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Trying a $100 PC from Amazon...

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Check out LastPass! http://goo.gl/vECGwb The $100 Guleek Mini PC on Amazon: http://austin.tech/guleek This video was sponsored by LastPass. I bought the cheapest new desktop computer I could find on Amazon. Things didn't go well. Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/austinevans Instagram: http://instagram.com/austinnotduncan Twitter: http://twitter.com/austinnotduncan Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/austinnotduncan
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Text Comments (2716)
Cobe Memez (5 hours ago)
A quad core processor for $100??
Arthur C (7 hours ago)
You dj at a strip club or is this how you normally talk?
Carlos Vast (1 day ago)
thanks for the Video and i feel you, no thanks to that pc. huge effort for trying to get tbe game running
it was normal for csgo to do that lol it happens to me aswell
Based Jake (2 days ago)
I would slap Linux Mint on it and use it as a media center for sure, windows isn't meant to be used on such cruddy specs
maarten meijer (2 days ago)
pattern outer e-mail qhbwsld your trouble agree vessel scientific submit
Paul B (3 days ago)
Unfortunately i already use Dashlane. Thank you.
Why does he ALWAYS stretch the last vowel... It’s really weird..........
Matthew Maruri (4 days ago)
He seems unenthusiastic 😂
Nithin Danday (4 days ago)
ìn theory
TD (4 days ago)
the raspberry pi goes for less than 20$ bro
metalsteve01 (4 days ago)
Step One, open browser. Step to turn off images. Step 3 save and exit. Step for, RI open browser. When you said Windows 10 with 2 gigs of ram in an Atom Processor I thought, ut, oh. :-)
DoctorX17 (5 days ago)
These little things are great for browsing and putting one on every TV in your house. Your gaming addiction is best served if you just use one of these to remote desktop or Steam stream from your real gaming machine. Also, if you keep your eye out, there are a lot of tablets with the same spec for the same price -- so effectively you can get a free display and battery too!
ShinoTV (7 days ago)
For 100 i got an Optiplex 9020 with i5 and 4 gigs, if you want to save money, go on ebay.
Lester004 (7 days ago)
Or just buy a chuwi hi8 tablet
Kyle 96 (8 days ago)
can it run osu?
ChaosCalm (10 days ago)
Hmm, i paid the equivalent of 150 dollars for just windows where i live when i built my pc (i live in norway)
LaMortaGaming (10 days ago)
buy a laptop lmao
esg12 _ (11 days ago)
SHADOWxWOLF (12 days ago)
for the price of all the equipment to make it portable gaming just get a gpd win v1. will cost the same as all the equipment. however i feel like it would be useful for places like schools to attach on the back of the monitors to just do basic web browsing and document editing.
iyadart (13 days ago)
My god, what a hassle!
princessptfo (13 days ago)
Logitech K400 bruhh. It also uses the unifying reciever.
RedPanda (13 days ago)
but can it run crysis?
Lorne Hammond (13 days ago)
You should install cloudready on it and run chromeos.. I'm betting it'll be considerably better than windows.
Travis Welton (14 days ago)
Try this out with Parsec and see how it works. Could be a good thing to connect to the tv at the cottage or hotel for streaming.
pips vids (15 days ago)
Nazreen Ezat (15 days ago)
Way can i get $400 can play pubg?
Chris Earl (16 days ago)
Small Windows PC that runs off a USB charger that I can connect to a tv when travelling.... yes please!
TrunkJunky (17 days ago)
Wouldn't it be more economical to just buy a laptop if you want portability?
Der Shrimpi (17 days ago)
But can it run minesweeper?
Ninja Rhapsody (17 days ago)
The new Dust 2 doesn't work on 32 bit OSes like the one this mini PC has. Try to load Mirage or even Cache, they will work.
Junior Chuxx (17 days ago)
Guleek can go lick my 🏀🏀
Raz angel (19 days ago)
but can it run minesweeper?
jonjo reynolds granner (19 days ago)
Can you upgrade the memory.
Dylan Coulbeck (20 days ago)
There is a lot more you could have done to test a pc of this build. It would have been nice to see how a light weight Linux desktop on it...it’s lighter on ram and would have been nice to see some thermal readings on emulation etc. Would have been nice if you mentioned the associated gpu as well
Kevin Tan (20 days ago)
dear Austin, i think me and you should work in theory too <3 love, your biggest fan <3
Kevin Tan (20 days ago)
hi Austin. you look yummy as usual!
DMC (20 days ago)
I paid 400$ for 2g ram pc
T R (20 days ago)
This technically blows away my first 2 computers.
Seth Stone (20 days ago)
What about smaller, less graphically demanding indie games like Stardew Valley or FTL? Could the computer run those?
Zettman22 (21 days ago)
fuck your annoying
Clorox Bleach (21 days ago)
Can it run crisis?
A true meme master (21 days ago)
Thats what a raspberry pi is
Inivican (22 days ago)
You can get a better computer for less on Ebay.... ;_;
Cooper Benbrook (22 days ago)
i can buy a decent web browsing pc for 100$ but i cant get a good android tablet with android 6.0 or newer for the same price
Evan Bellah (22 days ago)
Take a shot every time Austin says “In theory”
Tuan Le (22 days ago)
Can it run Crysis 3??
AllThoughts 3rased (22 days ago)
I'd rather have a GDP
Carson Hill (22 days ago)
My orthidontist has ultrawide moniters
YTP Memer (23 days ago)
Just use a laptop...
Jon Geary (23 days ago)
Could you use it with the cloud pc for gaming
Profitable (23 days ago)
run csgo
James Harnish (23 days ago)
remix mini was a good mini pc too although based off android
ZeroEight (24 days ago)
Stop dragging out the last syllable of each sentence! it's driving me crazy
Ty Guy (24 days ago)
if they would just put 4gb of ram in these things, they would sell like hotcakes. I have been looking for something in this exact form factor for a very long time, but i am always giving up. i hate the limited ram options at this price point, and that if i DID want 2gb of ram I can get way smaller devices like the asus vivostick with nearly the same specs... still kinda amazing that we can get full desktops in this size though...
censored voice (24 days ago)
no way in hell am i putting all my passwords into some random server to get hacked lol
CaldTheLad_SLG (25 days ago)
That thing is smaller than my graphics card
Nick does all (25 days ago)
Dude even the rca Camino at least ran csgo
Franky Barrez (25 days ago)
tim rosa (25 days ago)
He doesn’t get to the review till 4 mins in btw
Some One (25 days ago)
why not get a tablet and stream your game true steam
Wector CZE 2.0 (25 days ago)
I can't buy it because I can't find it
Marc (26 days ago)
By your own comment that's not the "cheapest (brand new) computer on Amazon", raspberry pi's are full complete computers and they only cost $35 at the high end, and less for the smaller models. Build some cool shit with a few of those, it would make an interesting video
Z Werk (26 days ago)
You still didn't learn how to talk like a normal human being. Jeez what a tool.
rodney phillips (26 days ago)
I think the reason it wont boot CS:Go is that it needs 2 gb of ram which normally means system ram thats not being borrowed by the video card in which it takes half meaning it only has 1gb of system usable memory.
We Deem! (26 days ago)
It's definitely cool, would this perform better then an odroid!
June Boiteux (27 days ago)
Can you game on it?
3rd World Garage (28 days ago)
If only there was a similarly priced, a all in one solution that includes not only a PC, but a monitor, keyboard, mouse, storage and battery all in one convenient package that could fit on the top of your lap! If only...
Chris Huber (29 days ago)
Why does everyone copy those fucking sweedish tones.....hey whats UPPP How you doING
T&R (29 days ago)
Anw really cool videos
T&R (29 days ago)
Just get a laptop for god sack
Impreza GC8 (29 days ago)
You crashed in dust 2 because,d2 now requires minimum 4gb of ram or you get a instant crash
Jesus Hernandez vids (30 days ago)
what about cooling
Omega Tron (30 days ago)
in theory the theory of the theory is just a theory and furthermoe...theory
DERBOYZSTUDIO (1 month ago)
can it run minecraft?
BPD MF (1 month ago)
It's cheaper than buying Windows straight up and you can add an external gpu for fun.
BPD MF (1 month ago)
I have a pc stick with identical specs. I can play civilization 5 seamlessly on it from steam. It's actually the atom that came out one previous to the 8300 in this one and mine doesn't have a usb 3.0 so this pc is probably a little bit better than mine. It works fine for older and less intensive gaming, perfect for emulation up to psx, n64, and gc, and it's perfect for streaming YouTube, Netflix, hulu, etc. It really benefits from a usb hub.
Floyd Looney (1 month ago)
Why not just get a laptop?
This cost less than windows 10
Dr Mountain Man (1 month ago)
what controller is that?
Truly Boredom (1 month ago)
I will send you to Gulag
Nicholas Ferrara (1 month ago)
Streaming an Xbox One to it over WiFi via the Windows 10 Xbox App should be pretty easy, or use Steam’s streaming ability.
Baller Gaming (1 month ago)
On the mini pc
Baller Gaming (1 month ago)
Play fortnite
David Ton (1 month ago)
why do you talk like that? I like the video and info, but you sound like your trying to hard to sound professional.... or something..... I don't know what your trying to accomplish honestly but if you just talk regular bro I would definitely sub. It sounds like your prolonging............ the last word you say in each sentence................... Not trying to be ignorant................ , just trying to give you constructive criticism.................... But I definitely like the content.
googlewolly (1 month ago)
I don't think that you mentioned fuckng last pass enough times. Can't say that I've seen this before. It's annoying enough to at the beginning or end of a vid hear, "thanks to our sponsors..." But multiple times in a video? Fuck off
Mohamed Othman (1 month ago)
You look like my uncle
baby Wayne (1 month ago)
man you did not even show how to connect the thing
LDiableo (1 month ago)
I'd buy it and then install freebsd or gnu/Linux on it but all that extra shit is not worth it.
Live Del Solar (1 month ago)
you could try running cs go from console, and end explorer process, it crashed because it didnt have enough ram to store both sysytem and cs go.
YeahRIght (1 month ago)
But can it play crysis
Kenny S (1 month ago)
Poor man's laptop
mogieymouse (1 month ago)
I tried to watch YouTube on a raspberry pi on Kano OS Took 20 minutes to load
TECH GUY (1 month ago)
Can it run fortnite is the question
Pro Gamer 64 (1 month ago)
I’m a stegosaurus
Prestigator IX (1 month ago)
For 100 dollars I could buy a Dell optiplex and a GT 1030.😂
Tiwill0V2 (1 month ago)
from facebook, I got an i3 third Gen, 8Go ram, hdd 320G with windows 7 Pro, you should really do a video where you build a verry cheap but powerfull pc using only facebook :)
Adryan van den Berg (1 month ago)
If you put linux on it, it will run a lot faster
Aslam HD (1 month ago)
what about Raspberry PI?

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