bit.ly/2uoNelm
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Nick Ackerman (10 days ago)
iPhone SE 2 Years Later! In just 1 Week the iPhone SE will officially be 2 years old, so I felt like giving a 2 year update on this device. This video is all experience based! Share your experience with the community down below and enjoy the content :)
Nikolya Vakarchuk (6 days ago)
Shivaji SK maybe you should wait for Iphone SE 2 if it will be such like first one.
Shivaji SK (6 days ago)
should i buy iphone se now at 2018
Nikolya Vakarchuk (8 days ago)
Nick Ackerman Nick hypes with SE just because of ratings (views). He wouldn't make videos if ratings was as for example to iPhone 8 or last Samsung) p.s and yes, I can buy iPhone X, but Iike SE design more! If SE would be more expensive then X, still would buy and use SE. How u can't understand that, for SE users it's one of the most argument!
Mustafa Baray Gürler (8 days ago)
Nick Ackerman 0
Taka Taka (9 days ago)
Nick Ackerman i still iPhone 5 se 🇲🇾
Joshua HD (1 day ago)
I am playing PUBG mobile in my se and its 1:28 am right now XD
Daren Nashion (2 days ago)
But the one does everyone knows that OLD IS GOLD ...
Like A Boss (2 days ago)
I love se
Devansh singh (4 days ago)
umm hey nick! look I don't care much about the performance because i am buying this for my kid, and he just wants a phone that could fit in his pocket and hands and that it should be portable. Especially cute i forgot that part. so overall should i go for it?
I have one for a year and a half and still loving it.
elrockerchido (4 days ago)
Put a rugged case and is indestructible, 2 years using this and a otterbox defender and its the best phone for work, trekking, biking, any physical activity its the perfect companion
John07133 (4 days ago)
using the iphone x as my daily driver now but the rose gold se is still my favorite iphone combination yet
EllysaE (4 days ago)
I have this phone. In 16 GB. 16! I don’t know what I was thinking. I’m so tired of apps offloading and seeing storage full when I go to take a pic. However I cannot bite the bullet and get a new one knowing there might be releases this year ... 😫
WoLFyy THETHE (5 days ago)
u have good reviews man keep it up
Elitebigs (5 days ago)
I think its funny that a month or two ago he said its fine now he says you need to upgrade......dont listen to him......
Direk Ditthajan (5 days ago)
Podcast’s App doesn’t work properly by me after I’ve updated from iOS 9 to 11.
Antonio Manuel (5 days ago)
This phone or the Nokia 6 (2018)??? I need help pleaseee
Antonio Manuel (5 days ago)
This phone or the Nokia 6 (2018)??? I need help pleaseee
Tyrese Thompson (5 days ago)
Yet it’ll outlast any android
haziq (5 days ago)
Can I have that?
Demetrius Johnson (5 days ago)
I love this camera quality your using
Devnull (6 days ago)
The battery in Iphone SE last for a very short time because Apple out of spite doesn't fully turn off Wifi and Bluetooth since ios 10 and it's sucking the juice from the phone at no time. They do this because they want you to buy a new phone even though your old one was broken purposefully by Apple. The only way to completely turn off wifi is to go to settings. I bought my mom this phone recently and already regret it. I've always used android phones and I'm shocked how shitty the OS is. Many times it is counterintuitive and most thinks take twice more time to do comparing it to android.
Yo Nick, nice video! Im thinking of buying an SE, currently I have a Moto G4 plus and it is getting crappier everyday. Since the launch of the SE I wanted it, but haven't had the chance ($$$) to buy, but now I do. I saw the video where you showed it's battery held up the whole day and it surprised me a lot, now u said it's battery has degraded, but do you think it degraded to a point of it being too bad or just the normal degrade (wich japonês because of time, usage...) ? Thanks a lot :)
toddhobart (3 hours ago)
I got mine last November and the battery life is great. If you can put up with the smaller screen, it’s a great phone.
Kepler 22b yeah, but if you take in to account that I have a mid range Android that Will receive only one more update (if so), it kinda makes sense. I'm going to think about. Thanks for the response :)
Kepler 22b (3 days ago)
Danilo Medrado Rodopiano Tbh, I wouldnt buy a 2 year old phone for daily use. New ios updates tend to create problems on older devices and apple deliberately slowing down older phones.
Ehsan _64 (6 days ago)
I have iOS 9.3.2 in 2018 iPhone SE SO SMOOTH! I NEVER UPDATE!!!
steve jobs (6 days ago)
no 2018
123 456 (7 days ago)
Hey Nick. Been on 6s plus for a year now. Wanting to switch to SE bcos cant bare with the size of the plus. Should i????
EverydayIn3D (7 days ago)
But isn’t it slower because Apple slowed it down for iOS 11??? Have you replaced the battery?? I want to buy an SE and leave it on iOS 9.3 stock.
Dank Bros (7 days ago)
I miss that wallpaper! Where did you get it?
Pinoy Adobo (7 days ago)
also got my SE in 2 yrs now still love this phone ios 11 is problematic on older iphones thats why mine is still running ios10 no battery problem whatsoever still makes it thru whole day f*ck ios11 i wont be upgrading mine
ompriya dash (7 days ago)
Lots of love Nick. I have one point though. Since u r using the SE at full brightness it's giving u a bad battery life. Still SE is far far better than mid range android phones in every aspect.
Adam Martin (7 days ago)
Who else got confused by the title??? And thought he meant the “Se 2”
Mr. Tech. Jr (7 days ago)
Nick do a 6s one !! Because I am buying it tomorrow !!! I residing in lot angles !! And I lov shoot photos !!😇☺ ... Luv your content !!
Xd25 lol (8 days ago)
I❤️ that phone
sourav jana (8 days ago)
i love iPhone
Though I don't like iPhone but really this design is the most beautiful among small phones. 4.5" is better than 4". It will be good in hand grip and more comfortable
chandan tung (8 days ago)
Nick Sir I really liked the video. . I always liked this model of apple.. Bt now I'm a bit confused that which one to buy in 2k18. . I am having a confusion between iphone se and Samsung Galaxy s7.. so as u very experienced so plz help me to choose the better one.. All I want in my phone is a powerful processor. . Which could run in the upcoming years.. plz Sir reply me which I should buy this year among the two? 😊😊😊
Dr Pfeffer (8 days ago)
iPhone SE user my self - regarding the microphone during phone calls, it seems like the noise reduction does its job in a noisy environment "to good". You can either turn it of in the settings, or if you put your phone closer to your cheek, your voice will be loud and clear. The latter does the trick for me.
jesus lover (8 days ago)
Can anybody help me with an iPhone 6+ activation lock? Anybody please
Naturalista91 (8 days ago)
I love this concept - giving a review after having used it for a while. It's more representative if you're like me and looking for something more longterm. All of those reviews of products that were just unpacked do not give an accurate picture of how the overall experience is likely to go, I think. So I'm happy with reviews like this :)
rj AIO (8 days ago)
Hey nick can i get your iphone se for freee plss
Kevin Turner (8 days ago)
Watching on a iPhone 4s. Apple, make the SE 2 happen, that's my upgrade!
Neato Chris (8 days ago)
I'm Going From An LG Aristo To An SE. Am I Upgrading?
Aria Seraj (9 days ago)
"iPhone SE 2 Years Later" smart title ;)
austinnnsc chu (9 days ago)
SE is shit, just buy a six
Tharun Kumaar (9 days ago)
Make iOS 11 in iPhone 6s.And make many more iPhone 6s videos.cuz I have an idea of buying it
coolgamerkid 1738 (9 days ago)
kosti (9 days ago)
Cheap phone for cheap people
Ugandan Knuckles (9 days ago)
Watching on an se
Löwensommer (9 days ago)
Additional I have a question to you or the community regarding the update policy for the SE. Apple normally promises updates for 4 years. The SE has the processor of the IPhone 6s. The update support for the 6s is ending in september 2019. so also for the SE? This is only a support time for 3 years. What do you thinking about this point. Thanks a lot for your answer.
GuitarplayerX95 (9 days ago)
I've had my se about a year now and I still love mostly everything about it but the battery. I'm on 10.3.3 still but the battery just doesn't feel like what it used too sadly.
Aditya Nanda Purnama (9 days ago)
I really hope apple continuing this se line
Löwensommer (9 days ago)
Thanks for the video. I love your Channel too. I bought my SE in July 2016. Actually I‘m Reality frustrated because of the value loss here in Germany. So I bought a couple of month ago a LG 6 for small Money. After comparison with the LG G6. The result: I think the SE has a better performance, a better RAM management, and also a better camera. Also the security policy for Apple devices is unbeatable. In december 2017 on the G6 the last security patch is from july 2017. For me is this a important point. So I made the decision to keep the SE and to sell the G6. And after all the SE is really pretty compact. So I am satisfied with it. I am really looking fortwarf for your next video. Greetings from Germany.
Dasha life (9 days ago)
Im getting one in summer
PlaceIte (9 days ago)
sold my se and got a a8 2018 and fuck the se
PlaceIte (1 day ago)
my purchase? i feel good about it yes whats the problem
-trying to feel good about his purchase
bgzjournal (9 days ago)
Or a7 2017 ,s7 ,j7 prime , j7 pro
bgzjournal (9 days ago)
Should I buy it now ?
CustardBoot (9 days ago)
yes yes me to ios 11 made my phone se die in 3 h of use
Reinhard Pon (9 days ago)
Al the iPhones hace crappy front facing cámaras
MC Reli Cordova (9 days ago)
Using one 😁
Matthew Lemmers (9 days ago)
The phone should be really quick still since then display isn’t nearly as pixel dense as more modern ones. It doesn’t take as much to keep the phone moving when the power doesn’t have to worry about pushing pixels
Raghu Ram (9 days ago)
Watching it in my SE 🔥🔥
that dude steven (9 days ago)
Everyone thinks I have a iPhone 5s or 5 😒‼️
Hamza Sher (9 days ago)
Hey man do google pixel in 2018
ritesh naik (9 days ago)
Hey Nick, When does the iPhone SE 2 will launch?
Adimac93 (9 days ago)
Can you send one i phone for ever
#BanditPlayz (9 days ago)
Plz GiveAway me your IPhone 5S plz
Elroy Pillay (9 days ago)
I still love my SE! Just works for me. All the way from South Africa.
John Patrick Ebreo (9 days ago)
Do you scratch your iPhone SE screen even though you don’t put a tempered glass?
Raunaq Gupta (9 days ago)
IPhone se is still a great device, I was thinking of getting it but got a good deal on S7. And for the same price as SE, there is no comparison, S7 wins hands down, but against any other device out there for same price SE would wipe the floor...just not in screen department but in everything else.
Vanshaj Khera (9 days ago)
I simply love your channel. Your content is a bit unique from the other tech channels.
Rohan Singh (9 days ago)
Maybe you have a Samsung Chip Nick?!
SS SS (9 days ago)
Iphone se 2 release date ? And spec...
Rohan Singh (9 days ago)
Thanks so much Nick!!!
Beardless (9 days ago)
Apple iPhone special edition 😍😍
We ya (9 days ago)
SE or xiaomi redmi 5 ?!
Rohan Singh (9 days ago)
We ya SE all day long!
Tricky Talk (10 days ago)
Ohhh I read it iphone SE2 years later lol
Nikita Qlewer (10 days ago)
Переведите текст в 2-ух словах)
womp (10 days ago)
My iphone se has great battery life although it is pretty new, maybe your one is just old?
Rohan Singh (9 days ago)
womp yeah mine is doing great too! Maybe he have an Samsung Chip??
Vincent Choi (10 days ago)
Thank god I stayed on iOS 10.3.3 and my phone is 2 years old, the battery is literally dying (shorter battery life). Can't imagine going to iOS 11.
Rohan Singh (9 days ago)
Vincent Choi change your battery?
Kunal Mehra (10 days ago)
Should i buy it now ?
Swapnil Mulay (10 days ago)
Is SE 2 coming?
enrico cuevas (10 days ago)
SE and 5S is still pleasing to my eyes than 6 and up. :) so please SE 2 don't disappoint smaller phone lovers like me
Tech Geek (10 days ago)
My SE provides a great calling experience, dude. Maybe yours is defective.
Rohan Singh (9 days ago)
Tech Geek yeah he never said that before iOS 11 came. After the update he said that in his every video!
Jakeified (10 days ago)
They say there’ll will be no more SE this year. Sad!
Jasmeet Singh (10 days ago)
i have a iPhone SE and i love it.. when i purchased it it was on ios 10(BEST), i regret ios 11 update
Yux Ning (10 days ago)
Disadvantages: phone calls and audio is a bit quiet outside, and screen is a bit dim outside on max brightness...but overall its still ok, and I plan to keep this phone until 2020
EllysaE (4 days ago)
Yux Ning good luxk
King Trunks (5 days ago)
But why tho
Rohan Singh (9 days ago)
Yux Ning I heard that it’ll be supported till 2021-2022 so I don’t exactly know but I’m going to keep it till it last!!!
kr sukikon (10 days ago)
90% > 85% battery for 14 minutes
Dr Pfeffer (8 days ago)
yeah it seems like the screen is more or less destroying the battery, if turned to max brightness (he said that he was in a bright environment when filming, so i'm assuming that the phone turned itself to max display brightness).
Toney Mathewz (10 days ago)
Can I exchange your se with my 4s??!
Morshedur Rahman (10 days ago)
i love your vedio sir . i love iPhone but i only can dream about iPhone. I have no money. i from Bangladesh . i watched almost all of your vidio. good job. my good wishes with you sir😌
Shekharan Narayanadas (10 days ago)
I ❤️ se,,,watching in my SE
Alex Carlentino (10 days ago)
Now do iPhone 6s
Integra DIY (10 days ago)
If this phone had a f1.7-f1.8 aperture, with OIS, I would own one right now!!
KingSam (10 days ago)
Hey Nick I want one of those $150 SE but I'm not from the US. They're locked to Simple Mobile, Family Mobile, Straight talk etc. Is there any sure way of unlocking. They all have bad unlocking policies.
KULDEEP PARMAR (10 days ago)
Effect on phone of iOS 11.2.6
Night Star (10 days ago)
Nice video nick😍
kc thomas (10 days ago)
Did iphonese 2 no more home button , all the iphone are really this design or will be not change ? and how how about the camera also not change ?
julian schulz (10 days ago)
I was on team SE for the past year, but.... I ended up trying a 6s, kinda missed the SE, but then got used to the slightly bigger screen & thinner body. Now, the SE feels foreign to me.
Shivanshu Sharma (10 days ago)
Dude u r obsessed with this device...iPhone SE
Nit-esh ture (10 days ago)
make a 6s video bro
Subhrendu Bhattachryay (10 days ago)
Battery And Clash of Clans Is Better from Other phones ? Anyone Know ?
Abhinav Rao (10 days ago)
Only iPhone 7 is better option ....... ......................!
Saikumar Kanchala (10 days ago)
iphone se2 release date
ken zie (10 days ago)
The trick is to not update. 😬
Jr 27 (10 days ago)
Watching on my se

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