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Trying a $100 PC from Amazon...

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Check out LastPass! http://goo.gl/vECGwb The $100 Guleek Mini PC on Amazon: http://austin.tech/guleek This video was sponsored by LastPass. I bought the cheapest new desktop computer I could find on Amazon. Things didn't go well. Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/austinevans Instagram: http://instagram.com/austinnotduncan Twitter: http://twitter.com/austinnotduncan Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/austinnotduncan
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Text Comments (2304)
Sidharth Baskaran (21 minutes ago)
All of this marketing when laptops exist
Melon gamer (29 minutes ago)
Try running source next time
PBM (44 minutes ago)
What monitor is that? (The 120hz curved one)
Muddy Pigeon (2 hours ago)
spent 1 min on this video for the sponsor spot...Fuck youtube is getting worse the TV
slimey (3 hours ago)
it has thunder bolt...... soooooo external craphics card?!?!
ocean of Facts (6 hours ago)
i also have a 2gb ram
Eugen Krause (7 hours ago)
I thought this think would fold open and have its own keyboard and screen.
Eugen Krause (7 hours ago)
Install Windows XP
ealiev60 (7 hours ago)
oh look, he is showing his fucking annoying idiotic dyson shit
H C (8 hours ago)
Can it run crisis tho?
Electronics For Fun (10 hours ago)
l just noticed how much reverb is in your studio, you need to put up some of those foam panels or something.
The Dark Soul (11 hours ago)
If they made it twice as thick it can run for 100 hours
Red Rabbit Slayers (12 hours ago)
why does Austin always sound like he is signing?
Jamie Joseph (15 hours ago)
Anything running Windows 10 should have at least 4GB of RAM and 64GB storage
Dailen McDonald (17 hours ago)
I got a tablet with almost exact same specs for $65 USD... it was a good deal so I bought 2. It even dual booted android with Windows 10 (full version). Chuwi Hi8 Pro FTW. Unfortunately I think they stopped production so it costs twice as much now for anyone that didn't get the sale price :(
Vansh J (19 hours ago)
in theory, the theory for theories theorises that Austin has a theory... in theory that is...
Vansh J (19 hours ago)
Look Austin, you're great.. But I just cannot stand your sarcasm! Its SOOOOOOOOH BAAAAAADD. I literally lose brain cells when i you try to be sarcastic. pLeAse StoP!
Maiden Alfinete (20 hours ago)
buy a laptop....
Pixel Brick (20 hours ago)
Does it run Doom?
HyDeph 0 (20 hours ago)
How to waste $100 on amazon
Kevin Gonzalez 5 (22 hours ago)
A small $100 PC has a headphone jack and a $1000 IPhone X that is about the same size doesnt.......
amari_sam06 (22 hours ago)
Hey guys this is texus
Michael Castiglia (22 hours ago)
Raspberry Pi?
SURENITY ! (16 hours ago)
Michael Castiglia yes!!
Vernon Velez (23 hours ago)
Well, great effort but the hardware is weak sauce. Maybe a decent emulator.
BluTechy (23 hours ago)
Lol even a tiny computer has more portc than the macbook
Jeremy (1 day ago)
Missed out Raspberry Pi 3
Christopher George (1 day ago)
Yes last pass the shit🤣🤣🤣
ByteOfBlender (1 day ago)
Firstly, but can it run minesweeper? Secondly, I would be curious to see a follow-up on how this machine works as a lightweight media PC
You should ove tried roblox
Jayson Eastwood (1 day ago)
What is the point of this pc? You can just buy a dell XPS 13 for less than all those individual devices and it will have way better specs.
Pocket PC (1 day ago)
my netbook has 32 storagd and it is fine
Pocket PC (1 day ago)
thats more powerful than my lenovo netbook that has atom z3735f
Death Wraith (1 day ago)
Wow, ever since this video aired, they started to run out of them, and now they finally did and it’s probably not gonna come back cause it’s an off brand pc .-.
SemorreButte (1 day ago)
"btw...about your password" lol
Game Warehouse (1 day ago)
i thought the title said 1000 i need my eyes checked xD
J P (1 day ago)
You have to be a retard millennial to attempt to play an online game on a mini pc like that. Think productivity you f-ing moron.
__mrgrownfaun556__ (1 day ago)
Install ubuntu on it might be more stable
PirateKitty (1 day ago)
They removed it and are not selling them anymore!
BobTheBleach (1 day ago)
get a laptop or a low end pc or if u wanna die and wanna end up in one of logan pauls video i suggest u buy it
bob dash (1 day ago)
Devin Somers (1 day ago)
But can it run minecraft
Paul Jimenez (1 day ago)
But the question is does it run fortnite
AltGamer Boy (1 day ago)
Try and upgrade the ram and storage pls
Jordan Harmsen (1 day ago)
just get a chromebook i got a dell series 11 for 20$ awesome!
Lukas G (1 day ago)
Why not just buy a laptop?
Cody Young (1 day ago)
this sums up the whole video xD
Kreesh Ruparelia (1 day ago)
Instead of using LastPass just use Dashlane.( It's Free )
Youtubeguy (2 days ago)
This pc is shit, total waste of $100.
Charles Sami Amyouni (2 days ago)
time to consider lowspecgamer if you want to run CS GO on that atom.
Gaming&Tech (2 days ago)
Best PC ever!
Shantra Knox (2 days ago)
I think it's crap. Sorry
Apathetic Millennial (2 days ago)
$100 fap machine
MTRola Games (2 days ago)
How many Cost to bought the Mi Powerbank? *Sorry if my English bad
Shuncey Balba (2 days ago)
I got one for $62
Sydgar XXX (2 days ago)
Why is he sooooo irritating ?
Cody Young (1 day ago)
because you haven't left your mothers basement in 30 something years you forgot how humans sounded likeso now when you hear someone talk you get irritated your pretty much a human that doesn't enjoy human
Josh DePaola (2 days ago)
When people say personal PC 😩
Hayden Wallis (2 days ago)
Put Lakka OS on it along with roms/isos for a tiny and cheap emulation box.
Ensue85A (2 days ago)
Very funny. Just get a laptop dude
ZUHAAD ZAHID (2 days ago)
Is LastPass worth it?
No thanks I use dashlane
mr.elite daRacer (2 days ago)
Hey u have a question I was wondering if the cyperpower gamer extreme is worth it and is the keyboard and mouse good thx and lived the vid❤
Jc Rodriguez (2 days ago)
Can it run fortnite?
mharris1270 (2 days ago)
I know the Intel Atom CPUs have less computing power than a potato but part of the problem might have been that most of these mini computers run on a 3 amp USB power supply and most power banks can only provide 2.1 or 2.4 amps at anywhere near 5 volts. The game might have been demanding enough to require all of that three amps to run on that computer. Whether the Guleek can run that game at all I think it would run Netflix or Hulu at low or medium quality settings, though -- considering I can do that on a nine year old Celeron 900 equipped laptop with only 2GB of RAM and the later Atoms score higher on PassMark than that Celeron does. You won't be running 1080p or 4K on it but unless you are using a 55 inch or larger screen that would be overkill anyway.
Ghaith Shikh Debs (2 days ago)
try geforce now on it 😍
Mister Wisteria (2 days ago)
This thing has more ports than all of apples 2017 products combined.
Improbable Trexx (2 days ago)
wouldn't the Intel compute stick first generation be cheaper for the same specs?
mr leon moff (2 days ago)
it's great to hook up to your tv, to watch films or even youtube on the big screen
jokamutta (2 days ago)
It's kinda like the GPD Win without a screen and it's less powerful...
Hylke Jellema (2 days ago)
How could i sponsor videos like this. hahah
anikanbounty97 (2 days ago)
Well how it do for web browsing
CptHuggyFace (2 days ago)
You can use chrome or Firefox, but only 1 tab.
anikanbounty97 (2 days ago)
Comodo Dragon
anikanbounty97 (2 days ago)
I used it when it was free. Now you need to pay for it so stop using it then. I use google chrome.
scOr19piOn (2 days ago)
buy a fucking laptop.
Zebsy (2 days ago)
You should change your channel thumbnail, you look a bit odd. Your content is better than that!
Joernie Martinez (2 days ago)
AustinEvans Would geforce now work on the Guleek??
p.s.s. santosh (2 days ago)
I am super angry about Lastpass because every freaking video I see , there is a sponsor of lastpass.....AHAHAHHHAHA
Unbox Multi (3 days ago)
Hello A channel specializing in informatics, explanations, product reviews and online shopping. I review the products and how to get the products for free and how to communicate with the company and some of the competition and if I am forced to subscribe to the channel and do the bell button this is preferred and not something I ask you to support me
Proman 89 (3 days ago)
Get Married🤩🤩🤩
one and one (3 days ago)
A while back, a popular tech personality was talking performing all your financial tasks on a separate computer dedicated just for finance. No surfing, media. This sounds like it would be perfect for the job without blowing a lot of money. Thanks for a great video.
Phil Sheppard (3 days ago)
will it run other windows variants like 7 & XP , I have a genuine need for those OS's but not the space for multiple computers unless they were small.
Lars Jungbluth (3 days ago)
Get the heck outta here LastPass. You f*cked up several times now! Enough is enough.
Soulife (3 days ago)
I was just recently looking at mini-PCs on amazon, circa $100, to use as a home server but i was worried that the CPUs were going to be underpowered in that price range.. I once used an ~8yr old tower that someone was trashing and that performed surprisingly well as a plex/vpn/torrent/network storage server, and i see people using raspberry pis successfully, but i donno, I just have a feeling that restoring an old busted laptop for the cost of $100 would be money better spent..
BBGUN1010YT (3 days ago)
I’m running a GT 730 with 6g of ram and an AMD Turion II, the power supply is 250W. What is bottlenecking my system?
Jartymate (3 days ago)
Can it run runescape?
maverick aditya (3 days ago)
Maybe upgrade the ram on that thing nd see how it performs then?
CptHuggyFace (2 days ago)
The RAM is soldered, not upgradable.
asm mahfuz (3 days ago)
Try pi-rushberry
strudercutie (3 days ago)
When half of the vid are ads
A. Wasay (3 days ago)
Hey Austin I need your help I want a budget pc so I decided to take advice from u I know u have videos on this topic but I don’t live in America or Canada I don’t got too many things to build I live in Pakistan 🇵🇰 as 1 dollar =100 RS so I dollar is not that much in America but it is in pakistan so I want advice me a budget pc in 10 or 15 thousand RS plz help me out I will really appreciate that and I don’t want gaming mouse or keybord plz plz plz plz help me out and like this comment when you will see this
Dylan Zhou (3 days ago)
How to waste 100$ on Amazon
Zackeroo HQ (3 days ago)
*Ever heard of a $100 laptop?*
Zackeroo HQ (3 days ago)
*Just watch my speed up PC video and u will prob be able to run CS...* _Anyone looking for a fast PC can also watch it_
Zackeroo HQ (3 days ago)
*More ports than the new Mac*
Chad D'Boy (3 days ago)
although i don't really like your videos as they are basically the same shit over and over Austin, good job on fitness i see you're growing some muscles!
Dave D (3 days ago)
Clicked the link one day after this video posted and the price of the PC is $120.
Michael M (3 days ago)
Why does he talk like that?
judahplaysgames (3 days ago)
this would be a nice with chromeOS
Randy Robinson (3 days ago)
Any way to get this with more ram?
MrJTW007 (3 days ago)
Just buy a cheap tablet or laptop for crying out loud. If you need peripherals and a monitor it kills the portability anyway. Might as well get a $150ish Windows 10 tablet with the same specs or some grade of netbook or something.
Theo Philpot (3 days ago)
Wow... A tiny computer and a portable screen.. Sounds like a laptop to me
Slightly Nuts (3 days ago)
I was about to write something in the vein of "Austin, if you are the sort of person who likes to keep a low profile, you probably shouldn't post video shot in such a recognizable public space." After all, that mural is really unique. Then I saw that his mailing address is posted in his about page, so he's probably not to concerned about it.
I thought amazon made this..

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