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Top 10 Upcoming Smartphones 2018

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Best Top 10 Smartphones Arriving in 2018. Details on iPhone X Plus, iPhone 9, Samsung Galaxy S9, Note 9 & More! The Future Is Here. More Galaxy S9 Leaks: https://youtu.be/XC_2jlwovos Galaxy S9 Concept Video: https://youtu.be/fynlakABc_A
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Alex Bellina (48 minutes ago)
Boo on the ads
EverythingApplePro good job bro you are the best phone YouTuber that i ever known!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If the pixel 3 is cheaper, probably my dad could afford the phone.
Minion Bay (1 hour ago)
Iphone X shall have the first IPhone apple has crossed 3000 mAh in capacity
Minion Bay (1 hour ago)
Samsung Galaxy Note9 shall have a 3333 mAh battery, keeping everything safe!!
Ilyes Perrin (1 hour ago)
Passion occur at handle volunteer candle finance disease tendency nobody kiss.
fostered333 (2 hours ago)
Violence, rape and murder by black people against anyone who lives in close proximity to them is what there is. You wouldn’t know this because the U.S. mainstream media never talks about it.
Caleb Hall (4 hours ago)
samsung just sucks. who agrees?
Josie McCarey (5 hours ago)
"...Samsung, one of the companies that is not afraid to give you everything you need right now, and not drag it on for years, and years, and years..." *cough cough apple cough cough*
Drileyj (6 hours ago)
Click bait thumbnail
Menno W (7 hours ago)
when will iphone X plus be here?
Xiaomi is pro👌.
Jibon Gamer (13 hours ago)
I am your Subscriber
Jibon Gamer (13 hours ago)
Plz see my channel
Niteesh Kumar (13 hours ago)
Marin Dine (15 hours ago)
Sithu Htun (16 hours ago)
0:02 What is this apple product without notch? Can anyone kindly explain me, please?
Super T Rev (23 hours ago)
Ya make sure to grab the newest iphone, because a couple years later, they will quietly slip in an update that screws the older phone's speed and battery life. Got to keep the Chinese economy rolling, at all costs. All is fair in love and profit ?
Areeb (1 day ago)
is that Blue Edge game's sound track in the back?
gaint skeleton (1 day ago)
My uncle has a galaxy C9 PRO
KEEVVY (1 day ago)
If se will have a notch I won't buy it
ケイ川口 (1 day ago)
Iphone SE X
FailAndDie (1 day ago)
Why does iphone x have a black thing on top of the screen?
Gnar (1 day ago)
alcatel is the better that android and iphone gonna go grab popcorn now
Ahmed LAGHFIRI (1 day ago)
Can someone helps me with the wallpaper at 4:23
Noor2yacoub Yacoub (2 days ago)
If the new iPhone SE would be like that it would become extremely popular
hello gamer dude (2 days ago)
What shall I buy give the comment
Will Davenport (2 days ago)
The new x should be called the iPhone x2 (x squared)
Gambit (2 days ago)
s7 edge waiting for s9 + :))) im poor i cant buy s8+
John Cantu (21 hours ago)
Malachi Shields (2 days ago)
999 dislike if I get a 100 likes I will Eat
Redoksy (2 days ago)
waiting for that cheaper google phone :D :D
kayla willems (2 days ago)
Often pop precious no airport farm false region.
Madison Osterbeck (2 days ago)
Samsung already beat the iPhone x with the Samsung note 8
Neiluss Byla (2 days ago)
Iphone XD
@iamdcamacho (2 days ago)
Samsung shouldn’t compete with the previous phone. They should make a phone unlike other phones, not creating every year.
Dubl33 (2 days ago)
Unlike iPhone X samsung galaxy X will be Samsung galaxy X not Samsung galaxy 10
YouTeuner (2 days ago)
5:04 #deplaatjesmaker
Radu Vasluianu (2 days ago)
Gursimran Pandher (2 days ago)
Oneplus 6 will be far better than S9
Metalmachine467 (3 days ago)
I have the note 8 and am happy going to skip this year's phone
Grant (3 days ago)
You should just change your name to EverythingTechPro
Jazzy 11 (3 days ago)
Who else also just cares for the camera
Abby Stephens (3 days ago)
Samsung sucks and Apple will always be better Apple clearly right now is doing better then Samsung with the I phone 10 in their sales of which tells you how Samsung is falling behind and why they suck. I had a Samsung Galaxy note 4 for one day and I downloaded one game and it crashed I will always remain loyal to Apple because of that reason of not trusting Samsung with simple tasks such as downloading games
angel playZ (3 days ago)
Bonnie Kemp (3 days ago)
In 2020 iPhone 4s will be like 30.00
DarkEnd (3 days ago)
want a free subscriber? 1:sub me 3:say done 4. I sub you !
marko (3 days ago)
Where is mate 10 pro?
Ashraf Islam Rabby (3 days ago)
is real.......
momo simo (3 days ago)
n imoprte qoi bidon pourqoi tu dit s9 il es meme pas encor sortit pourqoi pas dir s10 pendant que tu i est nimporte qoi
3Great Friends (3 days ago)
"YOUTIBE OFFICIAL WAY" (YOW) has a better video on this YOW has the prices ram,data,size and more I think you guys should check him out he has only 200+ sins but he still has a awesome channle
Evan Mansfield (3 days ago)
2:55 a phone already does this
Rashi Karnik (3 days ago)
They should make the iPhone X+ entirely screen without the camera notch and make the note swipe able
Ritchie Quiambao (3 days ago)
Im too excited for new phones this year 🤓🤓🤓
altijd musi (3 days ago)
My favo was pixel 3 xl and Samsung x
dylanfire1001 (4 days ago)
They just canceled the galaxy X 😕
John Cantu (21 hours ago)
TechToHindi (4 days ago)
JAIME (4 days ago)
Hey, what do you call a vessel?
Dei Mudda (4 days ago)
Smartphones destroy you eyes! No joke! The light of diodes, which are in Displays, is burning eyes. Its the same light which is created welding. Did someone ever watched welding? If you are 10 meters away from it and watch it more than 1 minute, your eyes will hurt at the evening. Because they are burned. The light of diods is not so strong, so it lasts much longer for burning eyes- but it burns! It burns! Wake up!!
Console Pleb (4 days ago)
I saw the iphone X in the thumbnail immediately knew you lied
Bun Phorn Taing (4 days ago)
it would be if apple were put a finger print scanner on the apple logo
MoQeeM ShaH (4 days ago)
congratulation you have completed 5M Subs on your channel
DaGold OFPrince (4 days ago)
Remy Ziro (5 days ago)
I am hoping Sony will never design like those shit in their Smartphone
Kirigaya Kazuto (5 days ago)
Waitin for se2
Rupal Shah (5 days ago)
Is it worth it to buy iphone SE in 2018?
Dylan Roussel (5 days ago)
EverythingApplePro? Will you please please please make a video about an maybe new iPod 7th generation? I have the iPod 6 I really have been wanting a new iPod! I have heard about rumors but I’m not all that sure… will u please confirm if there having one or not? Yours Truly ~ Dylan Jane
Goad Bana (5 days ago)
You are a apple puppet....
Should I go for iphone 8 plus? or wait for the iphone 9? iphone seems cool but its seems too far away as I can get a new phone now.
JEventures (6 days ago)
Currently using s8+. Im gonna get that note 9 or that foldable galaxy phone👍
christopher Aguirre (6 days ago)
Just got the pixel 2 XL during Christmas, most likely won't look into this years phone line, definitely next year's from seeing what's to come within this year only
Lars Freeburg (6 days ago)
Lmao, and if any of you Apple cunts say the X is Apple’s trademark, you’re wrong, wrong, wrong!!
Maddie Vlogs (6 days ago)
Samsung x ❤️❤️😍
Petar Marasović (6 days ago)
No huawei?!?!
Oscar Agredano (6 days ago)
doing better phones everyone wants an IPhone
Oscar Agredano (6 days ago)
well if Samsung continues Apple is not gonna stop
25thdrummerboy (6 days ago)
That OnePlus with the orange case is sexy as hell
Car crashes (6 days ago)
Why folding phone you can buy a flip phone
James Feeney (6 days ago)
Apple is well on its way out, not the company it used to be, and this is from an 18 year user of apple.
CreativeNadz (6 days ago)
I can't wait for the oneplus 6!!!
Chris S (6 days ago)
iPhone 10 plus, $1500! Buy buy buy! At $900, the iPhone 9 won't be "budget". You could drop the home button and put a large display on the SE. Nobody cares about 1Plus, you can't use them on a lot of carriers in the US. LG will be make or break. If they blow this one, Google will fully supplant them in the premium market. Since they are getting out of the yearly product cycle, they are either really smart, or giving up. Pixel is gearing up to take down LG. A cheaper phone means they are looking at attacking the bulk of those carrier store phone buyers. Verizon has backed way off on the Moto phones this year other than the z2 Play, which the cheaper pixel could replace. I'll be honest, the Pixel 2 after the 3 comes out is currently at the top of my list for my next phone.
Ricky White (6 days ago)
Might go for this phone I still use headphone jack I don't see the point in remove it to be honest
DeAnna Heron (6 days ago)
Don’t forget about the flexible iPhone nine from Apple
Matthew Vasquez (6 days ago)
Clash with VIPER (6 days ago)
I Really Like Soccer (7 days ago)
I want the s9 bc I'm a 14 year old boy who has a job and I've been buying all my phones bc my parents won't buy me one I now have the s6 and my little sister who is 10 got her first phone for xmas from "santa" and it's a s8.I would say it's not fair but I wont bc I can't wait to see the face she makes when i have a better phone the she does hehe😁
Night Fusion (7 days ago)
Buzzing for the Pixel 3
techno king HK (7 days ago)
Doogee is not a big campany as it states that it maybe a budget phone and a new generation for phones
SaboorTheCool / STC (7 days ago)
S9 will have fingerprint in display because vivo did it
SANDIPAN DEY (7 days ago)
I really like your videos a lot.. Can you please please please send me a phone from your collection!!??.. I am in really need of a good phone but dont have money right now.. please... 🙏🙏
Sustribe 1 (5 days ago)
SANDIPAN DEY quit begging
Stephen Neal (7 days ago)
iPhone X+ would be $1500 for a little more screen.. revolutionary! 👍😉
Super Dorel (7 days ago)
anyone remembers those 2012 memes when the iphone 10 was an iphone 5 limo?
JL iyan (7 days ago)
every samsung atempt is to compete with apple !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Techkid720 (7 days ago)
Sanchit Jain (7 days ago)
The Pixel 3 series would be the best!!
whatever 8778 (8 days ago)
Girl In London X (8 days ago)
Help so I don’t want a massive phone ( I’m 4’9 I don’t want a phone bigger than my head) and also a great camera for selfies and storage x
Raaya Kejriwal (8 days ago)
Fakeh (7 days ago)
Raaya Kejriwal apple has never been first to do a lot of things (bezeless, fingerprint, qi charing, etc), so no, not a lot of companies are copying
Wal Does (8 days ago)
00:01 You can't open the video with a disgusting thing !! seriously, it's ugly.
Krista Katcheech (8 days ago)
Eian Gariepy
D (8 days ago)
Oh gosh the iphone is getting longer once again.

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