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Alienware 17 R4 (2017) Review: The Best Big Gaming Laptop?

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Review of the Alienware 17 R4 2017 Gaming laptop. Powerful, fast, great for VR and packed with the latest i7-7820HQ processor and GTX 1080. Watch for the full review! Check it out here on Amazon: Alienware 17 R4 - http://geni.us/5in3 Music by Lakey Inspired: https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired Help support the channel by using my Amazon Affiliate Link: Amazon US: http://goo.gl/BVc5ez Amazon Canada: http://goo.gl/SK9sQK Amazon UK: http://goo.gl/is1MXU Follow me on Social Media: Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mattmoniz Instagram: http://instagram.com/mattmoniz123 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mattmoniz123 Website: http://www.matthewmoniz.com
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Text Comments (430)
Vincent L. (2 days ago)
Quality review. 👌
demir zafer (3 days ago)
i think there is 10 programable button
gabriele fett (13 days ago)
How is that VS the 17 in origin gaming laptop
Avinesh Shankar (13 days ago)
Can it be use for workstation(3D modelling,3ds max)
Lanzer (5 days ago)
Avinesh Shankar dude.... yes.
Avinesh Shankar (6 days ago)
I know but still can it
Lanzer (11 days ago)
Umm its a gaming laptop. YEAH.
Real thug beats (17 days ago)
Wich one should i buy? 1:Razer blade pro 2:MSI GT83VR 3:Alienware 17 R4
Real thug beats (4 days ago)
Lanzer (11 days ago)
RazerMSWare Blade 17 Gt83VR R4
I’m looking for gaming laptops to get is this one worth? Or is there a better one?
Dommi Davros (9 days ago)
I've heard there are some real issues with the razer blade especially with overheating
Lanzer (11 days ago)
Many say a RAZER Blade pro. I’d recommend this though
Steven Hartshorn (17 days ago)
Dude don't let your beard grow into your eyebrows
Matthew Moniz (17 days ago)
I want them to connect
hansel tan (19 days ago)
well made review videos.
Matthew Moniz (19 days ago)
Thank you !
F Elix (24 days ago)
Thank You
Flávio Rafael Brito (27 days ago)
I have one and it's absolutely fantastic! Cool temperatures, solid chassis, and great for long gaming sessions. In UK the refubished store have a lot of great offers everyday.
VoltGe (28 days ago)
I got the 13" with the GTC 1060, it's awesome.
It's Dell so it's garbage.
Dommi Davros (9 days ago)
I wouldn't know, I've never "Dell"t with them (hahaha see what I did there???)!
J Doe (29 days ago)
Looks well worth it to me - not even close, especially if you work on it.  People under-equip/handicap themselves by cheaping out on important things - including or especially laptops you use to make a living.  It's a cheap electronics mentality where you think a few hundred bucks is a lot or even important when it's nothing and it's not.  This thing is a chunk of hardware you use for WORK - earning your living.  Power, screen, ergonomics/comfort, and design/looks are productivity and morale - $$$ and decreased stress - to a butt-load more than the tune of a few hundred extra bucks.  That's a joke.  Ask anyone who's equipment, who's main rig or rigs cost thousands, tens, or hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Tank of gas is freaking $80 or more.  So is a night out...  Anyone that has to throw down for equipment would have a laugh at $1500, much less an extra $300 you won't miss in a few months, much less 5 years.  No-brainer if it's what you want - is suited to your needs and then some. Get it or whatever you love, take care of it - don't throw it around like an idiot, especially if you're a grownup, and don't look back.
Tony (30 days ago)
SHould i get this Alienware 17 or the MSI GT73VR? I really need some help. The cooling system on the GT73 is so cool compare to Alienware,idk,maybe because the 17r4's fans look smaller and all the pipes.I never use any of them. On the other hand,i love 17r4 design. What should i get?guys,help me out. Sorry im not speak english very well..:)
Syed Ali (1 month ago)
Dont buy alienware r4 i have one its giving alot of problems i am not happy with it.. i am using it from last 4 months it was too expensive but not worth it..
Deaz3yGames (22 days ago)
I had the same problem and they came to my house and fixed haven't had a problem for 6-7 months now
Syed Ali (30 days ago)
Anis Ahmed the touch pad dosent work as alot of other people are having this issue and it juts keeps shuting down after spending $1700 i wouldn't want my laptop to do all these things... its not worthit
Anis Ahmed (1 month ago)
Could you please explain more in depth. I'm considering buying this very soon for school and etc.
Raymond 6 (1 month ago)
whats the exact box dimensions and shipping weight for this laptop..?
Alexander B. (1 month ago)
I must say I was treated like crap by Alienware last year and have had a MSI since BUT I have the opportunity to upgrade again and I'm going back to Alienware, truthfully my MSI is sh*t for the money I spent on it. $2400 and MSI has had it more in the past year than me so back to Alienware I willing go!
Mahefa Reboza (1 month ago)
Hi guys, I am doing 3D modelling and 3D rendering(using Vray and Corona) maybe trying VR and everything afterward and I have planned to buy this computer. Do you guys think it is a good idea or do you have any other laptop to recommand? Your opinions are really important. Thanks
Akash ghosh (1 month ago)
Its not 7820hq its 7820hk
RAVENisLIT Savage! (1 month ago)
just boy Msi Gs63vr
Superb Sir👍👍👍
SirChamelot (1 month ago)
Andrew Adams (1 month ago)
I dont always game, but when i do...its at “the cottage”.
Matthew Moniz (1 month ago)
+Andrew Adams ya that definitely sounded a little pretentious lol
Noel Carvajal (1 month ago)
Take it to the cottage lol 😆 what a butt nut.
Daniel Edwardsen (1 month ago)
Might buy 1 after i come back from bangkok for my studies
ryan ralph (2 months ago)
i prefer razer
Nikhil P Naik (2 months ago)
Hi, is it made up of plastic or aluminum?
Beavis (2 months ago)
Plays EVERYTHING at UHD confirmed
fndrn8 (2 months ago)
Might order this. can it run minecraft
0321SHOOTER (2 months ago)
Thanks for the video, just ordered the Alienware 17 R4 1070 with the FHD IPS, do you know if there is anyway to overclock the panel?  I plan on hooking this up to an external G-sync monitor when I am home but the monitor is 144hz.  Does it support 120hz externally? Thanks man.
Cory C. (2 months ago)
"Only one with G-Sync". That is not true. Both the default UHD and one of the two QHD panel options have G-Sync. Albeit, the UHD Panel is the only option for both G-Sync and Tobii Eye Tracking. If you want a QHD panel, you will have to choose either having G-Sync or Tobii Eye Tracking. ANYONE looking to purchase the 1080GTX Model should also be aware that by default.. the 1050ti and 1080 models both come default with 8gb RAM. If you want to the 16gb or 32gb, you will need to customize your model for an additional price, or upgrade at a later point.
shut yo mouth (2 months ago)
im about to go to college...im inbetween alienware and apple tbh im not a fan of apple but ive never own alienware and i wanted to give it a try...would you recommend this laptop for college?.....i also play bunch of games like alot of games...haha
AngelWithTwist (1 month ago)
shut yo mouth Apple sucks for games, don't BUY.
Comrade Frog Tosarviche (2 months ago)
Hey guys is it worth it to get the AMD RX 570 6GB Ram or the 1070?
mt89 (2 months ago)
AW laptops are extremely well made and durable, I bought a 17 inch R1 in year 2013 July, it is still running perfect.
Frank Lin (2 months ago)
I'm going to buy the Alienware rn!!
tyrant0289 (2 months ago)
Muke mcm Ghaddar Jdt syiak
Khin Ninson (2 months ago)
When can I afford that :(
Snakey Official (2 months ago)
Why is on some 17 r4 models tobii eye tracker located below the screen and on some its merged with web cam? Please anyone if u know let me know
Aman Pandey (2 months ago)
Very nice review 👏
Matthew Moniz (2 months ago)
+Aman Pandey thank you Aman!
Elia1995 (3 months ago)
I ordered it, not this exact model of the review, but the one with a GTX 1060 6GB and 16GB DDR4, it should arrive in 2-3 weeks... (on Dell's site it says extimated delivery 30/10/2017) I can't wait to get a decent laptop to bring to my University to work with Maya, Cinema 4D, Photoshop and Sony Vegas... last year I brought my laptop and it sucks, slow as shit, it's a 2008 MacBook 13", it takes roughly 5 minutes to completely boot and the programs are very slow, I couldn't even render properly with Cinema 4D, that damn thing has only 2 cores... can't wait to get this laptop and I hope the battery will also last longer than mine...
Dommi Davros (9 days ago)
I'd tell your mum to get her own laptop! I'd never want to share this bad boy!
Elia1995 (1 month ago)
3-4 weeks.
Gary Sellars (1 month ago)
Wow, that sounds sounds fantastic, ordered mine last Monday. About how long did it take in total to receive yours?
Elia1995 (1 month ago)
Gary Sellars yeah, it arrived November 6th. The thermals are good for a laptop, on 100% usage, the CPU reaches 73 degrees, the overall performance feels like a 2015-2016 desktop, it can get over 60 FPS on most modern games on medium-high settings and has no issues at all with old games, I bring it weekly to the University to work with Cinema 4D and the render time is exactly like my i7-4790k. At home, is used by my mom, for whom I made a second user, so I don't have her messy desktop and her Chrome saved passwords when I use it; on boot, depending whose in front of it, gets recognized by the IR and it automatically logs in the right user. Our best laptop so far!!!
Gary Sellars (1 month ago)
Elia1995 did you get your laptop yet?
JustViruz (3 months ago)
Really want it
SHREY K (3 months ago)
Why don't somebody review this laptop with the newly launched 4k IPS screen with G Sync. somebody please do that
Mustafa Özdemir (2 months ago)
SHREY K Fuck yes Let me know too
MrWarningBros (3 months ago)
Thank you for this great review! Quick and straight to the point. I was searching for information what manufacturer's PCIe SSDs are inside these laptops but here I got speeds information which is even better.
Matthew Moniz (3 months ago)
you're welcome! Glad i could help = )
undeaddread (3 months ago)
My cpu has hit 92 degrees while playing warhammer 2 on high settings so I'm gonna have to remove the toothpaste Dell applied to the processor, the gpu is having no problem with heat
Dakkul Tech (3 months ago)
Good video.
Tanner (3 months ago)
earlier this month i purchased one with the gtx 1070, i7 7700hq, and fhd 60hz display. i decided to return it and i just purchased the same one but with the qhd 120hz display. Is it worth extra $250?
madcapper6 (1 month ago)
Depends on how serious of a gamer you are. If you do a lot of competitive online gaming, are into E-sports and that type of stuff, then a 120 is a must. The 1070 will run many games above 60 fps anyway so with the cheaper display you're gonna be choosing between a lot of screen tear and lag that comes via V-sync. I don't know much about VR but it seems that a 120 is needed or at least highly recommended for VR too. I'd say yes, if you're gonna utilize the better display, it's worth it.
Elia1995 (3 months ago)
Nah, the "default" monitor is already amazing and with the right settings in the nVidia control panel, you can get pretty much the same quality in terms of colours and brightness, as for 120hz... well, not so many games and programs take advantage of that and human eyes can't really see the difference between 60Hz and 120Hz, we usually don't see any difference past the 60 frames per seconds.
Vince Bentfield (3 months ago)
I only gey 70FPS for OW no matter the settings
Vince Bentfield (3 months ago)
Hobo Jo I looked into it. It wasn't capped :/
Hobo Jo (3 months ago)
Vince Bentfield The FPS Limit might have been capped to 70fps. Try increasing it in the settings
UltimateDebate Reviews (3 months ago)
All that room and no SD card?? Smh dell
David Howard (5 days ago)
If you buy this for an SD card reader you are pretty dumb LOL.
Gregory Solarte (1 month ago)
The io of all the size 13, 15 and 17 is the same, is kind of odd.
Sterben (1 month ago)
It does not have an SD card slot, have you been paying attention at all?
KnownGaming (3 months ago)
It has a SD
KC Nham (3 months ago)
Alienware sucks rat balls! Overheat Overheat Overheat Overheat Overheat Overheat Overheat Overheat Overheat OverheatOverheat Overheat Overheat Overheat OverheatOverheat Overheat Overheat Overheat OverheatOverheat Overheat Overheat Overheat OverheatOverheat Overheat Overheat Overheat OverheatOverheat Overheat Overheat Overheat OverheatOverheat Overheat Overheat Overheat Overheat Did I mention Overheat ?
Behizy (3 months ago)
I just bought this man I am soo freaking happy
Brandon 45 (4 months ago)
Nice I love my Alienware R4 17
James Thomas (4 months ago)
Nice review! Subbed.
Alina (4 months ago)
what's the song @ 7:25?
Elia1995 (2 months ago)
Alina damn, must be composed by himself then
Alina (2 months ago)
yes ... but no result
Elia1995 (3 months ago)
Tried to Shazam it ?
Trent Gresham (4 months ago)
is that machine good for audio production? I host a podcast and I'm in the market for a new pc/mac.
THEbrainbuster (4 months ago)
Y so complicated? Juz want a decent laptop that can play high quality games
JONATHAN THE GUY (4 months ago)
i wanna buy this is this a good pc?
JONATHAN THE GUY (3 months ago)
Hobo Jo (3 months ago)
JONATHAN THE GUY but from what I've heard, it's a pretty good laptop
Hobo Jo (3 months ago)
JONATHAN THE GUY No it's not a good PC because it's a laptop.
CheekEman (4 months ago)
Oh by the way, your review is wrong on the CPU. It's not the 7280HQ but the 7820HK.
CheekEman (4 months ago)
Why am I watching this? I have this laptop already!
CheekEman (2 months ago)
I would say the Alienware still. I am loving this one its amazing!
CheekEman (2 months ago)
The alienware hands down
TheDiamondArrow (2 months ago)
CheekEman I know I’m late but which is better for gaming the alienware 17 r4 gaming laptop or the dell inspirion 15 7000 i7?
CheekEman (3 months ago)
what? lol
CheekEman (3 months ago)
Connor Blair no
JhinDaSniper (4 months ago)
got the gtx 1080 and jesus I love this thing. for 2200, it's pretty worth it and a copy of Destiny 2 is a bonus
Star Gate (4 months ago)
Nice review.. Can I get a bit of help here buying the right laptop? I have Dell XPS 15-9560 and Alienware 17 R4 in my mind. I am comparing Dell XPS 15-9560 with UHD 4k touch which supports up to 1 TB SSD, 32GB RAMx2400Hz and 4GB VDDR5 GTX 1050 Graphics and Alienware 17 R4 UHD that supports up to 3TB SSD+HDD, 32GB RAMx2400Hz and 8GB VDDR5 GTX 1080 graphics. I hardly game.. I am looking for a power horse that can basically serve these purposes: 1) Render 4k videos in Adobe Premier pro, After effects, Davinci Resolve and Avid Media Composer with ease. 2) 3D modelling in Blender and Cinema 4d 3) Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom The challenges in front of me for the Dell XPS 15-9560 is limited SSD storage (only up to 1TB) and a max of 4GB GTX 1050 VDDR5 graphics, where as Alienware offers up to 3TB and 8GB GTX 1080 VDDR5 graphics while both offers up to 32GB DDR4 RAM x 2400Hz. I am not concerned with the heaviness of Alienware (5Kg), but care for ultimate performance. I would appreciate your suggestions. Thank you !
PICKLE RICK (4 months ago)
4:52 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Brett locke (4 months ago)
What do you mean it's not good for designing. ? Some one please explain ! Would be much appreciated :D
Joon Ro (3 months ago)
I know it is a late reply - I think he was talking about the QHD display, which has a TN panel but very fast refresh rate. For design work you might wanna get 4K one because that will have (in general) better colors, viewing angles, and more resolutions.
8-Bit Rain (4 months ago)
Very informational and helpful.
Matthew Moniz (4 months ago)
+8-Bit Temmie Gaming glad I could help !!
kornfreak78 (4 months ago)
I recently ordered this laptop from dell but I went with the 17.3 inch UHD (3840 x 2160) IPS Anti-Glare 300-nits, Enabled with Tobii Eye-tracking... I wanted the best they had to offer so I opted for the UHD rather than the QHD.. did I make a mistake in doing that? The only game I plan on playing on this machine is World of Warcraft... you mentioned screen tearing? Am I going to regret going with the UHD...? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!
Mustafa Özdemir (2 months ago)
kornfreak78 hey can you please do a review :)
Sergio Jetro (4 months ago)
Gameplay graphics was shit, strange - R3 version seems better
Matthew Hedges (4 months ago)
The cottage?
Bharath Kiran (4 months ago)
Hi Matthew this is Bharath I'm a VFX student i wanna take Alienware 17r4 is it good for me are can you please prefer me a laptop
arankal (4 months ago)
In my city only 17 model with amd rx470 available, is it worth it? or should i buy rog gl553vt / gl502vm instead?
Kaynon (4 months ago)
Hello everyone, I got a question. I know that the 1TB hard drive on this laptop is used to store games, pictures, videos etc but what is the 512 GB PCIe SSD used for? Please answer.
OH (4 months ago)
I know a few things about computers but not much... should I buy it??? Is the pricing good for how good it is.
OH (4 months ago)
FlameRider ok thx
FlameRider (4 months ago)
Pokeman Catcher Pricing is extremely good for a machine that has the GTX 1080 in it.
max steel (4 months ago)
Waste of money. For this money, I will build PC gaming beast.
FrostByte (4 months ago)
max steel try bringing it everywhere
FlameRider (4 months ago)
max steel Lol. We don't give a shit. We are looking for laptops, don't desktop PC's.
IThankGoogle (4 months ago)
I never knew Alien Ware was made by Dell. 😂
Lieutenant Starbuck (5 months ago)
The fans on this are like a jet engine forget it folks
Daniel Walmer (5 months ago)
hey guys, do anyone know, if the several overheating problem's are history in these days? i've heard of so much problems, when running a gtx 1080 with the i7 7820HK in this setup. on some site's i've heard, they solved the problems and from others i've heard they didn't. thanks in advance!
TheWoodsman90 (5 months ago)
A channel called "Best Gaming Laptops" stole your video. It is obvious. Video is washed out and voice is high pitched. Came up when I searched for "Alienware AAW17R4-7004SLV-PUS 17" QHD Gaming Laptop"
Matthew Moniz (5 months ago)
Thanks man! I just reported it
Cory Doan (5 months ago)
Why are the FPS so low when running Overwatch on 1440p on ultra? I see other benchmarks get 100+ FPS. There's no reason why the 1080 shouldn't be tearing through Overwatch... at 100+ FPS on max.
crap bag (5 months ago)
I want this laptop.
Daniel Walmer (5 months ago)
a very nice review, great work and perfect quality matthew! i have already a gaming pc with the newest components (1080ti, ...) and i was looking for a second solution to go-out... you helped with my decision and now that's the one i need! :-) take care!
I will Offend you (5 months ago)
My friend says this is a bad laptop lol and hes getting a computer with a 3-4 hour usage
Matthew Moniz (5 months ago)
It's a gaming laptop..They never have good battery life.
The screen layout is kinda ugly:/
menemme (5 months ago)
Does anybody know when the 2018 Alienware 17 models line is coming out ?
Myname isjeff (5 months ago)
Someone stole your video! Type the exact name of the video and take it down.
Fusions3789 (5 months ago)
I dont like the keyboard
Norman Sigurðsson (5 months ago)
If only it wasn't that ugly. For that price I expect a premium design, not a fisher price looking laptop.
Brandon Lucia (5 months ago)
I just got one of these in April. It's a beast. It's quite powerful, I call it "the tank" the only problem I have is the battery life and the speakers are slightly tinny, also you need to get an expensive backpack to hold this ( don't plan on putting anything else in the bag) I got this because this was the only laptop I could find with 4 hard drive bays. If you plan on not leaving the house, I would get this. If you need to edit video and on the go I would get something else.
Beats by John (5 months ago)
i need a laptop for graphic design and it has to be able to perform for 3 years do you think this will last me
Doomsday Poet (4 months ago)
Beats by John look into the zepyher from asus
Smokisaur (5 months ago)
is it fatter then the 15?
kim Yumi (5 months ago)
Is it good for deep learning?
Ilija Sivric (5 months ago)
I want it sooo much :(
Alec Alba (4 months ago)
i dont have one (5 months ago)
should i switch to this coming being a mac user it it worth it? I'm looking for a gaming laptop and still don't know if this is IT
Matt Morrocco (5 months ago)
Story of how I found out I know nothing about laptops: I had no idea they could be upgraded this easily
Roshin Alex (5 months ago)
I wonder if the eye tracking works for a person with glasses...
Mitchell Lincoln (5 months ago)
I am extremely happy with mine. It is a great laptop with plenty of power to play the latest games.
Matthew Moniz (5 months ago)
+Mitchell Lincoln it totally is! Glad you're liking it
logan carvalho (6 months ago)
Someone using kg, thank God...
raheef shaar (6 months ago)
I have a problem in my alienware 17 R4 it keeps giving me the notification sound every like 30 s and its so annoying when gaming or watching something any help??
Nicholas Frechen (3 months ago)
It's the killer Wi-Fi settings. Make the base setting higher. It's alerting you when ever you go over and under. Same thing happened to me and was annoying as fuck. Put them both at I think 5000, and no more notifications. Love this beast of a machine.
Average Gamer (4 months ago)
reinstall windows
Dat Boii (6 months ago)
just got one today I love it performs perfect playing video games
Dat Boii (5 months ago)
BeatzCracker not even close to those temperatures I'd say the hottest it gets is 80 and that's if I'm playing for like 5 or 6 hours straight with the charger in running full power, the fans & the vents really get rid of the heat very well.
Dat Boii (5 months ago)
& I do have my settings set to the highest they can go in all my games so it definitely gets put to the test in that manner .
Beatz Cracker (5 months ago)
Majin Vegeta With The Slaps thank you for the reply! Do the temperatures get over 80 or even 90 while playing a very demanding game?
Dat Boii (5 months ago)
BeatzCracker I haven't put it through a stress test but the only time it tends to get warm to hot for me is when im playing a game for hours , I typically have the charger connected when I'm playing so it tends to get a little hotter but with all the vents it has you have nothing to worry about, Definitely worth it if you are considering getting one . You won't be disappointed .
Beatz Cracker (6 months ago)
Majin Vegeta With The Slaps hello, I have a question. How are the temperatures when it is on full load?
Etienne Pienaar (6 months ago)
Can I connect my Logitech z5500 to it ( 5.1 sound system ) Has coax, Toslink spdif, 3 2.5 mm jacks ( headphone size. ) Thanks
Yasir Mahmood (6 months ago)
A gaming laptop should be 1. 20 core turbo overclocked 2. intel Core i 9 th generation 20 cores 3. 1tb of RAM GDDR6 DL 4. 100 TB SSD 5. 1000TB HDD 6. Graphics Card 100 GB Extreme GDDR8 7. nitrogen GAS cooling + Liquid cooling 8. turbo cooling Fans + Air Condition. 9. 24'' inch UHD EXtreme Reality Display. 200 FPS
Lanzer (11 days ago)
Yeah welcome to 2034 bro
Alexander B. (1 month ago)
add a couple more zeros to that estimate of $6000
Irakli Kavsadze (1 month ago)
You forgot to say that it should weigh 2kg
PointAndPurpose (2 months ago)
lmfao what the fuck. if i wanted all that garbage id just build a desktop. do you have any idea how much 100tb is? that's 100,000GB. let alone the 1,000,000 gb hdd you want. for that kind of horsepower i could launch myself into space.
FlameRider (4 months ago)
Yasir Mahmood Enjoy 2 minutes of battery life and a 6000 dollar price tag.
Mike Garofalo (6 months ago)
Take it to the cottage !!!!
R X (6 months ago)
So about twice as cool as the R3.... Literally 😎

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