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Huawei Mate X - Introducing Huawei MateX Series (2018)

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Officially, The Chinese Smartphones Huawei Mate 10, 10 Lite and 10 Pro has launched, Introducing new (MateX) Huawei Mate X 2018 Latest Updates, Trailer, Concept, Introduction, Phone Specifications and Characteristics, the flagship of the Chinese Company Huawei. The new Huawei Mate X will be the Best Smartphone of 2018. EXCLUSIVE OFFER ONLY FOR YOU - GET HUAWEI BEST SMARTPHONES ON "GearBest" HUAWEI P10 4G Smartphone International Version - BLUE: https://goo.gl/uP29a6 HUAWEI Nova 2 4G Smartphone: https://goo.gl/KJ6NxA HUAWEI Mate 9 4G Phablet: https://goo.gl/jR8yjw Huawei P9 4G Phablet - BLACK: https://goo.gl/Hxwtzh HUAWEI P10 Plus 4G Phablet International Version - BLACK: https://goo.gl/W4CTz2 Huawei Honor 9 4G Smartphone International Version - BLACK: https://goo.gl/d6HZFz The new Huawei Mate X will receive a 6.1-inches Super AMOLED Capacitive TouchScreen with an 18:9 aspect ratio screen, resolution of 2880 x 1440 pixels, a most powerful processor system Hisilicon Kirin 980, GPU Mali-G72 MP12, 6/8 GB of RAM, 64/128 GB of internal memory to store your most important data, a 16MP rear dual camera, 12MP front camera at 1440p resolution with Auto HDR and many other great features. The new Huawei MateX 2018 price and the release date are not officially announced, to be released Huawei Mate X officially is expected between June-July 2018. The expected cost of Huawei next flagship of 2018 the Mate X will be around €660 Euro, $814 Us dollars, and Rs. 52000 INR (Indian Rupees). ---------------------------------------- * ASUS BEST SMARTPHONES - HOT DEALS ON "GearBest" ASUS Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro ZD552KL 4G Phablet: https://goo.gl/GfxZWR ASUS Zenfone 4 Max Plus 4G Phablet: https://goo.gl/rMhSa2 ASUS Zenfone Pegasus 4S Max Plus ( X018DC ) 4G Phablet - BLACK: https://goo.gl/Tp8aA5 * OUKITEL BEST SMARTPHONES Oukitel MIX 2 4G Phablet - BLACK: https://goo.gl/7AgBCL OUKITEL K10 4G Phablet - BLACK: https://goo.gl/uCsYo3 OUKITEL K10 4G Phablet - GOLDEN: https://goo.gl/3cKFgh OUKITEL K6 4G Phablet - BLUE: https://goo.gl/sT4J65 OUKITEL K6 4G Phablet - BLACK: https://goo.gl/CYmvuq * XIAOMI BEST SMARTPHONES Xiaomi Mi 6 4G Smartphone: https://goo.gl/H7eR5s Xiaomi Mi Note 3 4G Phablet 6GB + 128GB - BLACK: https://goo.gl/7mCYct Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 4G Phablet 256GB ROM - BLACK: https://goo.gl/rqRMW9 Xiaomi Mi 6 4G Smartphone International Version - BLACK: https://goo.gl/W5pKp5 * ONEPLUS BEST SMARTPHONES OnePlus 5T 4G Phablet 8GB RAM International Version - BLACK: https://goo.gl/YimdNU OnePlus 5 4G Phablet: https://goo.gl/HmVKor OnePlus 5T 4G Phablet 8GB RAM International Version - WHITE: https://goo.gl/4RRYSq ONEPLUS 5T SANDSTONE WHITE 4G Phablet 8GB RAM: https://goo.gl/YsP5EX * MOTOROLA BEST SMARTPHONES Motorola Moto Z 2018 4G Phablet: https://goo.gl/4GRwc6 Motorola Z2 Play ( XT1710 - 08 ) 4G Phablet: https://goo.gl/Ys44rd Motorola MOTO M 4G Phablet - GOLDEN: https://goo.gl/2hVevy * BLACKBERRY BEST SMARTPHONES BlackBerry KEYone 4G Smartphone - BLACK: https://goo.gl/9katQg BlackBerry Motion 4G Phablet Global Version - BLACK: https://goo.gl/Ao1E7S ---------------------------------------- • Please Subscribe Here - https://www.youtube.com/scienceandknowledge • Visit Website - https://targetyoutube.com/ • Follow US On: • Facebook - https://facebook.com/scienceandknowledge2017 • twitter - https://twitter.com/SAKYOUTUBE • Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/targetyoutube/ • Google+ - https://plus.google.com/+ScienceandKnowledge • Tumblr - https://scienceandknowledge.tumblr.com • Quora - https://scienceandknowledge.quora.com
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Text Comments (21)
John Yu.Thanh (6 days ago)
I am using a Huawei Honor 8 Pro. Solidly built, super performance, superb quality, great camera.... really an amazing phone. It's so good that I really don't need a higher end Huawei.
Villiam Hansen (7 days ago)
Mate 10 is 2017. Noob.
Give us wireless charging and a big battery and small form factor
Md. Mizanur Rahman (9 days ago)
When mateX published in Bangladesh.
Tech Media (10 days ago)
Dear sir, Just read your message, you're requesting to add credit in description for using your concept images but unfortunately your comment is in spam section that's why I can't read your message. Today i checked my spam section and saw you comment, for that I am really apologize. I request you to retract the claim You made on the video. After that I delete my and never use your content again. I shell be Very Thankful to You. ‎
Kim Bridge (10 days ago)
Now they look nice
RAJAN THANKAYAN (10 days ago)
Mate x 5g ano
Bill Hummer (10 days ago)
Had my interest right up to "non-removable" battery. I just refuse to buy a phone I can't replace the battery in....
Ramin Juju (10 days ago)
Red colour will be amazing thinks .
Ahmet Kadi (10 days ago)
i like that beautiful concept cellphone just like a xiaomi mi mix.2 and s8 plus.
Cường Lâu La (10 days ago)
Science and Knowledge (10 days ago)
Hi :)
Fire Tech (10 days ago)
Make create video for Honor 8x bro
karthi keyan (10 days ago)
prize ?
Smartphone Update (10 days ago)
حكو nice
Fahru Fahruroji (10 days ago)
Brojendra Singh (10 days ago)
2nd 😢
Science and Knowledge (10 days ago)
Very Nice, Singh, welcome to our channel.
Siam Khan (10 days ago)
neil battershill (7 days ago)
Awful video try out and commentary
Science and Knowledge (10 days ago)
Cool, Welcome to our channel.

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