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Afghans walk hundreds of kilometres for peace

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Dozens of Afghan protesters are marching hundreds of kilometres across the war-torn country demanding an end to the nearly 17-year conflict. Nine people began the weeks-long anti-war march in May, but their numbers have since swollen to around 50, organisers say. The journey began in the southern province of Helmand, a Taliban stronghold. The group hopes to reach the capital Kabul, some 700 km away, before the end of the holy month of Ramadan this week where it plans to present a list of demands for peace to Afghan leaders. Subscribe Now For Latest Updates- https://tinyurl.com/lbw8nze
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Firoz Akhtar (12 days ago)
unite all Afghanistan against invaders aka america .than u wil get peace.now America sending Isis in Afghanistan. for chaos. they need Afghanistan for watch Pakistan and China.so those Afghani trust american.they are fool
Stig200 (12 days ago)
There on there way to UK and Germany and US shall we get red carpet out now ?
Dobbys Boggart (12 days ago)
Step number one is to uphold freedom of speech. Get Western ideas and Christianity spreading, to tone down the fanaticism.
khan von altena (12 days ago)
Kill all Pakistani in Afghanistan. .and rape Pakistani women. .this is the only solution for peace in Afghanistan 😄😆
Firoz Akhtar (12 days ago)
Pakistani raped your mother daughter sister? if not .than why u want rape woman?
Lawney Malbrough (12 days ago)
How can there be peace in Muslm nation? There has neve been peace in a mUslim nation. Fourteen hundred years of Islma has shown what it produces. Thety want peace, but are too stupid to realize where their conflict comes from. They will awlays fight among themselves. There will nevr be peace in Muslim nation ebcause Islma goes against human nature. Humans cannot be subjegated lie Islma wants to subjegate them. Not for long anyway. It would be wise of them to abolish Islma form their nations. Then they might find peace. Peacful religions don't try to sugjegate everyone arund them. Islam is not a peacful religion! Peace and Islam do not go hand in hand. Sorry Muslims. You've got to see the problem before you can fix th eproblem. Stop trying to run away from it and face the truth! Syria would not be in tourmil today is if there were not peole there wantingto overthrow the govenrment. Many of htos epeole are muslims! And many are doing it for Mohamed! Wake up Muslims. You know what the problem is. Put aside your fear and boldly reject Islam!
Firoz Akhtar (12 days ago)
haha joke of the day. all Muslim nations are peacefull.until your western world not invaded them.destroyed them.tried to colonised them.and last.Hitler was a devoted Christian. Vatican paedophiles are your father.crusaders used to fuck Jews.ww1/2 happened between ?
Adam Platell (12 days ago)
Lawney Malbrough You mean the world war 1 and 2 or did u forget coz it was done by Christian white Nazi scum. O yeah İ forget u live in a bubble.
King Richard (12 days ago)
Afghans walking for peace, makes about as much sense as screwing for virginity!
Jk F1 (12 days ago)
Lol. Okay.
Quetzalcohuātl 111 (12 days ago)
Peace and love
Jay Forbes (12 days ago)
I pray they are heard!!!
I gotta poop again (12 days ago)
Good. Now walk you shitty selves back to Afghanistain

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