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Today's Mystery Video - https://youtu.be/DOiaxdNPvd4?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 Elemental Knives - https://elementalknives.com/ Today we've got something unusual... As mentioned in the video you never really know what's going to show up at Unbox Therapy HQ. These are some crazy knives from Elemental Designs modeled after the knives in CS:GO FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Twitter - http://twitter.com/unboxtherapy Facebook - http://facebook.com/lewis.hilsenteger Instagram - http://instagram.com/unboxtherapy Google Plus - http://bit.ly/1auEeak
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Text Comments (26995)
richmond gamer (3 hours ago)
Shubham Kumar Singh (9 hours ago)
Rambo pattern😂
Albert yan (11 hours ago)
butterfly knives in cs are trash, they are so freaking heavy
Mangol 34 (20 hours ago)
Chinese trash
Wespert (1 day ago)
Lol how he hold karambit
Hannah Kim (1 day ago)
the red one with the spider webs on it looks like Chara's Knife :P
Nash Hartman (2 days ago)
1st fade hunter knife 2nd I can’t remember the name 3rd still can’t remember 4th bayonet? 5th again can’t remember but fade 6th karambit 7th can’t remember 8th karambit fade? 9th can’t remember Fav the fade hunter knife
Leon Kraus (2 days ago)
i WANT IT but im from japan and thats why tehy wont ship to me ;-;
Infer Tv (3 days ago)
Tiger tooth Plasma Rainbow was my favorite!
thesnipes (3 days ago)
You can just get the real, actually functional knives that the ones in game are based off of. As opposed to the real life knives that are based off the ones in-game.
Jacob chaddoud (4 days ago)
The Rambo knife for sure
azb bandhan (5 days ago)
can somebody tell the name of that background music please
Ethan Barton Moy (6 days ago)
What do you do with all the stuff you get
Jay Drew (6 days ago)
wrong karambit grip
Kristjan Jõevere (6 days ago)
Gut knife damascus steal is best here
Parkour POV (6 days ago)
Spider-Man knife really
Planet of Music (6 days ago)
Bruh he’s holding the karambit wrong
YTP WEEK! (7 days ago)
i JUST got a nice black CS:GO Karambit knife!!! IT'S AWESOME! i use it for everything lol
Bill DiIenno (8 days ago)
🤜👊🤛 shield
Bill DiIenno (8 days ago)
The rainbow design is called galaxy
Meet Soni (8 days ago)
Last second knife kurumpit
Stixx (9 days ago)
spiderman pattern
Jeff Merck (10 days ago)
I’ve got a real Rambo knife
EPIC PANDA (10 days ago)
The way he holds them😂 especially the karambit
Ty Abel (10 days ago)
I have the first knife
Brice Jones (10 days ago)
It's called a gut hook
John Macmillan (11 days ago)
The moment I heard him say "Man these are sharp" all I could think was "WELL NO SHIT, ITS A KNIFE, THOSE TEND TO BE SHARP"
net neuturallity (11 days ago)
yuri would love this
Seth Prindiville (11 days ago)
Rambo knife is my favourite
LiamRox (11 days ago)
It had me dying how he explained the knives
Komairi Cytus (11 days ago)
Hey, UnboxTherapy do you smoke?
Reid Polillo (12 days ago)
The first knife is a Halo knife actually
Mr. Catz (12 days ago)
This video hurt so much to watch especially from the cutlery lover perspective
ItzYaBoiPhoenix ! (12 days ago)
Are these legal in uk and what age do u need to be to buy one?
Get A Life (12 days ago)
*The* *way* *he* *holds* *the* *fucking* *karambit...*
Your Boi Opossum (13 days ago)
when he called it a rambo knife i think i died inside
FazeXwolfcry (13 days ago)
And 3
FazeXwolfcry (13 days ago)
2ND one open was very rare
Marko Krcula (14 days ago)
The karambit is used to hold upside sown man
Unboxing God (14 days ago)
Rainbow flip knife
the gaming apple (14 days ago)
my favorite is the gold tiger rambo knife
Vishal Singh Rathore (14 days ago)
Karambit is my favourite
SAVAGEPRO GAMER420 (14 days ago)
the big gold one is my favourite
gamernoobkiller (14 days ago)
my favorite is karambit lore
Olivia Soliman (14 days ago)
Raj Sookdeo (15 days ago)
the marble fade at the end was just beautiful
AmazingRBX (15 days ago)
spiderman Pattern! xD thats a slaughter
Max TV (15 days ago)
The second one was my favorite
Shivam bansal (16 days ago)
That crimson web karambit was so good
Rayyan Arif (16 days ago)
The gut knife Damascus steel is probably the coolest
Bigzell (16 days ago)
"It's for skinning somthing" it's for grabbing intestine
Unlucky Cat (16 days ago)
now THATS for true roadmen
césar martínez (17 days ago)
Oh my God he has a knife. That's not a knife. Now that's a knife.
Aayush Sen (17 days ago)
fantastic :D
shawn wu (17 days ago)
Where the shadow daggers at
AmazingLifeStuff (17 days ago)
I missed butterfly.....
Sticker Bomb (18 days ago)
dud imagine in a zombie out break you get capture by a group of hostile hunters and survivers, and they say take off all the weapons you got and you just start pulling this knifes out of you under arm, boot, waste, croch
SK3L3TAL PANTH3R (18 days ago)
I’m getting a Karambit fade
Natax MTB (19 days ago)
Bailey Dwyer (19 days ago)
Every unbox youtuber hasvat least one knife to open the boxes
Edwin Labja (19 days ago)
OMG this is awesome!!! did you know people would pay over $1000 for these knife in skin form... for the game?!
King Panda (19 days ago)
"If you happen to get attacked by a bear while playing csgo, go for the real deal" Russians donts play csgo.
Austin Barnett (19 days ago)
Tiger friction folder knife??...favorite
Jake PlayzMinecraft (19 days ago)
karambitt dopppla
BIG GAMER (19 days ago)
I want that karambit
Relyt 29 (19 days ago)
The biggest knife
DANIEY TV (19 days ago)
No.2 and 6
Knife Helper (20 days ago)
gotta say, Flip elete
Master Teddy (20 days ago)
CS:GO knives are Awesome and they look sick !!!
thomas vlieger (20 days ago)
That big gold knife is a m9 bayonet
thomas vlieger (20 days ago)
That red knife is a carambit web
papiya barua (21 days ago)
Jos knives
FreekZy NaCl (21 days ago)
did he just call a crimson web 'spider man pattern'
Aditya Kumar (21 days ago)
I love that karambit man. Both of them.
Jacob Hollowell (21 days ago)
Rambow knide
Fredie Tuckwell (21 days ago)
The Rambo knife is called oilslick and my favourite one is the Damascus steel one
Aaron Guerrero (21 days ago)
Hey, vsauce here
Tyler Smuda (21 days ago)
I have a bigger knife in my basement
Kieliopin Kuningas (21 days ago)
So many game addicts and nerds in the comments.
TITO CELIS (22 days ago)
Colombian flag
the combat knife was my favorite one
Neetu Sharma (23 days ago)
Cuts tape. Calls knife sharp.
jon zirovnik (24 days ago)
youre such a king😂😂BOSS
Zephyr NeXus (24 days ago)
Try not to cut yourself on that edge.
ILoveSpace lol (24 days ago)
Where the butterfly knife?
The Tinfoil Terrorist (25 days ago)
*check out that spiderman pattern on there* kill me
Sims Long (25 days ago)
omfg he called the crimson web "spider man" knife im dead
Gary Windthorp (26 days ago)
I suggest stop and no
Very Lonely Vader (26 days ago)
background music? Vitas 7th element or darude sandstorm... just don't reply if you are gonna type 'em.
TheMageLord (26 days ago)
he held the karambit wrong :(
Julius Muertetgue (27 days ago)
No Butterfly Knife!!?
Asbjørn Elneff (27 days ago)
mine ist the M9 Bayonet Tiger Tooth and the Karambit Fire n' Ice
Saiqa Bano (27 days ago)
The big red one and the small rainbow one 🌈
Rustam Kantayev (28 days ago)
When you call a crimson web a spiderman pattern
Mackenzie Waller (29 days ago)
my favourite is the very first one you opened.
ilsamsamchil (29 days ago)
why wouldnt you actually try cutting somtehing with this so we know
Timmy Doyle (30 days ago)
Dude you do not hold a karambit like that. Hold the hole on your index finger facing the knife blade down.
Orale Pues (30 days ago)
EK elemental keys

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